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*Khan* wrote:
*Khan* wrote:

If you forget the Kyton Bloodline and just dip 1 lev. Blood Conduit Id Rager (anger) Bloodrager instead you can get power attack and improved trip as bonus feats. You would properly want extra rage, but then you have more levels for other classes and more feat slots open.

Be aware that power attacks are only available during rage.
If you don't need str. for other feats you could lower it a bit.
I forgot to mention the urban bloodrager archetype of course.

Thanks. Since the character is a bit of mad, I wouldn't make him a conscious caster (like the id bloodrager). In fact, the untouchable bloodrager fits better.

Bloodrager was in my sight mainly due to the kyton bloodline, because its bloodline powers are very similar to the master of chains prestige class from 3.5 (the character was originally this): he climbs chains, he has armor with chains, etc.

Also, thanks to having "kyton blood", I would allow him to pick the monster feat "Nightmare Chains" (this would be related to the character's boss, so my players won't be surprised by this at all).

The problem with bloodrager is the lack of feats, although I could pick spiked chain proficiency and dirty trick as bonus feats with kyton bloodline.
The bloody-knuckled rowdy also receives improved unarmed strike as a bonus feat and a style feat in level 2. This would allow him to pick kyton style for free, but then I would need a couple of more levels to make use of that. Also, I can always multiclass with some monk levels (in one archetype that skips unarmed strike which doesn't exist...)

rorek55 wrote:

You only need 1 level in brawler to gain access to the standard action feat. Now I'm not saying that brawlers are better or worse, just that I've never really enjoyed one. But I think either one would work well really. I just don't like the idea of relying on a build that requires limited resources. But this is a NPC so that's less of an issue.

As for archetypes for rogues, I don't remember off the top of my head, rake may be a good one IIRC.

If I go the brawler route, I will pick at least 6 levels on brawler, so he can use martial flexibility as a swift action. This is what I mean by extra feats.

Other brawler archetypes besides the strong-side boxer (better trip, and use chains for defense) are the steel-breaker (better sunder and disarm, and the sundering thing can be related with his ex-slave past)

The rake rogue archetype is good too.

rorek55 wrote:

either way, I think 3-4 levels of unchained rogue is a great option for your NPC. Especially if you stay with spiked chain.

Actually, the original 3.5 build for that character has a couple levels of rogue. So yes, it will fit the character, but now even with better features than before. Seeking for some rogue archetypes that replace dangersense and trapfinding, the thug is interesting.

rorek55 wrote:
Fighter levels can give you choices with feat lines such as taking both improved/greater trip/dirty trick. Monk isn't far behind but is more limited in bonus feat choices.

Why not brawler? Martial flexibility allows for several feats for free the moment I need it. Since this character chan use all their diary uses of martial flexibility in that combat (which happens early at morning), this would give him some advantage. Also, I don't think ki powers fit the character (he got mad because of torture).

The boxer brawler archetype could also fit the character.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:

I guess the first thing I want to remind you of is that in 3.5, Spiked Chain is a Reach Weapon, but in Pathfinder, it's not.


I'm just throwing that out there: your 3.5 Spiked Chain doesn't exist in Pathfinder, so I'm exploring options for a chain fighter.

Thanks, I am aware of this, that is the reason I want to simulate the 3.5 master of chains prestige class.

Your listed weapons are interesting, but my players already have played against this foe in three times. I'd prefer to keep the spiked chain by the moment. The only one option is making it a fighter, chose the flail weapons training, and baroom brawler feat to justify the change of weapons proficiency.

Actually the baroom brawler option seems a lot of fun, so maybe I make him a full brawler, with the kyton style feat. This way, I can use a chain as part of the brawler flurry, while having several bonus feats and martial flexibility extra feats.

This also fits with the nemesis concept, because the orc samurai has baroom brawler as a feat, and so the drow can choose feats to counter the new feats chosen by the orc.

Also, with martial flexibility, I will be able to pick every opcion you suggested... in the same combat!

Thank you for your detailed imput and fast feedback.

SheepishEidolon wrote:

Ok, to summarize for myself (did I miss anything?):

1) Level 13 (meaning roughly CR 13)
2) Drow noble
3) Spiked chain user
4) Nemesis to katana-wielder
5) Acrobatic

More and less you nailed it. The only two things I may qualify is that the drow, despite being a noble-scion one, now he is a mad bodyguard because of her tortured background. Thus, he wont have minions, although he is always near of his mother, a witch drow.

