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First let me say, I love the Priest of Volwryn.

And here's a batch of requests, since you guys insist:

First request is for the Bard. I recently noticed bards are seriously lacking representation on one form or Art: the plastic arts. There are some 3pp Artisan classes that cover things like metalworkers and leatherworkers, even tailors and jewelers, and a nifty one for photographers by Purple Duck, but there's nothing that really does painters and sculptors. I believe this could be done as two archetypes, one for painters and one for sculptors, though both would need trading some spells from the bard list for more appropriate spells.
Instead of Bardic Performances, maybe the Sculptor could make small sculptures while preparing spells, that act as Summon Monster spells, except he has to choose his monsters when he prepares spells but could add some things like simple templates or evolution points. Throw in some Versatile Crafting instead of Versatile Performance, extra damage against objects/constructs and some other minor abilities.
For the painter he could also do some spell-like Summons by quickly sketchin the monsters in special paper, like Sai from Naruto, but maybe he culd have the ability to 'paint' the world, creating illusions, paint landscape so realistic they become portals, or paint colors on people to affect them with emotions, like that one One Piece villain. And of course their own version of Versatile Crafting (painting) at second level.
Now that I'm writing it down it occurs to me, both these archetypes could also be made as Summoner archetypes with a construct eidolon instead of outsider for the sculptor, his Galatea masterpiece, and a Lesser Eidolon, like the Master Summoner archetype, made of ink and turned into a painting while unsummoned, for the painter in exchange for the portal and illusion stuff.
Another unfilled niche for the bard is writers, but I don't know what could be done with it.

Now ideas for the Generational Hero:

First I was thinking on ideas for the Generational Hero based on the idea that he was part of a lineage of heroes (like the Belmont family, or the Phantom) or a reincarnating cycle of heroes always fighting the same evil (like Link, or Buffy). Then I reread the fluff. Oops.
An idea I had was of a Generational Hero who got part of the memories from his ancestors/former incarnations, either naturally or through an item where his ancestors deposited those memories. It could get some bonus on Knowledge checks, the ability to consult their experience for bonuses on skill checks, and maybe other abilities.

I also suggest archetypes for the Generational Hero that involve time powers (Hero of Time), light abilities, maybe a Kinetic Blast (Hero of Light), and shapeshifitng into one particular animal (Twilight Hero).

A new idea would be a Gen Hero who is much more tied to his prophecy, to the point that he is much easier to revive because he can't die until the prophecy is fulfilled, or he can declare one enemy to be fated to die giving him a curse that weakens his defensive abilities. Maybe instead of a Generational Bond he could choose a Fated Companion or Object that is mentioned in the prophecy.

Also an idea I had for the Gamer, is that the Gamer comes back unmoored from Fate, outside the wheel of karma and the loom of fate. That could grant them a permanent Nondetection spell or other ways to fool divination spells, like the ability to alter his auras when he changes his Build, like he is LG Human but he can instead appear as CE Undead to Detect spells to fool enemies; the ability to alter fate by forcing others to rerolls when someone rolls a natural one or twenty, or healing people but only when when they drop below zero HP, maybe they can a different way to Change Fate depending on their current Build. Like, the Healer can change the fate of people who were supposed to dies healing them as a free action when they would be reduced to negatives and the Tank can change the outcome of fights by forcing the enemie to reroll when he gets natural twenties and allowing allies to reroll when they roll natural ones.

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Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
Classes generally have a general page range and while we have lots of ideas on how to expand it; that was where it ended up at. We'd love to do an expansion on it if it gets enough traction to warrant it!

Oh, I want this. I don't know how well Tome of Tomes did back in the day, but I would definetly buy an Alternate Paths: Alternate Archetypes. I would love archetypes for the Undying, Guardian, Thane, Warmonger, Lantern, Templar, Avatar, Calculator and Sapper.

Maybe add in archetypes for some of the standalone classes like Godhand, Vector and Steel Guard. Or more archetypes for Gonzo classes, I know my group would love more archetypes for Henshin Hero/Magical Girl so every one at the table can play a Henshin Hero of a different archetype while still being a group of Power Rangers.

I would agree with changing the class name away from monk, specifically to stop the martial artist class being confused with a religious group and people trying to shove catholic monks in a class that has nothing to do with it. Catholic monks are clerics. You already have a class for you. Go bug the devs for low BAB clerics and stop messing with the wuxia class.

The problem with the name Martial Artist is that it breaks the thing where all classes have a single word name.

For the class name I suggest Youxia, which from Wikipedia appears to be chinese for adventurer or knight-errant. It firmly establishes the conection to wuxia and supernatural martial arts.

Then the work would fall on archetypes to broaden the theme to more western martial arts.

Neat. But I noticed I'm not included in the requesters list. Is it because you don't have my real name or because I haven't requested enough? Cause I can request more.

Wait, with kickstarter going on, should I even request more? Kinda cheating the people who are paying for custom stuff. I had a few more ideas to request but I guess I'll hold on to them for after the kicksarter/for volume 3.

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Yesterday was the review, now for some requests:

A class I really would like would be an Iron Chef type, inspired by Dungeon Meshi, Toriko, and some hunters from HxH.

Going with the gaming theme, two ideas:

Jump Master, a brawler archetype (because little fat plumbers are not monks). Should get impoved jump distances and at the very least abilities like:
Stomp: Deal extra damage when attacking as part of a jump, can jump as part of a charge
Platform Jumping: As a full round action jump, hit a wall or enemy and jump again, works as both parkour and spring attack
Spin Jump: Spin while jumping to gain defensive bonuses

Turret Summoner, a Summoner archetype that summons a immobile turret with ranged capabilities, based on Torbjorn and Symmetra from Overwatch, Engineer from TF2, Barik from Paladins. Would have been cooler if Paizo had made an engineer class for this, but Summoner works.

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Bought it.
First, I love the reference feats. There's a problem with the astrologer feats, they all say: "This is a summary of the feat for the astrologer class"

On the classes I'm meh on most of them. I do like the Generational Hero and Potentialist. I'd be more of a fan of the Monster Tamer if he could stash his Adopted monster in an item like a crystal ball or something, instead of merging with it.

On the Generational Hero the only talent I don't like is Blessed Arrows. By 17th level if you use a bow at all, you have a bow better than an Oathbow. I would vote lowering the prerequisite to level 15. Oh, and Master Sword needs to say the Generational Hero counts as a Paladin so he can actually fully use the Holy Avenger.

I would like to request a couple of talents for the Generational Hero, to represent those other generational heroes who fight Dracula: a talent to fight with whips (maybe like the Whip of Vengeance Vigilante Talent) and a Vampire Killer advanced talent that makes any whip a +5 Holy Whip with some bonuses like the Oathbow or the Holy Avenger. Maybe make the Vampire Killer a magical item so the talent is more similar to Blessed Arrows?Master Sword? And an advanced talent to make the Boomerang a Cross Boomerang with Holy damage.

I like the Potentialist, but I noticed he has no restriction to Attacks of Opportunity. I think I see how to build him to sill hit people while keeping Capacity up.
Unmoving is straight up better than using your normal move specially after eight level when you can teleport more with a swift action that you could walk with a move action. For balance I would say reduce its increases to five feet for every 3 levels so it tops at 45 feet instead of 65 feet.
And I just realized you could generate Capacity while taking double moves and doing laps around the fight. Funny, but maybe the potentialist could use some more incentive for not moving, or teleporting with Unmoving, maybe in the form of talents or an archetype. Heck I would be interested o an archetype that traded Unmoving. The benefit for not moving should not be the ability to move better.

Just realized but the Potentialist still generates Capacity while sleeping. With Brim with Potential that means that after he wakes up he has Capacity for eight hours straight even if makes standard actions.
Maybe he shouldn't generate Capacity while unconcious or dying, or otherwise incapable of taking standard actions. Maybe it should be a conscious effort he has to do.

Finally the Twin Blade Hero doesn't gain more uses of Clone. And the fifth take of Tough Clones is useless, they already share your teamwork feats so the player is exchanging a talent for a single feat. Brothers should also increase their attack or damage while flanking with the hero or another clone.

Reading the thread, at this point what I realy want is to know if Lord Mhoram ever finished his Lifeforge and possibly a link to it. It sounded interesting.

