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Well, I liked it


I played this at a FLGS with a table who went with ye olde traditional party of 4 (Valeros, Kyra, Merisiel, Ezren) and a good time was had by all. I enjoyed the classic monsters and the PFS lore. It was also very cool that all the characters contributed significantly to skill checks, damage, and to the overall success of the mission. We finished the scenario, including the optional encounter, in well under 5 hours. All success conditions were obtained and nobody went down. I attribute this outcome to really stellar GM prep, as well as the intense focus and good play on the part of all the players. The known personalities of the pregens and their relationships allowed for some nice roleplay moments at our table and was actually quite helpful in fostering camaraderie among our group of strangers (your mileage may vary).

My personal experience was therefore excellent, which is reflected in the star rating of this review.

Having said that, my impression is that this is very much a scenario written for players who are already invested into PF, and in particular, into PFS. Despite the innovations of the new rules, the scenario setting itself has a very old-school feel that experienced players can enjoy but would be quite lost on casual walk-ins. As an introductory scenario for PFS2, #01-00 does do a good job of showcasing the expected difficulty level, and in emphasizing some of the "meta" of PFS (e.g. the importance of skill checks, knowledge, group tactics), but it is definitely not a gentle introduction and will not reward a passive or inattentive party.

GMs should prep the living hell out of this scenario, especially if they intend to run for inexperienced players. The optional encounter should be skipped. GMs should be proactive if they see vital clues being ignored or choices being made out of ignorance that are heading towards disaster. If at all possible, players would be best served if they do their homework beforehand and are conversant with the 2e core rulebook and the org play guide, and understand the capabilities of the pregens.