Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium (PFRPG)

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Into the Woods!

Step under the shadowed boughs of the forest realm to find a wild world of magic, mystery, monsters, and more! From the misty boreal taiga of the cold northern reaches to wondrous glades of enchanting fey beauty, the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium from Legendary Games offers a wealth of amazing expansions for your wilderness campaign using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Within this fantastic 424-page product you will find:

  • Dozens of new character options for your campaign on the borderlands, including archetypes like the explorer ranger and darkwolf druid alongside the jester bard and cavalier order of the woodlands! Plus new faerie bloodlines, talents, infusions, and more!
  • Over 40 spectacular spells perfect for wilderness adventuring, from bloodspear and faerie form to fey crossroads and threefold thunder!
  • New rules for faerie feats, including nearly 30 new feats from Fairy Blessing and Feral Companion to Cloak of Coiling Thorns and Tidalwave of Rot!
  • Over 60 incredible creatures, from friendly fey like pixies and satyrs to frightful foes like barrow wights to wendigos, plus forest dragons from taiga linnorms to jungle kongomato, and fanciful creatures like the jabberwock, jubjub bird, and frumious bandersnatch!
  • Dozens of new magic items ideal for trailblazing in the wild, like the scout's spyglass, plow of the abundant harvest, and staff of the fey queen!
  • Eight richly developed wilderness-themed characters are contained here as well, each with a detailed history and connections to the official kingdom-building Adventure Path but easily usable in any wilderness campaign as rivals or allies.
  • Two complete adventures, with your heroes braving bloody vengeance among the barbarian tribes on Cold Mountain for 4th-level characters and saving unicorns from an unseelie fate in Horns of the Hunted for 6th-level PCs.
  • Plus chapters on running forest- or fey-themed campaigns and building your own border kingdom in the wilderness, including love and bargains between mortals and the fey, the incursion of faerie magic into the natural world, tournaments and festivals, jousting and archery, villains in nature, and even sample kingdoms!
  • If your heroes are heading into the woods, this richly detailed and lavishly illustrated book is a resource you don't want to be without! The Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium is packed with great material for players and GMs alike, the perfect companion for any wilderness campaign to help Make Your Game Legendary!

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    5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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    Not sure what happened to the product discussion as I am positive there used to be quite a few posts in the thread for this product.

    At any rate, I figure I mention here that when I decided to use the Vine Maiden introduced in the Forest Kingdom Compendium for an adventure to replace a different creature, I found a few errors within the stat block of the Vine Maiden.

    (1) The initiative modifier is listed as +2 but the Vine Maiden has a Dexterity score of 19 so the modifier should be +4.

    (2) The saving throws are listed as +5/+9/+7, but I calculated that it should be +4/+10/+8 (base 2/6/6 for an 8 HD fey, Con mod +2, Dex mod +4, and Will mod +2, no other modifiers).

    (3) The save DC for its entangle spell-like ability should be 14, not 15 (base 10 + 1 for a 1st level spell + 3 from Cha mod = 14).

    (4) The attack line for the vine lash should include the bleed damage it inflicts on a critical hit).

    (5) Not an error but a minor suggestion: maybe it would have been ideal to have included a second melee action that was a disarm attempt with the vine lash since the vine lash is a whip for all intents and that means it has the disarm quality as well which is an additional +2 bonus to disarm attempts. Again, that's just a minor suggestion. :)

    (6) The Vine Maiden is missing skill ranks. A lot. Fey creatures normally have 6 + Int mod per HD. With 8 HD and Int mod +1, that should be a total of 7*8 = 57 skill ranks. The Vine Maiden does not have any penalties to her skills so based on reverse-engineering to get the skill bonuses shown in the stat block, 37 skill ranks were spent, leaving 19 skill ranks unspent.

    Otherwise, I rather like the Vine Maiden. :)



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