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Game Master DavianGrallus

You find yourself on a quest, as always- though this one is a bit more filled with ill-intent, and a lot less worry about heroics, unlike most other story beginnings....

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The Rules:

15 Point Buy (you can dump 1 stat to 8 before racial modifiers.)
All races open, but all are on case by case basis to the GM
200 GP Starting Wealth + Class Kit for free
(or individual items chosen from class kit)

In addition to standard play rules, we will have-
1) Weather rolls
2) Equipment / Carrying Capacity
3) Food and Supplies (you must eat, drink, sleep, or feel the fatigue <3 )

These are open to further additions and revisions by the GM.

New to Play by Post?:

1) Feel free to check out the campaigns I'm hosting now, how other recruitment threads go, and my own posts (particularly on Yuria or Davian Grallus) to see how other players like to play the game in text.

2) Doomed Hero's post is also an excellent choice for newbies to PbP style, linked here.

The Overhaul:

Most, if not all of us, have played at least the start of Shackles, and some lucky enough to at least see it to the end.

Because of this, and not wanting a dull repeat game, I'm going to overhaul a few things in a delicious fashion. Think the 90's versus the 2000's difference in Willy Wonka. Some things are the same, others different enough to make it a still interesting and fresh campaign.

NPCs *will* be changed. Attitudes will be rearranged for a more dirty, intense, gritty pirate setting.

And you are not guaranteed to survive on the first character you make. :P

Any other questions, please, post them here. Ah! I forgot one other thing-

Excel spreadsheets and mythweaver is totally fine to have, but you must link to it on your alias in some form or fashion.

Jazzai and I are also able to show you how to do it by hand, inside your character sheet. (look to Davian Grallus for best reference on how to do it- Yuria's is a bit of a mess from when I did it first starting out.)

Grand Lodge

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I'd like to play a Warlord / Kensai Bladebound Kettaran that wields four flaming greatswords and also can wield 2 composite longbows.

Can I play in your game pls? I promise I will only max on CHA.

Banned forever.

If you're ok with taking on a new player I'm interested. I can have a level 1 character r day to go.

I apologize, the recruitment thread is supposed to say closed if it doesn't already-

The players are already picked.

Grand Lodge

DavianGrallus wrote:
Banned forever.


Grand Lodge


Background Skills?

Cramped, cold, confused and confounded to care!
When do we start?

Grand Lodge

I would also like to know the happy-haps on traits, background skills, and when in the figgity-uck do we start.





lolol you hyperactive children of mine.

1) Silencio Magnificus
2) Grimoire Maleficrum
3) Background Occupations only- no background skills outside of this, no feats taken from it, and no traits unless you burn a feat to get dems.
4) "When do we start"

People are discussing building their own race. That takes time and needs to be approved.

In the meantime, please attach your character sheets to your profiles. I can bookkeep them while I wait on the pending race creations and backstories. :)

Thomas Grimsby, Investigator at your service.

Thomas Grimsby wrote:
Thomas Grimsby, Investigator at your service.

I need your sheet attached in the profile bae <3

Here you go.


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I'm not a faerie I don't know what your talking about you shut your face and take my cards!

Reebs is here!

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