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Christian Dragos wrote:

Are we talking about the ID cards that show your name, PFS#, & such? These only print one to a page.

Or the sheet of cards to give to new players to register for PFS?

I was referring to both, really. Having a border around the single card makes it easier to cut out after printing it (although having your personal card in a sheet to hand out to people as a type of "business card" would be kinda cool, too), and having borders around the new player sheets will make those easier as well. I do like Bob's thought of using the business card templates as the basis, though.

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Note: As this is about the Organized Play ID Card, I'm posting it in the Organized Play boards. If it should be posted elsewhere, please move it to the correct location.

The current Organized Play ID Card is beautiful in its simplicity, but needs some work, especially if you are downloading a sheet of cards for use at a convention or FLGS. Basically, there should be some sort of border around each card, so that you can easily ensure that you are cutting the cards to be the same size. I do not believe that the change would take much to implement, but would have a huge impact on making them easier to use.

I just hit my first nova, and am two tables away from my fourth star, and would love to have the borders available for when I print out my new card.

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Christine Bussman wrote:

***** ANNOUNCEMENT *****

...at least one of the two is either Cosmic Captive or else not on Paizo.com...

I'm not sure what this means; could you clarify, please, Redelia?

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I'm getting ready to run this for a local convention this weekend, and I want to verify something for playing the lower subtier.

In Area B, if you are playing 12-13, there are no glabrezus, which means that the "Thurl's Preparations" sidebar on page 20 for Area C4 will never happen in the lower subtier, right?

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Hmmmm... I'm not seeing this:

Rules for applying credit have been relaxed slightly when using pregenerated characters in adventures that require the use of such characters.

Are we still only allowed to drop credit to a brand new character, or is the rule supposed to be the same as the Pathfinder Society Guild Guide, where it can be dropped to any level 1 character?

I'm not seeing any wording changes from 1.0 to 1.1 on the use of pregens and applying credit.

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Hi Sam -

It looks like something is still going on with the order. I'm now showing that it's going to use the remainder of my Store Credit, which is fine, but it attempted to charge the entire amount on the card, instead of just the partial amount.

Also, it looks like the First $10 shipping isn't being applied to the order.

Thanks for your help!

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I am attempting to download Bonekeep level 1 from My Downloads. When I click the link, the asset disappears from my list. If I then reload the page, the asset appears again, but if I attempt to download it, the cycle starts over.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can download this?

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Do we have a listing of what maps will be used in this as yet?

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Race Boons:
Vine Leshy
Aquatic Elf/Gillman/Merfolk

Other Boons:
Sapphire Guardian
Share the Wealth (Equipment)
Mounted Tradition
On-the-Job Training
Trophy Hunter x2
Professional Reputation
Recalled Knowledge
Seen it Once

Looking For:
Aasimar or Tiefling (to be able to use the Gillman boon above)

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On Tuesday, I received an email stating that my CC was declined for this order, which includes subscription content, as well as quite a few maps.

The maps were transferred from another order, and was set to use store credit. My CC shows the authorization hold from the subscription order, but I am not authorizing the remaining amount on the CC, as it is supposed to use store credit.

When I view the order, it shows that the store credit is being applied, but an additional amount greater than is needed is being authorized on the CC. I would like to have the order manually pushed through with the payments as displayed in my order.

Thank you.

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Douglas Edwards wrote:
Isabelle Lee wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Before he wouldn't have been taxed weapon focus, his weapon focus longbow would apply to the horn bow
This is incorrect, I'm afraid. Weapon Focus (longbow) is not an effect that applies to "both longbows and shortbows". ^_^
What is the intended effect of this new ruling then?

I second Douglas' question. This clarification made this murky, and I can find no other posts discussing this to help elaborate what the intent is.

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I see how frequently the SFS AR is updated, and I am happysad. Yes, it means my new Starfinder hotness can be utilized, but so much of the nifty stuff that's come out for Pathfinder just gets utilized in home games... which happen less frequently than our PFS games.

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Terminalmancer wrote:
John, can you tell us what the table requirements are to run this thing yet?

I agree; it would be nice if the product description gave the minimum number of tables that are allowed for the multi-table interactive specials.

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I have:

I'd like:

To sweeten the pot, I have the following Boons:
Professional Reputation
Mounted Tradition
Elemental Voyager
Niche Specialist
On-the-Job Training
Seen it Once

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My search-fu is failing me, and I'm unable to find any information on this.

I have scheduled the four We Be Goblins! modules to be run at the store I am the coordinator for. All of the games are running with 4-6 players, so the four pregens included aren't enough for everyone to have something.

