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Nerdy Canuck wrote:
You probably shouldn't assume that Paizo staff have even *seen* this post. The point of this forum is not to get come looking for an official response.

I figured the forums was as good as any place to inquire since my previous posts with regards to questions like this are normally answered by customer service or by the developer. Besides, I would figure that a digital character sheet would be a given. It is a rarity these days to see a rpg that doesn't have a free digital character sheet for download. If the sheet was the same as regular Starfinder, I wouldn't sweat it. But I plan to run this beginner box on Free RPG Day and I don't want to use my physical sheets for a one shot. I also don't want to pay $10 for a digital version of the box just so I can get a printable character sheet.

So I guess that no response means that we aren't getting a digital character sheet unless we purchase the PDF version of the beginner box. This is disappointing.

*Bump* I am curious if Paizo has a response to this.

Any way to get a printable version of the Starfinder Beginner Box Character Sheet without having to purchase a digital version of the beginner box? I bought the physical copy and don't see 6 character sheets being enough for running more than one group. I know with the Pathfinder one, a separate character sheet was made available for download. Can we expect the same for Starfinder?

conciergevii wrote:
I'm a new player and a new GM for a group of new players, yea. Anyways, didn't want sword and board I like lasers so picked up this box. Loved it, decided to do a deep dive. Bought PDFs of core/armory etc. My biggest concern (slighty allayed now) is there are a lot if differences between the two sets of rules. No stamina, less neg conditions, less skills, even character gen the way abilities are derived. My concern is this, I like the box rules, seem simpler/streamlined. But seeing core I don't want to teach box unless it's the future.

I am sorry to say, but if it is anything like the Pathfinder Beginner Box plan there won't be anything additional for the beginner box. When Paizo released the Pathfinder one, I bought into it. I liked the simple rules. For it they released two free add ons that they weren't able to fit into the box. They added another class, a few more gods, monsters, spells, and a simple 5 encounter adventure.

From my inquiry regarding the Starfinder Beginner Box in these same forums, nothing was developed that didn't make it into the box. So we probably won't get anything additional using the simpler rules of the beginner box. Which is a shame for me because I prefer the more streamlined rules presented in these beginner boxes. They are the only game products that I have purchased from Paizo and I make use of them. They are quality products.

Now if they would only release a PDF of the Starfinder Beginner Box character sheet.

Any word on downloadable character sheets for this? Thank you.

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Can we please keep this on topic? This is supposed to be about WizKids Starfinder Miniatures not the Ninja Division Kickstarter. If I wanted to read posts about ND, I would go to that topic. This is about Wizkids and I think we should stay on topic.

I hate to hear that. I had hoped for additional content. Will there at least be a download for the character sheet so we can print off extras?

I know that the beginner box just came out yesterday, but I am curious. Can we expect to have any add-ons for this? The original Pathfinder Beginner Box had player and gamemaster add-on files that expanded the classes, spells, feats, monsters, added a small adventure, etc. I am hoping that we may be able to get something similar for the Starfinder set.

I know there was a video posted that discussed several of the items that were cut from the box. Is it possible that some of those items could be released as a download? Might we be able to get Kasathas, the missing themes, simplified starship combat rules, and a few more adversaries?

The title says it all, please cancel my Pathfinder Battles subscription. Thank you.

There was a Dragonlance adventure path put out for 3.5 D&D. The first and third books are kind of hard to find in print, but the second book is usually really cheap on EBay. First book was called Key of Destiny. It seemed really good, but I never got to play any of it.

If i remember correctly, it write up said iconics that had not appeared yet. Didn't Lini appear in an issue of the comics already?

Between players being sick and the holidays, we haven't had a chance to play session two yet. Hoping maybe this coming weekend.

Thank you for your prompt response and the correction.

Please advise where the additional $7.59 in shipping came from on this order? Original total for the order including shipping was showing $306.33 with $26.34 of that being shipping. My order processed today and I see $33.93 for shipping. How is the incentive figure shipping $14.25 when the whole case shipping is $19.68? Please review this for any errors and adjust accordingly. I understand the incentive figure is gargantuan, but it should not cost almost as much as the case for shipping. Original email listed total estimated weight at 13 lbs. and with less shipping than the actual order weight of 11 lbs. and increased shipping rate.

