Pathfinder: Goblins! #1 ( Exclusive)

3.50/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Cover by Alex Lopez
Story by Adam Warren, Erik Mona
Interior Art by Carlos Gomez, Shane White

The goblins from Paizo's Pathfinder RPG are pint-sized psychopaths, wreaking havoc across the land. Infamous for unpredictable attacks, catchy raiding songs, hatred of dogs, and fear of horses, goblins blend mischief and murderousness like no other monsters.

And Pathfinder fans adore them! Since their appearance in the very first Pathfinder release, Pathfinder goblins have starred in numerous adventures and game supplements, and now they get their own comic book series!

Don't miss this series featuring an all star line up of talent! Issue 1 includes "The One-Eyed Goblin is King," written by Adam Warren with art by Carlos Gomez and "Prize Pupil," written by Paizo Publisher Erik Mona and illustrated by Shane White. Future issues will include stories by Ron Marz, Ray Fawkes, Charles Soule, Paul Allor, Eric Trautmann, and more! And feature artwork from such great artists as Lee Moder, Jennifer Meyer, Adam Moore, Kevin Stokes and others!

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Average product rating:

3.50/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Mixed Review


If I could split my vote, I'd give the first story a 5 and the second a 1. I couldn't get past the art in "Prize Pupil" - the goblins were the least iconic looking I've seen in any Pathfinder product. Really took me out of the story. Given that the title of the product is "Pathfinder Goblins", you'd think that would be the ONE thing that had to be right. "The One-Eyed Goblin Is King", however, was great, art and story both.

Mmmmm... Gobliny!


As with the normal Pathfinder comics, you have the comic and some Pathfinder RPG backmatter.

The Goblins comics are split into two stories, which keeps things moving at a good pace. The first comic involves a tongue-in-cheek battle between goblins over the fate of a piece of treasure after killing a party of adventurers. The second plays more against type, introducing a goblin NPC that could actually be a lot of fun to use in Korvosa (or move to Cheliax).

In both cases, the stories are well served by the venue, having good visual hooks and cut down until the core of the idea shines through.

The stories are also well-matched because the first is gobliny but doesn't show us anything new, where the second shows us something new but doesn't feel quite connected to goblins. If either had really taken the goblins and shown us something new about them (or just plain made me laugh out loud), I'd probably have given this a 5.

Short Version: It's a good read, but may not necessarily expand your concept of goblins. So, if you like goblins as they are (and who doesn't?), it's worth picking up.

Digital Products Assistant

Announced for August!

Silver Crusade


Looking forward to this one!

Grand Lodge

If Erik is involved with the writing, I want to put in my sincere request for some Gob-on-Pugwampi action!

Will the Goblins comic have PFRPG game content in it?

Fun times will be had by all.


Liberty's Edge

Looks promising, I'm ready.

Shadow Lodge

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Comics Subscription.
Does that mean if I have the paizo exclusive cover subscription for the pathfinder book that I will automatically receive the goblins comic as well? Or do I need to add this to my subscription list as well.

Lantern Lodge Customer Service Manager

If you have a subscription to the exclusive comic subscription, you will get the exclusive cover of the comics with your subscription.

Lantern Lodge Customer Service Manager

All comics subscribers should be getting the following in an email sometime today:

Email for Comic Subscribers wrote:

Beginning in August, Pathfinder: Goblins! will be included as part of your ongoing Pathfinder comics subscription. Regular ongoing comics subscribers will receive the cover version of each issue as it is released, at the regular subscriber discount of 20% off the normal $3.99 price. Deluxe ongoing subscribers will receive both standard cover variants in addition to the exclusive edition.

Please note that during the brief 5-month run of the Pathfinder: Goblins! comic, some months will include releases of both Pathfinder: Goblins! and the standard Pathfinder comic. As usual, we will continue to send you order confirmations when we plan to ship each release so that you can manage your subscriptions accordingly.

I currently have two copies of the exclusive cover as part of my subscription.

I want to continue this with the normal comic, but if the new comic does not have game content, I only want one copy.

Any confirmation on content?

Paizo Employee Developer

The press release indicates that it will contain goblin-centric game content.

Sweet! Thanks!

I'm glad this line is doing well. Extra glad I get something written by Erik Mona.

WOW!!! I can't wait for these! I LOVE goblins and am so happy to get a whole series of them. Throw a map in that comic and I would pay $10 an issue for it. As it is I am planning on buying at least 1 of every cover version, the goblin cover art is awesome. This will give me something to look forward to since they messed up the Pathfinder comics series by taking out the maps.

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Announced for August!

Will the Goblin miniature incentive also be available from Paizo or would we have to get it from a comic shop?

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

Stay turned. More info coming on that soon.

I would like to see goblin pre-rolled player characters, magic items. encounters for goblin characters and of course maps.

Erik Mona wrote:
Stay turned. More info coming on that soon.
Dark Helmet wrote:
When will then be now?

Love me some Spaceballs!

Adam Muthafrickin' Warren? The writer of Empowered, Livewires, and loads of the best Gen 13 stuff? That's just... frickin' awesome.

Is it a pdf-file?

No. At this stage, the only way to get an electronic copy is via comixology.

Sovereign Court

Is this becoming available in Comixology's Australian store, like the other Pathfinder comics?

Webstore Gninja Minion

The Diplomat wrote:
Is this becoming available in Comixology's Australian store, like the other Pathfinder comics?

My guess is "yes," but I do not have any details on the digital distribution of the comics—that's a question for Dynamite.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

Somehow I missed this! Sounds cool!

Are there plans for other series in this subscription?

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Dynamite hasn't announced anything, but I fully expect the occasional mini-series or one-shot to happen every now and then.

Paizo Employee Developer

If you want to see more miniseries, urge your friends to pick this one up, especially via a subscription at a local comic book shop. I know Dynamite looks very closely at these things, and there have been a number of discussions similar to this about other series on the Dynamite message boards.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

Thanks for the head's up!

Sigh...why goblins? Why not a actualy interesting evil race like drow...or dragons...or gnolls?

Silver Crusade

This was really amazing. Loved both stories but the first was hilarious.

Liberty's Edge

Did anyone else feel that the artist of the second story didn't even glance at reference material or a style guide to find out what a Pathfinder goblin looked like?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber
John Kretzer wrote:
Sigh...why goblins? Why not a actualy interesting evil race like drow...or dragons...or gnolls?

Because since 'Burnt Offerings' came out back in '07, Paizo's most iconically Paizo Monster with the possible exception of the Ogre has been their take on Goblins.

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