I know Paizo released Bisbee and Smuz for We B4 Goblins! (http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5lixc?Goblins-Free-to-a-Good-Home-Or-a- Bad-Home), and they were used when we ran that, but I am not seeing anything that states whether or not we ran it legally. Additionally, I don't see any similar pregens for the remaining three modules.

I see that PFSPrep has a couple additional pregens, but they're not legal for use, per my VL. Are there any officially sanctioned additional pregens for the entire We Be Goblins! line?

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I have two boons on my character, one that allows me to be a Grippli, and one that allows me to use a Giant Frog as a mount, if I have the Divine Bond or mount class feature. Since my Grippli is a ranger, is the Hunter's Bond class feature the same as the Divine Bond class feature, thus allowing me to use a Giant Frog as a mount/animal companion?

Boon Text:
You spurn commonplace mounts for a creature better suited to your personality and your culture’s traditions. If you have the divine bond or mount class feature, instead of choosing an animal companion from the list provided in the class description, you may instead call a mount from the list below so long as you are a member of the corresponding race. You must actually be a member of the listed race; the adopted trait or similar abilities do not grant you access to another race’s traditional mount. If the animal companion statistics for your race’s mount are found in a source beyond the Core Assumption, the source is listed below. You must bring a copy of the listed book to all games in which you use the selected animal companion as though access to the animal companion came from the Additional Resources list.

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Because this will matter to my Hunter...:
Which category does the boon companion from We Be Goblins Free! fall under?

I'm assuming Quadruped [claws/paws] like the bear, but could see Quadruped [squat body] as well.

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Recently, we had the following happen at one of our local stores for the weekly game day, and it caused a discussion that the local cadre would like to get the opinion of the hive mind, or a post that states whether or not this is acceptable.

Three players were signed up for a scenario (7-28), and there was a walk-in to make the table a legal 4-player table. One of the players signed up was a no-show, which left the table back at three, plus a pregen. During play two of the players realized they had played the scenario previously.

Per the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide, page 7:

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide wrote:


You can receive credit—a Chronicle sheet with the adventure’s rewards—once for playing an adventure and once for running the same adventure as a GM, regardless of how many times you play or run that speci c adventure. In certain circumstances, you may need to replay an adventure you have already completed. The following rules determine when replaying Roleplaying Guild adventures is legal, and what bene ts you can gain from replaying.

Minimum Legal Table Size: You are permitted to replay an adventure in order to meet the minimum legal table size, with the following stipulations.

Rewards: You don’t earn any rewards beyond having a good time. You should (in this instance only) receive a Chronicle sheet for the adventure, though the GM will denote that you earned no gp, Prestige Points, Fame, XP, boons, item access, or any other bene ts or disadvantages otherwise normally awarded by a Chronicle sheet. You do not receive Downtime with which to attempt a Day Job check. This Chronicle sheet serves only as a placeholder to indicate the character participated in the adventure and provides a place to track consumables, purchases, and conditions acquired by playing the adventure. This is the only exception to not having two copies of the same Chronicle sheet assigned to one character.

Notify the GM: You must inform the GM that you have already played the adventure or run it as a GM. GMs are encouraged to be as exible as possible when replaying an adventure is the only method to run a legal table, but a GM has the right to deny replaying an adventure to players if she feels uncomfortable running an adventure for players who have foreknowledge of the story.

No Spoilers: Spoiling plot points or using insider knowledge to a ect game play is grounds for the GM to remove players from the table. You should be very careful about character knowledge versus player knowledge. If you are concerned about possible spoilers, take the GM aside and ask her how she would like to handle it.

And in the GM section on page 10:

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide wrote:


The minimum table size for a Roleplaying Guild Organized Play session is four players. The recommended maximum is six players. In cases where you simply cannot seat four players, you may run a table of three players, and play an appropriate level pregenerated iconic character in order to meet the minimum table size of four PCs. Pregenerated iconic characters are available for level 1, level 4, and level 7.

If seven players show up to an event, rather than turning someone away, consider adding a seventh person to the table. Check with the players to determine their preferences before running a seven-person table, as seven- person tables o en overpower otherwise challenging adventures and limit the amount of time each player gets to shine in the given scenario.

Tables may not have eight or more players.

Should the table have been cancelled once the GM determined that only one person had not played it, or was it acceptable to have the two players who played it previously ghost to meet the legal table size?

I don't see anything in the FAQ or on the discussions about this, but if there's a post that says one way or the other this is legal or not, I would appreciate it.

FLite wrote:

My brain tried to prefill his parting line as:

"Sleep well Pathinders, I'll most likely kill you in the morning."

I approve of this message.

Isn't it "Heidmarch"? :-P