[Frog God Games] A new Kickstarter is starting today for the Tome of Horrors in 5E.

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A new KS will start at 6 pm PST today. It will be for the Tome of Horrors in 5E. I will post the link when it goes live.

It's alive.


Frog God Games' wants to unleash the next iteration of its iconic Tome of Horrors series for 5th Edition (Swords & Wizardry fans see FAQ). Hordes of sinister adversaries, restless dead, and other horrific monstrosities to gleefully challenge your players' expectations. Bursting with hundreds of creatures, new additions as well as converted classics, in a library-bound and stitched full color volume, the next Tome of Horrors will be a must have for your 5th edition campaign.

Everybody needs more monsters.

In 7 hours here is how the KS stands.

$10,888 pledged of $20,000 goal

160 backers

35 days to go

I'm backing it. Very exciting!

Here is what Patrick posted a couple of hours ago:

Okay, here is a preliminary response. Keep in mind that we'll refine these responses as we go through the Kickstarter, but this is a pretty good starting point for the answers to the questions so far.

1. What's in the box? What's in the box?!? Er, I mean what's in the book?

Plenty of ways to torment your players! Okay, seriously, the contents is going to be largely what is in the Tome of Horrors Complete that was released for Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry. Keep in mind that a lot of the creatures from that are featured in Rappan Athuk 5e. Those that are in RA5 will not have the vast amount of color artwork that Tome of Horrors will, BUT, there will be some color artwork of the foes in RA 5. For RA 5, the artistic focus that Skeeter has taken has been to focus on the atmosphere and locations within the Dungeon of Graves. We have teased some of these evocative pieces so far and will continue to do so leading up to the RA 5e KS that is planned for Q1 2018.

We are focused on not recycling creatures that have appeared in previous 5e Frog God Games books, such as those in the Tome of Blighted Horrors and Fifth Edition Foes. We want to bring new creatures to the table rather than those that are already available. We are also bringing in some brand new creatures that appeared in Monstrosities for Swords & Wizardry as well as some that have been gestating in the archives, waiting to break free. In short, brand new creatures, some new creatures from Monstrosities, very little recycling from 5EF, and none that I can think of from ToBH.

2. Page Count?

It won't be a bookshelf breaker like some previous Frog God books. We're targeting 350-400 full color pages. We wanted to make this as affordable as possible so it cannot have all 700+ creatures from the Tome of Horrors Complete without being extremely cost and price prohibitive. Because of that we will be focusing on a subset of creatures that represent the creature types from 5E. There will be additional Tome of Horrors supplements released later and a faster clip after the initial book is released that will contain additional creatures from the Tome of Horrors Complete as well as brand new creatures that haven't seen the light of day yet, mainly because the Creature Keeper hasn't let them out - they need to be the right shade of mean before release. NOTE: the additional supplements are not part of this Kickstarter.

3. What about Fifth Edition Foes?

See #1.

4. Euro-friendly shipping?

Unfortunately not at this time.

5. Print on Demand options?
TBD, but not as part of the Kickstarter.

It funded in about the first 24 hours. Now on to the stretch goals.

$20,477 pledged of $20,000 goal

301 backers

33 days to go

$22,388 pledged of $20,000 goal

366 backers

28 days to go

$24,995 pledged of $20,000 goal

423 backers

21 days to go

$28,415 pledged of $20,000 goal

487 backers

16 days to go

Partial list of included monsters is here.

This is a new and interesting addition.

Backer Submitted Creatures

During the BackerKit phase, all backers at the $50 and above level will have the option to submit a brief description and concept for a custom creature to be designed, developed, illustrated in full color by one of our amazing artists, playtested on the bi-weekly Frog God Games live stream, and included in Tome of Horrors. Additionally, those backers who have a submission selected will have the opportunity to purchase (at cost) the original art for that creature.

The Process in Backerkit will be

Choose a 5E creature type (available options will be provided).
In 3-5 sentences, describe your creature idea, including some possible abilities.
Select an estimated CR (must be 10 or below).
Describe in 2 sentences how you would use this creature in your game.

NOTE: We reserve the right to reject any creature submission. If the creature cannot be used in a public convention game, where the audience could be children up through older gamers, then it isn't an appropriate submission for this endeavor. The submission cannot violate copyright belonging to anyone else, contain explicit sexual content, or be otherwise potentially controversial. All creatures become the property of Frog Gog Games (Author credit for the creatures will be given in the book using full legal author name).

$34,594 pledged of $20,000 goal

611 backers

6 days to go

$38,661 pledged of $20,000 goal

697 backers

3 days to go

All--thank you so much for the support--all of us do this because we love it, and its awesome that so many of you do to. Without all of you, none of this would happen.

Merry Christmas to everyone--the Frogs will be sparse for the next couple of days with family etc. We even have a game scheduled for Boxing day (after packing a multitude of boxes for all the orders we need to ship).

On overseas shipping--we charge actual (based on weight) plus $1.50 for the box and labor (we lose a dime or two on each shipment usually). I believe this one will be under 4 pounds--so should not be too bad (1st class instead of priority). That being said, we do not know the weight yet--and I buy extra heavy paper and bindings, as well as clay coat the pages--so the books are pretty heavy. That being said, its still probably less than the 4 pound cutoff.

Happy holiday of your choice to all--watch for big after Christmas sales on the website--we got a bunch of stuff back from a distributor and now have overstocks on several items, and we are going to pass on huge savings to all of you. We need to clear space for the new arrivals showing up this spring and summer.

Lots of awesome stuff coming this year.


$43,546 pledged of $20,000 goal

794 backers

33 hours to go

Creature Type and CR Breakdown, More Playable Races!
Posted by Patrick P. (Collaborator)

"How many of each creature type will be in the book?"

The breakdown by creature type is listed below. Keep in mind that this isn't final and these numbers will likely change as we have 24 additional creatures that are yet to be designed and the addition of 10 backer submissions that will also be included. You'll notice that there are only 2 celestials at present. I will likely add a few more for the final book but I can't make any guarantees on that - the book is already going to have at least 340 creatures and will be pushing 350-400 pages.

"How many creatures of each CR will there be in the book?

This is also listed below. At present, there are 189 that are CR 6 and below. With the additional 48 creatures that need a CR determination, I anticipate that the number of CR 6 and lower creatures will increase. As it stands now, 57% are 6 or lower and I would like to get that to at least 65%. Again, these numbers are not final and will likely be adjusted some through playtest and several editing and review passes.

"What playable races are included for passing $42k and $44k?"

The current list of playable races, which were previously announced are: boarfolk, leprechaun, ophidian, stormwarden, and tsathar. I haven't narrowed down the additional two but hope to do so sometime today. I have quite a few identified and will gladly reveal a few of those: Baccae (Fey), Bog Beast (Monstrosity), Brownie (Fey), Crabman (Monstrosity), Frost Man (Elemental), Troblin (Humanoid (goblinoid)).
Type & CR

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