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I don't get why Barbarian, Alchemist, Spiritualist, Investigator, Ranger and Magus are there. None of them have big problems at least not enough to need a rebuild. What would you even do with them?

Slayer mostly needs more material to become it's own thing instead of just Rogue with full BAB.

Also, poor Monk everybody has given up on them.

Voted for Medium. After the Medium playtest and what we actually got my dissapointment will never be sated.

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Link says I need permission to see it.

Do this:
Click File
Click Share on the drop down menu
Click Get Shareable Link on the right-up corner of the pop-up
Choose "Anyone with link can View" or "Anyone with link can Comment" depending on what you want.
Copy that link and post it. It's going to be different from this one.

Checking my 3pp library I found these:

Mnemonic from Liber Influx Communis by Amora Games gets it at 2nd level.

La Rosa from Alternate Paths Divine from Little Red Goblin Games gets Canny Defense at first level.

Unarmored and Dangerous by Purple Duck Games offers a number of archetypes with Canny Defense at first level, for the rogue, ranger, alchemist, summoner and two for the magus. It also has two new classes with it, the Boxer and the Fencer.

The Swordmaster by Dreadfox Games gains a deflection bonus equal to class level, up to his intelligence modifier.

So, I'm guessing you want a class that specializes in Two Weapon Fight and has special maneuvers that it can use instead of normal standard action attacks.
Before anything else, have you any interest in 3rd party products? Because Path of War by Dreamscarred Press would do exactly what you want. Even has a feat for two weapon fighting with two one handed swords.
Maybe it would be better to use that? Maybe just make a TWF using archetype for whichever class strikes your fancy?

If not then some first glaring issues:
Your blademaster has medium BAB. That means he's worse than the base fighter at being a swordsmaster, no matter how much special abilities he has.
Stop using 'sword-like' that's silly and confusing. Use wapons of the Light Blade and Heavy Blade weapon groups. more words, but actually means something in the rules.
Strikeable. Just, why? There's no fluff reason why a blademaster is easier to hit than a wizard, and there's no balance necessity. Again he is not any more powerful than a regular fighter, much less a barbarian or paladin, or Path of War warlord.
Dual Wield should give the Two Weapon Fighting feat, the diminishing of the penalty and the ability to use one handed weapons as light weapons or use a two handed sword like a one handed sword should be granted separately, over the levels.
Sword identification is a neat idea, but a) Perception is not used to identify, you're thinking of Appraise, b) what is the action to identify an enemy weapon? c) take off the part about close inspection, you can already do that with Appraise, give the blade master the opportunity to use in combat.
Cross Block: What is the action to block? Why can he only do it a small number of times a day, does he forget how his swords work?
Don't add +1 to strenght mod. Add +2 to strenght. Also what's with the dismissive "do you really need more than that?" Hell yeah you need more, you're a 3/4 BAB class with no attack enhancer, you're as bad as a rogue in a fight. Actually, with strikeable you're WORSE than a rogue.
Elemental Cut, I can understand not wanting it to stack with other class abilities, but what about other sources of poison (like actual poison) and bleed damage? What about using Bleeding Cut with a Flame Sword? Also, changing damage from slashing to slashing/cold, doesn't help against DR and makes you worse against Cold Resistance. Change all the damage from slashing to elemental and maybe add some extra elemental damage on top.
Perception +2 at 12 level? That's it? Useless level. It's worse than getting a feat because Skill Focus would give you +6 at this level.
Special Strikes which are supposed to be the meat of the class are a real disapointment. They're either way too powerful (Add 1d8+1 attacks to your next Full attack or do 1d8+1 attacks as a standard action? Not sure which is right but both are OP AF) or not worthy of being once a day (everything else). The only I like is Shadow Hunt, one round of Invisibility and Freedom of Movement is pretty cool and worthy of being a once a day thing on a better class but still could be something that could be done more than once a day, just give it a minimun level required.
And you have dead levels at 08 12 and 17, dead levels should not exist on any class without 6th or 9th level casting.

My suggestion, give the class some resource pool, something like grit or an arcane pool and key thing from that. Like spend points to use Hone Edge, Elemental cut etc. Use Special Attacks once per day for free and spend resource points if the blademaster want to do them again.

J4RH34D is right the list should be a few infusions, mostly form.
Making a list:
Bowling, Dazzling, Disintegration, Explosion, Extended Range, Extreme Range, Flurry of Blasts, Fragmentation (works as a thrown Rasengan), Impale (Piccolos Makankosappo), Mobile Blast, Snake (Goku can do this one)

Broden Brolean, broest bro to ever bro. Partied so hard he became god of beer, freedom and luck.
No real change here, Caiden is just that cool.

Naoki00 wrote:

Oh ok I got ya, I think that would work out just fine. Do you think it should still turn on at 7th level or just be something they can always do?

For Fast-Paced Theme would the increase in Initiative move them up the turn order when the song turns on and then back down when it turns off?

For Somber it could maybe impose a penalty on enemies, like projecting his own sadness onto them?

I actually really like the idea of Sneaky Theme and Sportsclub. And no doubt you're right the first thing I thought of reading that was Eyeshield 21 lol.

And damn those are all really good ideas for archetypes. I'm gonna have some work to do even after we finish the class heh. For the Wisdom only archetype why not make that one the Lone Wolf? Since most lone wolf protags are also kinda gritty the durability deal could be based around Dark and Edgy/Determinater as well (Wolverine, Guts, Determinaters in general)

7th level. Class is already getting frontloaded enough I would say moving Plot Armor to a later level would be good too.

Depends. What you do when some gets Cats Grace cast on them (increasing Dex also increases init)? My group would say yes, it moves them up in the initiative order and then back down.

I like that for Somber. Maybe also add a skill bonus option like Romantic Ballad?


Yeah, Lone Wolf being Wis only works.

I mean pick one of the three, you, everybody at half or one person of your choice, but each option costs the same.
Also yeah, protags and bards already stack, Inspire Courage and Greatness give competence bonus to attack and damage.

Theme Song trope ideas:
Suspenseful Chord: The universe keeps an eye on the protagonist and warns him of sudden dangers. The protagonist gains a bonus equal his initation mod on perception checks to notice ambushes and can spend two rounds of theme song as part of rolling initiative to act in a surprise round, he is still flatfooted until he acts.
Fast Paced Theme: While playing his Theme Song the Protag gains +2 to intiative and a +10 feet bonus to his land speed.
Somber Song: The universe provides the Protag with a song more suited for serious, suspenseful or sad moments. I don't know I just wanted to complete the set
Romantic Ballad: Requires Charmer trope. The universe provides the Protag with a song more suited for romantic or sexy situations. The DC of his Charm Person SLA increases by 2 and he can use it one more time per day. As a move action the protagonist can spend two rounds of theme song to gain a bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and Sense Motive equal to half his level for one minute.
Comedic Tune: The universe finds fun in pointing the mistakes made by the enemies of the protagonist. As an immediate action the protagonist can spend a round of theme song to force an enemy within 30 feet to reroll a skill check or an attack made against the protagonist. The enemy takes the worst roll. The protagonist needs to know what the enemy is doing and have a line of sight for this ability to function. Needs a better write up. Bleh.
Sneaky Theme Song: The Protagonist can choose to make so his theme song cannot be heard by anyone besides the Protagonist, allowing the Protagonist to use his Theme Song without breaking Stealth. While using Theme Song in this way he gains 1d6 Sneak Attack and the benefit the Fast Stealth Rogue Talent. If he is at least 10th level he also gains the vigilante talent Hide in Plain Sight
Hymn of the Sportsclub: As a move action the protagonist can spend two rounds of theme song to gain a bonus to Acrobatics, Climb, Fly, Swim and all strenght and dexterity checks equal to half his level for one minute. He can also spend one rounds as a move action to gain Endurance and increase his strenght for the purposes of his carry capacity by 4 for 24 hours or to gain the Run feat and increase his base land speed by 5 feet for every 3 protagonist levels for 24 hours.Because Tsubasa, Sena and Sakuragi are protagonists too.
Ominous Chanting:Requires Dark and Edgy Past OR Holy Chosen One trope. The protagosnists Theme Song can be accompanied by deep voices chanting with what appears to be Celestial or Infernal, depending on the trope used as a prerequisite, but is actually gibberish. The protagonist gains a +2 bonus to saves while using his Theme Song. This a profane bonus if he has Dark and Edgy Past or sacred if he has Holy Chosen One. By spending an extra round of Theme Song per round the chant increases distracting enemy casters. Any enemies in a 60ft area around the protagonist need to beat concentration check against DC of half his protag level+initiator mod or be unable to cast spells with vocal or emotional components.
Montage Flashback: Spend one round of theme song to get a combat feat for a minute. Works like the Brawlers Martial Flexibility.

