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Something's off on this page, it's auto-applying them to all posts. It's even affecting the product summary.

Edit: well, it was affecting the summary anyway.

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Ooo, free italics.

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But the Company manager on Entha is a dragon, she's got a team of aquatic alien troubleshooters, and the PCs are the trouble that needs to be shot.

I adore everything about this and am intrigued.


Ooo I might have to get this.

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Long overdue, but, THAT WAS AWESOME!

Thank you Amanda ^w^

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The Free Captains are nothing like the Phoenicians.

Yeah, they got spaceships.

Is that easy? No. But they had 200 years to capture a single captain.

Yep, and they haven’t.

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but all of them show that without a nation to support or to hide behind pirates are very vulnerable.

Low tech earth pirates confined to certain seas most likely, but that doesn’t apply to space fantasy pirates with various means of movement and engagement and other tricks.

And this is something the Free Captains do not have.

That is an assumption you are having.

And there’s more assumptions, if partial. Yes a lot pirates do so out of necessity, but in a “golden age” on earth a lot equally did so out of romanticism and thrill seeking, just the same in a fantasy. Necessity and thrill seeking and other motives such as revenge can all play a part in being a pirate.

So when you really believe that pirates in Starfinder would work like a paramilitary organization and survive then list what in the setting has so fundamentally changed that the pirates could stop using proven survival tactics and instead adopt a Pirates of the Caribbean organization and not get caught instead of just screaming "Its fantasy!" over and over again.

That’s not my stance, again, I’m not rehashing the arguments in this thread because they’ve already day been made, more eloquently I might add, by others.

You’re the one stating over and over that the pirates can’t function as an organization with not a lot of actual evidence to back up your claim. Simply pointing out other organizations exist isn’t evidence. Not hard coding how every group interacts with other groups isn’t a writing mishap, it’s an intentional boon. It leaves room for GMs to come up with stuff, and for their own writers later if they decide to do an AP there.

It’s intentional.

One big change is the drift, but as pointed out it makes the job of pirates much harder as they can't stalk known trade lanes any more.

In some aspects, but they can adapt. There’s other targets, they can also go into the drift as well.

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Saying since something happened on earth at certain point in time in the past that the same thing has to happen in a futuristic fantasy setting is not logic.

The past influences, it does not predict nor mandate in fantasy. Especially in setting that don’t overlap.

Assumptions and biases are also not logical.

Ixal wrote:
Rysky wrote:
What history?
Real world history about how piracy works.

Which has less than zero bearing on how space piracy work in a space fantasy setting.

Ixal wrote:
Metaphysician wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:

21. Absalom Station uses the Free Captains as a deniable asset just like Eox uses the Corpse Fleet as a deniable asset. In fact, they often use them to counter Corpse Fleet operations outside of the Pact Worlds. As a side effect, "pirate hero saves people from undead horror" is a bit of a meme now and the pirates have some public support.
This one deserves more attention. Especially given the historical parallels that some people keep bringing up. You know one of the big factors that kept piracy going in the golden age of piracy ( and many other periods )? Proxy warfare and secret ( or not-so-secret ) state backing. And, again, the Pact Worlds *just ended* a centuries long period of low level war with the Veskarium. That is exactly the circumstance to encourage privateering as a means of covert warfare.

That would work if the Captains would mainly attack the Veskarium. But apart from that tiny Vesk outpost they can't manage to dislodge (so much for them being strong enough to plausibly defend against a Pact World) there isn't much of a indication of that.

It would fit history though.

What history?

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Ixal wrote:
And yet strangely I write extensive responses with facts
Extensive yes, but assumptions are not facts. You’re not providing many of those.
while you reply with "They have that" without any argument
Because everyone else has provided plenty of arguments against your assumptions you’re pushing as fact
as for how and others present their houserules as core even when they flat out contradict the information from the books.
They don’t for the most part, there‘a been a few post of people not quite having a 100% grasp of the setting and setting mechanics, but those posts have been few.
If you are not interested in a logically consistent world because your games take a more Diablo style approach
Aaaaand we’re back to insults and assumptions.
and you are fine with "Jack Sparrow" style pirates its fine.
Yes I’m fine with romanticized fantasy pirates in a fantasy setting.
Everyone can play how he wants.
Precisely. And how she and they want as well.
But please don't pretend that the Pirates of the Caribbean style Free Captains with their century old space fortress make any sense in consistent world.

