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Liberty's Edge 4/5 5/55/5

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Congratulations to Terry Thambipillai (universally known as Terry T) for achieving his 5th GM star.

Terry is a GM of puissant skill. He manages to balance a very firm grip on his players with a gentle sense of humour. He runs games tirelessly, both online and in person, and his tables are always full. He gives his time very generously at most of our UK games conventions.

Terry is an ornament to the Pathfinder Society in the UK and in Europe, albeit a slightly cracked urn. He is a remarkable ambassador for the game in Europe and has led many an adventuring party of Brits across the Channel. So far he has avoided starting any international incidents – probably because he is regarded as an English eccentric. Amazingly, they keep inviting him back for more. He is a very popular guest. I love his games and I hope to play in many more of them. Rock on Terry.

Grand Lodge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Baltic

Well done! :-)

Grand Lodge 4/5

Jolly good show Terry!

Liberty's Edge 4/5 5/5

Nice one Terry! A great GM and a top bloke!

Hopefully I'll get chance to congratulate you in person at UK Games Expo!

3/5 5/5

Actually, I've found him to be quite a Terry-ble GM. ;)

Just kidding. Congratulations, Terry! Certainly well-earned! =)

Grand Lodge 4/5

Pathfinder Adventure, Rulebook Subscriber

Bravo sir!

Silver Crusade 5/5 5/5 *** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Francia

Congratulations !


Well done Terry! This 5th Star is so well deserved, you're always one of the first to offer to help out at cons whether it's running games or setting up the room before we play. We'd be a much poorer community without you.

Silver Crusade 4/5 *

Cheers, Terry!

Scarab Sages 5/5 5/5 *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

Huzzah and congratulations!! Thank you for stepping behind the screen for your local PFS community.

1/5 5/5

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber


I had the honor of playing in a Bonekeep 1 with Terry as GM over the summer, congratulations on the achievement!

The Exchange 5/5 *** Venture-Captain, Ireland—Belfast

Well done Terry. You were the first GM to audit one of my character sheets in OP (back in the days of Living Greyhawk). Might be time to play in one of your games again!

Scarab Sages 2/5

Oh well done Terry. Hope to see you at Conception this year :).

Liberty's Edge 5/5

Excellent work!

Scarab Sages 4/5 5/5 ** Venture-Captain, Isles—Online

well done mate, long overdue

Grand Lodge 4/5 5/5

And as a reward for all that running you can now be harried by kobolds - I suppose it's a step up from some of the pathfinders out there

Seriously congratulations Terry. I might find my way to the island at some point maybe next year

Silver Crusade 4/5


4/5 *



Pathfinder Adventure, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Nice one, congrats!

Silver Crusade 5/5


Liberty's Edge 5/5 Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham

Conga rats!

Sovereign Court 4/5 *


Dark Archive 5/5 5/5 *

Félicitations Terry !

Hope to see you again on my side of the Channel :)

4/5 5/55/55/55/5 ***** Venture-Captain, United Kingdom—England—Coventry

Thanks everyone.
I knew handing those bribes would come in handy :-). In truth, the hobby is one I enjoy, especially for the awesome people I meet so volunteering is never a chore.

Silver Crusade 4/5 5/55/55/5 RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

Congratulations Terry!

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Online

Congratulations! Well Done, Sir!

Dark Archive 4/5 **** Venture-Captain, France—Paris

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Well Done Terry.

I'm sure you going run more Games at Conception soon. Always fun to play game with you since the first time we play together at GenCon UK2001, and after that, all the games we do thru the World and Online.

One of the best moment in game surely be the special LG Game we play at home run by French LG Triad. Sailing thru the planes and carounsing and drinking in The Stygian Delights Inn located in the Palace of the Tear in Gehenna.

Just wait now to play another Special with you as DM, surely Online, now I can't travelled like before thru the world to play.

Scarab Sages 4/5

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Well done Terry, well-deserved too! Looking forward to playing with you again next GardenCon!

5/5 5/5

Great stuff Terry! Well deserved, I fondly remember that Test of Tar Kuata game you ran at GardenCon. I'm looking forward to joining another of your tables, when chance permits.

4/5 5/5

Well done Terry! Well deserved

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