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Come one, come all! Thrill at the fascinating, the bizarre, the deadly. Try your hand at powers unlike any before. Become what you want.

Haven’t found it yet? We’ll add it!

The Book of Many Things is a repository of options for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Inside is a compilation of requests from around the world, fleshed out and made playable. Speed through your enemies as an accelerist. Worship fey creatures as a dúlra. Practice a forbidden and lost art as a truenamer. You could even become a skiprock champion. A variety of different races, classes, archetypes, feats, and spells await within the Book of Many Things.

If ever there’s been something you’ve wanted in Pathfinder, but couldn’t find it anywhere else, you can hope to find it here. If it’s not already included, we’ll add it on a future update. That’s right, the Book of Many Things is an inexhaustively updated resource, with new content being added regularly. Just reach out to us with your request, and we’ll work with you to try and include it. You’ll even receive a thank you in the credits.

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Happy to have contributed to this!

Bardess wrote:
Happy to have contributed to this!

And we are very happy you contributed! :)

For those curious, as of today, we have the following (these can also be found on our Book of Many Things Facebook page):

Dalits (playable, otyugh-like race)
Dwarrow (dwarf/gnomes)
Dworgs (dwarf/orcs)
Elflings (halfling/elves)
Farrealmers (variant core races)
Half-dwarves (dwarf/humans)
Skaldaks (cthulu-an worshippers who change their form to suit)
Swarmborn (unfortunate side-effects of transmutation)
Troglodytes (brutish and misunderstood members of the race who try to do better)
Ursaren (bear shamans)

Accelerist (Pathfinder Speedster, alternate unchained monk)
Convoker (paladin/summoner hybrid who uses an avatar of his god as an eidolon)
Dulra (cleric/druid hybrid who worships fey patrons)
Heir Apparent (a hero who starts rich and adventures just because)
Midnight Legate (inquisitor/ranger hybrid who hunts magic-users)
Necromancer (with three variations on the trope)
Truenamer (uses words of power to defeat enemies)
Witchblade (paladin/witch hybrid who acts like the 3.5 hexblade)

Brown Friar (dulra archetype that uses gods instead of fey for natural power)
Brutalist (bloodrager archetype with brawler abilities in place of bloodline)
Eldritch Archetypes (cleric, paladin, and sorcerer with invocations)
Evolutionary (Alchemist who gains an eidolon)
Intrepid Sidekick (heir apparent whose equipment comes from a mentoring hero instead of family)
Necrolyte (druid archetype with necromancy)
Orphaned Hero (Heir Apparent with vigilante abilities. Batman)
Predator (druid that becomes a strong animal instead of casting spells)
Shapeless (druid that can become anything)
Skiprock Champion (Rogue that throws rocks very well)
Spellrager (bloodrager that studies spells)

We're already working on our first update, which will include the battle augur (Mega Man, up now on Facebook) and otterlings (with some racial variants like the fisher cat).

Looking forward to buying this when I've got a computer to read it with.

I looked for the battle augur/mega man, didn't seen it though. Don't suppose you'd be kind enough to provide a direct link?

StSword wrote:

Looking forward to buying this when I've got a computer to read it with.

I looked for the battle augur/mega man, didn't seen it though. Don't suppose you'd be kind enough to provide a direct link?

I don't think I'm allowed to post outside links here, but if you navigate to the Book of Many Things on Facebook, the post is from 8/24 at 7:18pm. It's only about 3 or 4 down.

I also have a list I'm keeping updated with requests. If anybody would like to have something added, feel free to mention it here or on the page over there.

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Got a couple subraces in mind after reading more about otters on Wikipedia. These are for Michael Ralston Galvis' otterling race that I shared the other day on Facebook.

--Ferret--: Ferrets are the bardic cousins of otterlings. They enjoy dancing and games of chance to swimming. Ferrets do not gain hold breath, slippery hide, or swim. Instead, once per day, when a ferret makes a Reflex saving throw, it can roll twice and take the better result. It must decide to use this ability before attempting the saving throw. The ferret also gains a +4 racial bonus on Stealth checks and has a normal movement speed of 30 feet.