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Still waiting for my subscription order to ship. I got my notification email on the case incentive figure's shipping label being printed today, but nothing about the actual case, kind of disappointed. What good is a subscription/pre-order if you don't get the items until two weeks after they are released?

The hard cover books to these comics are gorgeous as well. I love how they added a small margin to the inner seam so that the comic page doesn't fall into the middle where you can't read it. I will continue to get individual issues, but will also get every hardcover as they are released. Dynamite has done a fantastic job with this series and I hope to see it continue. Wouldn't mind a few new iconics to show up. Maybe cycle characters through, change the line up a bit after each story arc.

Sara Marie wrote:

Shipping is going smoothly right now. All of the batch-shipped subscription orders have left our warehouse so if you saw the "A package containing X items from Paizo Order #XXXXXX is expected to ship from the Paizo warehouse by Friday, November 21 via..." in your shipping email your order has been shipped.

The warehouse still has a good chunk of orders they are working on as quickly as they can. I suspect shipping these will extend into next week, but have nothing concrete to post about that yet.

Edited for clarity.

My order # Order 3348958 should have been one of those batch orders as it has only the Pathfinder Battles subscription in it. There was no side cart items or any other subscription items. But I still have not received any shipping email. Can you check that for me? Also noticed that it says one case plus the incentive figure weighs 208 lbs. with $35.99 shipping.

Vic Wertz wrote:

We try not to unfairly complete with the retailers that sell our products. Many retailers already resent that we sell things directly. If we guaranteed that subscribers received product *early*, that would be a *huge* problem.

Our goal is for most US subscribers to receive their subscription product within a couple days of the street date. That's a goal, and not a guarantee, but we do hit it for most people most of the time.

I can understand and respect that. Maybe it is just that with this release being so close to a holiday. But all I can think is that if it doesn't ship until the 21st, it will be December before I get it. Expected transit time is four to five business days. And shipping on the 21st would mean that it wouldn't be delivered next week because of Thanksgiving. And I think that for a US customer to get a product two weeks after release date is a little too much to ask of customer.

Erik Mona wrote:

They literally just started, so I imagine it's still working its way through the system. It takes several days for the entire sub run to process and ship.

This is a shame. Maybe I am expecting too much, but as a subscriber and pre-ordering, you would think that we would have ours on release date. However with them not even shipping yet and my email stating they would ship between the 8th and the 21st, it could well be over a week after local shops have them before I even see mine.

Thank you. That was not necessary to do, but I do appreciate it.

Skeld wrote:

Are Battles subs going out now too? I didn't get a notice about my Battles sub. That could be because i just re-subbed last week, though.


Yes, my order and authorization notice was ran over this past weekend, but has not shipped yet.

I just realized while checking the tracking of this shipment that it was sent postal. I had asked for the shipping to please be updated to the UPS Ground option, see original post. I had wanted the shipping option updated in hopes of getting the products faster. I was aware of the shipping delays, but I had hoped that the upgraded shipping option might still allow me to get the package before my wife's birthday. The tracking on this has not had any movement on it since 11/8/14. Any explanation as to why?

Package Tracking Shipped Thu, Nov 6, 2014
Date Description Location
Nov 8 2014 Package transferred to dest MI facility Auburn, WA
Nov 7 2014 Package processed by UPS MI Auburn, WA
Nov 7 2014 Package received for processing Auburn, WA

So what are the odds that I will get my Lost Coast subscription case on or before the street date of 11/19/14? I know the Golem sale has put things behind, but with this being my first time ordering physical products from Paizo and a pre-order at that, I will not be happy if I don't have the item at least on the same day as I could get them from a local store.

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I can understand not wanting to release the PDF earlier than the dead tree version. But can we maybe get a few more sample pages? Maybe a table of contents or such? This book may be what makes me change from Beginner Box or 5th Edition D&D to Pathfinder Core. So I would like to see more if possible.

Personally, what I think is needed is the ability to advance to level 10, another race or two, and another class or two. Maybe the sorcerer as an alternative to the wizard for an arcane caster. The druid as alternative to cleric caster. And maybe the bard as an alternative to the rogue. A Beginner Box Adventure Path would be nice as well, but in my opinion only plausible if the level max is upped to at least 10.