Archetype ideas:
Henshin Hero: The more I think the more I believe Henshin is better as an archetype than as a bunch of tropes. Maybe a middle ground and have the archetype but keep a Henshin trope with just the Dual Identity and Transformation Sequence
Gambling King: Kaiji, Yugi, the girl from kakegurui. Must use int as intiation mod. Can mess with luck and chance, gain bonuses when gambling, maybe have a way to force an enemy into a shadow game.
Harem Magnet: Must use cha as intiation mod, gains Charmer as first trope, even more focused on teamwork, but only if the team would find the protag sexually attractive, increased defense, abilities based on embarassing enemies and being an accidental pervert. I'm waiting until Nakama is finished before I mess with it but what I already have is fun.
Hero From Another World: Isekai protagonist. Modifies skills, gains 'cheats' that simulate him knowing he's in a game-like or book-like world. Must be compatible with Harem Magnet, since Isekai Harems are most of Isekais nowadays.
Lone Wolf: J4RH34Ds suggestion, scraps the team bonus for extra defenses and skill bonus.
Monster Master: Gains an Animal Companion. Gain summon monster as a Spell-like ability, can use maneuvers through the AC or the summons.
And I also want some archetype that HAS to be a wis aspect, to finish the trilogy, but I'm drawing a blank.

JosMartigan wrote:

While I agree that other classes do this better with archetypes, imagine a game where the gm only allows elves to progress in the elf claas, dwarves in the dwarf class etc. There are no elven wizatds, druids, rangers, magi, etc.

In that sort of setting a racial class could be broken down into several paths that represent the different aspects/themes of the race. In elves you could have: magic, art, war, and forestry. Abilities are available with prerequisites so you can cherry pick based on how many paths,you have available (starting with one at 1st level and gaining more as you level)

In this setting only humans can choose any class available having ultimate flexibility and half races could mulriclass out of their racial parent's class with one or more general classes.

Well that sounds needlessly restrictive, and probably the players will just decide to be humans, maybe half-elf or half-orc. Seems like a lot of work for what you could get by saying "Humans only campaign."

That said, whatever work you do on these classes I can later cannibalize for my own homebrew, so I'm willing to help you out. Keep in mind, I can throw ideas, I can help with balancing, but this is your project, so the main work of fullt writting out stuff, turning ideas to rules, and making final decisions is yours.

So, if you still want to do it, first some questions: How many classes? Core (Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Orc), more? Are Drow and aquatic Elves, for example, conjunts of talents or archetypes? Do you want the classes to be just talents (Rogue Genius Games style) or some fixed class features that you think are essential for the race with other themes being talents? Which race/class you want to do first?

Okay, I'm back. Lot's of stuff to review and offer.

Theme Song: +6 is too much. The Barbarian and Fighter only get +4, and the Protagonist is a full initiator class on top of it. I would say start at two and go to a maximun of four, like before. And there isn't a need to lower it to level one. Again it's still a full initiator. This would frontline the class too much.

Nakama: Should be only a round of theme song per round to use, and it should be a choice, like Bardic Performance, to use Personal Theme Song, Brothers in Arms, or This One is All You, no stacking. I liked better the names Nakama and Side Charcter Theme.

Battle Mode Companion: Would need some playtesting, seems a little strong.

This Isn't Even My Final Form: Nope. Too strong, nearly as much evolution points as the actual eidolon, too long duration, and stacking twith Theme Song. Really, the duration should be really short, something to use only on boss battles, and only if you're getting stomped.

I think Dimension Door shouldn't be allowed in Final Form, but maybe should be it's own trope. Flash Step: The Protagonist can teleport to a nearby space as a swift action as if using dimension door. This movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity. He must be able to see the space that he is moving into. He cannot take other creatures with him when he uses this ability (except for familiars). He can move 5 feet for every two protagonist levels he possess (minimum 5 feet). The protagonist can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his initiation modifier. Starting at fourth level the protagonist may sppend a round of Theme Song when using this ability. If he does so this use of dimension door does not end his turn.
(Wording taken from the Shift ability from the Wizard Teleportation subschool)
@Naoki00 There are some Sleeping Goddess, Shattered Mirror, Eternal Guardian and Veiled Moon teleportation maneuvers, Veiled Moons has a couple stances. But making it a trope gives Protags the option to do it in other stances.

Special Combo, maybe use readied actions. Like 'while using Theme Song the Protagonist can ready a standard action to attack the same enemy an ally targets. He must choose to use this readied action before the ally rolls his attack. He may move up to 10 feet to reach the enemy as a free action before attacking. If both the Protagonist and his ally both deal damage to the target, the target takes an extra 1d6 damage that bypasses DR.

Lone Wolf could be an archetype, trading Nakama and the other team based abilities for damage mitigation.

Tropes for multiclassing with other anime like classes. These tropes like You're a wizard Hero and Mind Over Matter could also be feats.
Standing Phaton: Half Protagonist levels count as Spiritualist levels for the purpose of the Phantom.
Bare Knuckle Hero: Half Protagonist levels count as Monk levels for the purpose of Unarmed Damage and Ki Pool.
Bone of my Sword: Half Protagonist levels count as Soulknife levels for the purpose of Enhanced Mind Blade.

Chi Blast: As a standard action, the Protagonist can spend a readied maneuver to shoot a blast of energy at a single target up to a range of 30 feet that deals 1d6 damage per level of the maneuvers spent+ intiator modfier. This damage can be bludgeoning or piercing. He must have at least one hand free to aim the blast (or one prehensile appendage, if she doesn’t have hands). All damage from a chi blast is treated as magic for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction. Kinetic blasts count as a type of weapon for the purpose of feats such as Weapon Focus. The kineticist is never considered to be wielding or gripping the kinetic blast, and he can’t use Vital Strike feats with kinetic blasts. Even the weakest kinetic blast involves a sizable mass of energy, so kinetic blasts always deal full damage to swarms of any size (though only area blasts deal extra damage to swarms).
Improved Chi Blast The protagonist can shoot a chi blast as a full round action, adding half his level to damage and one infusion wild talent from the following list: (List of appropriate infusions, like Explosion and Flurry of Blasts). The Protagonist uses his level to determine what infusions he has access and does not take burn from using this infusions.

Gotta go. Theme Song tropes and archetype ideas tomorrow.

Thanks guys. My muse won't stick around to finish my own homebrews but she's more than happy to help with other peoples interesting classes.
Since this a very interseting class I'm going to stick around until the class feels finished, or at least has more material than most ACG classes.

Naoki00 wrote:
Originally I had meant for it to give you new spells and caster level for them, with the joke being that it only helped Spont casters while being called a "wizard" (in-joke of the group because I don't mesh well with prepared)

Okay that's doable too, but very powerful. Would need to come with a drawback, maybe a hit on the maneuvers. If you still want that I can kitbash something.

On gore, yeah, I can see it being locked behind Dark and Edgy, like the fireworks are the base but if you have Dark and Edgy you get the gore option instead.

Also archetypes, yay or nay? I'm thinking of making them based on types of protagonists instead of specific characters.

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That is a LOT of class features, for a full 9th level caster. More even than the Witch, Oracle and Shaman.
Also I love the Fortunes. But you only give six of them in the Seers entire career.

I would suggest turning Prescient Notion and Aura of Detection into Fortunes if you want to keep it a full caster. Also spread Thrid eye a little more, those 12th level abilities are actually 16th to 18th level abilities in diguise.
Pierce the Darkness at 6th level should be 30 feet, at 12 level should be 60 feet and 'see throough magical darkness' (this should actually read 'function like the See In Darkness monster ability' does the same but actually using rules-language) and 18th level 120 feet and something, maybe gain bonuses when in dim light or darkness.
Pierce the Veil should increase the range of See Invisibility to 30 feet at 12th level and give the ability to passively make Perception checks to spot disguises, traps and secret doors in 30 feet. Permanent True Sight should be an 18th level ability.
Piercing Clarity at 12 level should give Blindsight with only 10 feet of range. Increase the range to 30 feet at 18 level and also increase the Blindsense to 60 feet, otherwise it becomes useless.

