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TwilightKnight wrote:
Maybe its time to pull the license from Ninja Division and give it to Wiz kids who seem to be capable of actually producing products.

Wizkids are the one the originally pitched it to in the first place and were turned down, I don't really see that changing unfortunately.

Don't believe so but I'd have to double check.

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Legacy of Fire is awesome so *shrugs*


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Master Han Del of the Web wrote:
Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
Please explain

(still reading but) The Vlaka are very perceptive to other’s emotional states and well being, and while alll their stuff is awesome and meshes well with my playstyle the main draw for them most likely is the fact THAT THEY CAN GIVE THEIR RESOLVE POINTS TO THEIR ALLIES.

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Sauce987654321 wrote:
I figured as much. Yeah, it's really disappointing that outer dragons are basically just another type of dragon with slight differences.
Just to point out, Outer Dragons come from Pathfinder's Bestiary 4, they weren't made for Starfinder originally.
I have to say, if it's because making a type of dragon that you can encounter on both ground and starship combat is some sort of "realism" issue that breaks verisimilitude, honestly, get over it. This game doesn't even try to be realistic, as it's even less realistic than Pathfinder. Plus, you already made a creature of this style in the first archive (Endbringer Devil), and most people really liked the monster.
The Endbringer shifts into a compeltely different form in order to fight PCs, Dragons wouldn't need to do this so having a Dragon that can take on a ship means PCs by themselves would have no chance basically.
If this for the sake of page count, then I don't know what to say, other than maybe you shouldn't have included outer dragons at all if this is how they are going to be made.
Again, they were already made back in Bestiary 4.
They are space dragons for Christ's sake, make them do space stuff! They can't even interact with other creatures that are made for space, what kind of nonsense is that?

They can interact with other creatures that are made for space and have space stuff, they just can't fight Spaceships.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Expect that line of that ability to be FAQ'ed away.


*hisses at the odd number*

Not to my knowledge, and seeing how Paizo is currently working with Wizkids on their Pathfinder line I highly doubt that would be the scenario.

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Avoiding that damned odd number will be a very big draw.

The All-Seeing Orb wrote:
Kodyax wrote:
Paizo now has their money so I should have the PDF soon enough and I greatly look forward to reading it. I love having options as a player and as a GM creating scenes for players both from terms of whatine they are and what they are facing. I am hoping the bear race will be something I can enjoy out of the box as well as any canine humanoids. Until fursuits are outlawed make mine Paizo.

If you're a fan of anthropomorphic animals, this is definitely a must-have. We've got cats, bears, and dog-people.

** spoiler omitted **


Steve Geddes wrote:
Reaper and Wizkids both declined an offer to produce a licensed Starfinder line.


From what I've picked up on and keep an ear about, SF Tales would be more likely than Pathfinder Tales continuing at this point without a rebranding. Though I remain hopeful and wanting for both very much ^w^

Lot's of people probably.

(Those aren't new to Starfinder, they're throughout 1st Edition Pathfinder as well).

OOOoooooooo, pretty!



Or Starfinder Scenarios.

Not really. They need to have all the art in before they can actually decide on what pieces to make into pawns.

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All Paizo Core Rulebooks are $9.99 so they are easily accessible to people. Everything else, such as Adventure Paths, have much higher costs because they wouldn't be sustainable otherwise.

brkndevil wrote:

Yeah, with the MAD on the Solarian, I'm just going to give them the Both the Weapon and the Armor, make the Weapon Operative, and make Soulfire's Effect as Part of the Weapon as well. Its bad when a class already needs an Unchained Version Right Off the Bat when it comes to MAD issues.

A class should not need to Dip to be Viable ever

Have you or your players actually played one yet?

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Dracomicron wrote:

"Return to Sender" is a great name for a revenge mission. Bravo!

EDIT: The sequel adventure should be "Address Unknown."

"From Absalom Station With Love"


jakemtl wrote:
I am really hoping that this is not going to wind up feeling like a video game converted to Starfinder as the plot description implies.

What does this even mean?

Steve Geddes wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

Paizo makes some pretty sweet Starfinder pawns.

I know they aren't minis, but they will get delivered in a reasonable amount of time. :-)

This has become my solution. We played with bottlecaps and jelly beans for years, so I'm sure we'll be able to "make do" with the pawns.

For the bigger creatures did you arrange the jellybeans a certain way or did you just pour them into a big pile?

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EltonJ wrote:
Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
AmbassadoroftheDominion wrote:
Soooo............ Space Linnorms?
Someone likes Linnorms. I forgot that Rysky loves them.

I does ^w^

Kittyburger wrote:
kaid wrote:
Kittyburger wrote:

6 Medium + 11 Large + 1 Garguantan.

Does the Gargantuan suit have a classic car as its head?

I dig giant robots.

