Ideas for a nasty, life-crafter, big boss


I ask you for ideas of a "generation" focused big boss.

My players in the game I am currently masterying have gone to a flesh-bones-fur forest (without vegetal life) generated by the power of a mad scientist. That mad scientist is de "lord of Gneration Taboo": he has a pseudo-divine power to generate life, like goddess:

In fact, the forest is a huge titan.

In the adventure, players will have to explore the forest guts and combat the mad scientist somewhere in titan's guts.

I have designed the manners to kill the titan after the scientist's defeat, but I had not startet to design the big boss until now.

I want the encounter to be a "sprouting minions" one.

For the mad sicentist, I was thinking about a worms that walks template with alchemist (vivisectionist) levels, but another ideas for a countinously minions summoning will be wellcome.


One concept I want is very similar than a drakainia monster, but with lower CR and with class levels if instead of a premade monster.

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Disclaimer: I mostly play Pathfinder Society and therefore are not that familiar with all available options, nor high level play.

Let's give this a shot. If you're going for an Alchemist, one option would be the Preservationist archetype. This archetype trades the poison stuff, persistent mutagen, and the lvl 18th discovery out for standard action summoning. It gains Summon Nature's Ally I, II, IV, V, VII, and IX. Combine this with the Planar Preservationist feat to acquire the corrosponding Summon Monster spells, and the alchemist has a lot of choice during the encounter.

You could up the versatility even more by picking feats like Versatile Summon Monster and Versatile Summon Nature's Ally, which can grant non-outsider creatures you summon a choice of various other templates (namely Aerial, Aqueous, Chtonic, Dark, Fiery, or Primordial).

Other feats to consider: Starlight Summons to give all the creatures Blind-Fight, or Summon Plant Ally to add Plant creatures to your summon list.

The only snag I can see is the Worm that Walks Template. It states that it requires an Evil Spellcaster as a base creature. The Alchemist is (technically) not a spellcaster. Now, this is for a homegame, and as GM you can house-rule it (as it already has pseudo-divine powers). But if your a stickler for the rules, this might be a problem.

Merry christmas, mr Bonkers, and thanks.

I like your ideas. I can houserule the little "alchemist spellcaster" issue.

Other interesting feats would be proxy summoning. and []superior summoning.[/url] .

It seems it will be a fun fight for me and annoying for the players, with a big boss with damage reduction and fast healing and minions continously being summoned. I cant wait for that.

I'd say that Paizo has sided with the idea of Alchemists potentially being able to become Liches, as a Villain in Shadows of Gallowspire, Nalthezzar, is a Lvl 12 Human Alchemist Lich despite not being to cast spells.

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