All in all I would like this a lot more as a 3/4BAB 6th level caster with Fortune every even level, those changes to Third Eye, and all the other abilities as is, maybe add Warriors Insight as a class feature with duration equal to class level in rounds.

I've done some work in something similar. A single Paragon class instead of a class for every race, representing someone who embodies everything that the race likes about the itself, with each race working more like a Mystery with selectable themed abilities. Like a dwarf paragon can select some earth magic, some divine or ancestors based abilities, can become a powerful fighter specializing in hammers and axes, can gain lots and lots of crafting bonus, or become a druid/ranger specializing in the underground. Or mix and match to what the player thinks a dwarf among dwarfs would be.

The main class you could only select powers from your race, or one of your parent races for half elfs and half orcs, but it also had an Adopted archetype for choosing to become a Racial Paragon of a different race. Basically being so weeaboo you spontaneously turn half-japanese. And a Citizen of the World who could mix and match multiple races.

The class also gave some social bonus, because everyone that met a dwarven Paragon for instance, would instinctually think that he is the coolest dwarf to ever dwarf, and even their enemies can't help respecting someone so true to themselves. It also gave bonuses to ability scores, extra alternate racial traits from a small list, and some other suff I'm forgetting.

The class had a second archetype, the Pariah, who embodied everything the race consiers bad about itself, like a dwarven Paragon is traditional and wise, a hardworker and a master crafter, but a dwarven Pariah is a stubborn greedy drunkard, nearly obssessive about digging deeper for more riches. They traded the social bonuses for the ability to spread their vices and directly manipulate people.

I'm pretty sure I had two or three more archetypes but I can't remember what they were. Do you guys think this would be interesting? I dropped it because I lost interest in doing the race abilities but if you guys wanted to help brainstorm I could post what I already have.

NoTongue wrote:
I only speak for myself but if you are going to do an entire racial class it should probably be powerful races. Giants, vampires, fey, etc

There are, at least that I remember from the top of my head, two 3pp already doing this, Rite Publishing and Dreamscarred Press. Racial Paragons as classes tho, is something that would need to be homebrewed.

Quibblemuch, I think the main thing this type of class could offer is flavor. If you want to be The Best Dwarf, right now, there are four racial archetypes, each touching on one side of being a dwarf, and none of them on the totality. So you need either a very innefective four class multiclass, or to find a 4 class gestalt game.

I noticed the reference just didn't notice it was in order.

Depending on how you change Nakama/Side Character, See the Invisible could come at 12. Fight the Power could be a trope.

On tropes:
Edgey is not a word. Edgy is.

You're a Wizard, Hero does nothing. Extra spells known doesn't help classes with spellbooks, only spontaneous casters, and even then it's useless without new high level spell slots. A nice replacement would be half his Protagonist level to caster level for that class, that increases the power of spells he already can cast.
You could also do a psionic version that gives manifester level.

Some ideas for tropes:
A familiar, like Plue, Happy or most magical girls. It can gain the ability to speak all the languages it's master speaks instead of Speak with Master.
Building on the familiar, maybe a trope to give it a battle form once a day for X rounds, the battle form being built with evolution points (like Panther Lily from Fairy Tail or Cerberus from Sakura Card Captor)

Combat Therapy: while playing your theme song you can make a Diplomacy check resisted by the Sense motive of an opponent, as a standard action. If it succeeds you deal a number of non-lethal damage and if that opponent is knocked unconcious but doesn't die, when he awakes he becomes friendly for a number of days equal to your intiation modifier. If you beat his Sense Motive by 10 or more he becomes helpful instead. During this time you can try to convince the enemy to switch sides permanently. This ability can only be used once per combat and if the diplomacy check fails or the enemy is knocked below 0 HP before the end of the fight he becomes immune to ths ability for one month.
Because turning enemies into allies is a staple of the genre. Almost all of Gokus friends were his enemies first.

Stike a Pose: If you kill an enemy with your signature attack, true signature ttack or secret final technique, in the next round you can spend a move action that threaten AoOs to strike a pose or utter a catchphrase causing the enemy to explode, dealing 1d6 splash damage and making it so it needs a ressurection spell to bring the creature back. You can choose if the creature explodes in fireworks and colored smoke or in a shower of blood and gore. If it explodes in fireworks you and allies in 30 feet heal 1d6 HP, if it explodes in gore you can make a intimidate check to demoralize all enemies in 30 feet as part of the move action to Strike a Pose.
Power Rangers and Kenshiro in a single trope.

Super Mode: Gain a number of evolution points, or abilities from a list, use rounds of Theme Song to use it. If you have Super Powered Evil Side you get a penalty to your saves from Inner Hollow and if you fail the save and start attacking allies your evil side can continue using this without paying Theme Song rounds.

Super Sage God Super Mode Gear 5: Double the number of abilities/evolution points, increase the save DC and damage of maneuvers, costs three rounds of Theme Song per round and fatigues the Protag after it's used.

Stealing from Gonzo, a trope for magical girls, riders and sentai could be:
Henshin Hero: The Protagonist gets Dual Identity like the Vigilante and the Transformation Sequence Social Talent. The Protagonist can get Seamless Guise or any Vigilante Social Talent as tropes. The Protagonist can't use his Theme Song or any Maneuvers while in his Social Identity or he risks being discovered.
Henshin Armor: Requires the trope that gives Dual Identity. The Protagonist can mark one light or medium armor, one weapon and up to fifty pieces of ammunition if the weapon is a ranged one, and a number of worn magical items equal to his initiation modifier, storing these items in a pocket dimension. As part of using his Transformation sequence the Protagonist trades the clothes he is wearing for the marked items, the marked weapon appearing directly in hand. Once marked the armor may be modified to look like a special uniform, such as a modified engraved armor, a full body covering armor, or a special setting of clothing that still functions as armor. He can change what items he has marked in a ritual that takes 8 hours. He cannot use these items in his social identity or he risks having his identity discovered.
Power Armor: Rquires Henshin Armor. The Protagonist gains 3 customization points he can add to his Henshin Armor, plus one for every six Protagonist levels. Once chosen this customizations are set and can only be chaged when he marks a new armor or when he gets another customization point. You can use Power Armor while in your Vigilante Identity and playing your Theme Song. The Protagonist do not benefit from the usual bonus to Theme Song while in Power Armor. The protagonist must decide wheter to use his power armor or the normal benefits of Theme Song benefits when he starts the Theme Song and has to stop and start a new round of Theme song to switch between them.
Multiform Armor: Require Power Armor. The Protagonist can create a number of set configurations of customization points for his Power Armor, each with its own look, equal to his intiation modifier. When he changes the customization points of one armor he can change the points of each set. When he activates Power Armor he can choose which version of the armor he uses and he can change it as a move action.

Geez that's a lot of tropes for Henshin, you could make it an archetype instead, if you want.

I like it.

I agree with THUNDER_Jeffro, Theme Song would be better as rounds per day. I would suggest two abilities: Nakama, spend two rounds of Theme Song per round to give half your bonus to all allies in 30 feet. Side Character Spotlight, spend rounds of Theme Song to give one ally your full Theme Song bonus.
Also Touch the Untouchable should really add Ghost Touch to your strike. So you can touch the untouchable. Maybe as a Trope.
And Touch the Untouchable, I feel, needs a limit. Being usable in every strike seems a little much for 14th level. Maybe it only works during Theme Song, or if you want it on every attack, maybe trade levels with Break the Unbreakable.

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My main draw to this book was the accelerist so I have a question and a couple of requests. Since I don't do facebook I'm gonna do the requests here.

First, the question, just to make sure I get this right, if I take Extra Accelerant three times I get the extra fast movement and weapon finesse from Bloodline, the double speed move action and air blast from Occult, the air domain and swift action movement from Divine, all on top of the tincture from Alchemy, which I picked from the class? That's pretty awesome, but a little on the broken side for a feat. Not saying to change it, just pointing it out.