--Fisher Cat--: Fisher cat otterlings live away from rivers, preferring the forest. They are expert climbers, strong and fierce. They gain +2 Str instead of +2 Dex, climb speed 20 feet and a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks instead of swim. They also lose hold breath. Starting at 5th level, a fisher cat can cast screech once per day as a spell-like ability. The saving throw DC for this ability is 13 + the fisher cat’s Strength modifier.

--Mink--: Minks are otterlings who use their beauty over their cunning to get their way. They gain +2 Cha instead of +2 Int. They also trade slippery tongue for a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy checks, and they always treat Diplomacy as a class skill.

The new version should be live and ready for download now. This update includes the subraces mentioned above (as well as the otterling race itself, thanks to Michael Ralston Galvis and artist William Chastain). In addition, I've added the xendauni, god-blooded, nephilim, and seeker races.

Finally, the battle augur class I mentioned previously was added, as well as an archetype for that class called the azure blade. The class gains powers from creatures by watching them, then uses those powers as spells. Playing one feels like you're a certain super fighting robot.

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My main draw to this book was the accelerist so I have a question and a couple of requests. Since I don't do facebook I'm gonna do the requests here.

First, the question, just to make sure I get this right, if I take Extra Accelerant three times I get the extra fast movement and weapon finesse from Bloodline, the double speed move action and air blast from Occult, the air domain and swift action movement from Divine, all on top of the tincture from Alchemy, which I picked from the class? That's pretty awesome, but a little on the broken side for a feat. Not saying to change it, just pointing it out.

On to requests, Accelerist archetypes:
-An archetype with a time based flavor, that uses time shenanigans to be a speedster. Zoom to the Accelerists Flash
- A rogue-ish parkour runner, expert at stealing stuff and free-running away, with free Feather Step and High Jump, and rogue stuff like trapfinding/trap spotter and fast stealth, maybe faster pickpocketing or faster lockpicking/openning closing doors.
- A scout archetype, that uses his speed to run ahead of an army/the party to scout for trouble, with favored terrains, trackless step in natural areas, and bonus to notice ambushes. Maybe trapfinding/trap spotter if it doesn't stack with the above archetype.

VM mercenario wrote:


Love those ideas :D. I'll see how many of them I can fit into September before 9/26 (when I'm releasing the update).

I agree the feat could be a little more spread out. Even with it being 7th-level required, 7, 9, and 11 come up pretty fast. In this month's update, that feat increases the prerequisite by 6 levels when you take it, so you could do this, but you won't have the full benefits until 19th level, where such shenanigans aren't such a problem :)

Finally, thank you for coming here with your request! I'm happy to help out on any of the pages, and will continue watching them for other requests as well.

The September update is complete :D. Here's what I've added. This should go live as soon as it's approved.

Added a chapter (7) for items and equipment. Finally added the usable descriptions for the heir apparent's suggested equipment.

Cleaned up text on several classes to line it up with the class tables provided.


Darkseeker (Cleric/Rogue): A worshiper of darkness and secrets, who practices his faith while assassinating his enemies.

Heir Apparent gains a new adventuring goal: The shepherd allows the heir to become a fledgling monster trainer from Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters.


Blood Convoker (Convoker): A variant of the blood summoner archetype for the summoner.

God Caller (Convoker): A variant of the god caller archetype for the summoner.

Intrepid Sidekick gains the secondary class features of the upcoming essential trainer class from Samurai Sheepdog and Northwinter Press.

Pious Thief (Cleric): A cleric that worships the almighty currency of the land, with no qualms about stealing from others, even while fighting.

Sanguine Gunman (Gunslinger): A gunslinger with necromantic spellcasting.

Sanguine Outlaw (Necromancer): A necromancer who gains some gunslinger traits and abilities.

Time Render (Accelerist): Instead of moving faster than others, the time render slows them down so that he can act when he wants.