Regarding several people stating the actions of original poster are wrong. I tend to see this as player not character knowledge being taken into account. A combat round is 6 seconds. All this is taking place in six seconds of time. I have never been in this type of combat and probably never will, but I would find it hard for someone to not instinctively react with a counter attack to someone attacking them. Could the player have asked for a check to notice that a spell was being cast and to realize it affected his ally? Sure. Would it be plausible for his character to be able to notice all this going on while fighting off other attackers? Probably not.

I am not entirely familiar with all the Pathfinder rules and do not claim to be, but to me as a player and a GM, I use the rules as a guideline. As a GM I probably would not have quite used this type of tactic or if I did allow. The dominated player would have had a chance to resist using lethal damage to their ally and also allow them to make an attempt to let the barbarian know the attack was coming. As a player, I just can't see a character (not player there is a difference) realizing everything that is going on to make an inform decision to prevent any type of counter attack.

I am however curious as to whether there were actions available to other party members in between the dominated fighter's attack and the barbarian's counter attack that could have resolved the issue in a different way. Is it possible that either GM or party (pro fighter or pro barbarian) was setting this up to occur because there are other group dynamics at play?

Thanks for the replies, I was planning on allowing my players to use traits simply because I wanted to use the background tables to help the players develop a backstory for their characters. Plus I am running the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition, which is why I am looking to convert from 5th Edition. So I think I will not worry about archetypes and just use the background tables with that determining what traits a player can select being those in background or ROTRL related. My only issue then is the tiefling druid player and converting them. I guess they could technically be from human parents with their tainted bloodline manifesting for them at birth or adolescence.

I have been researching Pathfinder lately. I only ever really played the Beginner Box. So I need some assistance. Is there a helpful site or post that goes through the character creation steps? I know the basics, but with all the additional rule books you now have background creation, traits, archetypes, etc. that are not outlined in the core book. When are these various steps factored in? Is there a place that details when these different options are selected? A compiled list of all the various options and reference to what book each is located in? Also, I love the background tables in the Ultimate Campaign, were their ever tables like this made for the non core races like the tieflings and such? Any help appreciated, since I will be the GM and the only person who really will know the rules in my group if we switch from D&D 5th Edition.

In the heat of battle, how likely would it be that the barbarian would notice a wizard that he was not engaged with cast a spell? If he is jockeying for position in a melee with an opponent or two, would he really have time to notice some spell caster in the back casting? I don't think so. Also the OP never states from what angle the fighter approached from. Did the dominated ally come from behind? If so it would be very plausible for any character, having just received damage from an unknown attacker to just turn and swing. While PC death at the hands of another player can cause hurt feelings in the group, it can make for some memorable role playing. And who's to say that the killed fighter doesn't have some sibling that hears of the action and comes seeking revenge. This will also allow the fighter player to finally create that build they had been thinking about.

Steve Geddes wrote:

Me too. I'm not sure whether there's going to be an issue 7, a new series beginning at issue 1 again or whether the whole thing has been put on hold.

The comic industry is frustrating in its inability to publish and stick to a release schedule. Presumably a function of tiny margins and volatile markets.

The last issue, #6, said to be continued at the end of it, but I have not seen anything in Previews showing a new series or a new issue. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Itchy wrote:
I got an email yesterday that my copy of City of Secrets #6 6 is getting ready to ship. I expect I'll see it in the next couple weeks. After that, I don't know. :)

Yeah issue six actually hit comic shops a couple weeks ago. It was good, but I want more. There are not enough fantasy comics out there.

Definitely the Beginner Box, while some such as myself never went on into the Core rules, the Beginner Box is one of the most awesome products I have ever seen for role playing. It has everything in it that you would need to teach the game, create some of your own encounters, and adventures. Plus it has a very nice flip mat, pawns, and a pretty nice starter adventure that shows of the many aspects of an adventure. Add the free download content, it offers three races and five classes with just enough options to not overwhelm new players with choices.The Beginner Box would be my go to game if it went to level ten, but it is still great allowing advancement up to level five.