SheepishEidolon wrote:

2) Drow noble

Darkness is built-in. A few doses of poison are something a level 13 NPC can easily afford. Dirty tricks mean investing some feats,

I have never considered poison for him!!! (maybe because I, as a GM, hate poison rules). This fits the character.

SheepishEidolon wrote:

Disarm, sunder and trip are further options to make PCs' lifes horrible without killing them outright.

This, and your previous point, gave me one idea. Monks can have those feats by free. And there is one monk archetype focused in poisoning, the black asp monk.

There is one style feats for monk (kyton style) that allow to use a spiked chain within the flurry of blows.
I have to experiment with all the feat possibilities.

SheepishEidolon wrote:

3) Spiked chain user

Spiked chain is an interesting weapon for sure. (...)
You could go for a straight +2 or +3 weapon (to improve damage output and chances for disarm / sunder / trip) or a +1 toxic one (+2 poison DC, 25% chance to preserve poison once on hit).

I didn't know about toxic weapons. This can be handy, because the orc samurai (yes, an orc, not semi-orc) has a lot of FORT (and resolve)

SheepishEidolon wrote:

4) Nemesis to katana-wielder

To become a nemesis, it helps to threaten what's important for your foe. In this case it's the weapon: The poor half-orc should have to deal with disarm or sunder attempts...

The samurai orc has this covered. The weapon has that "calling" ability that allows him to summon it. But the drow don't know about this, of course.

SheepishEidolon wrote:

5) Acrobatic

Acrobatic can mean a lot of different things in Pathfinder. I'd go for old-fashioned Mobility and Spring Attack.

This could work, and also mobility can be gained as a monk feat. But when I said acrobatic I meant "fighting while hanging on a chain" stuff.

One of my NPC, a recurrent minion of the main villain, is a level 13 drow with some levels of classic fighter and some levels in the master of chains prestige class (3.5).

I did this character this way when we were starting to play pathfinder several years ago.

However, I think it is better to rebuild this character from scratch because I find the master of chains class a bit lackluster.

The character has the following traits:
He was a noble drow who became a slave and was severely tortured, so he learned how to fight with chains that are still bonded to him. Also, all of this broke his mind, so he has an obsession with fighting to survive.

In previous encounters, this villain fought against our party while hanging in chains. He was not a spellcaster (besides some racial spell-like abilities). He is also a kind of nemesis for one of my party players (a very strong samurai orc with a mythic, spellcasting, intelligent katana...).

I recently discovered many spikes chain feats, the kyton bloodrager bloodline, combat tricks, and so on. The problem is that this requires lots of feats. It is partially solved through the fighting class, but any dipping in other classes is encouraged. For example, there are some kyton style chains that would be good with monk class levels (or not?)

So I want to ask if somebody has tried something similar, and what your suggestions are for a spiked chain acrobatic character. Also, any advice to encourage the nemesis flavor against the samurai orc is welcome.

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Mister F wrote:
dr Slurp wrote:

free performance checks (without feats) are optional because they bring penalties upon failling, so I wouldnt mind if players keep spamming those performance checks.


But, precisely scoring critical is a free check without risks on failing, check the rules

Why can I not discuss this with my brother instead of using a forum to ask to my brother?

Ok bro.

Thread is closed

free performance checks (without feats) are optional because they bring penalties upon failling, so I wouldnt mind if players keep spamming those performance checks.

in the case of that feat combined with that mythic path ability, i would allow for one performance check per enemy tripped,but i have to think if would allow all checks to stack, because only one action caused all the triggers for the checks. Maybe i would agree, since that feats have a lot of feats requirements: either three performance feats, or either weapon focus, dazzling display, one performance feat, and performing combatant...

Mister F wrote:

Noone reads performance combat, but ...

How many performance checks can you do if you vanquish multiple enemies in one turn? One per enemy?

Performance checks are swift actions, so only one per turn usually.

Secret Wizard wrote:
Tell us how he does!

Thank you. I will post the character soon.