Troubadour (Bard): Spell-less bard who travels with a companion and learns to be a more competent adventurer.

Vengeful Spirit (Medium): A hero possessed by a spirit who can rage and smite those who would do harm to others.

Wall Jumper (Accelerist): Uses his speed and momentum to perform amazing acrobatics.

Wildflame (Druid): Cleanse the land with fire and let it regrow from the ash.

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Here's an alternate character feature based on the dùlra class:

Faerie Pact

Hope it makes it in one of the next updates! ;)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

We've started previewing our October updates to the book on our Facebook page. Check us out if you get a chance. The update should be done in the next couple days and includes a new layout as we get ready to send the book for printing.

With the Eldritch archetypes, what type of energy is the default/base energy blast? At-will 1d6 "untyped" damage seems a bit OP at first level.

Paul Hughes 920 wrote:
With the Eldritch archetypes, what type of energy is the default/base energy blast? At-will 1d6 "untyped" damage seems a bit OP at first level.

With the October update, the energy blast base damage type is bludgeoning and it targets AC (rather than touch AC). In essence (no pun intended), it now acts like a free ranged weapon that can be further modified with invocations. Essence weapon and Essence Spear also work a little different.

Essence Weapon
Minimum Spell level: 1st.
You can change energy blast’s damage type to piercing or slashing as part of the same action to use it. When you hit a target with a melee weapon, you can spend a swift action to also deal your energy blast damage to that target. This damage is not multiplied on a critical hit.

Essence Spear
Minimum Spell level: 1st.
Energy blast’s range increases to 120 feet. If you target a creature within 30 feet, you can target its touch AC instead.

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The October update is live (pending approval by the Paizo store).

Layout has been changed and cleaned up to prepare for printing. The book now consists of chapters on Races, Classes, Archetypes and Class Options, Character Options, Magic, and Items and Equipment. Within individual chapters, divisions such as divine, eldritch, faerie, and mortal still exist to keep the themes of each and allow for further branching in the future (arcane, perhaps?)

Updated the art to the finished piece for the god blooded.

Arbiters – A small, winged race of inevitables who study the effects of chaos on the material plane.

Leonin – Lion-like catfolk with supernatural ties to the sun.

Nature Warden – A druid/fighter hybrid who takes the forms of guardian spirits to protect their allies.

Bestial Warden – A warden who prefers to fight as an animal, rather than a guardian spirit.

Eldritch Archetypes – Updated energy blast to target AC and deal bludgeoning damage.

Life Warden – A warden who trades his guardian’s might for lay on hands and simple spellcasting.

Reliquary – An eldritch paladin archetype that takes on some aspects of occultists in order to seek out and destroy evil items.

==Character Options==
Multiclass Feats: Added feats for druid, gunslinger, monk, and warden

Updated Essence Spear and Essence Weapon invocations to better suit the updated eldritch archetypes.

==Items and Equipment==
Added the heir apparent capital expense items for the shepherd adventuring goal.

Recent Update 11/27/2017


Invoker – Drawing inspiration from an otherworldly patron, this invocation specialist turns powerful boons and spells against enemies.


Blue Moon Ranger - By Margherita Tramontano: Fight yokai as a blue moon ranger alongside your greater raiju companion while wielding your Greater Beast Spear artifact.

Chaos Hunter – A slayer who sacrificed everything to wreak havoc and bring vengeance to her enemies.

Curse Bearer – Invokers suffer greater tragedy for the ability to hex opponents.

Dawn Legate - With their own war ended, these legates have learned to live in the light.

Faithless Invoker – These invokers rely more on themselves than a patron for power.

Idolator – skaldak invokers who strive to achieve their true form as they gain strength.

Ranger of the Dark Path - Death-dealing stalkers whose black arrows raise undead minions out of fallen foes.

==Class Options==

Faerie Pact: This option by Margherita Tramontano allows any character to swap domains for a faerie friend.

Animal Focus: New hunter options inspired by the shifter class.

Aspects: Speaking of the shifter, a handful of new aspects for the class to add to its options in combat.


