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I'm thinking about some form of sorcerer, probably of the half-elven variety

Thanks a bunch!

OK, i know this is last minute but i've got a session on tomorrow and i have spent the whole day scouring the system reference documents, pdf's, my books, all of it looking for a monster that fits the bill and i can't find one, so i am coming to all you wonderful people to help me.
Ok, so I need a fish person with a low CR for my adventure. I wanted murloc's, but they don't exist in pathfinder, what is the closest equivalent of a prebuilt monster? I desperately need help people!

I am very interested

Is DSP Psionics ok?

It doesn't have to be pistol, the xbow fits better thematically. And please don't say swashbuckler he was my last character. Why is it so hard to have this character build if I may enquire?

Hello. I want to build a rather unique character for an upcoming AP i will be playing in but am having trouble coming up with a statistically sound character. My concept is a character who used a sword in their main hand and a hand-crossbow or pistol in the other. I want to be able to be stealthy and charismatic. Any advice?

Hello, i am building an Elven arcanist for an upcoming Second Darkness campaign, and am wondering what feat to take at level 1, any advice?

Starting whenever ive got a number of applicants with characters im happy with

Hello to everyone! first off i would like to apoligise about my last campaign falling through in recruitment, it was due to extrenuating circumstances, and i wish to restart it agian in the future. But alas, i am quite taken qith Fifth edition and wish to start a fifth edition campaign, entitled Guardians of light. so this is the recruitment.

World Details:
The world this is set in is my homebrew world, yet to be named. There are five continents set in a circle, curving around 7 islands in the centre. The northern continent is called just that, the northern continent, it is a cold environment and is a nordic culture, using the norse gods and a new language called Skandian. The western continent is Called the Civilised land and is the nation known for the invention of common, it is controlled by the Greek pantheon. the western continent is called Ademre, worshipping the egyptian gods and speaking Ademic, the southern continent is yet to be fleshed out all i know is they worship the celtic gods. However you do not start here, you are starting in the seven isles, 6 island kingdoms of Dwarves, Men, Elves, and little folk, known as the alliance. The nation of the horde consisting of mostly orcish races. And lastly Dracaris, the nation of dragons. The seventh island is rocks and desolate, occupied by a single neutral city called Stormwall, which is famous for The University. Your characters are a class group from the University, about to begin your final graduation exam, trial by combat!

Character Creation:
Stats: Roll 4d6 6 times and drop the lowest, they will be your stats.
Alignments: No evil and no chaotic Neutral, and id prefer if you were closer to good that evil when playing neutral.
Races: No drow, and tieflings and Half-Orcs are rare and often people are fearful in this section of the world but they are allowed.
Classes: all classes but Warlocks are treated with the same cautious fear as tieflings and half-orcs
Gear: Roll your wealth and buy your items.

I'm interested in playing a Psion, as i recently purchased Psionics unleashed.

First off, this campaign is in 5e, not pathfinder but the WotC D&D forums are filled with people who are less than useless, but i digress. I have just started a campaign with 2 of my players from pathfinder in 5e, and one of them is playing a rogue, he is trying to b!$&~&+@ to get items and he just murders everything and only does stealth, and then gets upset when the cleric makes noise in his chainmail, i really need help with this. How should i handle this?

Dotting, what's your stand on DSP stuff?

@CampinCarl9127 1 for 1 trait

@Campincarl9127 not really

@CampinCarl Actually guns everywhere

@aceDIAMOND Gangsters are cool, are you going to lean on the chaotic or lawful spectrum?

@DMFrogfoot that sounds like it would fit well, and i will be adjusting things to make it a little less slaughterf**+

@CampinCarl9127 it's very widespread, so are guns, both used often and can be bought in any store

@Entryhazard I probably won't choose multiple characters that fill the same niche, unless its a niche that needs to be filled twice

The inspiration is more the berserker from torchlight 2 mixed with a little natsu

Ok, so i need a class for my friends character concept. Basically he is a Dragon Fighter, he wants to go twf with his fists or studded gauntlets or something like that, and he also wants to be able to throw around fire spells and do some form of a rage or something like that to use his inner strength to buff him. any ideas?