On to requests, Accelerist archetypes:
-An archetype with a time based flavor, that uses time shenanigans to be a speedster. Zoom to the Accelerists Flash
- A rogue-ish parkour runner, expert at stealing stuff and free-running away, with free Feather Step and High Jump, and rogue stuff like trapfinding/trap spotter and fast stealth, maybe faster pickpocketing or faster lockpicking/openning closing doors.
- A scout archetype, that uses his speed to run ahead of an army/the party to scout for trouble, with favored terrains, trackless step in natural areas, and bonus to notice ambushes. Maybe trapfinding/trap spotter if it doesn't stack with the above archetype.

I'm not a DSP dev, just a player and sometimes DM, but I think I can answer some of these:

1 - Dimensional Swap: I don't think ally has a game term definition, or willing for that matter, but in that case use common sense. So yes ally is the same as willing and also means some one who's friendly or helpful towards your character.
No, the guard you want to kill is not your ally.
Unwilling Participant forces someone into the collective, but he still gets a save as per the Special part of the feat.

2 - Untouchable Aura: Range:Aura is not a thing. DSP goofed on this one, maybe they have an errata document. I assume this is a Personal range, so you need Shared Power to use it on allies in the Collective.

3 - Mind Stones: Expanded Knowledge is called as not working, so why would the thing that works as Expanded Knowledge work? The answer is no. Knacks are powers but they're gained from a separate ability instead of the Manifesting ability, so they don't work for this. "Extra powers known from feats ... do not increase this limit." Access Psionic Talent is what? A feat. So it doesn't increase the limit.

4 - Expanded Knowledge: For a multiclass character, while they add their pp pools and can use pp from one class to fuel powers from the other, the powers themselves remain separate, so when you buy Expanded Knowledge choose which class it applies to. It uses that classes attribute and manifester level to calculate DCs, range, etc. You can use a feat gained from Psion levels to add powers to your Vitalist, that is okay. You can get the 3rd level power, it uses Wis instead of Int and your manifesting level will be 7 (NOT 8, You have manifester 7 for Vitalist powers and manifester level 1 for Psion powers)

5 - Celestial Totem: It does interact with psionic healing. Assuming psionic-magic transparency (the recommended thing by the devs), treat powers as spells and things like Transfer Wounds and Request Aid are similar to Lay on Hands. The healing can be redirected over the Collective.
Celestial Totem only applies to the Barbarian so you have to use the healing on the Barbarian while he rages, the extra healing kicks in, and then you can redirect all the healing.

6 - Persistent Power: First metapsionic feats do not work with psi-like abilities, much like metamagic feats do not work with spell like-abilities. Second Collective is a (Su) ability, that means it's Supernatural not Psi-like. Unwilling Participant is also Supernatural not Psi-like. Third even if they were, wanting to pay for the feat once and use on every power on the unwilling participant after is the kind of minmaxing that allows for the DM to smack you with the rulebook.

7 - Samsaran: The second one. You're capped at four but only pay two. Not sure if there's an actual rule to back this up, but the other way stinks of shenanigans and minmaxing.

8 - Senses: Yes, but you still need line of effect. Case by case, but it does work with Clairvoyance and Synesthate. You're a little confused on Synesthate, you need to see to see sound, it doesn't block your vision and if you're blinded you want the option to hear light instead, sense lights will give them the bonus if you share your tactile feel. It's weird and nonsensical but it works. It works with Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions and Enter Image, and using it and Collective to share on those visions is a really cool non-cheesy idea. Weall done on that one.

9 - Psychic Bodyguard: Right on the first account, you protect the whole party, but it discharges when the first of them needs to roll a save. Until you can pay that 8 point augment and protect them forever. Cap of the free thinker works, if you're the one wearing it. Decide which member you want to protect, roll only for him, the other will have to fend for himself

10 - Inevitable Strike: Any of them using it discharges it for all. Using the Spirit of Many augment on this is not very good.

11 - Steal/Drain Health: That's actually a good question. Might be a error. It's worth noting the Life Leech can use Drain Health on an Unwilling Participant, but Vitalist can't, so it may be a trade off for the increased range.

12 - Skills as One: That works.

13 - Strenght of my Enemy: This is cheese and DMs have the right to hit you with the book if you mention using abilities on a bag of rats. That understood, the power only triggers once you hit something, so you have to deal damage, you can choose to make it non-lethal, but you can't choose to deal less damage. Once the Strenght of the target reaches zero you can't gain anymore from that target. You can hit as fast as you can full attack, no more. Cheese enough with the hireling no need for extra attacks on top of it.

14 - Expanded Knowledge, part 2: Not sure if this is RAW, but the way I use it, you use the stat and manifester level of your class. If you have more than one manifesting class, you choose which class at the moment you take the feat, so if your int for Psion gets higher than your wis for Vitalist you still use wis.

15 - Strenght of my Enemy, part 2: It works with a bow. Bow is the weapon, arrows are ammo.

16 - Psychic Warrior: First line is flavor, second is rules. It is dip friendly to your purposes. As much as any dip is friendly to a full caster, it does mean it takes you a few more levels before you get new high level Vitalist powers.

17 - Unknown Powers: No and no. That isn't allowed on the section talking about manifesting unkown powers, and the session on the skill only talks about using it with power stones. so it only works wit power stones.

18 - Collective: Detect Thoughts to notice someone is having a party in his head. Mind Blank at high levels. There isnt much to do against it, but on the hand there isn't much danger in being in a Collective, since even Life Leechs and Sadists abilities still allow for a save throw

19 - Sadist: That works, but is cheese and the DM still has the right to beat you in the face with a hardcover book for suggesting it. On the fluff, you can alter with the DMs permission.

@Fabius: Of all the cheese on the questions, you're going to pick as an example the one who isn't? Share Power is exactly for making Range:Personal into Range: 30 feet or Range:Personal into Range:Personal with the [Network] Descriptor, both of which can be used on other member of the Collective and Spirit of Many allows him to augment so the target becomes you and one member of the collective for pp spent on the augment. This is RAW and RAI, no cheese.

Kemuri Kunoichi wrote:

I always think back to a quote I heard years ago when I think about alignment. "The villain is always the hero of their own story"

Alignment is game mechanic designed to quantify an abstract concept, based on societal a real world example...take 2 of the largest religions on Earth...Christianity and Islam...if you ask anyone in either religion if they are 'good' the answer will most likely be yes...and if you ask them if the other is evil (or at least wrong)...guess what the answer to that is likely to be.

What abstract? In game these are concrete concepts. A high enough priest can literally call down angels and ask "What religions are right and allow you to go to Heaven?"

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It's a problem with level inflation on the NPC Codex and the adventure paths. In theory, for a fantasy world to make sense, 95% to 98% of people should be BELOW level 5. Just normal regular people.

Have you seen how much xp you need to reach level five? You need to go through some very difficult problems to reach that level. It is basically impossible to reach that level without killing a lot of things.

For the ones who've already been printed (Battle Scion, Shaman, White Necromancer, Theurge, Spell-less Ranger, Skin-Changer, Trickster and Priest) how much is just a reprint and how much is new/improved/errataed/changed?
Can you give us an idea of who is getting new archetypes, if there are new Ranger Talents, Trickster Fortes or Shaman Spirit Guides?
How much is the Mystic Archer different from the Mystic Archer presented as a variant to the Elven Archer? And the Skin-Changer as a class compared to the Spell-less Ranger variant?
Any chance for a White Necromancer with a Phantom? A Trickster without Sneak Attack?

I'm glad the kickstarter is already a success, but personally I'm weary of a book that in its face seems to be about 70% reprint.

From the class product thread:

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

No, it's just "cover," as opposed to the weaker "soft cover."

This comes up occasionally, and someday I'll have to revise the pdf. My wargamming instincts got the better of me, and I didn't like having "cover" and "soft cover." So I wrote "hard cover." But there is no hard cover in Pathfinder, just vanilla "cover."

RAW the talent does nothing. Hard Cover is not a Pathfinder term.