To make the waiting time more enjoyable, I will say the following:

After the Intrigue Summer Adventure, the main city is at risk of suffering one or more of these things:

- an anarchist revolt leaded by the aasimar antipaladin player to complain about the king's opression of the poor citymen to pay his army (to which there are several players affiliated)...
- an undead revolt leaded by a lich NPC that is trying to make a pact with the king's army to defeat the main villain and is waiting his response...
- an inevitable summoning ritual, leaded by some mad cultists who want to bring an end to the world...
- the murder of the tengu rogue player, who was captured by an NPC inquisitor during the intrigue summer campaign...

There are less than one day left for a important festival, where these events can trigger.

This is the perfect environment to start to play pathfinder!!! Although a barbarian cant help to avoid revolts.

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We are closed to the final choices!

Finally, we decided to mix several of Avr, Slim Jim and Secret Wizard suggestions to make a very strange build, funny to role and play. I convinced him to pick multiclass barbarian/fighter to be able to have enough feats for empty quiver flexibility.

Since he will have some fighter levels, he will be a mutation warrior. To drink the mutagen as a move action, we decided to replace the hurler archetype by the drunken brute (he read the related rage powers and laugh a lot...).

And, given that he will be some alchemist background, why not make him using alchemical cartridges in a paddlefoot pistol?

Ironically, the NPC that gives technology to my party is a gnome, that always are angry, discussing everything and fighting people who dont agree with him. The drunken technological mutated barbarian can have funny interactions with that gnome.

The build will not be 100% optimal at level 7-8, but it will be funny enough. And in a couple of levels he can do a lot of damage using dex to damage.

We could call his character Secret Slim Avr

The player was able to use his character last summer in a Intrigue setting game that we did through SMS (I use to do this on summers because our party are very split). He played a "vanilla barbarian" because I said that, for that adventure, he wouldnt need a well-defined character sheet (because I expected no combat encounters), and now we have to design it (so this is why I came here with a barbarian human idea). His barbarian could get well with some noble familys that thought he was a good exotic jerk. Well, this build confirms the nobles's impressions

Slim Jim wrote:
If you have more feat slots that you know what to do with, then trade one of them for not being human. (IMO every race, especially the core ones, have significant advantages over human in exchange for that feat, many of them defense-related.)

I think human is his favourite race. Race is one of the most important character parts for noobs that dont appreciate min-maxing.

In my party, there are a drow, a tengu, a tiefling, an aasimar, an orc... He will be the second human (the previous one was a witch).

Secret Wizard wrote:

You can certainly use Sword and Gun with a gun used as a light mace. The problem is that you still can't reload.

True, but using both guns with big clips partially solves this issue. A laser pistol has a clip of 10 shots. The paddle foot pistol can fire 4 times without reloading.

With empty quiver style,he can fire 8 times with two paddle foot guns bedore reloading... Maybe this is enough until he picks the empty quiver flurry feat.

Wow, that feat-chain (empty quiver flurry) is one of the things the player was wishing at the beginning (staying at melee) before thinking about GangPlank!

It is a bit feat intensive, but looks more barbarian than a pure throwing weapons build.
I will ask my player about that.

In that case, the feats would be:
Human: weapon focus
1: point blanck shor
3: rapid shot
5: stabbed shot
7: empty quiver style

With one two-levelz dip of fighter he could pick empty quiver flexibility to add DEX to melee, and rapid reload to reload the gun in melee. But he has to decide to multickass first, then.

If he dont multiclass, I think whe should look for other Rage Powers.

Also, I have to think (RAI) if the shoot and gun feature can be used combined with the empty quiver style feat to fight with 2 guns (one "used as a light mace", and the other as a gun, and switching weapons instead of reloading). As RAW, it shouldnt be possible (a gun is not a light melee weapon) but I see no problems as RAI (because if the barbarian can use a light mace and a gun, why wont he be able to use a gun and a "gun-as-a-light-mace"?)

Oh, I forgot about precise shot. Although baroom brawler can pick that onve a day...

Thanks for imput. I think we have almost finished this.

Slim Jim wrote:
In a word, no --...

I supposed that.

Slim Jim wrote:
INote that while Han Solo makes medieval knights look like chumps who wonder why they ever left home, a vanilla wizard with only CRB access will be easily taking his lunch money by 5th at the very latest. "Martial/Caster disparity" is a very real thing.

Absolutely agree. But the most strongest player in my group is an orc samurai (the most expert player btw).

