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We are currently in the middle of book 2 (Trial of the Beast). As the Cleric just died to a ravenous ghoul, and a layer had to drop out to to real life intruding on our fun times it's a good time to be bringing in a new character.

One important, VERY important criteria must be met. You must have initiative, be willing to investigate or post furthering the story at least once per day. More if you're conversing with an NPC.

The Cleric's death has made me painfully aware of the lack of initiative on the parts of two of the players, causing things to move at a snail's pace when the Cleric's player isn't able to post for whatever reason.

If you're interested, I'm posting charop rules below.

Current party composition:

-Tiefling Barbarian (wields an oversized Earthbreaker)
-Duergar Aegis
-Half-Elf Investigator

Character Creation:

-25 point buy

-Wealth By level for 6th level

-2 Traits plus a Campaign Trait

Material available:

-Any Paizo, though Summoners may be low priority since I need to audit them very carefully. If it's not on the SRD or another online resource, you'll need to post the material in its entirety so I can look at it.

-Dreamscarred Press' Ultimate Psionics material, and their Path of War material (ditto the above on if it's not on the SRD). Yes, Feats and such included for both. Kn. Psionics and Kn. Martial will be mostly worthless, as a heads up. Kn. Martial may occasionally come up if I restat a classed NPC as an Initiator, but it will be minimally and situationally useful at best.

-Any other 3rd party on a case-by-case.

Relevant Houserules:

-An Amulet of Mighty Fists is, for all intents and purposes, a weapon. It takes up your amulet slot but otherwise works as a weapon. Same cost, +10 total bonus.

-Any BOUGHT gear may be sold back for full price. I see no need to penalize you half your investment if you, for example, have a +1 Flaming sword and want it to be +1 Frost instead. FOUND gear is sold for half as usual.

-Pummeling Bully now reads:

Prerequisite(s): Any Two Improved Combat Maneuver Feats, Improved Unarmed Strike, Pummeling Style; base attack bonus +9, brawler level 5th, or monk level 5th.

Benefit: When you hit with a Pummeling Style attack, you can attempt a combat maneuver check for any maneuver you have the Improved Maneuver Feat for as a free action.

-Alignment restrictions don't exist. Exception: Paladin/Anti, but Anti-Paladins may be Lawful Evil.

-Don't bother tracking Encumbrance if you have a positive Str modifier. You may be audited if it's below 10.

-I assume you can find normal ammunition in any quantity you need.

Mostly just quality of life sorta things. There may be some other minor ones I can't recall ATM.

What roles do the other party members play, obviously the barbarian is in melee, but what about the others? From what I know, the Aegis is probably melee as well, does the Investigator focus on ranged attacks, skill monkeying(i doubt that's really a word), melee, etc.?

I'd like to build an early-entry Mystic Theurge, does that sound good okay to you?

The Aegis is a Reach weapon user (with a Dorn-Dergar), and the Investigator is, I believe, Rapier based (he's not quite done with his character yet), and a skill monkey (he's taking that Favored Class to add +1/4 to Inspiration, and he's an Empiricist).

Awesome, then it sounds like we have quite a bit of melee focus. I'll put together a buffing-based mystic theurge to submit.

Sounds good. I don't have any objection to early entry stuff via SLAs, by the by. Qualification with certain options is iffy to me however (ones that don't directly correspond to an existing spell, for instance). Most should work, like the usual Conjuration (Teleportation) Wizard and Aasimar combo, just give me some specific before you get too far in.

I've got a Dhampir paladin. But he's melee built. Not sure if it's what you're looking for(or if a Dhampir is even allowed) considering the level of melee you apparently already have, but, here he is:


And just for clarification, I actually did not build him at 6th level for this specifically. Funny enough, that was where the last CC game he was in died. I think I came in on that one at 4th level, maybe 5th. But I can't remember. Just an fyi.

Totally understand if it's overkill(another melee character that is). No worries.

Dhampir is fine, as is any other race.

I'm thinking about the Fate Inquisition on the divine side coupled with the Drow Magic characteristic of half-elves to get in on the divine side, is that fine?

Sounds good to me. Cleric/Wizard? What god?

Cleric/Wizard, Nethys. To avoid all the hassle of picking out spells and whatnot, would you mind if I just did basic stats and backstory, only dealing with the rest if I'm selected?

Go for it.

By the by, I'd allow you to use the Rune Domain's Blast Rune thingy to qualify if you want that instead of the Fate Inquisition.

Ironically enough, the Rune domain is my other domain, so that works out perfectly. In that case, I'll switch from the Fate Inquisition to the Protection domain.

