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BTW, is there any chance Dreamscarred will create a compilation of the Path of War bonus materials and the Akashic Mysteries bonus materials? With the addition of the two post-Ultimate Psionics books/compilations, the only thing missing seems to be the bonus PoW, Akashic Mysteries and the Malefex class ( always wondered why it doesn't appear on Paizo's site, but it's on some others )and the various not-yet-in-print-or-compilation material. Many people would love to see this stuff in the aforementioned compilations series!!

This is the first product I've seen that combines the Path of War series with the Akashic Mysteries series, and it's pretty good. Normally, Path of War classes are a d8 minimum hit points as anything less would tend to be unable to hit their opponents ( usually ); The Rajah introduces a class that incorporates the system of magic in the Akashic Mysteries series and fuses it with the Path of War system while not being ineffectual with a d6 for hit points!! They have many maneuvers for reversing enemy attacks whilst using akasha to help out their friends!! This book is great; Get it if you have the above-mentioned two works ( or whole series of either works ); It's worth it!!

What kind of damage does a bolt fired from a bow using a yajirushi kyatchi do? Does it count as an arrow or do I use the bolt damage?

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Will this book include things for the samsaran race? I'm sick of one of my favorite races getting no new material...

I have the dreamscarred products for occultists and kiniticists seperates from this one and I'm curious: if I get this, will it have new material or will I essentially be repeat-buying?

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One thing I like about this book is how different the koroboruki is from dwarves, including the sanesaram from the jade oath; they really don't feel like variant ( aka how the other Asian-based settings I've seen ) dwarves!! High dex and lower strength make this one quite different. Also, they tend to live in forests, which again seperates them from mountain, hill and underground dwelling dwarves! Is there going to be a koroboruku paragon class?
It also offers a variant kitsune as well as the races which have their own paragon classes from kaidan, map and description of Kaidan and lots of other stuff! You won't regret getting this book!

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Ancient might work better as an NPC, as it doesn't seem to offer as much in melee. It's spells seem more suited cast at the beginning of the adventuring day than in the heat of combat. The godaiken just rocks as a character, as does the Mason-like world shaper!!

Back in the day, sohei and yamabushi had d10, Kenza had d6, and all others had d8. This was back during arcana evolved.

With Pathfinder unchained introduced, this product's version of the monk feels dated, except for the Kenza, which still feels like a d8. Will there be any updates to this product?

Is this part of the same world as the Jade Oath? Most companies don't create 2 Asian settings!

Any updates on when any new veilweaving classes will be coming out?

Just got this today. Seems like a good class.

In the map of the continent there seems to be a rift between hexworth and kizmir and iovan yet the description says yurtha rift is between hexworth and tagmata. The map only shows hills and plains between hexworth and tagmata. What's going on?

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My book version arrived today! Contained everything the pdf did!! Great purchase!!

I finally bought this book after buying the Freeport companion and players guide to Freeport. It contains everything in the player's guide to Freeport as well as a decent overview of the world outside of the islands Freeport is on, an extensive description of the city, and stats for several Freeport npcs, including the pirate rogue in the picture for the freebooter class, which is odd to show instead of the similar freebooter. I'm glad I decided to get this as the Freeport Companion is dated and the players guide is pdf-only.

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Yep; I finally got charged for an order I made in late October! Looking forward to my book arriving!

How's it looking for when the books will ship?

Jeremy Smith wrote:
Not that I'm aware of... print copies are on the way, but I don't know why that would have disabled the option.

When will I get charged for the preorder? It's a pain having to remember to hold back $24 each month!

Ssalarn wrote:
Caligastia wrote:
Are there any plans to make an Akashin rogue? I've heard lots of people request this!!
Akashic Mysteries already includes 13 rogue talents that can provide akashic feats, chakra binds, an essence pool, multiple thematic veils plus the Shape Veil feat, and several unique akashic abilities, so you can very much play an akashic rogue right now. Is there something more specific you're looking for?

The classes of akashic mysteries seem to correspond to three of the four classic classes of d&d/pathfinder: viziers are wizards, gurus are clerics, and daevics are fighters, all being the akashic equivalents of these. I suppose the guru is also rogue-like in some ways. The reason I brought up the rogue was that I've seen a few people request it. I'm excited to know that more classes are on the way!!

Are there any plans to make an Akashin rogue? I've heard lots of people request this!!

Glad to hear it will be here before Christmas!! I've waited about a month since my preorder

On the known spells table, it says 4+2 spells of 8th level at 19th level yet 4+1 at 20th; is this correct? Also, shouldn't this class have 4+2 spells known at 20th level, just to make it 4+2 across the board?

Are there any plans to update other advanced players manual classes? What about the avatar?
I'd love to see the eldritch weaver, the evangelist, the spellmaster back again.

Attendum to former post: I learned that a thanemage can gain 10 points to his eldritch reservoir at 20th level if he doesn't qualify- or doesn't want - anything else. I withdraw my former four star review and replace it with five stars!!

