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Freezing Sphere says you can hold the spell for lvl/rounds and throw later.

Is there any reason you could create and hold 2+ charges like an armful of snowballs?


Can I cast a Standard and a Quickened spell during surprise round?
Or...can you take a Swift action during the surprise round might be a better way to put it.

I dont see anything that explicitly says I cant but I wanted to make sure.


Do you think Freedom of Movement would still prevent a character from being Grappled while unconscious?


Uqbarian wrote:
Wakrob, are you still looking for a list?

So like a year later we started up the campaign again. And yes, still looking for that list *grin*.

Since this ability is a free action that Im assuming you have to use during your turn....when exactly does the the power end?

Inspired Moment (Ex): At 11th level, the guide can have an inspired moment once per day as a free action. The ranger gains the following benefits until the end of his next turn. His speed increases by 10 feet. He can take an extra move or swift action on his turn. He gains a +4 bonus to AC and on attack rolls, skill checks, or ability checks. Finally, he automatically confirms any critical threat he scores. He can use this ability one additional time per day at 19th level. This ability replaces quarry and improved quarry.


So many names...so hard to spell and pronounce!

I was just wondering if anyone has made or found a cheat sheet type list of all the main NPC's from the Jade Regent modules?


Does a creature with Pounce have to make all its attacks on the 'target' of the charge or can it use its addition attacks on anything within reach?


PS we just went through the Haste+Pounce argument. I think its dumb that they would work together for an extra attack. The Eidolon already does more damage than the rest of the party combined.
I am not the GM.
Flavor wise Pounce would be like a cat 'pouncing' on a mouse with teeth and both claws simultaneously. And balance wise Pounce is good enough already. Haste already gave extra movement. There is a reason Haste doesnt give a bonus attack to a Charging fighter.

If a spell does damage "each round"...when is that?
(Im currently looking at Hungry Pit but lots of spells use the term)

-Beginning of the casters turn?
-Beginning of the targets turn?
-Beginning (top) of each round?


Saethori wrote:
I'm pretty sure you can, yes. As mentioned, you are armed with the held charge.

Cool, I just wasnt sure if Melee Attack and Melee Touch Attack were synonymous.

The rules say if you have a Touch spell at the ready you are considered armed. And if you are armed you can make Attacks of Op.

So could you use a Touch spell that is at the ready to make a AoO with a Melee Touch Attack?


Weables wrote:
yep. give cover as normal. if the attack hits the 4 ac gap between normal AC and cover, you potentially hit the person between. Compare the attack roll to the 'horse's' ac and if it hits, you hit the cover.

Interesting. Do you use this in all cases? Like if you shoot through a friend you might hit him? Is this a house rule or in the book somewhere?

Either way I like it though it might be abuse-able to get extra chances to hit things.


We had an invisible horse in the path of an arrow attack. Normally you would have cover if there was an intervening figure. But you cant see the horse, and the game does have rules for hitting your 'cover' instead.

Had anyone had to handle this?


Every session I seem to be always looking up the same old charts...

Use Magical Device
(Im forgetting some of them)

Anyone seen a good random chart cheat sheet to print?


The Black Bard wrote:

This is a minor detail to the thread, but relevant. And due to myself and my group being wrong about it for almost 13 years before we finally realized, I've got to throw this out there.

Fireball is a spread, not a burst. Cover will not help you.

Awesome. Thanks Black Bard

Dimension door says Saving Throw: None and Will negates (object)

Does this mean I can Door away with and object someone is holding (assuming I manage to be touching or grabbing it)?

Or is it just referring to sentient objects like smart swords?

Also, Dimension Door says After using this spell, you can’t take any other actions until your next turn.. Does this just refer to the caster or include passengers?


Yeah, the more I thought about I think the phrasing was stating the very obvious. That you cant just go down the line between two blocking squares thereby "avoiding" both squares.

Burst spells that require a Reflex save mention that cover from the center point gives +2 to that save.

-Does that mean if you are behind another player (or enemy) from the middle of the Fireball you get +2 to the save?
Seems cumbersome.

I am also confused about Line of Effect.
If any line from this corner to any corner of the target's square passes through a square or border that blocks line of effect or provides cover, or through a square occupied by a creature, the target has cover (+4 to AC)

I dont see how the Ogre in this pic can draw a line from any corner that doesnt go along a border to the bottom right corner of the Rogue.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/_/rsrc/1452829554824/images/d20pfsrd_combat_mat_03. jpg

The example claims the Ogre can hit the Rogue with reach to avoid Cover.