Also, laser pistols have "semiautomatic" feature, which combined with rapid shoot allow to make 3 shots with -6 penalty. Targeting Touch AC... Dont skip that...

Now, the current "casual build" is like this.

Level 7 Savage Technologist / hurler
STR 16
DEX 16+2(human)+1(level 5)=19
CON 15
INT 11
WIS 12

Base attack Bonus +7/+2
Base Fort save +5
Base Reflex save +2
Base Will save +2

Proficiency with all simple and martial weapons, all firearms, light armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Class features:
Rage, skilled thrower,
Sword and Gun, rage power.
Trapsense (1), Primal magnetism
Rage power.
Crack shot
Trap sense(2), Rage power.
Damage reduction (1/-)

Trait: Reactionary (we can replace it if we find one better.

Extra Human feat:Throw anything? Baroom brawler (my twin brother, the most expert player of the party, can help the noob player to make his daily choices with this feat)

1: Point-blank shot
3: Quickdraw
5: Rapid shot
7: Surprise Volley? Vital strike? Baroom Brawler? Throw anything?

Also, extra racial feat at level 1 (one present of the GM for every player): Defiant Luck (maybe ratial heritage if we discover one interesting racial feat)

Rage powers.
2:Smasher (to break things if needed...) (useful with vital strike)
4: Reckless abandon (since he has more AC during rage, this allow him to exchange AC for attack bonus)
6: He had thought in guarded life but now that I read it I dont think it will be very useful... we are opened to more rage powers suggestions...

Blinkback belt (5000)
+1, keen, Falcata (8000)
Laser pistol (10000) with three batteries (300) (Can be replaced with paddle-foot pistol and alchemical cartridges, but the laser pistol seems better to me overall)
Rest of the money armor and usual gear. There will be time to obtain more things, to enhance DEX.

Slim Jim wrote:

Those two archetypes stack, so his barbarian can be both simultaneously. (Obviously Hurler isn't useful if he's decided not to throw things.)

After reading the blinking belt, he is considering investing in hurler again. But yhis is not definitive

Slim Jim wrote:

I'd house-rule that a long-gun with a bayonet can be used as an improvised spear in one hand. (...)

The Avr's suggestion of axe-musquet can replace the bayonet or falcata. It surprised mea lot not finding an only one technological weapon like a sword-blade.

Following some Technology Guide Book advice, I can make possible to craft technological weapons with the same rules as magical weapons, but instead of being magic, they use battering charges. So, the blinkback belt could be a "teleporting belt"
Besides, the rifle will be only for sniping. Uusally he would use it for smashing...

regarding guns, we are almost decided for the laser pistol and paddle-foot gun for emergencies. Laser pistol sounds OP, but almost every player in my party is godly-levels. They are clones from past-legends and they have unlocked their mythical potential . Thus, a big dude with laser guns won't matter at all.

Now, after asking him for feats and rage powers... he seems insterested to be in combat, at melee range (>.<). So, he can use some hurling charte feats/rage power, surprise volley, quick draw, point blank shot, rapid shot... and power attack? could be power attack useful in melee after spending so many feats in range combat?

Slim Jim wrote:
SavTechs make fantastic throwers, but they're best used as a multiclass ground-floor before jumping into Fighter or other martial. Go to 2nd (for Sword and Gun, and a rage-power), then jump ship.

Thanks for the feedback

My player has read your whole post, and he thinks he needs to approach the game more slowly, so we have decided to avoid multiclassing by the moment.
Also, he looks more interested in the technologist archetype than the hurler one.
Anyway, your ideas was very delightful to read, and maybe I will make a NPC with that build only for laughts.

We still took notes of suggested equipment and feats.

And yes, I am more a dream-creator GM. In fact, his character stats are way higher than those...

We noticed that also our party doesnt have a "sniper" for those cases they have to kill a flying dragon. So we are thinking to give hime some kind of rifle for those situations. Is there a rifle that can be used as a melee-on handed weapon? I searched for technological rifles and modern weapins but did not find something as flexible as that.

avr wrote:

Edit: high-tech grenades can exist but are too expensive to actually use.

He will be able to paybfor that in my adventure.

If he uses grenades, maybe two-handed thrower is not needed. That makes space for another feat.

Regarding rage powers, I was thinking in these options:

Witch hunter (and superstitios) to kill casters with the gun

Reckless abandon to exchange the AC for attack bonus at distance.