Gundam Style!

Living here in Jersey,

Fighting villains from afar
You gotta find first gear
In your giant robot car!

*pushes big red button that does something different than what it did five seconds ago*

I got the theme song stuck in my head now, Kittyburger XD

vincent tobia wrote:
Little late in coming since series is almost over.

Pawns are always released at the end of the AP, because that's when they have all the art for said pawns.

solamon77 wrote:
So were these delayed? Amazon hasn't shipped my item and it doesn't have a new date.

If you are purchasing them through Amazon then I would contact Amazon. Paizo has no control over how or when Amazon does stuff.

Seeing as how the street date is August 2 though, I would guess it will arrive then or after.

Marco Massoudi wrote:
I have it on good authority that they won't reach Germany in august.

Authority or assumption?

Dracomicron wrote:
Pharasma has had to learn to tolerate the undead

Her followers perhaps, but claiming the Goddess herself does is rather misleading. Per the Core Rulebook she still wants them all destroyed.

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Zaister wrote:
Interesting that it doesn't say "Adventure Path" anywhere on the cover...

Maybe they’re going through a rename to cut down on confusion?

These can be called Star Paths and 2nd Edition’s adventures can be called Path Paths.

Robert G. McCreary wrote:
Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
Will there be any species or world lore in this book? Or will it be closer to Pathfinder 1st Edition's Ultimate Equipment?
There's a little bit of world flavor (such as weapons manufacturers, which provide modifications to baseline weapons), but Armory is very much similar to Ultimate Equipment (with more lasers, of course!).

Thankies for the answer!

Hmmm, might not be something I'm after, but the weapon manufacturers modifications is intriguing, plus, more Starfinder Art.

Where's the product? :3

Will there be any species or world lore in this book? Or will it be closer to Pathfinder 1st Edition's Ultimate Equipment?

The Ragi wrote:
pandapeep wrote:

In SF however, since everyone has to be able to take them and there is a static 'this is what you lose' they feel watered down, and fairly bland. Pact Worlds helps, but they just aren't worth taking, imo.

Prestige Classes in 3.5 where a mess, PF archtypes cleaned a lot of that up, but SF archtypes feel like a major misstep.

Sounds like you lack hard data on that, though.

I can safely say I would never take an Archetype (aside from maaaaaybe Star Knight) on a Solarion on account of everything you have to give up to do so. Not worth it.

Flagged to be moved to Starfinder Discussion :3

Yeah, they're... a street gang. Not a nebulous organization running everything behind the scenes.

Oooooo that would make for a nice combat zone in the mountains and underground. I can see this map getting lots of use in all sorts of campaigns, not just space based ones ^w^

Flagged to be moved to the Starfinder Rules Forums :3

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Arutema wrote:

Makes me wonder about the Kasathan ship's mess hall in SFS 1-04. Are one's crewmmates considered close enough that you may show them your mouth without major embarrassment? How awkward is it when a new crewman comes aboard and must eat with a new group for the first time?

Or are there something resembling extra-tall GM screens you can put on the table to preserve privacy while you eat?

Neither, just a lot of straws. ;)

My Kasatha Solarion that I played for a bit carried around a bunch of over the top silly straws for this reason :3

space master7 wrote:
Forgot about this but just remembered I was going to ask now that star finder has been out a bit how do you feel about it? I remember you had concerns.

I've pretty much given up on it. I was trying to force myself to post on the Dead Suns PBP (which I was having fun with, and liked playing with the others), but I literally could not force myself to post ;_;

There was a lot of stuff that whittled me down about the setting until it was too much. I'm keeping the subscriptions for the Core and AP lines for the art and inspirations, but i doubt I'll ever play any of it.

Woran wrote:
Hmm wrote:

Quests, quests, quests!

Even better, quests involving Liavara: the Dreamer and Brethedan culture! Oh, and look Tineke and my friend Nate (aka Rosc) are credited here. Nate and Tineke, is this your first SFS credit?

I also want to note that I approve of the size — 4 quests works great in a 4 hour convention slot.



Yes! Its my first SFS credit and I am pretty nervous :)

It sounds fun :3

Justin Andrew Mason wrote:
Sort of like "Event Horizon" meets "The Fifth Element" meets "Supernova" – I dig it! Sounds like fun, and I'm looking forward to adding it to my library.

Plus hopefully Sirena Beach from Super Mario Sunshine.


I was intentionally ignoring the sarcasm since I couldn't tell if it was "Ugh, not this" or "F!#+ yeah finally!" sarcasm :3

There's the Dead Suns AP before this if you need more time to prep.

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Yay! I can't wait for the other 88 SFS Scenarios ^w^


Ooooooooo, horror AP set in a resort. Nice.

AmbassadoroftheDominion wrote:
Soooo............ Space Linnorms?


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