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When a figure makers its Reflex save to not fall in a Create Pit it may 'jump to safety'. Would this move trigger an opportunity attack? Im assuming they could just fall in the pit so its their choice! *grin*


That was my final roll against the final villian to win the extra super bonus scenario, WotR AP6.

Alain, Glory Hound

I have an ally...
(that I cant name because I dont have the game here, its a woman from WotR AP6)
...that allowed you to name your hand size at the end of the turn before you reset your hand.

My question is does this named hand size apply for that turn only or for the rest of the game?


Im playing Glory Hound Adain.
I have the power to discard a card to Encounter a non-Villian monster instead of the player that drew it at my location.

But this has brought up some odd questions.
-If I defeat the Henchman for that player do I close the location or does he?
-I fought one monster that lead with, 'If this your first exploration of your turn....'. It was neither my exploration or my turn so I wasnt sure if that power would apply.


I have a two handed weapon called Spellbreaker. I believe it is from WoTR AP5.

The end of the text says,
'If the bane has the Mythic trait add 1d10 to the check, or 1d20 if a Mythic Charge is expended.'

Now does this mean if you are expending a Mythic charge during the attempt you get a free upgrade to a d20 -OR- does it mean you have to spend a Mythic Charge for that upgrade?

While I feel it reads the second way, that seems like very redundant text since that is what spending a Mythic Charge generally does anyway.


I have a weapon that cancels all of a monsters veteran bonus.

We just did a scenario that adds 1d20 to the difficulty to all monsters that have a veteran bonus.

The question was would this weapon cancel that scenario bonus?

(I dont have the game here, I want to say the weapon is called The Blancher. Two Handed pick, WoTR AP 4 or 5. And I unfortunately cant give you the exact wording either.)


I think the lancer is the best for safely winning the scenario's. The game is generally a race against the blessing deck and a Lancer can really cut into the location decks fast.
Though I think my Oracle was much more powerful in Skull&Shackles, who could skim off all the boons of every location with divine cards at no risk.

That being said Im going Glory Hound! You will not be touching my weapons....gimme that!


John Davis 2 wrote:

Sure, a well-equipped Alain should be able to defeat most villains, but you're not always exploring with Alain.

Maybe not yet. But Ive been looking ahead at the Adain(Lancer)

□ Recharge a card (□ or put it on top of your deck) to search your deck or discard pile for a card that has the Mount trait and add it to your hand.

□ On your turn, discard a card that has the Mount trait (□ or put it on the top of your deck) to move to another location and examine the top card of that location deck. If it is a monster, you may encounter it.

With these two powers Adain can go around to every location and fight all the monsters off the top of every location every turn. And then leave any thing else revealed for the other players to exploit.
This will almost be as good as my Oracle in S&S that was recharging Divine cards to skim boons off the top of every location.

True you might run in to the Villain a few times before you corner him but rarely has anyone used any Mythic Counters up until the last fight. Its just too nice having +3 to every roll.
If I reeeally want a boon I have used one early but I feel greedy doing so. As a Mythic Marshal I also am more likely to use them when I have the chance to hand one off to another player that is under max.
When 2 Marshal's are in the same location it gets kinda silly. They can just hand them back and forth.

My average melee pool with Adain in AP3.
Donahan (d8+3)
+1 Lance (d8+1 + d8+1 for first battle)
d10+d8+d8+d8+11 (Average of 30: And I only put 1 of 3 picks into Strength so far)
I only use the Mythic Charges at the final battle for the heck of it.

I just hope everything starts getting harder.


The 'final' battle against a Villain up to AP3 so far has been blow-outs. Using all your last Mythic Counters for d20's have been give totals in the 40's and 50's.

I hope Wrath of the Righteous AP4+ Villains start getting tough.

Wakrob the Glory Hound

We have unlocked Arushalae, Reformed Succubus as a playable character in Adventure Path 3 of Wrath of the Righteous.

Im wondering if there is a large printable character we can get somewhere like the other characters?


We had a player fall to his death for 10d6 damage. He was wanting to apply 10d6 damage to each of his items.

Ive scoured the intertubes and cant find any set rules for this kind of thing. While I could see some items not surviving the fall, I seriously doubt your dagger, every wand you have, your cloak, and your underwear would break.

