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a bit confused how this works, most gods show domains, alignment and the lore but this also has boons and an obedience buff

Obedience: slay a proven wrongdoer in Ragathiel's name. It is not enough for the sacrifice to have an evil heart or evil intentions, the sacrafice must have commited evil or unlawful deeds. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to saving throws against spells and effects cast by evil creatures.

1: Virtuous Combat (sp) bless weapon 3/day, litany of righteousness 2/day or magic vestment 1/day
2: Retribution (su) you gain a sacred bonus equal to hald your HS on damage rolls made with slashing weapons against the last creature to have physically wounded you within the last 24 hours
3: pure soul (sp) you can cast holy aura on yourself once per day. In addition to the effects of the spell, yo gain dr 10/good and cold iron and you treat your weapon in hand as a +5 holy weapon for the duration of the effect.

my question is do i get all the boons or choose one?
is obedience always active after slaying the first evildoer?
can a paladin choose him to be his deity in an adventurer path? atm I am playing in the new one Wrath of the Righteous.
can I use the spells even if i took the archtype: Warrior of the holy light, which gives up spell casting for other stuff.

how are you damaging the synthisit? because the edilion's HP gets added to your HP as temporary so if you do enough damage it goes away and has to be summoned again, unless the summoner gives HP to edilion which he can do, and since its temporary hp you can't heal the edilion with heals basically the summoner takes damage in order to give it to edilion

When a player is going overboard and getting a 40AC than i pull out the Combat maneuvers whats his CMD? I bet its a lot lower, so all you have to do is Trip him , than he has to stand up so only gets one attack or he can stay down take -4 to attack rolls and you get a +4 to hit him.

One of the players in my game has 27 ac at level 5 so I tripped him instead and was able to hit his much lower 18 CMD

Reynard_the_fox wrote:
You can do the War domain, be an elf, or take a level of Fighter to get longbow proficiency. (Human fighters can have point blank, precise, and rapid shot by level 1 instead of level 5.) I would go Fighter 1/Cleric X, and focus on buffing and full attacking from the back. Maybe take Reach Spell or something else that lets you cure from long range in a pinch.

they probably wont have a healer if this cleric isnt in the party so you need to take 1 level of cleric than 1 level of fighter, even as a elf you can get point blank shot and precise shot at level 2 and since you are an elf you can have longbow prof at 1st level

you can start with
str 14
dex 16
con 11
int 10
wis 16
cha 14

or dump int for a bit more con

there is a barbarian power that allows you to hit a target that takes a 5 foot step once per rage while raging

Remy Balster wrote:

Wandering Spirit. Shaman class ability. Using it, select Lore Spirit.

I'm not sure if that answers your question? What are you asking?

shaman as in an archtype of druid right? i don't remember seeing any abilities that give it the ability to summon wandering spirit

Remy Balster wrote:
Shaman of Anything except Lore. Then just select Lore as your wandering spirit every day. This gives you Cha modifier arcane spells to add to your list of preparable spells. Using it this way lets you swap em out every day as needed. If you go primary Shaman of Lore they'd be semistatic unless you level.

what do you mean select lore as your wandering spirit?

there may be no defination of mount but a druid is not trained to take commands from the rider, so i would assume he moves on his own and does what he wants instead of being lead by the rider.

mounted combat wouldn't apply since the "mount" isn't trained to take commands from the rider so will not respond when urged thus avoiding that attack.

now if the druid was raised to be a mount and broken like one you can ride him as a mount =D

how does a 8th level wizard get spell resistance without any items that gives it spell resistance?

we killed one yesterday and he had spell resistance without any items.

was the dm being a douche, trying to Nerf a oracle of flame that casts dazing fireballs with a dc of 19?

so I am not a druid, cavalier or what ever but I want my animal mount to be able to wear Light or medium Barding, Since they do not level I don't think you can give it a light armor proficiency or anything.

read somewhere on the boards that combat training gives it armor proficiency but I was unable to find it in any of the books I have or are available online.

does chain of perdition benefit from flanking?

seebs wrote:

A lot of this comes from the huge number of things (spell DC, etc.) which change with "spell level", and the desire not to give users free upgrades with metamagic feats. This is why Heighten Spell is a thing.

I might argue that you can't use a PoP to recall a heightened spell whose new level does not match the pearl, since the entire point of heightened spell is to actually change the spell's level. :)

that makes sense since it actually changes spell level.

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If i have an Empowered Shocking Grasp can I use the Pearl of Power I to relearn it, since its used to relearn 1st level spells.

