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Education Professional - chipping in here!

Hilary (quoting Belafon) is on the right track, but we need to go back to the start. What do the Stars, Nova's & Glyph's represent?

Are they achievements to be unlocked, or are we testing competence? or both?

I have 5 Stars, I worked hard for them and in earning them is wasn't simply a count of how many games I had run. I only got the 5th Star when I showed myself to be capable and skilled at the table, hopefully embodying the most desirable traits that you look for in a player. We are meant to be positive examples of gaming.

Your new system needs to reflect this. the other side of this is leading to what we in the industry call RPL. Recognised Prior Learning.

Do I need to go through a full review of VC's every time I get a star?
Do I have a yearly 360, peer review system to maintain my "skilled" qualification now?

I am not sure if these questions have been asked, but from the direction of the thread that's what I am seeing presented here.

You also need to consider that not everywhere is the US. I don't know how many VC's are local to an area, but given the distances in Australia (in particular), you'll have to fly VC's around to actually meet face to face. You are talking driving anywhere to 4-9 hours, one-way to judge a game and driving back, I mean if one VC vetting quality isn't enough, we need to be honest and dealing with whatever issues have come out of PFS experience over the years.

Without GM's and actual motivated people, this hobby ends.

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Whilst the quality of internet might vary in some locations, we are going to need a more reliable site and support. Because we are a worldwide organisation (not just an American one).

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

Option 1 seems the best of of the choices presented.

I do feel that the 5 Stars I earned are being devalued in the new world to come, the new rules aren't that different. The years spent organising tables and cons. The support we gave each other seems to not matter not very much.

How does somebody's else's s achievement lessen a new gm's motivation?

We climbed a mountain number one, and they get to climb mountain number two. Recognising the achievements of all is ideal. Demonising or penalising (removing the achievement) seems a great way disincentivising organiser's who have carried the OP for years.

I give away most of my boons, it's fun to see a player rewarded.

Some people see someones else's achievements and want to emulate their own success but others seem to think that achievement came at the cost of someone else.

We need to foster good behaviour and traits in OP. I see this complaints around con boons for years, this sense of entitlement rather than inspiration. We need to create opportunities for better behaviour, recognising the effort of those who came before fairly seems like a good idea.

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Zaister wrote:
Yes, it's in Starfinder Adventure Path #1: Incident at Absalom Station.

Thanks mate :)

I hadn't opened the book because I haven't gm'd them yet, I appreciate your time.

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Just get in close...

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Can we get stat blocks for the ship? At least ballpark?

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Do we have the stats block breakdown for the vessels on the map?

Are these the Pegasus or the Drake?

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Do we have the stats block breakdown for the maiden?

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Thanks Gary, love your work.

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Yep, I am going back to excel and creating my sheets in the Dyslexic Studio stuff. (It's clean quality work they do)

It's easier than tracking everything in someones idea of what I need.

Herolab (the stand alone version), is probably the most versatile tool I have ever used, it's a shame it hasn't translated into Starfinder.

But them moving to a subscription model for PFS/SFS is a fail for me, I am not on board. I'll keep my eye on developments but the product they are currently selling isn't one that suits my needs or one that I am willing to pay any money for.

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Great work

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

and a question; does anyone have a floorplan? what ship map pack do we used for this vessel?

I am considering having an accurate map made to use in PFS, but what is the floorplan?

What is everyone using?

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Checking in, the proud owner of the charity boon. I too have asked by PM Gary, to see those sheets if I can.

Interestingly, the frame is a Manticore. But has anyone named their vessel?

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Hey guys, looking for the right tools moving forward.

I am seeing issues at the table with Herolab Online (Starfinder), requiring an always on connection (i.e. drawing bandwidth and data for hours on end).

So I am looking for a tool or app similar to what we have for Pathfinder 1.0 (one that works).

Anyone have any ideas? What tools are the best? Happy to pay for a product but not interested in subscription model sales approach - as I am I seeing less quality in what's being delivered.

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Perhaps some sort of blend of options 2 and 3. Recognising the eight years, the effort and rules knowledge I put into my local society. Especially from a business which over the next version (marketing package) is going to require my help and time to build to community moving forward.

Asking/expecting everyone to start over isn't acceptable - its ungrateful and also disrespectful.