RAI and after a possible errata or DM ruling it does this: Normally adjacent allies gain +4 AC. With that talent they would also gain +2 to Reflex saves and be able to make Stealth checks as if they had gone behind a wall.
Funny enough this allows a friendly Rogue to always be hidden and even snipe at people as long as they stay adjacent to the Armiger. It's like providing Hide in Plain Sight to the whole party.

Well, my favorites from the book were the Spy, Beastmaster and Knight.

The Spy could use a good plunder and steal new talents from the rogue and maybe investigator. Maybe some way to get a Dual Identity and some social talents from the Vigilante? The Scout and Scholar could use a bigger and more powerful list of talents too.

The Beastmaster, while I liked him for his flavor, has always been on the weak side. Nowadays he's outshone by the Hunter and by the Barbarian archetypes that give animal companions. He desperately needs a combat boost.

Generally all the Full BAB classes have fallen to the wayside in terms of power. The Knights resplendent powers need to scale, or he needs to be able to stack two or three as he levels up. Specifically, honorable might, noble splendor, rallying cry, heroic action, inspire heroism and only blood all need to scale. Only Blood was already super weak back in 2010, seriously a channel energy that only heals 1HP, and doesn't work on people who are dying? Scorn Cowardice should also give a save boost against poison since that is a dishonorable thing too.

Also, rereading the classes, Gladiators shake it off ability is near useless. It only works on ex ailities that target a save and are riders on attacks, and doesn't work on poison or diseases. I'm not sure there's anything it works on. And it doesn't scale. And no class should get Fleet or Bravery as the only thing they get in a level, specially at level 17 or 18.
Looking at it with older eyes, the gladiator is better than the fight for two levels and then worse than the fighter at every level after. A two level dip for other martial classes that want Combat Expertise... Except it doesn't say you get it without needing to meet prereqs so you have to have int 13. It's good for getting the Improved maneuver feats, but not Greater ones or other feats that have them as prereqs.

The classes have not aged well, but the feats have. Additional Animal Companion, Agile Defense, Catch Me If You Can, Deadly Teamwork, all the heal feats, Halt the Charge, Signature Mount, Signature Weapon, Perfect Parry and Vengeful are all great. Signature Weapon might even be too good, but to me it's basically what Weapon Focus should have been.

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I won! I would like to thank taig, Purple Duck Games and all the other companies for having such a wonderful christmas spirit and wish good luck to everybody still in the run.

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I'm interested. What IS the limit if you only choose PDG products? Cause there is a whole lot of Porphyra I would love to get.

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Hybrid Classes from Wayward Rogue:

The Windblade a Druid Sorcerer hybrid.

The Super Spy a Vigilante Investigator hybrid.

The Bullet Disciple is a Gunslinger Monk hybrid. The same book also has the Dimensionist, a Witch Kineticist hybrid.

The Sky Rider is a Cavalier Ranger hybrid.

pulseoptional wrote:
Adahn_Cielo wrote:

Yup,as others said, it's mostly to keep themselves open if they want to make options to change stats in the future. There's nothing right now that freely allows you to switch Stat dependencies

...I mean, there's one, IIRC. In the April's fool document there's the Daring Hero prestige class that switches all of your initiating and class features to work on Cha, but out of the options in the book it's the least balanced one (if at all).

is that document still floating around?

Yep. Pay what you want.

Mako Senako wrote:
Can you be a little more elaborate im not exactly sure im following. I have a succubus character that im making and I'd like to use Crimson Countess archetype of Harbinger but only if I can use my Charisma Modifier as her initiator stat as well as class feature stat.

No. So far, there is no way to change the initiator stat like that. Other people have been bugging DSP to make a Charisma using archetype for harbinger since the class was in playtest, but no luck. Ask your DM if you can homebrew that change.

The wording of "Your initiator stat" exists because, for example, there are spells that are on both the sorcerer and wizard lists, but say "add yor Charisma modifier", making them useless for wizards, and spells that use "add your Intelligence modifier", making them useless for sorcerers. Same thing happens with clerics and oracles. With "Your initiator stat" a Int using harbinger and a Cha using warlord can both use Sleeping Goddess maneuvers if they want. Without that wording, Sleeping Goddess would probably reference Wis and only be usable by warders and mystics.

Pierce Brosnan James Bond. It's what I grew up with.

Favorite gadget is the umbrella from the Kingsman movie. Bulletproof, shoots projectiles, stylish as all hell.

Thanks for the book! Saves me money to buy Hybrid Classes Volume 2.

According to 3,5 Unearthed Arcana 1d6 of Sneak Attack is worth a feat.
According to the Vivisectionist archetype, 10d6 of Bombs is equivalent to 10d6 of Sneak Attack.
Therefore you can trade Bombs for a 10 feat progression, one at first level and one more at every odd level.

FAQ: Wouldn't that make the alchemist a better fighter than the Fighter?
Answer: A vivsectionist beastmorph alchemist has been a better fighter thn the fighter since those archetypes have been released.

Jedi Knight.. Maybe make an archetype that adds some mind control and telekinesis powers and some abilities to improve those powers. Works for both Jedi and Sith.

Jedi Mystic.. Make an archetype that refluffs the Wild Surge as Force Channeling, or Force Trance. Some of the Surge Types work for Jedi, some are more Sith flavored.

If this works for what you need, I can make the archetypes pretty quick.

Don't really like the adventurer. I vote for the gun mage.

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I wanna see that build. How did you do that?

Also, to your question, a 20th level fighter can, literally, by the rules, jump from a falling spaceship, hit terminal velocity, ignore the burning from the air friction, hit ground face first, inside an active volcano, swim in the lava, leave the volcano, be hit by the falling spaceship, have it explode around him, shrug off the radiation poisoning, and go on to fight like nothing ever happened. Breaking the sound barrier doesn't even merit a yawn.

14+ level characters are pratically superheroes, why are you surprised?

To me, the still reigning champion of shapeshifters is the Taskshaper.

Nice concept, but here's some comments:

First Versatile Profession should only give one Profession skill each time. Choosing two makes this straight up better than Versatile Performance, and the Explorer a better skillmonkey than the Bard, when it has no reason to be.

Second, Market Baron is just bad. Gaining 60% percent more on what you sell means you sell stuff for more than you would spend to buy it. This means you could sell a +5 weapon to one guy, buy a +5 weapon from a different guy and have a net profit. Don't mess with WBL, or at least don't mess with it so much, it breaks the game.
I can understand the part about cheaper magical properties for improvised weapons since you might want a +5 shovel and +4 fishing pole and some +4 forks to throw at people, but I think this would be best as part of Equipment Training, just have Improvised Weapons he uses gain a scaling magical bonus for minutes a day, similar to what paladins can do with Divine Bond, instead of Weapon Training.
Also Market Baron just doesn't mesh with the rest of the flavor for the Explorer. He's a forever wandering traveler, but SOMEHOW he is also a renowned salesmen? What? Also I'm pretty sure if you enchant an improvised weapon with weapon enchantments, it stops being "improvised" and becomes a weapon.

Favored Movement, Terrain mastery and Terrain Dominance all come too soon. You only have one Favored Terrain so you can't actually choose your movement, mastery and dominance. And this keeps going until twelve level. Also Terrain Dominances are too powerful for fourth level, they were designed for tenth level characters.
Suggestion: Give Favored Terrains faster than a Ranger, maybe two at first level and one more at third and every three levels. Bump Terrain Mastery to 4th level and every four levels. That way you'll have a choice of three terrains to to master. Pusho Terrain Domince to 9th or 10th level and every four after. That way you'll have an actual choice of whcich terrain to dominate.

Gear Upgrade just goes from 90 gp to 65,610 gp. Might think of having this increase gradually with levels? Also, a nine-fold increase would be 810gp. 65,610 is a seven hundred and twenty nine-fold increase. And finally, this ability is broken as all hell. Seriously he can produce a headband or belt of +6 to one attribute or +4 to all three, every day he is not adventuring and outfit the party for free.
My recommendation would be to diminish the daily amount a lot, this should be useful to get a potion or scroll or wand with only a few uses left or a cheap one shot item, not to outfit an army in magic weapons and armors in a few days. Also put a sentence saying that after a few hours unused or permanent items just seem to get lost or broken, even if someone was wearing them. Maybe lost in the Pathways or sent back somewhere so other explorers can find them when rummaging.

