No Bears, Oh My!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Hail and well met, Pathfinders! We're getting close to the end of our trek through the Jungle of Despair, and we'll be free and clear with a month to spare before its May release. No jungle is complete without animals to call it home, both benign herbivores like the slow-moving sloth and docile deer, and more deadly predators. What fun is a mini of a sloth, though? Let's take a look at some of those hunters!

First we have the lion, the so-called "king of the jungle." Now, you and I know that lions really live on the plains, but who am I to argue with one if he wants to be known by an inaccurate royal name? I've seen the videos of lions attacking, so I'll just call this one king of whatever he wants me to. The lion is a Large uncommon figure.

Next, we have another great cat—and one that actually lives and hunts in jungles, though it doesn't need such silly titles as the lion king. No, the tiger is content to hunt in peace and quiet. And if painted white, it might even do some magic tricks for you in a Vegas review. The tiger is a Large uncommon figure.

How does that line from "The Wizard of Oz" go? It's "lions and tigers and eagles, oh my," right? I think so, because that's what's next in this blog's sequence, and I'd never deviate from canon by changing up such an iconic listing of dangerous critters. The eagle makes an excellent animal companion or a summoned creature, available to even low-level adventurers. A Small uncommon figure, GMs everywhere will be saying, "the eagle has landed" in just a little over a month's time.

The set has more than just these iconic apex predators in it, however. After all, someone needs to clean up all the rotting, half-eaten corpses left behind in the hunters' wake. Leave that to the vulture, a gross, bald-headed scavenger bird sure to strike fear into players everywhere when a few of them start to circle overhead. The vulture is a Small uncommon figure.

With all these wild animals about, we really could use someone to train them. Fear not, for the human ranger is on the task! As a Medium rare figure, he's still a steal for the lucky collector who pulls him from a pack, because he's really two minis in one. With his trusty bird of prey perched on his gloved hand, this figure pairs well with either of the two avians previewed above.

Next week, we explore the horrors wrought by nature run amok, but until then, enjoy the birdies and kitties revealed today; next week's offerings won't be as kind.

Mark Moreland
Franchise Manager

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the cats look a wee bit small on those large bases and a medium vulture would have been a better supplement to the piloted one, unless that is only medium because 2 creatures.
have you been lazy enough to recycle the sculpt sans goblin? that would be cool.

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I like the look of the lion and tiger. I don't like the scale compared to the bases. I hope it's a mistake and the figures are bigger or the bases are switched out for mediums. The detail on the tiger's fur is fantastic!

The birds are good figures. I'll add them to my collection. The human ranger is colorful but looks a little boring to me. I think it's the sword. A rapier or Elven blade of some type would have looked cooler.

I am really, really excited about that ranger! A friend and I always split a case and do a draft for the rares. I think he may be my first choice.

The cats, well I agree with what was said above. They look great but way too small relative to those bases.

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I've had the hardest time finding a tiger miniature. I'm happy to see one at last!

Shadow Lodge

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I think the two kitties do indeed look rather small on their bases but that probably means they’re about the right scale in actuality. Longer Han a man and stand as tall, so probably alright.

Love the birds. Hopefully I can wrangle a second ranger, I like him.

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Not sure how I feel about the "flying" tiger. I think I would have preferred him to have a contact point on the ground.

Hi Mark, you mentioned we'll be free and clear with a month to spare before the set's May release. Any chance we can sneak a peek at some production pieces during that time? Thank you as always for a fun preview.

Shadow Lodge

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Just did a quick sizing exercise for the minis shown here. The cats are indeed very small for a large mini. Could be an artefact of the digital sculpt pictures, but I think they may be too small.

Would live to see the production stills of the minis from a variety of angles, that to me is the real test of a set because that lets you see the paint quality, final poses and relative sizes

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I really like the lion, which seems to be the right size when i look at the Bestiary entry (5-8 feet long).
It is after all supposed to be a representation of a normal version and i can use the "Dire Lion" from the D&D "Dragoneye" set or the "Blessed Hunter" from "Unhallowed" if i need a Dire Lion.

The tiger on the other hand looks definetly too small, it should both be longer (9 feet) and a bit heavier than the lion according to the Bestiary.
The flying position also looks stupid, the hindlegs should be on the ground, like in the artwork on page 265 of the Bestiary.

While i like the idea of more animal companions/familiars, i found the three birds (falcon, raven, owl) from the Reign of Winter minis set represented the necessary birds very well. At least the eagle is of the white feathered type, making it the american national animal.
Hopefully we'll still get a lizard, monkey & viper.
The vulture looks nice, but it is small and i too would have prefered a medium one to work in tandem with the "Goblin Vulture Pilot" from "The Rusty Dragon Inn" set.

The human Ranger should have an eagle that looks like the single mini, but sadly the colors are different.

We have now seen all 8 rate medium minis & i only want more than one of the Piscodaemon (CR 10), the rest are exactly the right rarity.

Three more commons to show, one of which is the Pixie if the set description is to be believed.

Two more medium/small uncommons unrevealed & one large uncommon.

The last rare large missing is seen on the box art - it's the Anghazani or High Girallon.

If i look at the "Forest (warm) entry from page 320 of the Bestiary, these are the missing minis:
-Boar (m)
-Constrictor snake (s)
-Dire Ape (L)
-Girallon (L)
-Monkey (s)
-Toad (s)

It seems very probable that the last unrevealed large uncommon is some kind of ape.

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The Tiger does look small. I am hoping it is a flaw with the computer generator that these previews are made from and the actual figure is more scaled to the correct size.

This set is shaping up better than I hoped. I'm excited to have a non-giant eagle and a non-dire lion. I agree with the others that the tiger could stand to be larger (and terrestrial) but it's not going to be a dealbreaker for me. I'm still hoping for a few more animals within the Jungle of Despair, like an elephant or dire rhino.

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The cats look fantastic, even though they do look a little small compared to the base.

Wow, I can’t believe how many different bird offerings there are now. Once Jungle of despair comes out, I’m going to have to dedicate a whole bin just to them.

I need to echo the sentiments that both the lion and tiger look way to small. Additionally, I will also echo the point that the tiger should have its rear legs attached to the base. It looks silly in this position as if it's flying. Please change this. I love the vulture and that's my favorite because I don't have one of this mini type. In truth the eagle is probably even better, but I do have that represented already in mini form.

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