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Need a quick stop for your Starfinder campaign or other Sci-fi use?

Need a location for a ready-made encounter?

Need great art, NPCs and story hooks?

Then Small Stations and Tiny Outposts is the supplement for you!

What you get inside:

10 locations that can be used on Land, Air, Sea and Space for Zero-200 people.

What looks like a “futuristic sales catalog” from the fictitious Bloomfield Corporation with technical information for each location. This includes a slick overview art piece, a line drawing from overhead and a list of modules/areas/functions the outpost or station contains.

10 matching role-play stories and NPCs with related story hooks! Location names are kept generic as are the human NPCs. This way you can rename, change race and locations to fit your own world!

20 brand new original art pieces by Jazzy Bear Brown.

This supplement is fully Compatible with Starfinder by Paizo and works for most any Sci-fi setting with no changes needed.

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Jon Brazer Enterprises

Congratulations on your first release. May the schwartz be with you guys.

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
Congratulations on your first release. May the schwartz be with you guys.


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