This is a fairly good class, which some people may remember from the advanced players manual for d20. Most of the stuff for the class is great, but at 20th level, if you don't play your cards right, you may be eligible for no special ability at all!! Other than that, this is a great product!!

Any news on when a follow-up will become available? I'd love to see more veilweaving classes!!

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It's an interesting class; it reminds me of the Celts for some reason. Morgan Le Fay comes to mind. Good class, overall.

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I gave a review.

I've been waiting for a book on Cheliax for a while. I'll definitely get this when it comes out!

Caligastia wrote:

I've been re-reading my book on the spell-less ranger and it seems it's sneak attack only works on creatures that are favored enemies, whereas the hunter's works by the same rules as the rogue's. Hunter gets +7d6 at the highest level in sneak attack, whereas the spell-less ranger gets a maximum of 5d6 without choosing a special talent, and 6d6 with. Before I was under the impression that the spell-less ranger's sneak attack ( called stealth attack ) was the same as sneak attack; there are differences. I do think it would be interesting if the hunter got talents just as spell-less ranger gets ranger talents; perhaps in the place of bonus feats have hunter talents. Of course, talents could include feats.

I bought this today and it updates the classes freebooter ( corsair ), monster slayer, and noble. One of the gripes I had with Freeport Companion was the lack of special abilities at 20th level ( beyond simply continuing advancement in their class ). This book updates the classes from that book up to the usual level of Pathfinder ( special abilities for 20th level and such ). The other abilities are updated as well. This book also has quite a few archetypes, feats, new skill usages, magic item abilities, spells, and a new race. This book is good and not too pricey... Glad I purchased it!

I'm looking forward to this one. Mediums, spiritualists and occultists especially look interesting. Will get!

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Cool bloodlines. I didn't review this for a while as I don't tend to play sorcerers; if I did, though, I'd be interested in playing one of these.

I'd like you to know I just got the updated FFoD in the mail yesterday. Great work, and I prefer these classes to the archetypes from other sources. The knight and martial artist are especially great.

I own the old Freeport Companion and I'm curious : will this contain new classes that weren't in Freeport Companion? Updated classes? Which ones ( new and updated classes) ?

I like this class. It feels better for dwarves - perfect fit, in fact - than trying to mix wizard and sorcerer with dwarves. It feels more . . . Dwarfish!!

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RJGrady wrote:
Do you think the Bounty Hunter, Corsair, and Hunter still hold up now that we have the Slayer?

They hold up. The Hunter from ACG is significantly different from the Hunter in AFoD, Magically emulating animals and having an animal cohort as part.of the class. The Hunter's (AFoD) main competition is the Spell-less Ranger from Kobold press.

This is a good product, and worth using in games. I do kinda wish there was a better reward for lvl 20, though.

Doc_Outlands wrote:
I had an insane amount of fun playing a Scout/Warlock under 3.5 rules, both as a multiclass character concept and as a gestalt character concept. The whole "move and get extra damage on your ranged attack" was crazy cool and I was able to pay attention to developing other parts of my character beyond his ranged attack and his armor. I'd like to see that again, under Pathfinder, if it can be done in a way that remains balanced against other base classes.

What a strange coincidence .. I too am playing a Warlock/Scout under 3.5 rules on NWN2. . . .a Tiefling.

He's in the Advanced Player's Guide by Paizo.

Characters like Gimli from Lord of the Rings and Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit scream Fighter ( and in the case of Thorin, at least a few levels of Aristocrat - He was of noble history ). Aragorn, if I may compare him to a 3PP character class, seems like a Spell-less Ranger! I'm not sure if I'd dub all of Thorin's company - excluding Gandalf and Bilbo - as Fighters, though they did have the typical Dwarven hatreds of orcs and goblins. They were Dwarves of who-knows-what classes.

RJGrady wrote:
Should fighters have Diplomacy as a class skill?

Probably not. It doesn't fit their persona.

I'm looking forward to this product, too. People who don't use any 3PP stuff don't know what they're missing. This product will be worth purchasing, in all likelihood.

I don't deny there is some bad 3PP out there, but there are also a lot of good designers: SGG, Tripod Machine, Dreamscarred ( if you like Psionics ) and Kobold Press are all good. Rite Publishing does some good stuff, too.

I'm not going to be interested in any new Fighter that can only be 2 + Int skill points; Good at fighting and bad at everything else makes for a poor character. I don't think that boosting a Fighter from 2 + Int skill points to 4 + Int will overpower him; SGG introduced the Warmaster with full armor, 4 + Int skill points and it seems to work out well. I've proposed this on other threads, but I might as well post it here:

Give a Fighter an optional trait for 4 + Int skill points/level and the ability to add Perception, Sense Motive and Heal to his skills. If the Fighter is only interested in fighting but later finds he needs/wants more skills, make it available as a Feat later. It might be good for a similar trait/feat be available to Paladins, but without the bonus skills ( they have Heal and Knowledge(religion), and that seems to work out ).

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