The Dead Walk

Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! This week we will be exploring what happens when necromantic energy and humanoid soldiers mix in Crown of Fangs. All of the miniatures this week are based off of art from Curse of the Crimson Throne. Specifically, the original cover artwork (and character artwork) for Pathfinder Adventure Path #11: Skeletons of Scarwall. First, we have the Skeleton Infantry. The Skeleton Infantry is full of great detail and can be used as your standard skeletal swordsmen or a graveknight.

Next, we have the Skeleton Spearman, made to accompany the skeleton infantry figure. Together, you can accurately represent a diverse mix of skeletal opponents in any undead encounter. I really like the spearman's pose! Both the Skeleton Infantry and Skeleton Spearman are medium common figures.

Finally, we have the Skeleton Champion. Distinct from his minions, with a head that flames with the power of evil, he's a must have figure for anyone looking to field skeletons against their players. The Skeleton Champion is a medium uncommon figure, and frankly, looks like a rare.

Stay tuned for more miniatures reveals next week!

Michael Kenway
Director of Licensing

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Again an early preview (15 minutes before midnight in germany), thanks Mike!

Two common skeletons with gold armor, each one 4-5 times in a case.

One rare skeleton with silver armor and flaming head per case.

I wonder if the "Skeletal Cavalry" will be uncommon or rare...

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Marco I think they said uncommon on flaming head guy.

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We're even being offered warbands of skeletons! I like it.

Shadow Lodge

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Another solid three members for the set. Perfect rarity. I just hope the details come through, looks like a lot of fine detail in the faces, arms and neck easily over painted I suspect.

The flaming head skeleton looks great, and since wizkids have pulled off a number of ghost rider minis I'm pretty certain this will come up awesome. Plus he's uncommon!

Oh and well done on weapons, three minis, three weapons. Great variation on the table.

Skeletons are always great and these three don't disappoint. I like that they're wearing pretty heavy armor and can be upped with their CR due to this. I also love the fire headed skeleton! Any skeleton with a distinct look to keep my players guessing is great! Love all three.

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I'll have to clear out some room in the Lesser Undead box, I see. ^_^

Those look perfect for an encounter I ran last week :( (always after I need them, oh well :) ) Some of the best skeletons I have seen to date.

All three look fantastic. The sculpts are on point, the poses look excellent, and I'm really digging the synergy of the heavy armor as they all go great together. Very well done!

I'm a singles-buyer, occasionally I'll order a brick, but I haven't bought an entire case of ppm since Wardrums. That set featured some of the greatest commons and uncommons ever produced, imo, minis that I still used regularly in my games to this day. If the Crown of Fangs previews continue in this direction this could very well be the first case purchase for me in over a decade :)

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@Mine all mine... don´t touch: you´re right, that happens when i read the blog on my mobile. ;-)

I think "Seargent Lashton" (which will be named differently) will be a rare and not an uncommon mini, but maybe i´m wrong.

While i have dozens of skeleton minis, most are unarmored or wear scrapmetal. These look more like elite warriors - Dread Skeletons, Death Knights or like something with class levels.

This set will be very undead-heavy, so far we have seven out of 20 revealed minis that fit into that category.
At least three other undead will be in this set, if not more.

Only 9 more weeks of previews until the set releases on may 3rd and still 22 creatures, 6 dressings and all the "Court of the Crimson Throne" case incentive pieces (excluding Illeosa & the throne) to show off!

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These 3 skeletons along with the "Book of the Damned" dressing piece give me a real "Army of Darkness" vibe.

What mini would you use for Ashley J. Williams if you would set up an Evil Dead encounter?

Good Ash, or Bad Ash? :D

I'd use the Valeros mini from Iconic Heroes I as the basis of the Ash figure. Snip off the sword hand and replace it with a chain sword from a Warhammer 40K Space Marine then snip off the dagger hand and replace it with a hand holding a pistol or a hand crossbow to represent the "boomstick." :)

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Duamatef wrote:
Good Ash, or Bad Ash? :D

"Good, bad - (i´m) the guy with the gun!"

That being said, at the end Bad Ash looks a little like the flaming Skull "Skeletal Champion" ;-)

@Vernon Fults: There is a Reaper miniatures metal mini from Iron Gods of a female half-orc with a chain-saw. ;-)

There is no Pathfinder mini with a rifle yet, only three with pistols...

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9 weeks/63 days till release.

As i have seen "Logan - The Wolverine" today (10/10 by the way), i really hope we will get a medium wolverine mini in this set.

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It looks like there's no preview tonight. :-(

I hope Mike is not sick.

60 days till release and 32+ minis unrevealed means four renders per week in the next 8 blogs.

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In other news:

"Pathfinder Deep Cuts" unpainted miniatures officially release on wednesday 22nd of march (same day as the unpainted D&D minis).

April 2017 has no miniature releases.

Pathfinder Battles: Crown of Fangs has the (momentary) release date of wednesday 3rd of may (this may get pushed back or not, but will stay in may).

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