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GM only:

Liberty's Edge

Recruiting for the above scenario. Chances are we'll go all the way to pt 3. I'll be a bit more selective of players.

This will be my priority
1.GMed for me
2. Players that did not make it in my last recruitment
3. Lottery!

Do post your GM name, I can't recognise you from your character names sometimes!

This will be standard tier 1-5

Liberty's Edge

Count me in please!

(However, if u got enuf players from item 1 just lemme know)

Dropping my name into the hat! Not sure what character I'll play yet (if I get selected) as I have a few options. But my air kineticist might seem appropriate. :)

Silver Crusade

I would love to play this whole series! I have a level 3 inquisitor or a level 3 magical child I would bring.

Showing interest! I have several characters available in level range.

My GM alias is GMG or very occasionally GM G

Lantern Lodge

Interested here! In the whole series

Probably with Belinda, level 3 swashbucker.

Also dropping my hat into the ring.

A new adventure! And a series! Count me and my level 1 rogue in!

If selected, I'll likely play with Glorin Too-Tall, a third level human fighter who was raised by dwarves.

Grand Lodge

Hi Batpony,

I would love to play this series of scenarios, if you'll have me! The perspective of playing with you as a GM sounds lovely.

If you do, I'd like to play my my Scarab Sages lore oracle, if we're playing low subtier. He's 1 XP away from level 3 and isn't a frontliner by any means, so he could try to play high subtier if needed.

I too shall throw my name in. If selected though, I should say that I need these characters for Gen Con :-)

I have on hand:
Higher Subtier: None apparently
Between: Psychic, Skald, Unchained Rogue
Lower Subtier: Arcanist

I'd love a spot!

Liberty's Edge

There's quite a few folks on here I'd relish a chance to GM for! Especially those who give quite a lot to the PBP community. I'm partial to opening two tables in that case. But will likely target to start one this weekend and the second one the weekend after! I'm leaving recruitment for another 7 hours or so before selection!

Scarab Sages

Hey, GM Norv here! Would love to play this with my relative newcomer Hengist the Mighty, who's a Monk of the Sacred Mountain 1 and part of the Scarab Sages. Especially true if there's a low-tier table, since Hengist isn't incredibly tough...yet.

Sovereign Court

I'm interested as well. Character depends on subtier.


I have played at your table before. I would love a chance to sit at another. Had to take a break for real life, but I'm back. I have a sorcerer ready if given the chance.

Player: Valeron De Stinzite
Character: Glexit Nenroy
PFS: 99740-3
Faction: Dark Archives
Day job: None

It looks quite crowded already, but I will join in too!

I have a couple of characters ready to go at all levels 1-4 (and the 4s would probably be 5th by pt 2 if you continue)

4th: Investigator/Alchemist, Zen Archer Monk
3rd: Bloodrager, gunslinger, or a summoner/grenadier alchemist
2nd: Magus, Monk-Sensei of the Four Winds

If there is still room I would love to get in on this series! I have a couple different level 1-2 I could bring.

I have a bard4/Swashbuckler1 ready to set sails.

Silver Crusade

I have a dwarf Alchemist1 and a human Ftr5 (aiming for Hellknight) but nothing in between.

Liberty's Edge

A lot of folks I enjoy playing with/hosting here! I'm sorry in advance that I can' t give everyone a spot! :(
But being true to my selection...

1.Table 1:[Kuey, Magabeus, Aerondor, Lithrac, Helikon, Dungeon Master S] Granta
That's one table!

And in order of post we'll see who get's lucky..
nejustmo, hrothdane, wrong john, patheticwretch, Norv, Rycky, Valeron, Fuzzfoot, Tundran, Torvald

lottery: 4d10 ⇒ (10, 3, 8, 1) = 22
Winners: Torvald, wrong john, fuzzfoot, nejustmo,

So the GMs will be getting table 1. I'll message the rest of you when table 2 is ready!

There is enough interest for a third table, but I don't think I can commit to it with my current load! Although if you guys don't get a chance yet and I'm free-er in future I will consider you lot! Those in table 1, discussion is open!

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