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I know the pain. My party can absolutely count on nearly any Baddie to fumble his way to failure.

As I have always flavored it for my self and as description to my players as quick prayers to the deity describing the intended effect followed by appropriately themed visual where warranted.

I honestly have to second the Air bloodline Bloodrager. It's got everything you seem to be looking for and the class itself can be easily flavored to a thor type.

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I have been in a game with a Magus where it definitely seemed so but it would vary based on the character options you went with like most classes. But a smart player wouldn't have much trouble finding few tricks up his sleeve for nearly any situation.

The duration listed is until the operatives next turn. So the target would take the extra bleed damage at the beginning of his turn. And then it would go away on the operatives turn. And no as far as the rules affray posted state it is not immediately applied.

1:A sorcerer can pick any of the listed bloodlines to be. As for RP there is really no guideline for it a sorcerer's bloodline is the source of his magic but it could be diluted by many many generations. If the player in question wants to focus on it as part of his RP maybe they occasionally have impulses or desires that run counter to thier alignment or possible find the implications of thier power coming from some evil ancestor to be somewhat shameful.

2: the racial ability in question allows them to choose 2 favored classes at character creation at first level instead of one. Taking a level in your favored class let's you take either one extra skill point or point of HP( assuming you are only using the core books and no advanced race stuff). Multiclassing is under the character advancement section of the core rulebook book or just read the poster above me.

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Pretty much the same as a Pathfinder fighter isn't it?

The DC is half the spiders HD plus it's con modifier not the Players HD and con. The PC has to make either a Strength check it Escape artist check to escape however if they keep failing another player can damage the web to free them.

I would argue that it is situationaly useful. The spell prevents magic aging which means any spell effect, curse or random wierdness that would cause you to shrivel and become and old person prematurely becomes useless on you.since most those would only give you the penalties of aging and not the bonuses that's a good thing. It's also a flavorful RP thing great for long form campaigns that take place over the course of decades and such.

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Anyways, closer on topic; anyone else hoping one of these magic hacks is basically access to a digital familiar? Like... Digimon?

Okay, maybe not that awesome, but still; the dualistic nature of the relationship between wizard and familiar has always fascinated me. It's like a reflection of the self given physical form. Carrying that over to digital space has always felt like a natural next step.

... That, and digital space entering meat space. The overlapping and fusion (in not just a metaphorical sense) of digital and material spaces feels like a natural outcome once you're able to bend space enough to create demi-planes and the like. Since at that point you can basically create a demi-plane that exists purely to act as a computer, with altered physics that replace needing it to be a mechanical computer, with it being a computer made entirely of reality hacks.

Or... Alternatively, one doesn't even need to go that far to pull it off. Digimon Tamers used an explanation that the transfer is more that the digital information is being re-synthesised into physical information using synthetic proteins created on site of transfer. Basically creating a pseudo "meat" body for them to use; except its closer to nanites I guess.

I'm sure someone is going to say they might have summoning, or remind me I've talked about how they might do summoning... But...

I would love a digital familiar! I hope this is somewhere in there.

I remember Owen K.Stephens said that was in the list of things he wants to get in. I think it was back in the mechanic preview.

IonutRO wrote:
Why is a gun expending bullets/charges different from a bow expending arrows? Or are arrows now a weapon instead of ammo?

If I would hazard a guess it would be because most guns (laser or otherwise) could theoretically could be made as one "piece" that includes a full charge or clip as part of the creation. Arrows on the other hand have always been singular and separate which I know still applies to other types of ammunition as well. That said the ability doesn't actually say the weapon comes loaded or charged so maybe you have to do that yourself which would hamper the utility of the thing somewhat but still stay in line with the idea that it doesn't create things that are expended with use.

Grave Knight wrote:
It says you cannot create weapons that are expended with us but does that include firearms or laser guns? Or was it meant to only work for things like swords and daggers?

those aren't expended they run out of charges the ability calls out things like arrows grenades and missiles which all either break or have a chance to break on use. It also specifically calls out a technological weapon so I would imagine guns and such are in.

I think the issue you are likely to be running into here is that there is no Ghoul bloodline for Bloodrager. Sorcerer's and Blood ragers Both have an undead bloodline but there is no specific Ghoul bloodline built for a blood rager and as far as I know a Bloodrager has to use the Bloodrager specific bloodlines and can't pick from the sorc bloodlines.

I'm my experience it's an interesting and powerful combo. An old GM of mine grew so frustrated with the shenanigans that he banned Magus outright after heh.

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I'm gonna default to Aboleths did it.

I think that might be nifty. Trading away class abilities for Monster abilities. On the flip side though. I feel it clashes a bit with Paizo's direction for Archetypes in Starfinder and opens up a can of worms in the sense of if you are doing it for x monster why aren't they doing it for y monster ya know?

That's a solid point. My players do stuff like this all the time and somehow never care too much about the profit so I ignore the monetary gain for the most part and focus on intangibles like social status and influence.

That's damn cool. I know a few folks who are gonna like that.

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BP was the Resource they used in The AP to purchase kingdom stuff instead of more common currency. That said the Ultimate Campaign book has alot of useful info along the lines of what your asking about.

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Haha I was also gonna say Bloodrager. Really seems to do most of what you want.

It seems easy enough to just say that when they explode they aren't completely destroyed. As per the stat block they are immune to the majority of the damage from it and nothing specifically States the entire body disappears in explosion so you should be good without sacrificing the danger. The frost worms mid section erupts in in a flurry of ice the carcass is exploded but the head remains intact.

Well I love it. Here's hoping for an easily playable eoxian