Jedi Class, NO Idea What I'm Doing! Need Help!!!

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Jedi Homebrew class?
Sorry I don't have any stats.
There's just so much potential and I don't want to squash that with an early write-up.

Well, to start, you can't just say "Ey, write this class for me." If you come up with a framework for people to go off of, we can give good advice, help you fine-tune things, new ideas, etc...

But with no foundation, we can't reinforce a building that isn't there.

If you like, you could try searching third party classes. I'm sure there's bound to be something jedi-esque you can either use, or base your own version off of.

Edit: Or you might get lucky and someone who has already had a similar idea will post theirs.

A Magus with the Kensai archetype can do a good Jedi impression, IMO.

Kensai magus with flamboyant arcana and the following feats:
Power Attack
Combat Reflexes
Martial Focus
cut from the air

This allows you to parry melee and ranged attack rolls as attacks of opportunity, much like a jedi deflecting attacks in the movies. On top of that, you don't wear armor, so you can wear just robes without gimping yourself. Lastly, you can grab spells that simulate force powers.

Old d20 there was a paladin variant

Step 1.
Realize that a Jedi-inspired class will not be able to do everything jedis do in the movies.

Step 2.
Name some aspects of Jedi that are the most important to you. The class needs a starting point.

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Could just use the actual Star Wars d20 game as a starting point.

Mix the Unchained Monk and Kineticist.

Jedi Knight.. Maybe make an archetype that adds some mind control and telekinesis powers and some abilities to improve those powers. Works for both Jedi and Sith.

Jedi Mystic.. Make an archetype that refluffs the Wild Surge as Force Channeling, or Force Trance. Some of the Surge Types work for Jedi, some are more Sith flavored.

If this works for what you need, I can make the archetypes pretty quick.

oh jeeze where to begin.
The Jedi are a monastic order to begin with. Both the lightsiders and darksiders were pragmatic, but in different ways. To begin with, I'd say you need to look at hybridizing the magus with the monk class with the fighter class. The magus gives you the mystic abilities, the monk gives you the physical abilities, and the fighter grants you the use of the sword.

the Movies was based on old crazy martial art films were the characters could fly all over the place. Stunts like that isn't in pathfinder, unfortunately.

Why not just start with Ultimate Psionics and play with those classes? Also, what do you want to do about the Lightsaber?

EltonJ wrote:
The magus gives you the mystic abilities, the monk gives you the physical abilities, and the fighter grants you the use of the sword.

A magus can already use swords.

To emulate the force (ala KOTOR)I recommend using spheres of power and replace all spell casting with the following:

Force Sensitive Casting Tradition

Universal Spheres:
-Enhancement (replace enhance weapon base ability with the haste ability from the Time sphere add improved haste as an enhancement ability. Drawbacks Bodily Enhancement but no bonus talent)

Light Side Spheres

Dark Side Powers
-Destruction (Energy Focus Drawback; Lighting)
-Death (Necromatic Limit Drawback: Ghost Touch Only)

Using that casting tradition I think a lot of different classes would work, you could even use bard if you re-flavor inspiration as battle meditation (dark side could be skald).

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Creating an entire class is a big project. Depending on what you want, it could be accomplished with a character build with existing content, an archetype, or an extra system like Spheres of Power. It also heavily depends on what setting you want this class for. Jedi are obviously a setting-specific thing.

Is there a way to just update the d20 or Saga version? I think it would be easier.

Take unchained monk, wield temple sword.

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Step One: Play Star Wars Saga Edition

Step Two: Profit

This here - ss-The-Pugnator

The psychic warrior is a good fit imo. Their pseudo-monk archetype (meditant iirc) is particularly good if you want to wear no armor.

Do note, that at level 1 the character won't be all that great. Level 1 characters are newbies. For comparison, a competent town guard is the equivalent of level 1-2 character.

Now, if you actually want a pathfinder-like star wars, the SW Saga Edition is quite good.

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Thanks, all. Will look at all this.

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