I can't wait for these, the only downsides I see are:

1. Squealy Nord and Firepelt Cougar being common. Already had a snow leopard in Legends of Golarion and how much need is their for more than one pig?
2. Really wish the Boggards were common and the Forest Shadow uncommon. Would love to have a nice little boggard party and the Forest Shadow would make for a nice little party of elves when combined with the Elf Archer.

Also hoping with them being uncommon larges to get at least three each of the Malagus Kreeg, Conna the Wise, Fire Giant King, and Hill Giant Chief to use as just regular ogres, stone, fire, and hill giants since I missed out on Rise of the Runelords and Shattered Star initially. I might try to pick up a brick or a case of Runelords and maybe a brick of Shattered Star once the holiday spending is over.

When are these supposed to ship? This is my first subscription case and it is just appearing in my side cart.

I love this comic, I hope it does indeed continue. Anyone got any info on when we can expect to see a new issue?

Kthulhu wrote:
Dragonlance came out of 1e, actually.

Yep and there is at least one version of them that can fly. Sivak draconians if I remember correctly.

Anzyr wrote:
You are acting as though mechanics and roleplaying are somehow incompatible, that's the issue. You should be roleplaying your mechanics. If mechanics aren't important to you at all, you may end up with a very weak and useless character who if roleplayed properly would not be adventuring. However, you can select the strongest mechanics to represent your character. If you were for example dead set on a whip, Warpriest is the natural choice.

I am not saying anything about mechanics and roleplaying being incompatible. I am saying that my friend and me view the games differently. We discuss our games very differently. He has fun recounting all the mechanical details of his characters and will factor combat mechanics and power in determining what type of character he will play. While I recount memorable moments without mention of actual mechanics. He finds the crunch and maximizing of the systems he plays in enjoyable while I prefer the stories I can tell with my characters.

Many characters are not suited to adventuring. That is why there are so many NPCs that only have a few levels in a class and retire to own a store or pursue a profession. If I created a character that is not mechanically ideal, I am ok with that and have no problems with them dying or deciding to retire when they realize so to speak that they just aren't cut out for the adventuring life.

There is nothing wrong with either way of playing or looking at a game, but there is a difference between the two. In my opinion, any class can be enjoyable regardless of its mechanical shortcomings. A player just needs to find a game that is enjoyable to their play style or accept how the game they play in is ran.

****Warning My Posts in here MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS****

I just started this path today with my group. We were pressed for time so we only got to play for about an hour and a half. I have a party of four. I am running the game under D&D 5th Edition instead of Pathfinder and I am using the Anniversary Edition of the path. The only reason I am using D&D is because I prefer a little less crunch in my games and all my players are new so I wanted something simple. If the Beginner Box was ever expanded that would be my go to game, but anyways. My party consists of the following characters.

Female Tiefling Druid
Male Mountain Dwarf Druid
Male Half-Orc Fighter
Female Wood Elf Ranger

The dwarf and elf are level 2 because they ran into some goblins in a previous game while delivering some supplies to Sandpoint. While the half-orc came into Sandpoint on a cargo ship working as a sailor and has a two day lay over while the ship gets resupplied. The tiefling was new to the area moving to the Hinterlands from a Chelish settlement and was greeted by some other druids who instructed her to visit Madame Mvashti since she is the elder druid in the area.

Since the half-orc had two days to kill in Sandpoint and it was very early in the morning, he headed straight to the Hagfish. After a chat with Jargie, he was prompted to try the Norah challenge which he failed miserably. But Jargie liked his moxie so he gave him a free meal of sea bass patties and roasted potatoes.

The dwarf and elf delivered the goods to Vinder General Store, where they met Ven and his two daughters. As it turns out the additional goods that they found in the goblin caves after being ambushed were items that Vinder had ordered a couple months ago and so they were rewarded by Ven with a little extra gold. Being parched the elf inquired where to get a drink and was directed to the closest place, the Hagfish.

The tiefling visited Madame Mvashi and was to accompany her on one of her many woodland walks, however Mvashi wanted to save her energy for the Swallowtail Festival that was to begin later in the day so they just walked around Sandpoint. After getting to know each other a little, Mvashi asked the tiefling if she would escort her to the Hagfish so that she could get one of Jargie's famous sea bass patties for breakfast.