Also the rules knowledge for me to pick up Starfinder and PFS2 isn't going to be a stretch. I shouldn't be starting at the same level of a GM who picks up a rulebook from tomorrow.

Here's hoping our thoughts are being heard by those who matter, thanks for your time.

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We need to recognise the contribution of previous GM's (and also maintain the morale til 2.0 comes out).

Boons are always a good place to start, remember that these GM's will be paying for the new content as well (the players not so much). One of the things that annoyed me about Hasbro and why I didn't buy 5th edition was the attitude they have to the people who buy their product.

You also need to consider the other costs for these GM's, we'll be buying the new content on Herolab and other 3rd party products. So in effect they are paying for the same content two or three times.

I'd like to see a conversion guide too (if appropriate) for the campaigns and modules, scenarios that might give 2.0 credit in the new world.

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I can't speak for Paizo (but every event I have ever attended) has been a safe space.

Not one of the GM and players (white males included) has put up with any behavior that wasn't PG13 or inappropriate.

Everyone at the table respects certain boundaries - now I have seen those who are socially inept, or even others who are clearly working through their own issues at the time, but the maliciousness and predatory salaciousness of the mentioned article - I can say I haven't seen any evidence of and as somebody whose; friends, wives, daughters and nieces attend events being safe is something I am vigilant about.

In attending PaizoCon myself, I found the people welcoming and really nice to be around (I have always thought that what happens in someone else's bedroom between consenting adults is their own business).

I understand that being polite to someone (just common courtesy) doesn't mean I am making a move on you, neither is noticing that you are wearing a costume - if you are dressed to impress - let me be impressed and let it go. Not every male (or female) is a predator - be mindful of your own baggage that you are bringing to the Con, the rest of us are just happy to share our time with a fellow player at the table we don't care about your skin colour or your sex or any other preference, we are simply there to have a good time with people that share our passion - and if you are lucky enough, with the people who create the stories we play.

If you feel uncomfortable - just find a GM, a Paizo rep, a volunteer or just the person next to you and speak up. You will be supported.

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Yep - that's what I thought - it all comes down to timing and scheduling. my guess would be those pipelines would be pretty full probably 3-6 months out.

Here's hoping they can give you the time to get some of these older modules into the society.

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My first public game; I had two players request I roll out dice in public - I wasn't happy - I don't fudge and I thought it was rude. I still think it was rude many years later (but I have since found the two players in question to be very cautious dice-rollers and I have had no problems asking them to re-roll in front of the whole table if I don't see the roll or they don't tell me beforehand what the roll is for).

So it's very much a matter of trust - I always had the trust of my players at home games - but sometimes the random players at an event don't have the most positive communications skills (don't worry they get better with time as they learn how to communicate).

I roll in the open, when presented with a choice of two options I talk about the creatures/monsters motivations and then allocate the closest targets a number on a dice and roll the attack randomly in front of the table. I don't play favorites - Luck is what makes our game so exciting.

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I think Mike Brock mentioned it a couple of years ago (there was beer involved and I am a little bit hazy) - that a these chronicles had been already worked through - so there might be some tidying up required - and some balancing to confirm with current PFS direction.

What it does come down to is time and scheduling and I am not privy to their [paizo's] workload. But there would be all sorts of deadlines to shuffle around to get there I'd imagine.

But... we have established pre-published content (which has made it through the editing process already). All we need is the chronicles approved and possibly a new PDF - and we done - New content for PFS that means we don't need to consider relaxing role-playing policies etc...


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For the first game; keep it simple.


and that's it.

Simple skills, simple fixed spell-lists, simple attacks.

Use a highlighter to show saves, AC, and key skills.

So many first time games bog down as everyone tries to learn all the rules at once.

Go slow, give them print outs of all their spells and abilities (so they don't have to use the one CRB all the time).

And let them get into the game without too much bother.

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John Francis wrote:

The only older content I can think of at the moment is a few scenarios (most of which were retired for good reason), and older Adventure Paths which have not yet been sanctioned. Personally, I'd rather see limited resources being spent releasing current material in a more timely fashion; only when that problem is solved should anyone think of looking at older content.

Well the older content is stuff like;

Hollows Last Hope
Crown of the Kobold King
The Demon Within
Tower of the Last Baron

Go to Paizo Search on 3.5 Modules .

None of these modules are retired because they where created before PFS existed!

I think there is about 23 of them that we could get into PFS.