Hurling charge (and lesser hurling) to throw an item and charge. But i think he will need something for melee attacks in that case.

Also the smasher ragepowers line sounds interesting to break some objects with the gun (using the archetype feature to add DEX to damage).

The cartridges seem to be fun. Suddenly, the paddle-foot pistol look better than a laser gun. Maybe with those cartridges we can skip the hurling grenades part of the character

JiaYou wrote:

If you go hurling, you arguably would want to hurl two-handed weapons, so you need Str 15 for the Two-Handed Thrower feat (otherwise you're better off with a bow). Quick Draw and Rapid Shot are also necessary.

He basically want to throw gunpowder/ alchemical/technological items to blow then with a shot or to control the space.

JiaYou wrote:

If you're going to give your guy high-tech guns though, you're probably better off just TWFing with a gun and weapon (Opening Volley means your successful ranged attack gives your next melee attack +4 to hit, which is great).

Opening volley seems a must to initiate the combat. Also, it can be used with hurling charge, in case he wears a fire weapon to ignite the barrel.

Maybe he can wield an storage weapon to get their hand free for reloading when needed. I need to think about the equipment too.

so, starting at level 7, he can have:
Extra human feat: two handed thrower?
1: point blank shot
3: surprise volley
5: quick draw
7: rapid shot

Could ranged feinting word it?


I will have a new noob player on my party. He hasn't played any role play game before, however, he is more interested in learning the rules and feats than the other players in my party. So his character has conquered me even before making it.

One of the possible options he is thinking about is to make a human savage technologist. But we need help with the build, because I have not built a DEX-based barbarian before.

In the setting of our game, there is a friendly NPC that crafts high-technological stuff, so he will be able to fire without reloading in combat.

So... Do you have a viable build or crazy ideas for a savage technologist? It is not needed to maximize their stats since our party is very casual.

He has thought in one character of League of Legents (I am not familiar with that game... sorry): GANGPLANK: A Dwarf that throw barrels and explodes them with a gun. That sounds interesting enough to skip.

There is an archetype that allow barbarian to throw objects: the hurler. And it is compatible with Savage Technologist.

But we are open to more ideas. We need ideas for any feat, rage powers, traits (even mythic paths abilities if you are truly inspired...).
I think he wont like multiclassing, but you can post some multiclassing ideas if you want. I will listen to everything.

He will start at level 7. Standard currency for level 8 players (the party is level 8). Human race.

Thanks in advance


I have a new player in my game. He wants to be a "viking with ice powers". Better if it is related with storm giants.

The two first things I suggested were either bloodrager or kineticist, but he would like to be a non-spell caster hero (kineticist doesnt account for this)

I have been looking for frost giant feats but I cannot make an interesting build. So maybe I have to look for magic items.

The character would start at level 8-9. Any advice will be regarded with honor and glory for your personal Valhalla.

Yes, trap focused characters has been always better as NPCs. Snares are always preventive, not proactive.

Alric Rahl wrote:
I believe Jason Buhlman said in the Ranger Blog that there was a feat at higher levels that allows deployment in combat.

Yes, i think it is called quick snares.

It allows you to set up snares that requires 1 minute to craft within 3 interact actions.

The only thing I miss is the ability of the trapper to shoot arrow-traps. Now we have to play arround already installed snares.

However, the ranger can obtain a lot of benefits against flat-footed enemies, and some snares cause them to be flat-footed.

What is the better option to make enemies enter in my snares?

I am trying to design a snare focused character. I know snares are tricky to use during a game, even if you have the quick snares feat. Maybe I will use him as a NPC.

The damage and DC of most snares fits well with the damage scaling of the game, and it requires less feats than old ranger traps. Good job.

I have one question: is the powerful snares feat (level 16) designed only to enhance your basic snares? Most interesting snares has a DC of 18 or 22, so. I see this level 16 feat as not worth to pick

I am thinking to multiclass to rogue only to use that 1d6 of sneak damage against my flatfoooted snared foes. Other option is to use my animal companion to push them to my snares. It seem that there is a lot of options for this weird build. Good job again!

Arkangel7th wrote:

I've had a fascination with necromancy since i was a kid (...)

