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Take Your Game To The Next Level!

Introducing Alternate Paths: Martial Characters. This book is designed with the very experienced player in mind as it presents alternate rules and classes that are more suited to their needs.

7 new base classes, non-vancian magic systems, 8 new armor properties, 20 new weapon properties, 3 unique magic items, 34 new feats (16 of those are metamagic/non-class specific magic manipulating feats), 10 revised feats and talents, 17 new spells (very much focused on the meta-game of magic), 10 new magical diseases and afflictions!

Base Classes

  • Ancient: A ritualistic spellcaster who welcomes the host of all their past lives into their soul. They have a small, unique, spell list that provides 24 hour buffs (rituals) that require the receiving party to partake in the casting. They tap deep into the memory of eons long past to control this primal form of magic. The class also plays with age categories and time in a very weird fashion. (Non-vancian)
  • Arcanaphage: They turn a particularly nasty magical disease into raw magical power. They are part magical hacker (modifying their spells on the fly with impromptu adjustments), part antimage, and part blaster.
  • Gnostic: A mathematical mage with multitude of multiplying effects on their magic. They practice a form of divine numerology to power their spells and modify their all-AoE spell list based on how many creatures they target. They have a small list of about a dozen spells that all have variable spell levels and are based on a fluctuating resource rather than a vancian system.
  • Godaiken: If you have played our "tao" this is it's elemental brother. Using a visual chart- you can master the elements and perform crazy displays of martial power.
  • Haunted One: A haunted one turns a ghost that just won't leave you alone into a power. Their ghastly companion is deadly but not always under your control. They also have suite of ghost themed abilities that is more "6th Sense" than "necromancer".
  • Lover: By denying themselves love, a lover gains supernatural magical power. They are trained diplomats and peacekeepers, using their abilities to snuff the flames of war. They are masters of debilitating magic- able to drain or subdue creatures with either their diplomacy or their magic.
  • Worldshaper: A worldshaper is a magical artisan who is part of a masonic guild (though not as covert). They have the ability to manipulate materials like clay, animate objects (our playtest had a house try to coup de grace a t-rex), while still remaining a viable character. Our playtesters described it as a utility heavy toolbox that is only as strong as your creativity!

Pages: 122 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 119 content)
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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Interesting classes!


This is a good product : the Ancient and the Gnostic especially stand out. The Gnostic seems basically true to the Gnostic tradition. The Ancient is a class that has spells that last a full day but - to balance, I assume - take a full minute to cast. The other classes are also great, but I wonder what will
Become of the Haunted One with The Medium and the Spiritualist becoming available with Occult Adventures. Could become a cool alternate, maybe.

Community Manager

Now available!

Anyone care to give a review on this? Most specifically, how does the worldshaper work and how record heavy are the non-vancian magic systems?

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I gave a review.

@Caligastia Thank you very much for the review!

@gharlane A lot of the systems actually simplify/speed up the use of magic. Some of them use resource based casting rather than spells per day or the like.
Ancients gain their resource over time and most of their spells last for 24 hours. They have an entirely new spell list and their spells wouldn't really "work" for other casters.
Arcanaphage has "kludges". Basically raw magical shortcuts that aren't proper "spells". They have their own write ups and are not really “spells”. It’s probably closer to something like a 3.5 warlock or Pathfinder wordcasting (but... not either of those, if that makes any sense).
Gnostic does a lot with math and it can echo spells (recast the same spell in the same fashion) sometimes via some class features. She is also a resource based caster running off gnosis points which she gains when people nat 1 or nat 20.
Godaiken has a more “tao” casting system (if you are familiar with our Heroes of the East line)
Haunted one, lover , and worldshaper are all pretty standard Vancian casters however. They have other things that make them weird/unique.
Hope that helps!

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Purchased and gonna try to get a review in before November ends.

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Insain Dragoon wrote:
Purchased and gonna try to get a review in before November ends.

you sir are on a roll!

Can't wait!

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Nursing school finals got in the way, but that ends tomorrow! I will get about 3 weeks of vacation to catch up on this :)

Well we are looking forward to it :-)

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Ancient might work better as an NPC, as it doesn't seem to offer as much in melee. It's spells seem more suited cast at the beginning of the adventuring day than in the heat of combat. The godaiken just rocks as a character, as does the Mason-like world shaper!!

Caligastia wrote:
Ancient might work better as an NPC, as it doesn't seem to offer as much in melee. It's spells seem more suited cast at the beginning of the adventuring day than in the heat of combat. The godaiken just rocks as a character, as does the Mason-like world shaper!!

Ancient is an interesting class to play. Think of yourself like a bard that doesn't have to expend actions during combat to provide it's buffs- instead you have to do you casting ahead of time. That's the trade off- not as situationally adaptable but doesn't take action economy.

You can make a REALLY scary character if you can use your reincarnations and ancient secrets correctly.

Your real bread and butter for damage (and again, you are a huge buffer) is ancient fury and magical rupture. Save up your points and just rip enemies a new one. (Particularly with the Improved Ancient Fury secret).

Past life possession + a melee oriented monstrous race (via your reincarnation class feature) can actually turn this d6, low-BAB class into someone who can actually hit things at no real extra cost to your spellcasting.

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