Readied action happens differently from aoo as they get unto range your readied action goes off than when it moves through our threatened area your aoo goes off so basically u get +1 to each instance not +2

Is there a way to give a weapon reach when it doesn't have reach? aside from Enlarge Person and Lunge

Level 4 magus.

ape shaman archtype, at 4th level and a few items or one or 2 spells per encounter and it will do 1d6+11 damage

agree, too may odd stats, at most u should have 1 to 2 stats odd so you can make it even at 4th and 8th level. Or if you don't plan to put points into odd stats you should have maybe 1 stat that't odd.

everything else looks good. I would have 10 or less Cha, slightly higher dex and wis and str of 14 or so. if you are using 25 point bye


also you have to fight defensively or full defensive to use this ability. So you are taking a -4 to attack in order to block one attack a round. if you are using flurry that is -6 to attack. say you have +4 str mod you have a -2 to hit.

the best option would be to trip the target so he only gets one attack if he stands up or gets -4 to hit and you get +4 to hit prone target.

Normally at first level u can do 2 combat maneuvers with flurry of blows but with this u can do 3 instead

Oracle level 9

A ninja player character is doing secret things which takes the player and DM away from table to talk . What I need is suggestions on how to find out what he is hiding. I want to role play it as a halfling who is curious about this fact.

At the moment I gave him a platinum band and said it was a magic focus which it is. And I use locate object to try to spot patterns and where he goes.

Snap shot so u can provoke attacks of opportunities if u end up in melee oalso u don't provoke when in melee

So a 10th level wizard does 10d6 damage, if I had spell specialization will I do 12d6 damage? or do I need Intensify Spell to go above 10d6 damage?

Lumiere Dawnbringer wrote:
the difference between a Nodachi build and a Greatsword build is very minor. Nodachi builds depend on Crits, but Greatswords are more common, more consistent, and benefits more from buffs that alter size.

I disagree, Nodachi is superior its just 2 to 3 dmg less but Crits WAY more often so like my fighter who's 12th level that's +28dmg x2. and criting 15 to 20

I rather replace ranger with fighter, they can melee or go ranged rather easily. plus weapon training.

so empowered fireball uses a 5th spell slot but its a 3rd level spell, so can you use a lesser rods or do you have to use the higher level rods.

Blusgeoning weapons if the swarms are not too small deald full damage

they aren't too different IMO what you want is a weapon that has an 18-20 crit range make it magic and put keen or take the improved critical feat. than you crit on 15-20 for example the Nodachi 1d10 damage 2x crit. than you will alot-ish

especially good with Magus Spellstrike feature. =D

Not quite sure how your level progression works out. you have to be 6th level before taking Theurge as a cleric/wizard or 8th level for oracle/sorceror build. Since you need 2nd level spells for each class before you can go into Tueurge. From your builds it seems like you become a thurge before level 6 or 8 (oracle/sorc).

How do you apply resonate powers. Does it apply automatically once equipped.

Bonded Object to cast that one spell you didn't prepare but you have in the spell books is nice. or just cast another fireball if you need to.

also get the wondrous item creation feat and make several pearls of power for each level with 24 int at level 8 my wizard can prepare 6 spells per level up to 3rd level spells. and I have 2 pearls of power for each level up to caster level 4, in total i can cast 8 spells per level just like a sorcerer. I prepare about 2/3 damaging spells per level and about 2 to 3 utility spells like haste, shield and stuff.

that way I have 3 magic missiles 3 scorching ray 2 fireballs 2 haste than once i use those prepared spells I can use pearls of power to recast them, also i have summon monster 4.

I plan to make like 2 more pearls of power for each level up to 4th spell level at least. 5th level spell slots will be devoted to empowered fireballs and stuff =D

Halfling Oracle of Flame,

I have Tongues and Darkvision permenacy on myself. I will probably have see invisibility next.

Not too game changing the fact that you had to be level 15 before stat boost is nice most games takes months to a year or more to get there the other bonuses are nice but not too over powered

oh, empowered doesn't add extra dice, it multiplies the result of the roll by 50% more so if it does 40 damage its empowered to be 60 damage.

Your wizard just hit level 9 and just now got their 5th level spell slots.:

Cone of Cold: You're basically casting a vanilla spell - you can add one level of metamagic, but Intensify doesn't do anything yet. You're basically working with 12d6 damage out of a 5th level slot.

Fireball: Out of the 5th level slot, you're able to cast Intensified Empowered Fireballs for 18d6 damage. You can also cast Intensified ones for 12d6 out of the 3rd level slot, or Empowered ones for 15d6 out of the 4th level slots.