Added invoker spells and cleaned up invocations.

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Recent Update 1/13/2018

==General Updates==

Organized all chapters into more logical and commonly understood formats (alphabetical by race/class).


Mushroom Leshies – Vine leshy cousins who grow up in swamps and forests.

Sokari – Proud unicorn people from the fey realm.

Vulture-Men – Foils to the elfling race, they seek enlightenment and a return to what they once were.

Other Races – Dhampir, elves, and minotaur each gain new options for play.


Each new class has received a list of favored class options for the races most commonly represented by them.

Invokers – Added the Merciless Sea as an otherworldly patron.

==Archetypes and Class Options==

Barbarian – Guerilla warriors stalk jungles in search of deadly foes and fight the law for what they believe is right.

Fighter – The man-at-arms trades direct combat power for more tactical striking ability.

Hunter – New animal focuses are available, some of which are based on those gained by shifters.

Monk – Masaruri dream walkers are a sect of monks who draw power from a great and unknowable entity. Monks of the divine bell follow the teachings of percussion and reverberation.

Necromancer – As a pale, you are a cursed individual who uses death as an alternative to living. Sanguine outlaws, however, learn gunplay to supplement their spellcasting.

Shifter – Shifters gain some new aspects to broaden their options as well as the warshaper archetype which gives them spellcasting similar to paladins.

Truenamer – As a hurried scholar, you have little time to put extra work into words of power and choose instead to cast spells haphazardly.

Witch – Coven witches have more focused power learned from their coven.

Wizard – The shira are music and performance-loving wizards who lack a dedicated school of magic.

==Character Options==

Added new feats for each of the classes found inside, as well as new multiclass feats for each core and new class.

CONVERGENCE: A mix of character progression and magical equipment to be purchased with gold, convergence harkens back to the bloodlines of 3rd edition, granting characters power as they gain levels, for a price.


Added several new weapons, weapon modifications, and magical equipment for characters.

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Sorry if this is a silly question, but I really would love to try some of the character classes in this book for hero lab. Is there a link or something that can allow me to upload this to my hero lab account after purchasing the pdf?

Nypsi wrote:
Sorry if this is a silly question, but I really would love to try some of the character classes in this book for hero lab. Is there a link or something that can allow me to upload this to my hero lab account after purchasing the pdf?

I'll look into what it takes to add it to hero lab, and if I can be sure enough people would want it would help speed up the process (division of time and effort and all that). :)

Now, updates: As of 4/17, I have updated the Book of Many Things to include glimmers of convergence, convergence dust, and the racial trait altered lineage. If you find anything else missing, or have additional requests you'd like to see added to our new volume (which will be out as soon as they approve it here), please let us know.


Our Kickstarter is officially live, for those of you who would like to get copies of Volumes 1 and 2 in hardcover.

The Book of Many Things Kickstarter

This has been an awesome first week for our project (see the post above), and we hope to keep making it even better. For anybody wondering what kind of stuff we're currently looking at, here's an idea.

I originally posted this only to backers, but for those of you still deciding on whether you want to back now or wait, here's what we're looking at this morning.

First up is a poll for a new piece of campaign exclusive content (only available to backers of the project).

==World Soul Ogres (Race)==: On Volwryn (volume 2), ogres are seen as dumb, sometimes two-headed brutes who dabble in magic, but their ancient society was once masters of both arcane and divine power, ruling over a world of their own.

==Broom Knight (Cavalier Archetype)==: Gains some witch-like abilities and rides a broom into combat.

==Ventriloquist (Bard Archetype)==: Gains a companion that joins him in combat and helps with his performance.

==Wildcards==: A collection of traits that grant unexpected benefits at the best times.

==New Necromancer Studies==: From volume 1, a set of new necromantic studies for the necromancer class found at d20pfsrd.

==Model /S Androids (Alternate Race)==: The first model /s android was created by a paladin-turned-alchemist who rebuilt and repurposed a clockwork guardian as a defender of light.