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King of Vrock wrote:

Speak with Master only means your Monkey is saying, "Ook ook, eek eek" and your wizard/sorcerer understands it as a language he knows. The Monkey still cannot speak.

--Vrocking Grasp

Anyone with comprehend languages running knows what is being said. It's an actual language they share - but I think there is some rule somewhere about this not meaning the familiars can activate devices, wands etc...

I am not sure, and I don't have the time to check the boards/faq's - so what happens if someone has an improved familiar and their familiar takes the form of monkey for disguise?

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

I have mentioned this before - but what about making some of the older content available to PFS? The older content might need an update - but this could open up a lot of new content in a short period of time.

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***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

Nice one, congrats!

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

Seconded on the retroactive - it means as a GM I get credit for sessions run.

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

Thanks mate!

EDIT: wow a lot of work has gone into these. Brilliant!

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

John Compton wrote:

Many of those are nearly done.

Woah! So VERY excited!

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meh... Flight it's not balancing issue. it can limit some games and negate natural features in the wild. but there are ton's of low-level enemies that fly already; bats, birds, insects.

I allowed a PC in a home game to take Stryx at level 1, it didn't break the game because the limit I placed on him was moral one, as the primary fighter the winged PC would have to stay close to his weaker companions to protect them.

but terrain also plays a part in flight - one can't fly in dense forest and can only fly as high a ceiling in a dungeon. As a GM you'll need to know the dimensions of you rooms. Flying is dangerous, you don't have any cover and you'd usually be the first creature seen (and attacked) by enemies (no cover).

Wind speed also effects flying creatures, so storms and gusts of wind can be quite nasty for the unprepared.

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Whats the reason for needing a second edition?

The rules are working fine, pathfinder is organic and changes over time. So the only reason for change would be to accommodate something better or if the current rule-set stopped working.

So we simply purchase more content to play.

Paizo has done a great job fleshing out Golarion and there are lot's more stories to be told. I don't understand what's driving the OP or other questions about a 2nd edition of the rules. What are you hoping that a ruleset change is going fix - what part of your current game is broken?

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the 3.5 stuff I have run are things like "Carnival of Tears" which are back from Paizo's earlier 3.5 days...

I am not suggesting we sanction non-paizo content.

My own disappointment is around the AP's and paizo modules, which I own but can't get credit for running because the chronicles aren't done.

Hell - at this point I would be happy just being able to record the game is being played and run by me without having to assign it to any PFS character. Just having the module assigned to my GM number would be enough for now.

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

Lasers are fine - that's why we have timeworn gear.

My concern is there seems to be a fair bit of content that doesn't have a sanctioned chronicle sheet - I ran the 3.5 stuff years ago but have no incentive to run it again as for the same time and effort I can re-run new stuff to add to my GM table count.

The issue I am starting to see is people a replaying the same adventures. Or running online games PBP - Surely it's easier just to sanction published content that's on the shelf ready to played not to mention the new GM's who can then purchase the (newly sanctioned) published content to run for players - it's such a quick win.

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Why things get banned in PFS is sometimes flavour but more often it's about abuse of class or taking advantage of a perceived loophole.

So our nice shiny toy's get taken away because of the immaturity of a few who spoil it for the rest of us.

But write down or create your character and find a nice GM and run your concept in a home game or see how you can recreate your concept using the available classes with PFS. If you post a build request on the boards you will get a whole lot of advice.

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Whether or not people like technology in their games is immaterial to the thread - we have been waiting years for AP's to be unlocked for PFS. Years... in the case of Iron Gods well over a year and bit - I'd really like to get recognition for running an AP or two or a some of the 3.5 modules.
I'd have hit my 5th Star by now if I did.

It's 6 pieces of paper needing approval.

There isn't enough current content to get people to the table for PFS, we need to add this old content to the catalog available to players and to bring back the old players (who have played out everything else). We have all this established, interesting material and no PFS GM will run it unless it adds to the table count - and why should they, they get rewarded for running other stuff.

We need to get organised and bring more people to the table next year, to do that we need the content, to build the society we need the content unlocked...

Thanks for taking the time Tonya to address the thoughts on the thread if I sound disappointed it's because this thread was started back in August 2014 and we are still waiting with no end in sight.

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Hey Mystic, ignore the negativity...

