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Battle of the Foods!

Disciples of the delectable dish, battle chef’s are culinary combatants who specialize in succulent surprises that spice up the battlefield. A chef needs discipline, class, a clean palate, a mastery of culinary magic, and a good knife hand. These are rare ingredients to find in a person so perfect preparation of both the chef & his tools is required.


  • The battle chef base class: cook your way to deliciously devastating martial powers!
  • 7 new cooking themed weapons (Including the famous Mongolian Battle Spatula)
  • 2 new magic items
  • 5 tasty feat treats
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3.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Interesting mechanics held back by silly flavor and nomenclature.


I once had a character whose entire backstory was based around being a chef. He was a fighter with cross-class skills in things like Craft (alchemy) and Profession (cook) for giggles. He was an awesome character, and this product reminded me of him immediately, which is why I picked it up. Does the class live up to my fond memories? Stay tuned for more!

For a product like The Battle Chef, its appropriate that all of my categories are named after food qualities. When we talk about a product's crunch, we're looking at its rules. This product comes included with a new class, the Battle Chef, the rules to play the class, some new weapons, and some new feats to round it out. Not bad for a 12 page product. The problem is that these rules are just plain bizarre to read; I'm still not entirely sure how this class is meant to be played. It looks like you prepare food, and then shrink it down, and then you eat it when you attack I guess and it adds on special effects to your attacks.

The problem is that this product is not very well balanced. You can pick up a two-round haste effect for yourself for one round. At first level. The other odd part about this document is that it introduces all of these cooking styles, and when it starts talking about recipes you think, "Man, this is going to be a deep and complicated system!" and its really not. There are a handful of flavors and each flavor has one way to cook it and one effect, which might scale with the battle chef's level. The primary mechanic is triggered when you make a full attack, and while it sort of plays like culinary combo breaker, the system itself lacks depth, it lacks the true "mixing ingredients" feel of cooking, it lacks depth, and the rules describing the class aren't written very well. Once you get past the cooking rules, most of the class feels like a series of joke powers based on puns and stereotypes, such as the class feature that gives the chef a bite attack. Why does she need that? Because she's a cook ... which means she bites people? What if you wanted to play Sanji, from One Piece, who kicks people to death? Overall, this is a product where the crunch seems to have been tossed into the back seat for flavor. 1 / 5 Stars.

A product's flavor refers to its style or theme, and this is honestly where the Battle Chef shines. A lot of work went into the flavor of the cooking rules, that much is certain. The rules give a very nice breakdown of real-world cooking styles, and I thought the general combinations of flavors was very insightful. The problem is that the cooking styles only mesh up with real world cooking styles, so while I can learn about how to play a cook with an American or German or even a Vegetarian style, that doesn't help me figure out how a goblin or a hobgoblin might prepare food. It would have been nice to see something that was more fantasty-oriented, with the real-world styles included in a side bar. Between that and the choices of weapons and attacks, it really cements this product's feel as more of a "for the lols" product instead of something to take seriously. 3 / 5 Stars.

Last, but not least, we look at a product's texture. When we're talking about texture, we're looking at the product's layout and design. The Battle Chef's design is very straightforward. Its not particularly bad, but one thing I found jarring is that it randomly interjects the rules for crafting food in the middle of the class's description, and then expects you to remember the class's other features when it moves back to class features. It would be like if the Wizard class in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook randomly stopped in the middle of the Spells class feature to give you a run down on exactly how spells are cast and then include a list of every spell in the game and their statistics before returning to Wizard class features. Yes, this product isn't AS severe as that would be, but this example just about sums up my confusion. 2 / 5 Stars.

Final Score and Thoughts
Crunch: 1 / 5
Flavor: 3 / 5
Texture: 2 / 5
Final Score: 3 / 5 Stars

Around the time I played my fighter that I mentioned above, I also stumbled onto one of the most debated books ever to be published in the 3.5 Era; the BoEF. Yeah, that book was cheesy. The art was horrible. Some of the rules were downright terrible in design. But I honestly enjoyed it because it went with a very sensitive, easy-to-make-silly topic and handled it seriously. I felt like the authors of that product knew that people who bought their product wanted a serious look on how to handle that topic in their games.