Hi, I'm about to start dming a new campaign and my friend is looking for what class to play. His requirements:

Preferably martial, he doesn't like the low hit dice of the wizard and sorcerer and hates divine casting, he also has an issue on the limited number of spells per day at low levels.

Multiple combat options, he gets really bored with the standard move and full attack and doesn't want to rely on one weapon

Out of combat ability, he was to be valid out of combat, so preferably 4 ranks, or even better 6 per level

Any ideas?

I think a council of wizards? or maybe a library?

I'm thinking a Fire elemental wizard Ala Colonel Mustang.

i'd also like to slide in my homebrew dragonborn race if anyone wishes to try it out in a PC. Also the gods in this world are the gods represented in the 4e campaign setting.

After a pact with the dragons and men were made a new race was born, the Dragonborn. Fierce Draconic warriors not to far left of field to a Kobold. Dragonborn are a fierce warrior people with a distinct lack of history, as they’ve only been around for a few hundred years. They are brilliant mercenaries for your cause. They come in as many varieties of colour as they’re draconic forefathers, as akin to the dragons of this world, the parents colouring seems to matter very little to the colour of the children, as do colours to alignments.
Male names: Arjhan, Balasar, Bharash, Donaar,
Ghesh, Heskan, Kriv, Medrash, Nadarr, Patrin,
Rhogar, Shamash, Shedinn, Torinn
Female names: Akra, Biri, Daar, Harann, Kava,
Korinn, Mishann, Nala, Perra, Raiann, Sora, Surina,

Racial Traits
Racial Atributes: +2 Strength, +2 Charisma, -2 Dexterity. They are a strong proud race, but there large builds tend to be cumbersome and clumsy.
Size: Medium. They gain no bonuses and penalties due to their size
Speed: 30 feet
Scaly Hide: You have a +1 natural armour bonus due to your scales
Draconic Heritage: you gain resist 5 to your selected element, and you gain a breath weapon, this acts like Burning Hands spell like ability but uses your total hit dice as your caster level and Constitution modifier as the casting stat, it also deals damage due to your energy affinity.
Elemental Choice: Choose Acid, Electricity, Fire, or Cold, this is the element to be used with your draconic heritage

Class Reprisentations:
Bard: Dragonborn bards tend to be fighting in the front lines, swinging a sword or banging a battledrum. About 10% of Dragonborn adventurers are bards.
Fighter: A fighter is the archtypical Dragonborn, in the thick of things, usually with a large axe. About 25% of Dragonborn are fighters.
Paladins: Proud servants of both the platinum dragon Bahumut and the sun god Pelor they strive for honor amongst the varied races. About 15% of Dragonborn are Paladins
Sorcerer: Almost exclusively of either the draconic or elemental bloodlines dragonborn sorcerers are held in very high regard in dragonborn society, often in positions of great power or influence. 5% of dragonborn adventurers are sorcerers.
Skald: Skald are slightly more common than bards in the dragonborn society but fill very similar roles, a front line inspiring warrior. 15% of dragonborn adventurers are Skald.
Bloodrager: With hints of arcane magic that lends itself to diluted sorcerer blood the Bloodrager are uncommon but recognised warriors, often prized for their bloodrage. 10% of Dragonborn adventurers are Bloodragers.
Clerics: Generally the Priests of Bahamut or Kord, the dragonborn clerics also lend themselves to leading on the front lines. 5% of dragonborn adventurers are clerics.
Warpriest: More common and more respected than clerics, warpriest are often seen in a small dragonborn troops as a supportive front liner. 10% of dragonborn are warpriests.
The other 5% are a spattering of other classes, though barbarian, cavalier, and brawler also tend to be somewhat common. The least common classes taken up by dragonborn is the Rogue, Gunslinger and witch.

Level 2 sorry, and 1000 gold to spend

Are you sure they're right for the group? Or the group is right for them? Do the other players have issues with this? I'd recommend sitting down with the players at hand and talk to them about it. Your Adults, act like it. And in the case that you can't compromise they may have to find a new group.