Any ideas?

I did find a chart that showed how much damage a falling object did to your character if it fell on him. It states this item takes equal damage. It was not based on distance just size. I thought to perhaps reverse engineer that chart to determine how much damage items would take from falling, but it did not go below Small.


Donny Schuijers wrote:
Oh, I thought I could use it on any check as well.. So I could burn a charge as Mythic Marshal to get a 1d20 on a Knowledge check. Good to know.

Did you mean to type 'couldnt'? From what he is saying Marshal cant do it on Int (Know) checks. Just Str and Charisma based checks.


Can you spend a Mythic Charge to use a d20 on ANY check or only on checks that involve the two statistics listed at the top of your Mythic Path?


Alain can discard a card to add 1 (plus its adventure number) to a combat check. And one else can help on that check...

Seems very weak. Maybe its suppose to be better at higher adventure packs? Or maybe there is some useful trick to puting the monster back on top of the location?


Hydraulic Push


Hydraulic Torrent


I tried to use these against a Large flying winged creature. Im wondering if either could cause a fall. At the very least it should count as a DC 10 Fly check from being an attack? That would only lose you 10' altitude.

I wonder if either could count as a collision from a object of the same size for a DC 25 Fly check.

Push just says makes a Bullrush so Im assuming I can only target a creature one size larger than myself. And even if it was considered 'an object' that it would be medium.

But Torrent says it can push a creature of ANY size, so I was thinking this maybe could be compared to a collision, for a large creature, equal to or greater than its own size.

Flying skill


Yeah, like creatures with mental powers that detect you scrying
on them and strike back psychicly!

Yes, thanks Joshua for articulating that.

Other nerfs I thought up that might help balance the power.

-Can only use this power on adjacent locations
-Once a bane or barrier is revealed she has a nightmarish vision about it and can not use the power anymore that turn.
-As I already tried, must discard to encounter a boon instead of recharge.
-Encountered cards are not gained until the end of your turn just before refill hand.
-Boons not encountered cause a location shuffle (so allies know the goodie is in there but they have to dig for it)

Even if I used all 5 of these nerfs I still think the power would be great and would have no problem using it.

I self-nerfed the power and played the last two scenarios saying that if I wanted to encounter the boon I have to discard the divine card instead of recharging it. But this still was a no brainer on picking up blessings and most spells/allies.

Even with my self-nerf I still think the power is too good. In the future I may just get rid of the power and pick something else. We finished scenarios 3 and 4 of Pack 5 with about half the blessings left each.

It maybe would be different if the Stargazer wasnt that great at other things but I wreck house in multiple combats with Flame Sphere. I smash Barriers with Skull Anchor and Find Traps. I pick up allies with ease having a d12+4 Charisma. I slap down Storm with Control Weather anywhere on the board. I heal, I bless, I have a backup Gem of Charisma for anything else. I have 8 cards!
The class is already soooo good that this power puts it into the overpowered imo.

Grangerer wrote:

I agree on the duration. I would like to have seen a 1+1/2 level scaling, as its rather odd, that it lasts only 1 round for 3 levels. Especially 3 levels where i get the most uses out of it.

Exactly, what Im really looking for is better duration. I dont see why it couldnt even just be 1xCL rounds.

Not sure about item creation.

"Cold Steel (Sp): At 1st level, you can touch a weapon or up to 50 pieces of ammunition as a standard action, giving it the frost property for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your sorcerer level (minimum 1). At 9th level, you can confer the icy burst property instead, but the duration of the power is halved. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier."

50 pieces of ammunition that you have to use in a small amount of rounds?

So my 5th level Sorcerer can 'waste' a standard action and get near the melees to give another (or self) 2 swings of a frost bonus (d6) instead of...casting a Lighting Bolt or Haste? Seems very underwhelming.

And then at lvl 9 its half duration for a benefit that only works on a crit.

Id like to be able to either
-Touch multiple adjacent weapons at once (or maybe just 2, one per hand)
-Burn more charges right away to make it last longer.

I guess it could just be something to do after you are out of spells...

I just got the power on Alhazra that lets me encounter boons when recharging a divine card to look at the top of a location deck on my turn.

