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Ugh old people. Wanted to see the room before they got it. fine walked him down to the room so he could look at it. Then said looks fine to me but my wife is gonna probably want to look too. So a second trip down for them. I had people waiting in line BTW.

half an hour over at work again...

I hate when someone I'm talking to dismisses a well thought out argument without reading it because it's either doesn't agree with them or is too much work for them to read. It's rude and frustrating, but it does however make me realize their not worth talking too. It's confirmation bias at its finest really.

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Over hyped? BOO!

Guest staying with us a week every night so far (4 nights) he has lost his key and needed me to make a new one. Some people...

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Well for my job I am currently still waiting on my replacement who has been bare minimum 15 minutes later every day for the last month so :(
There was a first shifter who was always at least 15 minutes late, every day, for 3 years. What did they do him? They promoted him. Now he's the "Front Desk Supervisor", usually works second shift, and is still at least 15 minutes late every day.

(Replace mildly with extremely for this post)

Yeah that sounds about right.
I swear even Walmart had a policy where if you were late all the time you lost your job. Corporate America does not respect their workers.

My industrial organizational psychologist would say: You get promoted to your highest level of incompetency. if your a manager you were really good at your last job you would of moved up, But your stuck in your current job because you were good at your last one but the current one is totally different so your not good enough to move up then your at your highest level on incompetency.

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The other phenomenon I see is when people make snarky comments I immediately want to be on the opposite side of them whether I agree or not.

This is a good enforcement of a lesson for me here I realize I'm far too irritated to make an argument in good faith. So instead I'm just going to ignore this thread or maybe come back later when i'm in a better mood.

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Ugh if you buy a 2 dollar coke with a 100 dollar bill you are a jerk.

I mean we are only like 2 movies from them being the same universe.... fine. fine.

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But seriously I just argued with this person for 10 minutes that said they spoke to someone on the phone and made a reservation. We were sold out when they called and they spoke to a lady and we don't have any female 2nd shift people. He looked in his phone and realized we were the wrong hotel finally.... This is my life.

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I think the most annoyed I've ever been (outside of customer service) was in high school when some of my class mates discovered Monty Python (QFTHG) and I had already watched it when I was like 12. They went around quoting it and said I was just copying them. when I recited it.

Weirdo who thinks name dropping a bunch or people in the company will magically create him a room at our sold out hotel....

I always hate when people say How dare this company try to make money!?! We live in a capitalist society people that's how it works. If it bothers you that much do something to change it! At least they aren't polluting the oceans using child labor or semi-accidentally killing people.

But yeah I'm sure and would also hope that every later editions takes the lessons that have been presented by previous editions and learns from them.

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2nd shift over booked us and instead of calling them and letting them know we didn't have a room they left it for me. *murderous grumbles ensue*

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
I think its harder to read the weird capitalization then the scrambled letters strangely. Although I'm typing it so their could be bias.

If it helps, I think we can stop with the alternate capitals. I'm sure it's an annoyance to type that way.

Then again, I do like to annoy you...

Well I did make an alias just because of it so that is a fair assessment.

It's really not that hard. You just hit shift every other letter.

gran rey de los mono wrote:
I've had two calls so far tonight.


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Man all these people hating on Coulson. :P

Son of coul is awesome.

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Still waiting on my replacement. I can't wait to quit this job.

captain yesterday wrote:
Just a Mort wrote:
Thoth for ancient Egyptians, Vidmaster7. You spelt his name wrong.
Vidmaster misspell something!?! Your cray cray!

It will be a nice ditch...

So last night I used our last bit of coffee. management was aware tonight I find nothing was done about it. We have no coffee aside from decaf. now we are suppose to have coffee out 24/7 let alone what we are suppose to have for breakfast. I think I'm just gonna hide somewhere and wait it out once breakfast opens. Oh I know I'm going to give my managers card to everyone that comes up to the desk.

Man nobody tells me anything here. Apparently someones vehicle was broke into yesterday and the officer was back to talk to the owner. I had no idea what he was talking about. Jeez people communication!


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Thomas Seitz wrote:
Right now I'm just wondering how stable the world is with about 2.5 billion left on it. (Assuming that the MCU has nearly the same statistical birth rates and such...)

The lines for Disney land SOMEHOW are still too long....

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Just a Mort wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Speaking of the appalling state of public transportation in the U.S., yet again GothBard's bus simply didn't show up this morning. It happens 2-3 times a month.

There's no warning; no announcement. She and her fellow riders just show up at the bus stop, it doesn't show up, and they check the real-time web site and the bus just didn't run that morning.

Imagine in Japan or Germany if a bus just routinely decided not to do its run with no warnings nor announcements.

There might be a little bit of anger...

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Humans are trash.

*must resist urge to injure late co-workers*

*Rolling Vidmaster7's Eyeballs* wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:

I finally realized that my ex left me because of my insistence on reducing fractions. I guess hindsight really is 1.

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It could be time to make that Vidmaster7*eyeroll* alias.
Too late?

Curse you!

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Also that is the weirdest instrument I have ever seen.

Darn you Seth!

Well you done made me break out the alias I made for you again.

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Oh your one of those people...

... yeah... I get it...

Aiken Frost wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
I think assurance is made just to work with lower level easy skill checks that people feel they shouldn't have to roll.
The same checks the book flat out says you shouldn't bother rolling anyway?


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Hes best at something alright but its not what he thinks.

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Given what has happened in every Paladin thread that mentions alignment at all (including but not limited to the ones spawned from the announcement of Pathfinder 2nd Edition), I am amazed that nobody has Nerd Raged about the idea of dropping the Lawful-Only requirement from Monks. I'm not complaining, mind you -- it's just that I keep nervously looking around, thinking that I have entered some kind of alternate reality that can't possibly last . . . .

Why you got to go and jinx it?

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I just wanted to complain that for a brief moment you made me think it was coming out early and I got all excited! DISAPPOINTMENT!

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Its OK I get to enjoy his suffering too so it balances out.

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Now I really want the monk preview. THANKS you teases!

If you weren't a red dragon I would set you on fire.

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The theory crafting in getting out of hand in this thread.


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GreenDragon1133 wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
probably be cheaper just to leave him alone. If he goes on a smashing spree probably still cheaper to just repair the damages maybe offer hulk insurance.
Plus there haven't been any sightings in a couple years. Not since Sokovia.



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Gah Screaming about trap options already. WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING WHAT ALL THE OPTIONS ARE! Not only can you not make everyone happy all the time but Dog knows you upset one person they just keep spamming EVERY single thread they can to complain.

And no I didn't find one thing to be a Red Flag for the record.

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Yes they are back again.

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Yes that was me.

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The movie was based on the book Gran!

(made this alias just for you)