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Hey im looking to start a PbP cityscape sort of game here on the paizo forums. It is a cross between Investigative, Horror, And Gang Warfare and intrigue, with some dungeon crawls and exploration outside the city. I don't have the city entirely fleshed out so if you want to add areas just run it by me. Being Psuedo Horror character death is a frequent threat, expect to go through a couple characters. In this city most gods aren't worshipped, mostly the odd cult and old run down church. So full divine casters are rare. Though paladins and rangers are common enough. You work for an Investigators office and your boss is a Mr. Sicarian. You've been on a couple low risk jobs but are only starting to get into danger. This city is run mostly by billionaires and mob bosses, drug addicts line the streets and you can get someone "disposed of" for a handful of change. it is not a pleasant city, but its home. The arcane magic is monitored by a corporation known as the grey circle, most people with significant magical talent are inducted, some are missed though, such as your characters.

Character Creation
Stats- 3D6 7 times choose the highest 6, i know its tight but your characters arent fully fledged heroes.
Classes- All Paizo, though the eastern classes (samurai and ninja) and the antipaladin aren't big fits for the campaign. I have a houserule where a paladin can be any lawful or good non evil, but if its neutral lawful, it gets smite chaos instead, same with the evil spectrum for antipaladins. I'm also not a huge fan of the summoner. DSP Psionics unleashed is also allowed. I'll also go over other 3PP if you can provide me with a PDF of the system.
Races: All core, tiefling, Drow, Dhampir and Orc, though the city is mostly human and human hybrids (half-elves and half-orcs)
Traits- 2 Traits
Feats: You gain a bonus feat at first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth level.

I hope to post once a day, and once during the weekend, but i understand real life can get in the way.

I'm leaving it open until the 20th and hope to get 4-6 players.

i roll stats, im just looking for what stats get priority, what magic items and what feats i should look into, also what blessings of my options

Stat allocation?

Hey, in 4e theres a book called dungeon delve which has 30 different mini dungeons for the basis of an adventure for the dm to expand upon, one for each level. but with no actual plot, just a dungeon. is there an equivalent for paizo?

need help guys


I'm looking to build an NPC character, either Cleric or Warpriest, that worships Szuriel the horseman of War. Can you give me any build advice? I want him to use a greatsword and be viable as a front line combatant.

What's the chance of letting DSP Psionics unleashed into the mix?

I Dotting for interest, i want this so bad

What's your opinion on the Vivisectionist Archetype for the Alchemist?

Is ultimate magic ok? I was thinking of a vivisectionist.

What's your opinion on using the Vivisectionist Archetype for the alchemist?

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DawnForgedCast channel

Is the vivisectionist alchemist allowed, i was thinking a doctor who realised he was aging and decided to find immortality, he began disectinng bodies and he got caught grave robbing for a fressh corpse to disect

I'm very interested

Can i submit a Physician? I was thinking once i level i will play a vivisectionist alchemist, if thats an available class

Yes, they drop the lowest. We started on 4e where stats were really high and everyone had at least 1 20 at level one, currently when they use point buy they get upset because they can't get a 20 in every score they want.

3 possibly 4

hey, i'm looking to build a boss for a first level party. I want him to be an alchemist with vivisectionist, uses his mutagens pre-combat then uses claws as a weapon against the party. Is there any race that this would excell at, and what level should i build it?

I'm starting a new IRL campaign on the weekend and i am in need of character creation advice. Normally i get them to roll 4D6 6 times and allocate the scores, but they always seem really powerful, but they hate point buy, any ideas?

Way of the Wicked

My race is human, my feats are Weapon finesse, SKill Focus Bluff, Skill Focus Sense Motive, and extra rogue talent for honeyed words. i have 11 constitution. The character wasn't meant to be combat focused and i dont want to invest a bunch of feats into dervish dance etc. he is built for skills, but it seems the other players can do it without my skills.

i have 10 strength, 16 dexterity, 16 intelligence, 17 wisdom, 20 charisma. i only have 22 hit points at level 4 so i can't go into melee. My big skills were sense motive, bluff, perception, and disable device. I didn't play the bard to be a buffer, i played the bard to be a skill character, and to throw out the odd illusion. My GM suggested giving me some offensive wizard spells but i don't have the castings. I'm just looking at talking to him and seeing if i can play a rogue, something thats better in combat.

I wasn't built for combat, i was built for skills. And i don't like the standard bard.

i dont have my build, as i left my character sheet at my friends house

We have a monk, swashbuckler, barbarian, archer, wizard, and me the bard

All paizo


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