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

Be careful, my friend. Necromancy is not a toy

Maybe you would like the necrografts feats line (not only for your minions)

John Napier 698 wrote:
A glass jar full of eyes that follow party members as they move about the room.

Another room containing a jar with ears that hear all things the party are talking about.

Another room with a jar of lungs and mouths seeking for help which can not listen the party (unless they speak to the ears in the other room).


The amazing meowcroakowoowoinks!

dotting this

Que traducido es...
¿punteando esto? ¿chincheteando? Ni idea

Me sorprende ver tanto spanishparlante por aquí. It is always a pleasure. Vivo en Pamplona.

I had to split my party because of "ethical differences" about killing or not one PCs in front of a teleporter specialist enemy.

A couple a sessions after, the two half-partys get totally broken when a war started.

We managed the war using the massive combat rules and by Whatsapp.

It was epic when, at the end of the war, PCs got slowly reunited befote the final apocaliptical battle. It reminded me a One Piece saga.

But yes, I decided not to allow to split the party again.

Merry christmas, mr Bonkers, and thanks.

I like your ideas. I can houserule the little "alchemist spellcaster" issue.

Other interesting feats would be proxy summoning. and []superior summoning.[/url] .

It seems it will be a fun fight for me and annoying for the players, with a big boss with damage reduction and fast healing and minions continously being summoned. I cant wait for that.


One concept I want is very similar than a drakainia monster, but with lower CR and with class levels if instead of a premade monster.

I ask you for ideas of a "generation" focused big boss.

My players in the game I am currently masterying have gone to a flesh-bones-fur forest (without vegetal life) generated by the power of a mad scientist. That mad scientist is de "lord of Gneration Taboo": he has a pseudo-divine power to generate life, like goddess:

In fact, the forest is a huge titan.

In the adventure, players will have to explore the forest guts and combat the mad scientist somewhere in titan's guts.

I have designed the manners to kill the titan after the scientist's defeat, but I had not startet to design the big boss until now.

I want the encounter to be a "sprouting minions" one.

For the mad sicentist, I was thinking about a worms that walks template with alchemist (vivisectionist) levels, but another ideas for a countinously minions summoning will be wellcome.

Yes, reanimates medium is confusingly written.

Ok, I could allow that house ruled feat (boon eidolon) since his eidolon is not very mix-maxed. This player wants to be a polemom trainer in combat and a politician outside combat, and medium have bluff and diplomacy as class skills (and he could use surge in bad dice throws)

So, he can pick another three levels of medium while progressing his eidolon. That would bring shared (useful) seance, access to level 1 medium spells (i dont know its usefulness), and another +1 to spirit bonus (useful). The result is a fully grown eidolon and a character with a strange support role (worse spells although more flexible, and continous buff)
it would be interesting if he retrainef the summon monster class feature picking the spirit summoner archetipe to improve the strange build. Or maybe it is a silly idea

Avr!!! how long!!!

Yes, raven form will be picked at 7th level. I am afraid traps have to wait, by the moment.
Combining opening volley with death from above or flying stung would be interesting to see.

The feat slot of quick draw can be remplaced by a glove of storing (only for one item)

So, depending on the shoot+charge / keep shooting build
1: quick draw
2: rogue talent: bomb
3: opening volley/point black shot
4: [sneak attack with splash weapons], [charges movements deals sneaks attacks]
5: tengu wings
6: rogue talent: bomb discovery: smoke bomb (unless another alchemic weapon can create a smoke cloudm in that case he would pick flying stunt or point black shot...)
7: tengu raven form ¬¬
8: rogue talent: flying stunt/precise shot [he can deal one sneak attack per turn if keep moving]

Equipment: goz mask/fog cutting lenses, any magic item which can be drop. And a recharge innate magic wand to use his raven form more frequently.

I'll ask him, but I think all these imformation will be useful.
And we have to learn the fly rules...

I have a little doubt with touch spells, because of this amplification:
Phrenic Strike (Su): As long as the psychic has at least 1 point in her phrenic pool, she can attempt an unarmed strike in place of a touch attack as part of casting a spell with a range of touch. This unarmed attack still provokes attacks of opportunity as normal unless the psychic can otherwise make unarmed attacks without provoking attacks of opportunity.