Since having this power the first two scenarios of adventure pack 5, Skull & Shackles, have been seemly, way to easy. With my hand size of 8 I can encounter my own location until Im out of attacks and tricks and then just scour the top of all the other decks for boons with my remaining divine cards. Ive had turns where I removed up to 6 cards off locations.
We finished both scenarios with almost HALF the blessing decks left.

I already feel this game is too easy. Even though its coop I like to have the feeling of danger and failure. But now this new power seems to just wreck house.

Anyone else notice this power makes scenarios too tame to complete?


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Im playing the playtest class, the Swashbuckler.

A critical hit automatically hits but my Swashbuckler power lets me try to parry melee attacks by rolling higher on an attack roll. Can I parry a critical hit?

(EDIT: Yes, I should have said a natural 20 not a critical hit)

Sorry, Im not asking if they stack. I know they dont.

Im asking if fly spells and things like flying carpets get the bonus?

My group can all fly. We use these methods.

Boots of Flying
Flying Carpet
Pegasus (that's me!)
Flying spell x2
Onyx Fly wondrous figurine

Haste and Blessings of Fervor both give +30 movement. Which of our characters benefit?

Obviously my Pegasus gets the move buff because it is cast on it. But we are unsure who else would get the bonus.

(Also, this adds base movement right? If you run you get +120..?)

If I use the Greater Dispel off of a Holy Avenger does that count as casting a spell? Do I provoke Opp Attacks?

"It also enables the paladin to use greater dispel magic (once per round as a standard action) at the class level of the paladin."


I see under Magical Beasts that they get +1 BAB per HD as a standard. If I use this over what the Animal Companion Chart gives Id come out ahead +2 BAB. Not sure I should do this though.

I am in a campaign that has an elite group of Paladins that ride Pegasus (The Pegasati). I am one such Paladin, but there are no real rules for this. The GM left it up to me to development my own mount.

Here is what I did and the result. Let me know what you think.

I am lvl 10. A Horse has CR2 and Pegasus with Mighty Stallion Blood has CR4. So I took the difference of lvl 2 and lvl 10 on the Druid Companion chart (3-8) to determine what I added to the stats.

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
18 15 16 10 13 13
+4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 Advanced Template (Heroic Blood)
+3 +3 Companion Chart
+2 +2 Lvl 4 Companion Str Con bonus
+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Lvl 9 Ability Score Increase

28 22 24 15 18 17
+9 +6 +7 +2 +4 +3 Final Stat bonus

Feats (in this case a Horse and Pegasus both start with 2 feats so I took the full extra 5 for a lvl 10 Companion)
Fly-by Attack, Iron Will, Evasion, Armor Prof Light/Medium, Power Attack, Imp Bull Rush, Awesome Blow.
Link, Shared Spells, Devotion.

HP 10d10+70 (170hps, we get max HPs in our campaign)

Init +6 Perc +14 Dark 60' Low-Light, Detect Good/Evil, Scent, Sense Motive +10
AC 30 (Original 14, +6 Mithril Chainshirt Barding, +4 more Dex, +6 Natural bonus)
Touch 15 Flat 24 Fort +14 Ref +13 Will +9 (+4 Poison, Imm Petrify, +4 Enchantment, Fire Resist 10, +Cha saves when ridden)
Speed 60 Fly 120 (Perfect) Fly +23 (+8 Perfect, +6 Skills, +4 more Dex)

Bite +16/d3+9 Hooves x2 +14/d6+7 Multi-attack
CMB +18 CMD 34 (+4 Trip, +2 Bull Rush)

Let me know if you see anything I could have done better or cheated on.

Aequitas of Wend (Lvl 10 Paladin)

Paladin spell, lvl 1.


It says "A creature cannot benefit more than once from the same casting of this spell."

Do you read this as cant gain the bonus more than once in the same game round (by moving back and forth on it) or once total over the course of the entire spell?


Oh snap! I cant believe I didnt see that in all my flying research. My Paladin and Pegasus mount are very pleased. Thanks.

Im going to try to add another question to this thread rather that start a new one.

Given wide open sky with no obstacles, can a flyer that is facing the wrong direction turn around to charge an opponent? Its not a straight line but it is the shortest route a flyer can take to get there. Oddly Flying is the one time facing matters in Pathfinder since you can only turn 45 degrees per 5' move without a fly check.

Z will charge X, Y's are some other guys.


Can Z charge the c path like that?


If my 9th level Paladin casts a spell that lasts 1 round/level, does it last 9 rounds or my caster level, 6 rounds?


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