How are you doing 15d6 from empowered fireball at level 9?

I basically hired a guy to build a house underground for me. Its 30 by 30 feet which is pretty small but my GM said it would cost 20,000 gold. Its an ornate house but that seems expensive.

ya I ran across puzzles from a GM and its true, They think its simple cause they know the answer, we rolled wisdom or int checks to get clues for the riddles and still took us almost 1 hour to discuss it before we solved it finally. goes to show that WE suck at riddles but the characters who are super intelligent 16 to 22 shoulda solved it in under a minute game time like Sherlock Holmes.

Bigdaddyjug wrote:
Are ou referring to Brewster's Blockbuster Wizard? There's a thread about it in the advice forums.

thats the one i meant thanks

trust me, control wizard isn't nearly as fun as blasting wizard. check it out before you make a control wizard.

looks super fun, blaster wizard.

Sir Thugsalot wrote:
Play a dwarf cleric, and start with a 22 wisdom.

max is 20 at first level, since 18 is the highest stat you can have without racial bonus.

KBrewer wrote:

Time for a new guide, this one for the Blockbuster Wizard:

Oh, I'm trying out instead of Google Docs - I'm running into issues with them destroying the quality of images embedded in PDFs. Please let me know how good/bad the document quality is for you. If it's suitable, I may start storing my guides in Dropbox instead of Google.

Wish i found this before the god wizard build. SOoo fun looking. great guide thanks.

magical lineage is a key factor for sure, you can take reduce fireball's metamagic cost by 1 per feat.

I saw a really nice blaster wizard build but now i can't Locate it on the website, anyone able to find the link it would be great, it would be a link on the website which opens up a website document.

Artaxe Fireforge wrote:

I already made my character, and hes a stonelord dwarf, so more focused on that would prob be for the best

Str 20
1st level feat was power attack. Hp is at 14
Primary weapon - dwarven longhammer - 2d6, reach
Secondary- Dwarven waraxe- 1d10
Armor- scalemail- +5
where do you think i should go with this, prob going to pick up lunge and potions of enlarge.
Edit: Please note that she doesn't have her spells or her knowlage skills apparently, but in the night of her introduction, she was given about 12 flashbacks.

drop wisdom a bit and get at least 16 charisma, it gives you bonus to all saving throws. doubt you need Lunge if you are using a reach weapon already,

plus how does he know what the original master sounded like in order to imitate his voice.

Brambleman wrote:

5th level spell: Apparent Master

7th Level spell: Control Construct

Or be creative and use a form of mundane or magical disguise like they have been doing.

Or forget control, and just toss it into the midst of the enemies and let it fight wildly.

Apparent Master is strange, it has SR and Will Save but constructs are immune to magic so I don't think it will work... also its not core books.

human 16 str 14 con 14dex 10wis 10 int 14 cha HUMan so you can put +2 into STR or Cha or Con, I would put it into cha or str.

get weapon focus first level and toughness or power attack. = optimized imho. if you have 18 str you will have +6 to hit with power attack you will be +5 to hit 1dx+9 damage depending on which weapon you use.

I like the Nodachi myself 1d10 damage 18-20 critical, make it magic than give it Keen and you will crit on rolls of 15-20.

ya that's really stupid channeling as a 9th level character vs undead when you are first level character? NO way that't right. at level one most mobs have 20 HP at the wayyyy top end, with 6d6 channel nothing would live through her round, if there were undead. plus she would over channel when ever you guys need healing, as most of you have less than 20 HP at level one so one or 2 channels is good per encounter. GM should allow you all to be level 9 equivalent too or rewrite cleric as a REAL level one character.

morrissoftxp wrote:
Protoman wrote:
I believe you can use it one-handed without Exotic Proficiency feat but you'd be treated as unproficient = -4 penalty to attack rolls with the weapon.

There really is no issue no one has exotic weapon profiency so I'm order to use this weapon u need to use a feat for it mainly exotic weapon prof: bastardsword the difference is I'd your a Edward you get the weapons with dwarf as martial weapons


If your a dwarf is what I meant auto correct from phone lol

Protoman wrote:
I believe you can use it one-handed without Exotic Proficiency feat but you'd be treated as unproficient = -4 penalty to attack rolls with the weapon.

There really is no issue no one has exotic weapon profiency so I'm order to use this weapon u need to use a feat for it mainly exotic weapon prof: bastardsword the difference is I'd your a Edward you get the weapons with dwarf as martial weapons

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