Starfinder Flip-Mat: Hospital

Starfinder Flip-Mat: Hospital

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Somebody Call a Doctor!

Whether the heroes want to install cybernetic augmentations in their bodies, find a place to recover from serious wounds, or search for the source of an otherworldly plague, no Game Master wants to spend time drawing every nurse's station and operating room. Fortunately, with Paizo's latest Starfinder Flip-Mat, you don't have to! This line of gaming maps provides ready-to-use science-fantasy set pieces for the busy Game Master. This double-sided map features a futuristic, high-tech medical center on one side and a sinister, abandoned infirmary on the other.

Don't waste time sketching when you could be playing. With Starfinder Flip-Mat: Hospital, you'll be ready the next time your players need medical treatment for their injuries!

ISBN-13: 978-1-64078-089-7

Note: This product is part of the Starfinder Maps Subscription.

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Starfinder Flip-Mat: Hospital Starfinder Flip-Mat: Hospital

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Announced for November! Image and description are provisional and subject to change prior to release.

Dark Archive

Sample art is the "Acreon" from Starfinder AP #1.

Dark Archive

Thank you for the sample art!

This actually looks like two maps where the number of beds are justified. ;-)
I can see some use for these maps for the third AP "Signal of Screams".

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

Wow, those are gorgeous.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oooh, my designs turned out great! :D


These look really good, and useful as well. I just feel a little sorry for any of the patients in either one: none of the patient rooms have a bathroom, and there are only 5 total from both sides.

Liz Courts wrote:
Oooh, my designs turned out great! :D

I love the operating theater with a blood stained floor.

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