Here's my backstory:
Yezed grew up in Odranto, taught from a young age that if he would not fight, that he ought to aid those who would. As a skinny young man, he realized that he would do more harm than good in combat, and devoted himself to the priesthood of Nethys, working to aid the mages and soldiers who defended their homes.
When he was perhaps twenty, a priest of Nethys came to their city on a pilgrimage to their shrine of Nethys. While there, he caught sight of the young Yezed and immediately saw an untapped potential in him. He came to Yezed, asking him if he would travel with him and learn how to reach the power that lay within him. Naturally, the young man agreed, eager to match Nethys himself by casting both divine and arcane spells.
Since then, Yezed has long left the priest's company, surpassing even him in skill, and now he travels alone, seeking magical anomalies to study and observe. His most recent inquiry has come from a report that a flesh golem has been caught in Lepidstadt, and he has headed there to see if the whispers are true.

I'm interested in playing a Psion, as i recently purchased Psionics unleashed.

Dragonflyer, how quickly do you think you can finish that Theurge?

And what's your posting rate like (I need this info from everyone)?

I need at least one post per day, preferably more. I hope to pick up the pace again once I'm done moving.

Silver Crusade

Hrmm You are only picking up one person correct? To which case pretty much the person who creates a character might have to be the Cleric/Fullcaster to balance out the party.. and also get them through this game.

One, maybe two. I can run 5 through CC.

I'm not super concerned with them having a balanced party since they haven't had one since the start, and haven't been concerned with it.

They started out as Barbarian, Zen Archer, Bard, Magus, and Wizard. Wizard got murdelized by skeletons after the Piper paralyzed him, and the Magus' player dropped out. Wizard came back as Cleric (player has a bad run with paralyze effects and the subsequent consequences), and Bard got wrecked by Father Charlatan, and became the Aegis.

So the party's shifted a lot up to now, and I foresee more shifting in the future.

I play CC a bit more ruthless than my other games since, well, it's a horror game.

Oh before I forget, and since this may be considered a "houserule" or may turn off some people:

I generally roll some things for players for expediency. Including but not (necessarily, though generally) limited to:

-Passive Perception and Sense Motive checks.



So if that's a bee in your bonnet, there it is up front.

Silver Crusade

In that description both times they had a fullcaster which in that case makes a certain difference because the availability of certain spells... especially in CC.. Like Death Ward. Anyway the bee was the amount of players. For if I wanted to apply It would less likely be for a Fullcaster which they need but more likely around the inquisitor area. I also wouldnt want to shunt out Dragonflyer because he seems mostly done. Another question, is occult Adventures.. on the table?

I'm going to say no for two main reasons: I could not have cared less about ANY of the other playtest classes, so I never even really read them, and the Kineticist is barely going to look like itself (hopefully) by the time it actually comes out, or I'm going to homebrew my own to make it not suck, so either way once the final product came out you'd have to rebuild a ton.

Rynjin wrote:
And what's your posting rate like (I need this info from everyone)?

I can post daily. But my posting is typically done after 6:30 or so CST, Monday through Friday. Weekends are far less of an issue but as we all know, the boards are usually slow.

My job is not one to where I can post during the day like a lot of folks on these boards are able.

That's fine, evenings and early morning are better for me too. I'm in EST.

Silver Crusade

I wouldnt mind rebuilding but I doubt it'd be a ton. Ad as you know, such things are trivial for me. The main issue is your lack of knowing what the other classes do, which is legitimate. Anyway I had an Idea for a Kintecist/Medium that used Fire/Aether eventually but barring that I could bring my Inquisitor/ Alchemist Whip user to the fray.

Silver Crusade

And my post rate is pretty much.. anywhere from 1-5 times a day, dependant on when I work which is 10P-6 A EST.. though there are days like today where I am off.

Rynjin, I can do Yezed's crunch if necessary, but as I said, mystic theurges are pretty complicated, so if you don't need the whole thing, then I'm fine with submitting what I've already posted. If you want more, please let me know.

In terms of posting rate, I always check multiple times per day and do my best to post that often, and you can look at some of the campaigns that I'm in to see that. I'm on pacific time, and I usually check in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon and almost always at night.

Go for it if that's what you want. Though we DO already have an Investigator so "spell" overlap will be somewhat of a thing.

Though since Inquisitors and Alchemists BOTH have excellent spell lists, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

TBH I feel no need to really beat around the bush any more. I know (and like) Endoralis, and know his posting rate and playstyle and whatnot and Dragonflyer both seems to be the only other player with a solid idea of what he wants to play and who has posted multiple times, so I'm just going to end Recruitment there before there's too many feelings to hurt from people left out. Sorry to Javell.

Post your characters here so I can look over them, and I'll figure a way to work you into the game based on your respective backstories.

The Investigator is already coming in as an "outside contractor" to investigate the Beast case (and more likely, the claims about Vorkstag and Grine), so if you want to be part of some nebulous investigatory group that was Teleported to Lepidstadt from the fabulous land of Elsweyr to investigate, that could work as a simple/easy thing.

But that's just a quick and easy idea, I'll work with whatever you've got.

Rynjin wrote:

...both seems to be the only other player with a solid idea of what he wants to play...

Strictly for clarity sake, I did put up a link to Morbury in my initial post.

But no worries, bud. It's all good. I appreciate the honesty.