Part of being a player in organised play means sometimes nice toys get taken away because some parts of the player base abuse a hole in the rules (it's a maturity thing). If broken bit can be patched that's great but sadly these changes catch harmless players as well, I too have been caught in sweeping change that side-lined a well loved PC.

Don't bother expecting a change of heart from the Dev's as you are starting to see on the thread there are polar attitudes about overpowered PC's (and I agree, OP builds played badly can make for several hours of not fun).

Personally I only make edge case builds because they fit a concept or idea I have, they are usually supporting characters and the OP in one area allows me to focus on a weakness in another area. So I surprise people.


and back to your point, I'd take your free rebuild as outlined in your first post and rebuild your PC to something else. I'd also avoid using builds of the web, and avoid posting your own build details online. The last thing you want is some copycat who uses/expands on your ideas and gets the next thing errated.

More than a couple of us are holding back on our ideas/builds, and saving them for RPG superstar or similar projects (or just playing flexible well-built characters at the table - sometimes it's an idea to have a cheat sheet with reference/rulings/faq's if the build uses some clever mechanic.

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Hmmm, Kinda not cool. I know there is only so much time to do the work required. Perhaps I should have pushed my table into playing Emerald Spire, that way I'd get GM'credits for time spent like other GM's.

Perhaps I hold off purchasing AP's until they are sanctioned... I mean I understand why map packs aren't available til the books are all written - that's completely logical...

It's been over a year (June 2014) since the first book was available, and normal PFS scenarios come with with Chronicle attached (and they are doing a couple of those a month or so)...

I am running Iron Gods now and I'd assumed I would be able to get credit for my time spent etc...

here's hoping we see the chronicle sheets in the next couple of months.

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Codanous wrote:
lastblacknight wrote:
Do we have a date when Iron Gods is being sanctioned? It would be nice to get credit for running AP's.
The best available estimate is after Gen Con, sometime.

Was that official? (i.e. John Compton or Mike?) It's a shame it's after Season 6 finishes...

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

Do we have a date when Iron Gods is being sanctioned? It would be nice to get credit for running AP's.

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Devilkiller wrote:
...I'll also point out that since familiars can "Speak with Master" after a certain level they arguably can speak. That might be limited to their "native" form though...

That's a really good point - it's a language that is usually understood only by Master and Familiar (at 5th level), unless it's overheard by someone using Comprehend Languages... that would suggest technically it might be used to activate a wand...

Mind you this wouldn't take the place of any FAQ's or posts etc in PFS. But it might open a door for home game GM who'd like some options.

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What is going wrong with the reporting on the website?

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

I can't see all scenarios now - and some games are reporting as RPG... anyone know what's going on?

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

Just confirming the last point in the blog, our stars count per game no matter whether we run Pathfinder Society Organized Play or Pathfinder Society Core Campaign.

Does it change the reporting? and also on some scenarios you select A,B,C,D on completion. So which of the two campaigns effects the overall story arc? or do they both?

Can you also create a difference document or cheatsheet for GM's so if we are running across two different rulesets/options we can quickly get up to speed?

For the GM Stars Boon (once I get my 5th, may open a spell for my PC's) is this limited to either Core or Organised or is it available to across both streams?

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

Thanks for your effort John! it's appreciated. especially working through the weekend, you won't be alone

There is a whole of passion on the thread and it's all about supporting Paizo and the community through PFS.

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight


***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

Well Done guys!

***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight


***** Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Sydney aka lastblacknight

Thanks to everyone involved in the process in making things better for all.

I do have a question or two;

Could we see chronicle sheets to open up more content for society play?

Also the are some of the older modules (3.5) that could be converted for extra material (I'll put my hand up to help if you like). Can we see some of those updated and added to offer even more variety?

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CireJack wrote:
BretI wrote:
Jeff Merola wrote:
He said exactly what he does. He asks that they be placed flat down, so he can see what's on their screen.
My misunderstanding then. I thought that meant screen side down making it useless.
I had the exact same misunderstanding. I run a lot of games online. You kind of have to just give up and trust your players in that format. Makes me much more tolerant when running games in person.

I am tolerant, the other players at the table pulled up the bloke who was referencing the bestiary (he simply wasn't aware he had crossed the line).

I do however, dislike people who don't declare they have read a module or scenario before playing and then try to play sneakily... not cool. But if they are open/honest and play keeping that knowledge in check there isn't an issue.

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