Please don’t tout your assumptions and biases with no in setting evidence to back them up as fact.

P.S I don’t play Starfinder, so making assumptions about how I run the setting is an even bigger assumption XD

I’m aware, just stating for others.

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Except they do have all that.

What I’ve gleamed from this thread is that you don’t like space pirates (cool) but you’re letting your bias warp your responses in order to to try to justify your dislike (not cool) and that isn’t backed up and has been repeatedly countered in this thread.

Your arguments keep circling around “I don’t like space pirates, therefore they shouldn’t exist” when there’s been plenty of reasons and explanations given, and most likely more to come, on how they’re able to exist.

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Maybe the real Broken Rock was the levels we gained along the way?

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That’s a whole lot of assumptions you’re coming up with there.


I like 1 and 3 the most :3

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And having space pirates in a space fantasy setting filled with starships is neither silly nor bad.

... not really?

Those groups didn’t have magic science teleporting spaceships and nukes.

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Plot hooks.

The phrase y’all are looking for is “plot hooks”.


Oooo, nice one Lyz.

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We already have camel people, the Dromada.

Yes and yes.

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Hmm wrote:
Ooh, I cannot wait for people to see the ADORABLE creature that I built for this. Everyone is going to want one! HYYYYYYPE!


Search for the artists on Deviant Art, Art Station, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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Owen KC Stephens wrote:
Fumarole wrote:
How timely.
Yeah, and entirely a coincidence, as I wrote this quite a while ago.

Or picked it from an alternate reality where it had already happened :3


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Joe Pasini wrote:
Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
How common is knowledge about the existence of the Grays in the Pact Worlds? Like, would a hypothetical PC Gray be greeted with a question like "What are you? I've never seen a species like you before," or "Holy crap, you're one of them Grays! Done any creepy experiments lately?! Can you tell us what your people are REALLY doing?!"

It's my expectation that in Starfinder, "what are you?" is a rather gauche question—(which admittedly wouldn't stop species from asking it!)

I think there have got to be plenty of places still where the only people who know about grays are fringe conspiracy theorists, so only those folks'd be particularly taken aback at a party of PCs that included one.

In places where grays are better known, a PC gray that's wandering about in the open would probably be assumed to be less sinister by the mere fact that they're not trying to hide (or abduct everyone in sight), and probably outside the gray "inner circle".

Speaking of conspiracies, I can't wait to see what people think of The Threefold Conspiracy...


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Gray Bounder small Aberration (Gray) 4

Kunnid Large Magical Beast 5

Linyf Large Plant 3

Replicant Ooze Large Ooze (Shapechanger) 7

Scouring Swarm fine Aberration (Swarm) 2

Quantum Troll Large Humanoid (Giant) 6

Troll Polyp small Aberration (Giant) 3

Np ^w^

Using math to predict the future.

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It’s talks about various one and has associated items.

Algorithmic clairvoyance, black hole weaponization, cloning, multiverse theory, neurolinguistic programming, and time control.



You will accumulate your fun points and you will like them.

But think of all the new boons this could make way for :3

Yay! Thankies Rob :3

Isn't going to be original art?

The above art isn't final but just a placeholder btw.

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Would a PDF serial subscription be viable?

I'm delighted to have the web fiction back, but I do deeply miss the novels and the fiction in the back of the APs (on account of it being less fiction, I'm okay with the current set up of the APs' toolbox).

Good Vesk, a worthy opponent.

And Hobgoblins kick ass.

It's okay, they were all rotten. They'll be mopped up for compost afterwards.

I don't believe deities have Favored Weapons in Starfinder.

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*throws space tomato*

It’s only 5pm Monday here.

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Awesome story and critters btw.

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Playable Pouch Gecko when?

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