It would be usefull form a touch focused caster?????
An then, I found this curious feat line:
Possesed hand: Benefit(s): you take a permanent –2 penalty on concentration checks once you gain this feat. Any attack you make with a one-handed weapon, light weapon, unarmed strike, or natural attack with your possessed hand gains a +1 insight bonus on the attack roll and damage roll. (and other bonus in skills checks)

Hands autonomy: Your hand cand act independently. Besides other advantages, it can make one attack per turn with a simple weapon.

The first one has the very disappointent concentration penalty, but the second one provides one free attack. Can it improve the limited action economy of formless adept???

Markov Spiked Chain wrote:

He should start most days with 6 influence, unless there's back to back adventuring days. Which would let him surge 5 times.

Losing summoner progression definitely hurts. Although there's a recent feat to make up 4 levels of eidolon progression.

RAW, reanimated medium starts with 3 influence points. And at level 1, he cant gain more influence points.

I didnt know about that feat. Is it similar to boon companion feats?


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Ok, I already read the mordant spire lore on a wiki. Basically, you want flavoured ideas for a pseudo-azlant, secretive, masked elf society.

Rebirth discipline cant regenerate phrenic pool, so if you want keep using your level 5th power you shouldnt choose a lot of phrenic amplifications with phrenic pool cost.
One option to use your floating spell is to scribe it on a scroll with the scribe scroll feat (archivist flavour)

To explode brains, pick mind thrust spell with mind touch phrenic amplification

One of my players have a tengu unnchained (underground chemist, scout, swordmaster tengu) rogue. His race is tengu because he wishes to fly and to be a big raven. His class is rogue because he hates magic and love sneaky tricks.
Also, he like to craft traps and bombs.

Sooo, he wants flying (by racial feats)+ sneak attacks+no magical battlefield control

Now he is at level 6.

The idea is to envolve oponentes in smoke bombs and then attack with sneak atracks using cuttingfog lenses.

I ask you for advice to obtain all these things. I am interested in alchemical weapons to throw/drop while flying. And, if anyone suggest how to use traps in combats with or without quick trapsmith and cunning trigger,it would be great


Markov Spiked Chain wrote:
I searched for prestige class which can transfer a surge effect (spiritu surge, rage, etc) to a companion/eidolon/familiar, but it seems it doesn't exist.
Marshal Spirit lets you do this at level 1, as well as letting you Surge for other allies. They might even consider taking a second level of Medium to give everyone (including the Eidolon) solid Shared Seance buffs like +2 Damage.

Yes, he can transfer his surge, but only twice per day at that level. And if he leveles up as medium, eidolon and summoner abilities wont progress anymore. Because of this, i was searching for a animal companion prestige class which allows to progress spellcasting and companion abilities.

The second medium level brings shared seance, but i think it would be more useful to obtain more summoner levels, and if it is possible, retrain the medium level

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Rysky wrote:

Rules aside if I was the GM I wouldn't allow the retrain, as it would be an insanely cheap way to get out of dying and resurrection costs.

By the rules though I don't really see anything preventing him from retraining, and I doubt he would die again.

Yes,it is cheap, but in my setting it is nearly impossible to achieve. That character learned how to summon his soul after death because a NPC medium share her soul with him, and he did tricking things by this way, so finally he could level up and i told him about that archetype at this moment (and not before, he kept playing to see the final of a war campaign trying to resurrect with NPC help).

The Raven Black wrote:

What would have happened if he had chosen another class when he was dead ?

IMO that is the situation he would come "back" to should he retrain :-)

FAQed as I would like to know the official tackle on this :-)

If he had chosen another class, he couldnt have been risen back, and his soul would be a kyton augur loyal to a NPC bigboss (nowadays defeated)

(Yes, it was a very crazy adventure)

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one of my players was a level 5 summoner, who died in our last campaign. During the campaign, and after his death, his soul managed to gain a class level (Its very long to explain how) and he picked a level of reanimated medium (medium archetype) to resurrect (otherwise, it would have been imposible).

Now, that level of medium allow him to channel his own soul in his own body daily. But, besides of being alive again and the new skill class obtained, that level dip is kind of useless for his character. I searched for prestige class which can transfer a surge effect (spiritu surge, rage, etc) to a companion/eidolon/familiar, but it seems it doesn't exist.

Do you think if he retrain that medium level will he die again? How do yo solve this problem?
RAW: I think he can retrain
RAI: I think he would die, unless he paid a resurrect effect...