@Dragonflyer: Ran in a game a couple years ago on these boards with a player who ran a Mystic Theurge. It was an 18th level game. That dude could do EVERYTHING. It was crazy cool. And I tell you, just thinking about the massive amount of spells to choose from makes my head hurt. :)

Have fun, folks.

Silver Crusade

Sweet, whelp here comes a Belmont..

If we need another one for some reason (who knows, with PBPs, you know?), you'll be first on the shortlist Javell. Good luck with Morbury, he did seem cool (I'm sorry I forgot him). =)

Javell, that's what I imagine. It seems like I'm giving up a little bit of power for a ton of versatility, and this will be a great way to test it out!

Rynjin wrote:
If we need another one for some reason (who knows, with PBPs, you know?), you'll be first on the shortlist Javell. Good luck with Morbury, he did seem cool (I'm sorry I forgot him). =)

lol! Sounds good. :)

Silver Crusade

Did I forget to mention he has Initiative.. Like a +8?

Good Luck Javell

Silver Crusade

Also a piece of advice to the Investigator possibly.. If he wants to go that route, Perhaps consider one level of Inspired Blade Swashbuckler. He'd get Deeds, panache and a Bab as well as two free feats.. meaning his character would gain back two feats for other uses.

Two questions as I'm building Yezed. First, how are you doing hit points? In addition, as I was reading through the Protection Domain, it gives a bonus to saves that increases 'by 1 for every 5 levels you possess'.
Does that mean cleric levels or character levels, in your interpretation?

1.) Average +1 (d6 4, d8 5, d10 6, d12 7).

2.) Not really an interpretation. Per the rules ALL class abilities, unless they specifically say "character level" key off of class level only.

Silver Crusade

Thats cleric levels no matter what... As all domains that have anything level based is based on class level, often cleric level unless otherwise said. Classes that can get Domains tend to replace cleric levels with their class instead.

Silver Crusade

Just a note are we 5th level with 6th level char gold?

Great, thanks!

All right, Yezed's statted up and ready to go!

i unfortuatly cannot join but i wanted to take a sec to point out that both a tiefling and a duergar in ustalave must be getting alot of unwanted aggression from those xenophobic people, sounds like good times

My bad. 5th level, 5th WBL. It's my Shackles game that's at 6th.

And yeah, it's been fun. I mostly limit it to overt bigotry against them, though. No getting attacked by mobs with pitchforks or anything.

Silver Crusade

See that changes a few thing.. like Max weapon purchases and whatnot. Let me Adjust Garen then.

Whoops, let me adjust him then.

Okay, now I'm good to go.

Mostly done adding up equipment and picking spells

Pretty much my body.. is ready
I might have a whole bunch of Alchemical items but I need to see if I have overkill.. most of which I can craft for a third the cost.

Also my HP is the answer to the universe.

I forgot one detail from 1st level, you get 1.5 HD at 1st instead of max.

I'll try and work you guys in soon, as soon as I have Darius' fluff.

Yezed, if you could do me a big favor I'd be grateful: Make a Myth-weavers sheet with your character on it, please. The Hero Lab sheet is so very, very dense and hard to read, and is also very, very prone to mistakes.

Also, your gear looks way off. You should have a total of 10, 500 gp worth or equipment.

What you have:

1 Bonded Ring (0 gp)
1 +1 Ring of Protection (2k)
1 +1 Amulet of Natural Armor (2k)
1 +2 Headband of Intelligence (4k)
1 +1 Pearl of Power (1k)
1 Quick Runners Shirt (1k)
1 Handy Haversack (2k)
1 Belt Pouch
1 Blanket
1 Wayfinder/Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (5.5k)
1 Universal Solvent (50 gp)
2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (600 gp)
1,423.5 gold

Total: ~19.5k

You're WAY over budget. Did you take Craft Feats I can't see? They're not listed on your sheet.

If you did the gear is fine, but I'll warn you they'll gather QUITE a bit of dust in this campaign. There is little to no downtime coming up, or throughout the majority of the AP, and by the time you have access to magic that makes the time constraint meaningless we'll probably be coming in the home stretch.

Is path of war playtest material available (The Harbinger and Zealot)?

Unfortunately Viluki, Recruitment is closed. But Playtest material would not be allowed anyway, for similar reasons to what we discussed in PMs.

Sorry, I was up late doing that and I don't know what happened. Part of it is from the Ioun Stone, I think I meant to write cracked ioun stone, and forgot. I don't know how I got that far over though, I'll look over it and fix it.

By the by, don't sweat it if you're over budget by a few hundred gp or so for incidentals like the Universal Solvent, and cheap mundane gear. Between the "lost" 1st level average gold and the fact that being at exactly WBL is mostly impossible unless you're coming straight in like you are, it's not worth quibbling over "Yeah, your magic armor's masterwork cost puts you 150 gp over limit. Sorry bud".

Thanks, and good call on the Myth Weavers! I've never used this site before, but I really like it.

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