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Hey guys, looking for the right tools moving forward.

I am seeing issues at the table with Herolab Online (Starfinder), requiring an always on connection (i.e. drawing bandwidth and data for hours on end).

So I am looking for a tool or app similar to what we have for Pathfinder 1.0 (one that works).

Anyone have any ideas? What tools are the best? Happy to pay for a product but not interested in subscription model sales approach - as I am I seeing less quality in what's being delivered.

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RAW Natural Spell works only for those PC's with Wild Shape (Su) and the appropriate wisdom.

My request is that this feat could be changed to include those other races with their own supernatural shapechange supernatural ability like the Kitsune etc not just those possessing the Wild Shape (Su)..
I understand the discussion's in and around the polymorph spells and I am not suggesting that we extend the feat that far - this is about races naturally having multiple forms gaining access to the feat as a legal choice.

Mechanically; both Wild Shape (Su) of the Druid and Change Shape (Su) of the Kitsune are both supernatural abilities.

I think it's been over-looked simply because the new races have come out and the time hasn't been there to consider the updating the feat.

Have I missed anything? Is there any good reason why we wouldn't want to have this feat opened up to those races with ability to supernaturally change their form.

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The Target is one willing creature touched,; the spell description does go into greater focus/detail re: animals and magical beast.

Is this an RAW vs. RAI issue?

What is to stop casting things on a PC? (as a willing creature touched?)

Some examples of spell targets.
Calm Animals: Targets: animals with 30ft of each other
Animal Messenger: Target: one tiny animal

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A question for the powers-that-be.

Parts of this question have been touched on in other threads but the threads got side-tracked, so please take the time to read this whole post before commenting (and please comment if you have something valuable to add).

The Question: How does a cleric ‘present ‘his/her holy symbol to channel?

Considerations: (there are three – I am not interested in a discussion about Area of Effect vs. Line of Sight – it’s irrelevant and covered quite simply in the rules).

• A Channel is an; Su: (supernatural ability) that cannot be dispelled, is not subject to SR (spell resistance) is effected by Anitmagic and does not provoke an AoO (attack of opportunity) when used.
• A standard action is required to perform a channel (usually)
• A Cleric must be able to present a holy symbol to use this ability

Now a supernatural ability isn't a spell-like ability, it doesn't require a gesture or verbal component to begin working (think; Aura, or Flight). In some cases it does require a mental command to start or maintain an effect and this can be a standard, swift or free action (for us though it’s a standard action).

Now, to the word Present, some posts have suggested that a holy symbol must be held in the hand and strongly presented to the evil to be cleasened by the holy power of the channel – this is incorrect. A Holy Symbol need only be strongly presented to a vampire or similar creature. For the normal use of a channel, a cleric need only present his/her symbol (a subtle and distinct difference). Now consider what is required to hide a holy symbol – if it’s worn on a chain on the neck, simply putting it underneath your clothes allows the symbol to be hidden. So wearing the symbol of your faith on the outside of your clothes (clear for all to see) is the opposite – as it’s worn out - it is presented.

Therefore, if a cleric was paralysed (and not effected mentally) there is no reason why he/she couldn't channel, provided she had a standard action to do so. (Similar to how a Hag might Evil Eye someone even if she is bound).

Let the games begin….