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Doting for interest. I am thinking a witch.

Count me in. I have a sorcerer ready to go.

I'll take a spot if possible!

I have played at your table before. I would love a chance to sit at another. Had to take a break for real life, but I'm back. I have a sorcerer ready if given the chance.

Player: Valeron De Stinzite
Character: Glexit Nenroy
PFS: 99740-3
Faction: Dark Archives
Day job: None

Interested. I can make a character for this.



Either way I can have a character ready.

I'm interested. When you looking to start?

Normally I would pull out the rule book and look it up, but my hands are a little full at the moment.

A lengthy , white haired elf moves toward the table. The sound of daggers banging together is noticeable. He picks up the letter and reads it with his glaring green eyes.

"All three gifts seem esteemed enough for such a woman. Each one would merit a fine decoration."

The rogue puts the letter back on the table. He finds a table and and waits for other Society members to arrive.

Player: Valeron Stinzit
Character: Naxian
PFS#: 99740-1
Faction: The Exchange
Day job: None

My first character. I made this off a Pre-Gen. I see everyone is ready to go and didn't want to be waiting on me. This will be my first game so I just want to get started.

If you're ok with taking on a new player I'm interested. I can have a level 1 character r day to go.

If you're ok with taking on a new player I'm interested. I can have a lvl1 character ready to go.

Awesome. I'll make it legal. Still an alchemist, but possibly just a human.

GM Red,

Would you be willing to take on brand new players? If so I would like to try the following character.

Alias/ Naxian
Character Name: TBD
PFS #: 99740
Day job: Teifling/ Alchemist/ Beastmorph

I can have this character created and ready by the 27th. Thanks