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Yeah can’t say that’s anything that’s that big of a deterrent for me honestly.

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Elysium the Chaotic Good plane.

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Cr1ms0nsh4d3 wrote:
Maryssa Mari wrote:
Just a heads up that we're moving this thread from Starfinder General Discussion to Third-Party Starfinder Products
This isn't a "third party product." Paizo endorsed them and gave them the licensing rights. Just as much Paizo's responsibility as Ninja Divisions.

But it is though, or rather, all licensed products go in here, like the Alexa game as well.

The rest of your post doesn't have anything to do with the first part.

Yeah I have no interest in Sci-fi or WH stuff for the most part but they're not under contract with Paizo to only make Paizo games.

There's no betrayal. There's no bad blood. There's no abandonment. Unless Paizo or Owlcat one steps up and says otherwise, it's just a game company that wanted to make a game with they IP they were allowed access to, they're not forced to make Pathfinder or Starfinder games.

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There’s more factors to it and it might not necessarily make it load slow but adding hyperlinks do indeed make the PDFs dummy thicc.

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keftiu wrote:
Stoked about any videogame that lets me play an android or lashunta, though I do wish their next project was Iron Gods.

Counter Offer: Triune

Ello Ello what have we here?

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I don't think any Paizo books tend to natively have hyperlinks?

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If they want to hype us up for/sell us an Absalom Station book, first they'd need to make it not be boring. With all the planets and species and wonderful awe inspiring locations in Starfinder the bland space station hub doesn't register for most people past it being the hub.

Like the Citadel in ME, you went there cause it was the Hub for the game, not because it was cool.

Case in point, the Absalom hardcover for P2 was a letdown, but the Grand Bazaar book was awesome! It was a much better Absalom book, and actually made it interesting and cultivated ideas.

Just adding to the pile of reasons I don't play Starfinder.

Neat, thankies

In broad strokes what are the sections of this book? The shop blurb mentions factions and adventure seeds.

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Sasha Laranoa Harving wrote:
Ooh, Con Air? Can I be Nic Cage?

Put. The Skittermander. Back in the box.

Rereleasing an adventure path as a combined hardcover is not an insignificant amount of work though.

On the Interstellar Species product page.

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*gasp IN SPACE*

"I still don't get the who value of calling out necro post"

I just explained it last month if you bothered to read the post.

It's my understanding Q-Workshop and Paizo aren't making any more AP dice sets.

Yay Ziggy!

Also love that symbol.

Vlaka yay!

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Also the Drift Crisis isn’t destroying the setting so…

Galactic Magic

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"Hey was this ever answered?" is a valid necro.

"Well, I disagree with you person who posted 2 years actually because..." is not.

If you're resurecting a question fine, if you're jumpstarting a convo like it's ongoing then not so much, cause the convo isn't ongoing. They're talking to people who aren't there, naturally people are gonna point this out.

You can’t pick and choose when “reality” is applied if your argument is for realism.

If the premise is tech/magic items altering the setting and a realistic outcome then pricing comes of that too, as well as numerous other factors.


Possibly a spell gem? The tentacles though are just something Raxilite have.

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keftiu wrote:
Eloritu looks... a little like Razmir, no? I understand there's only so many ways to be a mage in a cloak and mask, but even still.

*sad Magaambya noises*

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Yeah this came up constantly during the Playtest, them having Dexterity as their sole stat on top of being a really good class, was not only broken, but also very silly.

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Turns out The Devourer is really just the picture frame itself.

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It's a syfy knife in a syfy setting with leveled loot emphasis on weapons and goes to level 20. A tactical knife isn't what a midwife would use either, and also doesn't advance like the Zero Knife.


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I love Duellona (LG)

Standing against near insurmountable Odds? Chronic Ailments? Bigoted government? Kaiju? She’s got your back.

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Hylax indeed be a Shirren.

Got better than the Devourer, it’s its own antithesis.

It’s a painting XD

House of Ashes all over again. Get some battys!

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Woohoo! Desna!

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Ayup, and that’s nothing to say of compatibility and rejection for medicines and grafts.

For gameplay purposes your character’s body has 100% acceptance rates for replacement organs and grafts and using medicine, when outside of gameplay that wouldn’t be true no matter how advanced the science got.

And then as Big Lemon brought up.

Me for example, I can walk without assistance. But say Something happened to me and now I have the choice between using a wheelchair or chopping my legs off for prosthetics. People are presenting as jumping at the second option, but would you? I don’t know if could make that choice.

If I’m in wheelchair, I’d still have my legs, could still feel them, could still wiggle my toes.

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That reads to me that there shouldn’t be representation, which I disagree with verily.

I’m probably overstepping but I’ll still say There’s numerous problems with making disabilities “realistic” like your asking, in that it won’t be “realistic” enough for people and so they’ll ask for the penalties to be worse to possibly having the characters be unplayable, in the name of “realism”.

“until one starts conflating real world accomplishments/ goals/ achievements.”

This doesn’t make any sense, and feels elitist to me. It’s a fantasy game, characters with disabilities can be superheroes in it.

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“So if the mechanics don't support the actual challenges it isn't real representation”

I’d disagree, this is fantasy after all, and your PC no matter what, is more or less super human (as in far above human standards) even at level 1. -Finder has never tried to be realistic, so stating a disability has to be “realistic” to be real representation is rather crass I’d say.

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And the above can be summed up as "My ego beats your experience".

*pinches ridge of nose*

I'm definitely not a source of knowledge on these subjects, but dood, telling a disability consultant they should gamify disabilities in a game (so people can minmax, why else? You can already play a character with disabilities) and also that you know better than her on the topic?

"unless she loved her new hoverchair so much that she would rather crawl than to walk normally."

On second though forget snark, go be worthless elsewhere.

Edited for clarity.

I was suggesting uses because of that.

I was fixating on Constructs yes but you bring up good examples as well, using it to figure what type of explosives were used in an explosion or holes left from certain ammo types would be a good ones.

How the construct functions, that a construct did something in the area, materials the construct might be made out of, basically pertinent stuff that would be relevant to an engineer would be my guess.

Constructs say hello.

Edit: Ah, this is for Starfinder, not P2, my apologies.

That said I'd still allow it to work vs Constructs, and the writer probably was thinking so as well.

This was a beautiful and wonderful story.

Archives of Nethys has the aliens if that's what you're needing.

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I've been in Leandra's very uncomfortable shoes before, very close to breaking, broken, so Obo and the others making it up to her was really, really heartwarming.

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… this is an issue you’ve entirely made up, not a fault of the devs.

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By writing the happy ending rather than be paralyzed by stuff you just made up?

You’re blaming an up coming game event for the deaths of your PCs that aren’t even going to play in it… let that sink in.

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The Ragi wrote:
Weren't the complaints about the Gap?

Oh no that got complaints too.

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