When I sat down to write my final thoughts, I almost gave this product 4 stars. That's a phenomenal rating in my opinion. However, what really killed that 4 star rating, what really made me stop and say, "Would I actually recommend this product? Would I actually want my chef to use these rules?" was the silly portrayal of the class through its nomenclature. Anyone who is seriously into cooking will tell you that it is as much a science as it is an art, and honestly this class could have probably been handled better as an alchemist alternate class. But we're not looking just at the rules, because any class can be strengthened into something special if multiple products are devoted to it. (See SGG's Godling line or even the Barbarian class before the Advanced Player's Guide.) Based on its fluff alone, this class is silly. And how can you seriously roleplay a chef that gains a bite attack? Maybe if this was a monster-only class and you were playing a cannibal or something. I don't know, but more than anything that's what turned me off about this product.

— Alexander "Alex" Augunas

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Now available!


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Oh. My. Gods.

This is absolutely hilarious. Will post a review when I actually get to look at it more.

If no one gathered, that was this year's April's fools joke.

Still... we have had two played in our local home games. Surprisingly both of them are playing them pretty strait laced. From what I hear they are both acting as the group's "cook" coming along for the adventure (in different campaigns). As ironic as it sounds, they are the "normal" ones compared to the likes of Alchemists and Sorcerers.

The Exchange

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For reasons unknown to me, I bought this pdf and think it is absolutely amazing.

Thank you Little Red Goblin Games for giving me a laugh and a balanced Chef and my party members thank you for their balanced dinners!

Shadow Lodge

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Dang... I actually have played a couple of characters who were chefs. I was going to see if my GM would allow it as a back up.

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Finally a class for me!

@Silver Crusade Codanous
For reasons unknown to us, we made this pdf and think you are absolutely amazing for buying it.

@Eric Clingenpeel
It's just as good re-heated as a backup character as it is when you serve it the first time.

@Iron Chef Manny Stokes
I'm glad you enjoyed the presentation Chef. I hope the flavor text was to your liking and that you'll come again- we clearly made it, from scratch, just for you.

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My brother played a ship's cook in one of our campaigns several years back. Please pardon how NOT politically correct this is, but he played him up like Hop Sing from the old "Bonanza" television series. I showed him the Battle Chef and I think he's going to resurrect that character.

Webstore Gninja Minion

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If you like this PDF, you'll probably want to take a gander at Rutabaga, Adventure Chef!


@DungeonmasterCal Glad your brother enjoyed it!

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Ooo thanks for this. Now I can do that Iron Chef Golarion adventure I always wanted to try!

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We actually did something like that during one of our playtests. Tarrasque steaks... mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmm

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PFS legal?

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Mista Moore wrote:
PFS legal?

Nope. First criteria. If it's not from Paizo, not PFS legal. Even some stuff from Paizo isn't PFS legal.


I find this class adorable but I am having some confusion with the recipes known-

It says that you start play knowing 1 + INT modifier recipes and then 2 additional recipes every level... but there are only 12 different recipes total...

Am I missing something? If you started with 4 recipes you would know all the recipes by level 5. There is also mention of Soup/Salad etc. but those aren't enumerated in the recipe section.

Are the recipes meant to correlate more with flavor text? Like I SPECIFICALLY know Chicken Parm (Savory? Entrée) and I could also learn Bug Bear Stew (Savory? Soup/Appetizer). Or do you learn Pungent recipe and by extension all variation of that?

I feel silly asking a question about an April Fools class, but I REALLY like the idea and it almost plays out like a more flavorful Magus so I am excited :)

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Being played in our game. A trollkin lunch-lady. Combined with the cook archetype for Blacksmith from Spheres of Might. Works very, very well. And is really enjoyable to play with. Good fit for my half-ogre Bio-mancer for whom I took the Gluttony flaw.

We love everything about what you just said.

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