The tiefling and Mvashi enter the Hagfish to see the half-orc sitting at the bar looking greener than usual and a few late nighters still passed out at a few tables. After a little chat at the bar with Jargie and the half-orc they sit down to eat and in walks the dwarf and elf. The dwarf recognizes Mvashi from a previous visit to her manor and a woodland walk with her from when he passed through this area a couple months back. They strike up a conversation and after a little bit, Jargie advises that he has to close up to get prepared to head to the Swallowtail Festival and invites the newcomers to come and join in the festivities.

And this is where we had to conclude the session. There were a few dice rolls but mainly it was meeting some NPCs and getting to know the area. I did this in hoping to build some relationships to get the players' characters invested in the town so they will care what happens in the future. We plan to play for about four hours next Sunday.

I am sure that there have been hundreds of posts like this, but I just was so happy to be playing with more than two players that I just had to share what had occurred so far. Let me know what you think and I am more than happy to have some feedback or insight because this will be my first real campaign I have ran in well over ten years.

I am not saying my friend was wrong in the way he plays. He enjoys that style, I do not.

When I talk about my role playing sessions or my characters, I talk about how my character Baldazac who wore a tye dyed robe and wore sandals stared down an invading army with his miracle whip (which was a normal whip) and prayed to his god, who was off on Thursdays (his day of rest), asking for divine intervention to turn his enemies swords to roses even though he was weak and at times would resort to the drink to ease his pains. Or how he worked to convert everyone he met to his deity.

My friend however when he talks about his sessions, it is that he received a +4 sword that could do ungodly damage when he hit using such and such feat due to his 18 strength. No mention of the story behind how he got such sword or learned to maximize his strength to be able to fell the villain in one blow.

It is just different play styles. My best moments general having nothing to do with how much damage I did or what horrific beast I slayed. Those items aren't that important to me, others may feel different. All I was trying to point out is that much of this discussion is purely about the mechanics of this class or that being inferior to another, but no mention of how said class could be played as a character.

Is a fighter inferior to a paladin? Probably mechanically, but do I care? No because I am too busy having fun with my fighter who wants to be a holy crusader for his deity, but just never seems to be charismatic enough to inspire those around him or just can't even seem to get out of that dubious and morally grey decision that keeps getting him into trouble. People enjoy different styles, but all classes can provide an enjoyable experience in my opinion regardless of their mechanical short comings.

Thank you, Lost Coast will be my first case. I have bought a few Legends of Golarion and Rise of Runelords boosters plus some Heroes & Monsters singles. But I wasn't sure which NPCs would be specifically from the area other than the Rise of Runelords ones from where I am currently reading that adventure path. Really looking forward to the Lost Coast case. Plus I got a brick of Legends of Golarion coming from EBay. I hope I get the Sandpoint Devil in it.

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Anzyr wrote:

Because I can play a "Charming Thief with equally quick wit and blade who grew up tough on the streets, but hides a heart of a gold" regardless of whether my class is Alchemist, Bard, Investigator, Oracle, Ranger, Slayer, or Sorcerer. A class is not a character description, it's only your abilities. My Charming Thief could easily be any one of those classes.

The problem I find "old school players" have is that they can't roleplay character, only a role. They don't come up with "Charming Thief with equally quick wit and blade who grew up tough on the streets, but hides a heart of a gold", they say "I want to play a Rogue.", thus the only class that can fill this role the Rogue. That is not good roleplaying.

As to the Paladin's Code, that's because the Paladin's Code is frankly to open to interpretation. My Paladins would be well in the right to cut down the Baron in the dead of the night, or lead a rebellion, because it made...

I personally find that story matters over mechanics. If I am going to play a paladin, I am doing it because I have a great idea of a character who has the wisdom and the desire to be a paladin, but lacks the charisma to be truly effective at it. The character will continue to strive to be the epitome of what it means to be a paladin, but will be flawed. He will stumble and there will be times when his paladin abilities will fail him, but he will continue on. To me that is a great paladin, not one who chose all the right archetypes, feats etc. that will ensure victory in combat. Combat is a side effect of role playing not why I role play. I have no problem with mechanic heavy games though I prefer lighter games.I like options for my games and characters, but when I start to think about how many attacks I get a round, number of bonuses to attacks, and damage per attack instead of how I interact with the world, then it is time for me to move on.