Avr, I see that you usually posts in "builds advice" trheads. Thanks you in the name of all noob community...

Here we go with the intial build.

Class: Psychic 6 (Formless adept)
Race: Aasimar peri-blooded (+2 int & + 2cha & pyrothechincs SLA, which is very thematic). He wanted a "demonic race", and periblooded aasimars are hell-touched angels... However, I ask him to consider being lashunta or shabti if he likes it.

Stats: 4d6, drop the lowest...
Main stats: Int & cha/dex/con.
Dump stat: Erm... usually I would say strenght but with this touch spell focused build I am not sure what to do...

Feats and class features;
0- revered guidance (house-ruled extra racial feat in all PC at first level)
1 - phrenic amplification: formless spell (by archetype)
Feat: Expanded frenic pool
discipline spells in formless body: chill touch and expeditious retreat
discipline power: blur formless body
2 - Detect thoughts
3 - Feat: Dirty fighting
Phrenic amplification: Kinetic enhacement
4 - formless spells: levitate and stricken heart
5 - Feat: Weapon finesse
discipline power: gaseous form formless body
6 - Formless spells: gaseous form and vampiric touch
7- Phrenic amplification. incoming...
Feat: incoming:

0:ghost sound, know direction, mage hand, open/close, prestidigitation. sift
1: ear piercing scream, floating disk/animate robe, charm person, silent image
2: mirror image, spectral hand
3: telekinetic maneuver

I have to buy the equipment. Armor, scrolls, wands, rods.

Sensate fighter archetype? Simple but hard.

And, if psychic means occult instead of having mental powers, he can try a phantom rider cavalier archetype

If he likes occuktist, maybe he will like a relic hunter inquisitor tu use his racial stats bonus properly.

And grippli bogborn alchemists can have a swim speed because they have a new aquatic mutagen.
I cant wait for the new archetypes incoming in blood of the beast player companion book. Kroak kroak

Returning to the tread topic, a water kineticist gillmen also can have a bath with his elemental power.

Mister F wrote:

What a crazy party you have. I see that you only marked the race of the samurai, as an orc. Are the rest of the players playing as humans?


Aasimar antipaladin, tengu rogue, drow summoner, orc samurai, blind-cursed gillman oracle and "afro-rastafarian" human witch. Weirdest party ever.

avr wrote:

Since a formless adept doesn't have a means of generating more phrenic pool points during the day, unlike most of the usual disciplines, I'd be wary of picking a discovery which wants to chew through the pool points like that.

The next one down (kinetic enhancement) might be useful with the dirty fighting feat though. It'd also help avoid being grappled or otherwise combat maneuvered.

Oh, interesting. I was tempted to mix gaseous form with spectral hand to do touch spells (not optimal, but fun), and these two feats/discoverys can make the character a more dirty windy oponent if he casts telekinesis at level 8. I will search for maniouver combat casters guide.

avr wrote:

Sorry I didn't reply earlier, missed your response until Mister F bumped it up to the top again.

Thank for the reply. Lucky piranha...

Jader7777 wrote:
Gillmen have too much baggage for my liking. Grippli are the way better aquaticish race from my experience

I totally agree with you.

Jader7777 wrote:
but you probably wouldn't think that just from looking at me.

Why do you think that? I cant figure...

Thanks. Its better for him to have a versatil build in that party.

Thinking about out-combat utility,I discovered that gaseous form has mythic form. In my adventure, i allow to unlock tiers access under certains conditions.

To add more defense, how about the force field psi_tech discovery?

One friends wants to start playing with our party. He has never played RPGs

The party currently is composed by:
samurai (swordsaint)orc,
unchained rogue(underground chemist-scout).
unchained summoner (blood summoner)
witch (bouda)focused in misfortune,bouda's eye, etc

After discussing that, he decided to be a tiefling psychic, with the formless adept archetype. He will start with a level 6 character (25 point build)

The problem is that I dont find any build or guide for that archetype, only generic guides.

He likes this archetype because the flavour of beeing a gaseous caster, like that character in Hellboy 2 film. The spells gained by the archetype are focused to do touch attacks and to enhance movement. And... thats all for a level 6 character... I dont know how to build it.

I ask you for any ideas of flavoured builds with a role in that party. I dont need a complete build.


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