Is reaper still producing PF minis?


The wilderness of the internet ate the first attempt at this. What is going on with reaper and your mini's, since the last PF mini's they produced was from the Hell's Rebels AP. Also if it is still existing will they be able to add the Kingmaker computer game characters and do you know what happened to the Beginner Box Black Dragon that they previewed but never released.


You might want to actually ask on the Reaper boards, but they produced some pathfinder ones during their most recent kickstarter which should be in or hitting retail soon.

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Yep, Reaper is still producing minis!

We don't tell them what to produce, though, so whether or not they make the characters from the Kingmaker game is up to them to determine. We'll help them out with reference materials if they want to make them, but it's up to them to determine whether or not that's a product that's right for their line.

Unfortunately I don't have any information on the Black Dragon. The beginner box was well before my time at Paizo, and the records that I have available don't go back that far. As Duamatef suggested, that's probably a question best asked on Reaper's forums.

Thank You. I will check out reapers forum and ask them.


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