Exotic Ritual, once again straight up better than what a similar class gets, in this case, the Skalds Spell Keening. Make it a full round action unless the spell has a longer casting time and either restrict the classes it can cast from or limit the spell level to sixth or maybe seventh, to keep it close to the factotum.

Master of All Lands, why does this gives the final favored movement? Why does the explorer gets all favored terrains, all terrain masteries and all terrain dominances but not all favored movements?

Being of All Terrains. Wow, this is broken. You basically gain at least +2 favored enemy against everything, a boatload of spell like abilities, lots of improved senses, movement types, bonuses to a bunch of skills, immunity to fatigue and exhaustion, Fire and Cold Resistance 20, Dr 2/Adamantine, and his attacks count as good, lawful, chaotic, evil, silver and cold iron. This would be broken as a capstone, as a 15th level ability it's just nuts.

What I suggest is:
Being of All Terrains, spend some time to retrain a Favored Movement Terrain Mastery or Terrain Dominance to a different Favored Terrain, this should be as fast or faster than actual retraining rules, maybe even faster if you can get a guide or teacher that also has that favored terrain to tach you.
And keep the progression Favored Movement, Terrain Mastery and Terrain Dominance going instead of stopping at random levels.

The Veil: Why does this create undead? An Su way to cast Resurrection is already good enough, you don't need to turn all the party into undead on top of it.
Wanderlust Pass: What is the action to open the passageway? Geas doesn't have a saving throw but it does have a en minute casting time, if this has a smaller casting time, use a different spell, with a saving throw instead. Also area of effect compulsion has a 90% chance of screwing the party, either allow party members to ignore the effects or give the explorer knowledge of where allies wind up so he can gather them again. Just allies, using this to scatter enemies and then taking them out one by one should necessitate some other way to find them.

Unassuming is cool, but Bliss is awful. He can grant multiple wishes or miracles with a week long ritual, without cost. Wish and Miracle are already broken spells, no need to make the thing even worse. If you're dead set on this capstone add that it can only grant the wish or miracle to one traveler per trip and that it can't grant wishes/miracles to the explorer since he already obtained his bliss.

I'll throw in some Forbidden Path ideas later. Do you mind if some are based on MtG?

Thanks for the feedback!

Ciaran Barnes wrote:

It looks like you still need to tidy up and/or clarify things, but I applaud you for developing the concept far more than I ever did.

I like the addition of Kn. Geography. A speedster would get around, wouldn't he?

Dash: Does this movement provoke attacks?

No. It's an extra five foot step, five foot steps don't provoke.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Extra Swift: What kind of action is it to use? I assume a free action.

Second paragraph of Celerity: Unless otherwise noted, performing an act of celerity costs 1 point from his pool and spending a celerity point is a free action.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Quick Opportunity: It looks like the point has to be spent before an attack is provoked, so that the point could very easily be wasted. I suggest rewording this so that he can spend a point and make an AoO, even if he doesn't have any more left.

I'll have to think on a new wording for this one.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Fleet-Footed: The second sentence should be expanded upon. I'm not sure what the wording should be, but I'm sure there is an existing ability somewhere whose wording your could compare to.

I'll look into it, but can't guarantee anything, the first time I searched I didn't find anything I could use.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:


This ends up being a huge boost to speed. I think it would help to make this an enhancement bonus, like the monk ability.

A huge boost to speed is the intention.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:


Clever way to work in a feat that no one even chooses, much like the ranger's endurance.


Ciaran Barnes wrote:


I will point out that Skirmisher Strike is already granting a bonus to attack when he moves 10 ft or more. As written, these two bonuses would stack. I don't think that was your intention.

Not the intention, Momentum is already higher than the attack bonus because of it.

Changed wording on Skirmisher Strike to "weapon attack rolls", based on wording from the ranger and fighter, that should stop the stacking.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:


Can you format these a bit? It's a bit wall of text right now.

Italicized the Stunt names.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:


I like the intent, but the wording needs work and I'm not a big fan of having a 2nd point pool.

It's supposed to make up for only having a good Ref. I'm okay with it having a second point pool. If it keyed off directly from Celerity I would need to increase the Celerity pool. Changed the wording a little from "roll a Reflex save instead" to "use his Reflex save instead". Does that make it clearer? I honestly don't know where else the wording needs work.

Arcanemuses wrote:

Run (Ex):

At second level, the speedster gains run as a bonus feat. In addition to this, whenever the speedster takes the run action...

I would like you to sweeten this deal. Typically whenever a class gains a feat as a class feature, they get a little more out of it than normal. Just look at the Alchemist's Throw Anything feature, and you'll see what I mean.

Added a small dodge bonus to AC and an ability I had scrapped as not being good enough for a speed stunt.

This homebrew class is an effort to make a truly mobile warrior without having to rely on being a Martial Initiator. It is based on the Scout from 3.5, the Dynamo by Ciaran Barnes and the Marauder by Alluria Publishing and uses inspiration from media speedsters like the Flash, Sonic and the Roadrunner.

Please read and review. Tell me if there are any glaring errors, any possible abuses or just any talents or powers from speedsters in other media that you would like me to add.

Accompanying the class are two archetypes:
The Juggernaut, for those that want to be the immovable object in addition to being the unstoppable force.
And the Wilderness Scout for those that want a mobile warrior but without the supernatural flavor.
With more archetypes planned for the future.

This is pretty good, and hopefully the beginning of a series.

I love the intimidation and strenght lines you added.
Traditions is good too, except for Lightfoot. Immunity to tracking is bad, unless unhinged rogues can get it too and unhinged rangers can beat it without magic. I would suggest instead a increase in DC to track the barbarian amd a small bonus to stealth.

Accurate Stance, I liked better the unchained version that only works with melee and thrown. I think throwing barbarians should be more vable than archer barbarians. Or at least give the AC penalty from Reckless Stance. There is no need to be two different stances that add attack bonuses. Also: "This does not apply to damage rolls for spells, spell-like abilities or supernatural abilities." Course it doesn't it's a bonus to attack. If I gueess your meaning, change it to "This does not apply to touch attack and ranged touch attacks".

Superstition, you forgot to add "supernatural abilities" back to the wording. The unchained wording is an unnecessary downgrade from the original Rage Power. If anyone needs a hit it's the human FCB not the Rage Power.

Unexpected Strike, remove "The barbarian can use this ability only when there are no other foes in a square threatened by the barbarian.", this makes the power nearly useless. Add a number of times per day it can be used like Mighty Swing.

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Someone with no sense of right or wrong.

Beast Hunter: What is the duration on Penetrating Blow? One minute, until the creature is dead, or something else? Way it written it almost looks like you have to make a standard action attack and pass a skill check just to ignore a little DR. If that's it, at least ignore 5 and later 10 points of DR or ignore the creatures natural armor against attack or hit it as if it was flatfooted or block fast healing and regeneration for a few rounds. Or give a choice so the beast hunter can use the best straegy against that particular monster. Disabling Strikes is crap. Depending on the monster you might roll something useless or that they're immune. Or it becomes unconscious and gets coup de graced. Also it's usable at will whenever a monster misses? Dude, no. That is too random, at the same time too powerful and too useless. Back to the drawing board with this ability.

Braker, Centurion, Meta Adept, Tavern Brawler and Toxicologist are all from older products. Makes me wonder if we're getting a revised Commander in this book too. I noticed the Adventurer being based based on the Adventurer class you guys had too, but improved.

Forged: No big problems, except for the two things Insain mentioned and some bad grammar. Needs a pass by the editor.

Ki Scion: Change Focused Path to give more Ki. This class will burn through Ki like nothing else. Powerful Blast needs to change "he gains additional damage" to "he may add additional damage" so he can choose not risk staggering at a bad moment. Super Scion: I see what you did there. It gives very little rounds, barely enough for a single fight. I suggest 4+Con.

Long Gunner: How does Sniping Shot interacts with Vital Strike? Can you guys add a paragraph that allows you to add Vital Strike with Sniping Shot?
Rifle Mastery II gives him a bonus feat, but he must use a move action to activate it? What if he spends the move action and the shot isn't a critical? Why not just give him the feat, no strings attached? Or maybe keep the move action to activate, but give in return the ability to trade which critical feat he has from this ability, like how an inquisitor can use a standard action to change his last teamwork feat.
Rifle mastery III, can the Long Gnner make a called shot with a sniping shot? I don't know much about called shots. If not maybe add that to Rifle Mastery IV?
Rifle Mastery IV It takes four level to be able to add a critical feat to an attack that threatens a critical. From the point of view of a player, I'm etter off just getting the feat as a feat.

