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I loved the maps. I have used them in quite a few games so far especially the beach. I would like to see more maps

I would like to see goblin pre-rolled player characters, magic items. encounters for goblin characters and of course maps.

Need maps..just sayin...

Just for the fun of it I will be running both WBG and WBG2 backl to back i even used Legos to build the final encounter locations for both.

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I really like the idea of center fold maps. they won't damage the cover. They can be be bigger and better maps. Just being bigger will make the maps better. For example the Bloodfang Goblins maps feels claustrophobic (probably intentionally so. And I would love to have double sided maps. Yes, I know, I am just being greedy.

On another note; my Friendly Local Gaming/ Comic Book Shop told me that the maps where a major selling point for the comic and that sales for #7 dropped dramatically.

John Compton wrote:
The aim is to have the Chronicle sheets available in time for Free RPG Day. I will be able to provide more precise information closer to the event date.

Will there be printable per-generated characters. The ones included in the module are formatted in a way to make simply photo coping is out of the question. In We Be Goblins they are one page per character. In We Be Goblins Too Reta is on page 13, Chuffy is on page 13 and 14, Poog is on page 14 and 15, and finally Mogmurch is on page 15. I understand that it would have meant loosing the inside back cover illustration (a repeat of the front cover with out text) or adding another 4 page sheet.

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No Maps? I find this very distressing. It was my favorite part of the comic.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Sketchpad wrote:

Yup. My wife will need this one as well. Next thing you'll put up are more plush Goblins, since we have the others. :)

Any chance we might see a small Pawns set for the two modules? ;)

Given that the first We Be Goblins is down to the last few copies, and the economics of reprinting a Free RPG Day adventure are not good, I wouldn't hold my breath. But have you seen the We Be Goblins plastic minis?

Any chance of getting the minis before Free RPG Day?

Master Needle of the Fairie Artisan
Aura faint transmutation; CL 3th
Slot none; Price 12,000 gp; Weight


’You can sew anything with this, be it as soft as an egg or as hard as steel; and the joint will be so fine that no seam will be seen.’ The Four Clever Brothers by the Brothers Grimm

This magical needle is a boon to both crafters and healers, granting a +4 circumstance bonus on such skill checks. This bonus stacks with the use of a healer’s kit and/or surgeon’s tools, but does not apply to Alchemy. Master needles of the fairie artisan follow all the rules of the amazing tools of manufacture with the following exceptions:

The use of this needle allows for such exceptional craftsmanship that you pay 1/4 of the item's price for the raw material cost including masterwork components. It takes 10 minutes to repair an item with the master needle of the fairie artisan and it gains the benefit of the make whole spell.

Successful heal checks cure 2d8 +3 points of damage when treating deadly wounds. A healer with 6 or more ranks can use choose to heal 1d4 points of ability damage (except Intelligence or wisdom). While limbs can be flawlessly reattached, dead creatures remain dead. Master needles of the fairie artisan cannot treat poison or disease.

Master needles of the fairie artisan create its own invisible and intangible thread that binds as surely as sovereign glue. While universal solvent will separate two things sewn together it will not undue repairs or healing. If thread or wire is used it will be visible but not subject to universal solvent. Magical thread like embalming thread grants a +5 bonus to checks.

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Master Craftsman, Make Whole; Cost 6,000 gp

Minor typos and formatting errors have been fixed. My item was similar to another entry Surgeon's Needle I think that might have hurt me a little. I want to thank you all in advance for your time and effort.






5 minutes

10 minutes
Don't PANIC!


The Crusader wrote:

Wow. I have actually felt ZERO tension or aprehension, until this moment...

I'm feeling it, now.

I am scared

I am almost equally afraid of the rejection that comes with not making the top 32 (and if it doesn't did I at least make the top 100?) and the panic that comes with having to enter the next round.

KatDangerous wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:
Everyone forgets that the worst kind of evil is the insidious kind, the kind that sneaks up on you and has you in its clutches before its too late. I'd like to see a pretty evil item once in a while.
I could not agree more! My favorite evil items I have seen while voting are seemingly innocuous items that do not hurt anyone -- your enemy or yourself -- well, not directly, anyway. You just do your thing, fight your enemies without realizing you are doing just what the item wants you to do...

While i think this is a wonderful idea for a magic item, it would be dangerous to include it as a Superstar entry. I would think it would ride a razor fine line between a wondrous item and a cursed one.

I have actually read some entries that where so bad that I was tempted to vote for the other one BEFORE I read it.

Art imitates life, and vise versa

BTW I voted for the similar item because it was much better than the one next to it. I would rather lose to a *cough* better version of my item than allow a truly inferior item to be voted ahead of it.

Does that make sense?

My dilemma is coming across an item that is similar to mine. I have not seen my item yet but I am tempted to vote it down to reduce the chance it will be compared to mine. Of course I naturally believe that my item is better so I should not need any "strategy" to give me the edge, but the temptation is still there.

Why oh why did they exclude the Ninja?

Not bad ideas

Well Dang! The R2 rules came out and my Archetype idea is completely shot! I was going to make a shape changing Ninja.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Feel free to disregard my advice. It's not like I'm a judge for this competition. ;)

Came into this competition pretty late. Wish I could go back and time and read all of your advice. AND I wish I could go into the future and read everyone's comments on my entry. Heck right now I am just hoping that my entry is comment worthy.

I have read (and re-read) Sean's advice for the archetype round and yet I still have concerns over the design process.

I know that it not a purely a mathematical process (Sean's first rule) so I am concerned about crating unbalanced changes. Also, what can you take away from a character class without removing what is essential to that class? For example if you remove a bartender’s ability to Mix Drinks is he still a bartender?

If I add the ability to Make Sandwiches is it stepping too much on the chef’s character class ability? If give Makes Sandwiches at the same level that the chef gains Make Sandwiches without any alterations to the ability is it a violation to Sean’s 7th rule?

If I replace an ability that directly impacts the class’s combat ability (i.e. to hit, damage, and/or AC) with something that does not, but is still useful in combat did I overly cripple the class? For example: replacing the bartender’s Baseball Bat Specialization with Disapproving Glare.

And finally how do judge wither or not you have created a balanced and fun archetype without actually playtesting it?

Ross Byers wrote:

"This is less bad" and "this is more awesome" are perfectly valid distinctions.

In a way I feel slightly unworthy of voting, making most of my decisions by instinct.

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Best of luck to everyone... except that guy who submitted an entry that is eerily reminiscent of my entry.

Set wrote:
Clark Peterson wrote:
Requirements ZZfeats, ZZspells, ZZotherrequirements;

Feats should be capitalized - Craft Wondrous Item,

Spells should be italicized - inflict moderate wounds,

If a skill is part of 'other requirements,' the skill name should be capitalized, but not any parenthetical sub-category of that skill - creator must have 5 ranks in Knowledge (engineering);

Following the formatting in the Core rulebook is literally the easiest part of this contest. Don't mess this up!

OK I followed the formatting almost perfectly but did not italicize spell. Am I doomed?

Thanks everyone for your feedback

Will there be a character generator program available for the Pathfinder ™ RPG?

Any computer support for the game?