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Female gymnasts, Kacy included, work off high strength to low body weight ratio. Not overall high strength. The video below shows a woman is is simply strong. She could not win ninja warrior, but Kacy can't lift what this woman can.

Strong Woman.

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I love low charisma characters. They can be fun. Unlike many, I do not like low charisma characters whose players pretend they are average charisma characters. We all occasionally suffer from Illusory Superiority and we tend to pass this onto our characters.

Roleplaying difficulties caused by in-game negative social interaction is NOT punishment. It can be an interesting RP opportunity.

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Or if you go back a little further...

Have to be large but...
Pathfinder Fighter 5/The War Hulk 15 (From Miniatures Handbook)
Pathfinder Barbarian 20

You end up w/ BAB +20 and a +20 to strength all the time with an additional +10 while raging.

Start Strength 28
End Strength w/ +6 item but no book while raging

= 64

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Zelazny described it well. Spells take a long time to cast. But instead of completing them, you can "hang" them in your mind with only needing the last few words and or actions for them to trigger.

This makes sense to me. With that in mind I would like to see spells take much longer to prepare, perhaps based on level of spell or level of spell and caster level. Then Perhaps set a limit on total spell level that one can hang at any time. So you still have specific spells prepared, but have more leeway with levels.

I however want only my prepared casters to cast this way. I would prefer my spontaneous casters utilize an entirely different system, with more control during actual casting, an entirely different spell list or effects, and with a completely different feel.

The two systems in one world would be much cooler than two casters coming to a spell from two opposite directions and yet the spell, for each, does the exact same thing.

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Gandalf is an outsider. Like many outsider's; he is proficient in martial weapons, he is highly skilled, he is long lived, he can use spell-like abilities, he has the ability to cast spells.

Now for me the question would be, "Does he cast spells from the arcane list or divine list?"

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To AD.

I actually do not think you HAVE to be evil and or neutral to charge cost.

I have had character BUY items at cost for others party memebers just because the item would make them so cool.

Others I have had charge a small fee.

My Paladin who could craft charged a small fee based on the time he could be helping those truly in need instead of crafting. He would take this extra amount (which was 15% market) and tithe it since he noticed his companions (even a cleric) never seemed to tithe at all. They knew he was charging over, they knew where it was going and they knew it was his way of making up for missed opportunity and forcing his groups to tithe. (muhahahahahahahaha) This way their moneys went to OTHER good causes since our group was not the only good cause in the world at the time.

So I think there are cases where good characters can charge with no moral issue involved. Again, as stated above it kinda depends on the moral principle and as Revel says, the game perspective one has.

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I can say that my weak willed frightened caster who would be otherwise pointless, is beloved by my party because of these two spells used together with a quicken rod.

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Well here are the combos I read while we went through, that most people seemed to think would work.

Please, if you are just getting on the page, read the whole list, the descriptions of these combos really do them more justice than just reading them as a list.


Black Tentacles/Stinking Cloud

protection from arrows/ levitate

Haste + Rage

Maze + anything else


Aqueas Orb + Hideous Laughter

Flaming Sphere + Pyrotechnics

Enemy Hammer + any Create Pit spell

Quickened Ill Omen / Hold Monster

Glitterdust + Fog Cloud

Pit spell + illusory wall = Nobody saw it coming

Blindness/Deafness (blind) + Blindness/Deafness (deafen) + bestow curse (make mute) = Poor sap

Silent Image/Create Pit

Spark + Pyrotechnic

Wall of Stone + Meld into Stone

What about flesh to stone followed up by a transmute rock to mud?

web + burning hands

Invisibility + Summon Monster

rainbow pattern + acid pit.

Create Pit + Hydraulic Push

Beast Shape I and Geas/Quest. = "A talking bird just told me that I'm the chosen one!"

Fear + Crushing Despair

Create pit + Summon swarm.

Use Gust of Wind to blow tiny critters into Blade Barrier

Use Telekinesis to toss enemies into Black Tentacles'

Irresistible Dance on a target within a greased area

Mage's Magnificent Mansion + Fabricate = Infinitely shapeable dungeon of doom in which to lure your enemies.

Shrink Item + Mage Hand

Shrink Item + Telekinesis

quicken Cloud kill placed on back wall where enemies are + wall of force to wall them in

Feeblemind + Ray of Stupidity

black tentacles followed by a quickened stinking cloud

Flesh to Stone + Stone Shape + Stone to Flesh

Moment of prescience already casted + prismatic wall + quickened telekinesis

Unseen Servent + Grease

Summon Monster VI to summon a succubus and suggestion to tell victim "She told me she wants you, go hit her so
hard her daughter is born pregnant."

Dimension Door, Feather Fall, and a nearby, unattended 250' rock

Mind blank + invisibility/greater invisibility

Web + Summon Swarm (spiders)

quickened cause fear + create pit
Grease + Blade Barrier

Black Tentacles on floor followed by Black Tentacles on roof ten feet above.

Any Wall spell coupled with Stinking Cloud, Cloudkill, Acid Fog or Incendiary Cloud.

Wall of Force + Acid Fog

Aqueous Orb coupled with Cone of Cold or another Cold-dealing spell to trap the target within the now-solid ice Aqueous Orb.

Telekinetic orb + implosion

Magic Jar + Binding (Minimus Containment),

Hypnotism + Ventriloquism

Continual Flame + Sepia Snake Sigil, preferably both cast as Shadow Conjuration/Evocation to keep the costs down

Animal Messenger + Delay Poison

True Strike + hydraulic push + Create Pit

Unseen Servant + Grease

Trap the soul + Tarrasque. Turn it into your phylactery when you become a lich. No one wants to kill you because it
would release the Tarrasque.

Reverse gravity + telekinesis

Flesh to Stone + Shatter

Running Enemy + Grease + any Pit spell.

Quickened True Strike + Telekinesis

Spectral Hand + Stone Shape that stone floor the BBEG was standing on? It's now his air-tight, not-allowing-for-
any-movement tomb. No save.

Charm Person + Modify Memory

Aqueous Orb + Freezing Sphere

Create Pit/Move Earth/Stone Shape (any earth-moving-type spell, really) + Cloudkill

Explosive ruins and Dispel magic

Explosive Ruins: 8th or 9th level illusion spell

Animal Messenger + Magic Mouth

Wild Shape/Elemental Shape into Large Air Elemental + Call Lightning.

2 Summon monsters I's for Stirge + Centipede

Darkness + summon monster for a dog (scent)

Illusion of wall of fire + Prismatic Wall

Dust of dryness + a barrel of holy water

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I wanted to make a list of spell combinations. I thought maybe we could do a poll. (I know) So the rules are:

1. Only 2 spell combos are allowed

2. Please copy and past the former list and edit/add our own vote.
If you have a new option as being the best most useful spell combo,
add it, if you agree with one of the other combo's already listed,
then add an X to the right of it.

3. For This Tread only arcane spells

Pretty easy. Keep the list clean, add your reasoning for your addition under the list and we will be set. If it gets to be a popular thread and we get to 100 posts, then we will perhaps close it and determine a top 10 cool/useful combos list. Which brings us to the fourth and final rule

Please do not post/vote more than 3 times.

I will begin with one just for show, I'll count it as a vote.