Wild Shot: Cool ideas but not enough oomph, might as well stay as a Gunslinger. Pistol Whip and Evasive are gunslinger deeds, Reliable Friend is worse than Quick Clear, Hair Trigger is worse than Gunslingers Initiative, Two Pistol Fighting makes no diffeence for someone targeting touch AC, Dual Shot is missing the word "standard" in "as part of the same action"
On the other hand Vital Shot is good, Lucky Cover, Quick Foot, Utility Shot and Fastest Gun are all good too.
I would give the Wild Shot an ability called Fastest Gun that gives the ability to not provoke AoOs when shooting in melee and a scaling initiative bonus. Maybe a Wild Card to allow him to disarm with a shot.

Armiger: So cool. Arcane Heraldry needs a paragraph clarifying what happens if the magus has an arcana that gives new weapon properties to use with arcane pool, such as Bane Blade or Devoted Blade. Hopefully they can also be used with Arcane Heraldry.

Battlefield Sapper would be a great archetype if Hidden Satchel didn't came in at 19th level. The heck, that should come online much earlier and for free. Sapper Satchel on it's own is not worth losing the Animal Companion. Make some other ability for 19th level like being able to have multiple Satchels as long as they are affixed to the Structural Quarry or to Ranger Traps. Also in Hidden Satchel change "A battlefield sapper must possess the Learn Ranger Trap feat in order to use this ability." to "A battlefield sapper must be able to create ranger traps in order to use this ability." so it works with the Trapper archetype and other classes or archetypes that offer Ranger Traps as class features.

Battle Sorcerer: Sorcerer Strenght is pretty cool but still not enough to make up the fact that the sorcerer has low BAB and no armor. Cool concept but no socerer is going to fight in frontlines. And Spell Barrier is awful. One spell level is not worth one HP. Maybe ten, five at the lowest, but one for one is a horrible trade. You're trading three feats for something that can be only used if your HP is low and might not save you you until 11th level because the next attack from the full attack will probably kill you any way

Decrier: The first knee jerk is that this is a bad archetype because Condemner, Spread the Word and Word of Censure are not worth the abilitites they replace. But then Propagandize comes in and might save the whole archetype. Can I use a bane that is not the creatures alignment? I mean can I hit a LN enemy with a chaotic bane or a evil bane? The line "Creatures without a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful alignment may not be affected by this ability" Means a LN creature is immune, is immune to Good and Evil banes or only TN creatures are immune to this ability?
No, wait, it takes three rounds before you can use a bane or boon because it takes that long before you can discern power and location with a detect spell, and you can't hit a LN creature with a Chaotic bane because they won't even show up on a detect chaos spell. And you can only use a boon if your ally shows up on the detect spell, which just makes it harder to use both boons and banes in the same battle. This ability is horrible
And then you have censuring strike that wants you to hit in melee when you want to be 30 feet away so you can include as many allies and enemies on your detect spell at once, and decree of denouncement wants you to cast which works better when away from melee.
Final Verdict: Decrier is not worth the word count it wastes. Get the dev to redo from ground up so enemies aren't straight up immune, so it doesn't take almost the entire battle before you can use your main fature, so you don't get screwed because you detected for the wrong aligment and so you can use censuring strike with ranged weapons. Mostly just divorce Propagandize from aligment and Detect Alignment.

Field Medic: Medicinal Mists either blinds your allies or heals your enemies, or both. It's worse than useless, it actively harms the group. Make it so it makes a cloud that gives fast healing but only to allies and hinders the sight of enemies as a fog cloud. Maybe coming at a higher level, like 4th or 6th.

Peacebane Oracles curse doesn't actually hinder him any. Might inconvenience the party but not that much. Maybe make creatures inside the area have a starting attitude one step lower unless they pass a DC15 will save, and foes in combat have to beat that save in order to surrender or flee, otherwise they fight until they die or the oracle dies. And the bonus are missing the type, probably don't stack and are not that good.

Qi Gong Ninja, Raider, Sleep Peddler, Warchanter and War Wizard are okay. On the whole I love Armiger and I think Battlefield Sapper and Field Medic can be easily fized.

PrCs on the next post.

Update is a few weeks late, so let's see what took so long.


Adventurer is more complete, but still only three guilds. Hope there's more on the final product.
Also, how has this slipped by so long? Journeyman Apprentice and Master Apprentice are useless. You can take 20 a craft check as a standard action? Craft checks are made by the day or week. Do these abilities let me craft stuff in one standard action? If so it should mention it in the ability since that is the main part of the ability. If not maybe you mean they can take twenty on their apprentice skill without increasing the time and without wasting materials when crafting or without making mistakes for proffession. I have no idea what Journeyman Apprentice is supposed to do.
Also the names are dumb. Just change them o Journeyman Skill and Master Work.

Ward of the albatross feels too obviously tacked on and doesn't scale.

Adventuring Guild:
Begginers Luck: What is the action to activate this? It lasts for one roll or for all rolls for ne round?
Guild Master: Can the adventurer still use her luck pool to add to saves and skills or has he lost that? What does 'assist her allies in a similar way to ardic performance" even mean? That she can spend a point and give allies a morale bonus to... what? One roll between attack, damage, saves or skills? All rolls of that type until the beggining of the adventurers next turn? Shouldn't this still be a luck bonus? Or are you supposed to spend a luck point to use Inspired courage as bard or your level?

Assassin Guild is missing it's Guild master ability. Also Hide in Plain Sight and Death Attack need to go through editing and make sure to say that 8th(?) level and 6th(?!?) level are prerequisites. As written now they look like they were supposed to be given at those levels intead of chosen as talents. And adventurers apparently can take them earlier than Rogues and Slayers. Is that intentional?

Herculean Guild... "Woe to the men" Not "Whoa to the men". Also a couple of instances of rage instead of rush. Scrap It makes so the broken shield can't be repaired even with magic and it breaks the shield independent of the shields hardness or hit points. No one is going to ever use that. Except maybe to use artifacts and other indestructible stuff as improvised shields and destroy them without any effort. Not a good ability.

Battle Lord archetypes: Warchief and Zealot still trying to dictate the alignment of the party. It's bad on the paladin and it's worse here because it doesn't even have the excuse of flavor and being an iconic archetype of roleplaying games.

The Dan Tien straight up lost the ability to increase the threat range with trance. I'm okay with that.

Synergist archetypes:
Echo: On Simpatico and Twin Echo do the rolls have to be on the same type of thing or can the Echo get a 17 on a bluff check to feint and an ally can get a 17 on an attack and this triggers the ability?
Vagarists Unbridled Bloodshed means that the bonuses apply to the enemies too and that the enemies crits also trigger it? Awesome. Not sure if I like Odds Are. Chaos Theory is soething I particularly would even bother with but that is just playstyle differences.

Warloghe Forbidden Magic Taboo doesn't have the lesser version as a prereq. That means a Warloghe could get Greater Forbidden Magic without taking the other two. Is that intentional?

Other Archetypes and Prestige Classes next post.

Secret Wizard wrote:
Skinwalker Bloodrager or Druid (Something that can transform. A sort of wildshape from level 1, with extra lycanthropic options, would be cool.)

There's something like this in book 2 ;)

Gnome Skald (I'd find it hilarious to be insulted then raged at by a gnome. Especially if it had the strength and damage to back its threats up.)

I kid you not, right before I read your post, I was reading wikipedia articles on the tradition of insults in skald poetry for no reason in particular ;)

(It's actually quite interesting, you should give it a look).

Book one is finished? Where can I buy it? What's the name?

Weird, did Munitions Complexity get changed? The combo was to use Quickened Munitions to launch two Micro Munitions in one round. That costs no war points and deals half damage twice, so the equivalent to full damage. You have to wait until level 12 to do it because you need to apply two morph counts to your Micro Munitions. Wait, what was the purpose of using Munitions Complexity with this combo again?
Maybe I goofed up and you didn't notice at the time?

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