I have several friends that I used to play with back in 2nd Edition and a little bit of 3rd Edition. I recently got back in touch with them and was looking to play again. I had offered them 5th Edition to try. They said they were playing Pathfinder. I replied cool and they asked if I would like to join their game. We continued talking and he began telling me about his character. And as he talked, all I kept hearing him mention was how many attacks he made a round, how much damage he did each hit, and how high his armor class was. Never once did he mention what his character's story was. That told me all I needed to know. My old friends' game may be awesome for them, but it was not something that I would want to play in. To each their own.

I just think that sometimes the role playing gets lost in all the options and rules stating what my character can and cannot do. I get it, with organized play and society play at shops and such a rule is needed for about everything so all the player's understand. I just feel that sometimes all the rules do not enhance the story but hinder it by painting a GM into a corner.

Does anyone know if there is a resource available that breaks miniatures down by where they might be located? For example, is there a resource that says the following Pathfinder Battles NPC miniatures are all based in Varisia or Sandpoint specifically. I know some based upon them being in a specific adventure path and the set named after that adventure path, but not all. I am starting a game based in Sandpoint and I would like to have as many of the NPC miniatures that I can to use when the group is in town. Any help would be appreciated.

The post above shows how the player's mind has changed. In old school gaming a player would play a class because it sounded cool. Players today tend to play a class based upon what they can get from it. I have read the posts in here and I see several valid points. But the one item that I do not see people discussing is the restrictions a paladin has versus a fighter. And bear in mind, I am new to Pathfinder Core and know virtually nothing of the other rulebooks, but have played role playing games for 20+ years.

I see no mention of the alignment restriction of the paladin or their very strict code of conduct. These are key items that can be used against a paladin player, but not so much a fighter. All mentions above are how a paladin is mechanically better than a fighter, but it comes with some very restrictive fluff so to speak. For example, here is the climatic showdown with the big baddie. He has a good npc under his control who is attacking the party. What does the paladin do? By his code, he should avoid attacking the controlled npc even though he may be the deadliest enemy in the encounter. Or the big baddie is fighting the party, but off to the side one of his henchmen is escaping with an innocent citizen. What does the paladin do? Does he leave the citizen to be carried off while he remains with the party to try and defeat the big baddie? As a fighter, they would have no code that would compel them either way.

Another example, say an area is under martial law. The baron is not evil but is very strict and oppressive for the betterment of his lands in a time of crisis. His rule is just and he is not harming his subjects, just very strict. Would a paladin work to overthrow him? I think not since his rule is just and his laws are just especially if his people determined martial law was necessary. A fighter on the other hand would have no qualms about working to overthrow the baron unless of course he was lawful good as well. Just my two cents.


I agree, but my only player is my teenaged son, who loves crunchy rules and tactical games. We tried 5E but we're very immersed (not to mention invested) in Golarion. I prefer fast play, quick combat resolution, and the players telling me how they go about perception, but I'm an old 0E guy. It's better to keep my son happy and play PFR.

My players are my 11 year old son and my 34 year old wife. We have tried 4th Edition D&D, West End Star Wars, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Pathfinder Beginner Box, latest version of Gamma World, BX D&D, and 5th Edition D&D. So far the only ones that made it past one session have been Gamma World, Edge of the Empire, BX D&D, and 5th Edition.I am picking up two all new players in my 24 year old nephew and his girlfriend tomorrow. I will be trying to run Rise of the Runelords under 5th Edition so we will see how that goes.

Thanks for combining and your quick response considering all the emails you are receiving.

Thanks for correcting this for me. I look forward to receiving these minis.

I just placed a subscription order to start with Lost Coast on Order 3348954. It is not calculating the right price for the case price. Please adjust this order to reflect the correct price of $279.99 as shown above. Thank you.

Please combine these orders so that I may get the $10.00 shipping discount and please update the shipping to the UPS Ground option that I selected during the order number 3340066. Thank you.

Thank you for combining and updating my orders. I do have one question, my order now says the following:

Package Tracking Originally expected to ship in an unknown time frame
Contains virtual product(s)

This order should not contain any virtual products. Can you confirm that the items in my order are all printed products and not any PDFs. Thank you.

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