==Faerie Friends==: Also from volume 1, an expansion on the options for the dúlra class found at d20pfsrd.

---Let's Hang Out---
Tomorrow morning, 9am to about 10am est, I'll be hanging out here on Kickstarter, doing some design work and answering any questions you may have. I plan to set another up for an evening time slot, so please chime in below or in a direct message to let me know if there's a better time for the next one.

---Character Sign Up---
So far, I've previewed the first character for the game I'd like to run next week. Now, we're going to formalize it. Please either reply here or direct message me if you'd like to join so I can plan everything out.

The Roster as it stands is

==A model /s android battle augur.

==A human generational hero with an as-of-yet unnamed archetype that makes him a master of whip, and cross.

==A winged halfling bow ranger with a variety of different arrows.

==A god-blooded heir apparent with the soothsayer adventuring goal.

==A human gamer who typically uses the sharpshooter build with skill artist.

3 hours EST - Starting Saturday 6/16 9am or 7pm or Sunday 6/17 9am or 7pm

The first time slot to fill, or with the most players will be the game we play. Feel free to sign up multiple times in case any/all of them are okay for you.

Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm preparing a new update for volume 1 which should be done in July. This update will bring the total page count to 200 with the addition of our backer requests from Kickstarter. I've already started posting previews of this content on Facebook and will add more as it's completed.

Speaking of the Kickstarter, we have less than 24 hours left in our campaign, for those of you who would like to get a combined 500 pages of player content for only $20 (pdf) or $40 (hard cover print of both volumes and the campaign content). If we can hit $10,000 while the campaign continues, we'll increase the page count on our exclusive content to 200.

The Book of Many Things Kickstarter

Woo hoo! Let's do this!

The final update for The Book of Many Things Volume 1 is now live (or will be once it's approved).

Thanks to our Kickstarter backers, we are officially at 200 pages in volume 1! In this final update (barring any errata), we've once again adjusted the general layout to make the book more readable and give it a crisper look overall. We've also added our full chapter of campaign requested content with additions such as:

Arcanist Options: Enjoy new exploits, greater exploits, and 3 archetypes that teach this old dog some new tricks. Thank you to Bill Mead for the suggestions and requests!

Champions of R'lyeh: Meet the unnamed, a race of children who disappear at sea and are raised by the followers of the Great Old Ones. Draw your rapier as a blade of Hastur, a witchblade archetype that gains invocations in place of a witch's magic. Thank you to Kenneth Zike for the suggestions and requests!

The Escapade: Go big, or go home. These gun-toting spellcasters have more than just a few tricks up their sleeves. Thank you to Luke McGlone for the suggestions and the request!

Dragari God-Blooded: The sons and daughters of god and dragon. The dragari are a scaled race from a desert home who balance life between two epic lineages. Thank you to Ronald Paris for the suggestions and the request!

Kurabi Kitsune: The kurabi are children, abandoned by their parents and taken in by kitsune. As they transform into kitsune themselves, their perpetual youth masks a dangerous curse. Thank you to Ryann Padilla for the suggestions and the request!

Physical Skills: Conquer tasks like never before with physical skills, an add-on to the existing skill system that opens up new opportunities for more physically-inclined characters. Thank you to Iokennoron McComber for the suggestions and the request!

Transference: When enchantment fails. Where necromancy cannot cross. There is transference magic. This new school of magic brings with it 18 new, irresistable spells for transfering your soul into another creature. Thank you to Brian Re for the suggestions and the request!

The Veritus Champion: These blood knights can steal power from themselves or other creatures to generate magical enhancements to their equipment, wrought blood dolls, and cast deadly spells. Thank you to Logan Simpson for the suggestions and the request!

Wizard Options: The grey mages; a sect of wizards who wish to follow in the footsteps of their originator. By focusing not only on arcane magic, but all magic in its purest form, the grey mages have not only harnessed that power, but also used it to create several new spells and magic items honoring the great Arakon. Thank you to Brian Blaney for the suggestions and the request!

This is now available in print, though unfortunately not through here. If you're interested, shoot me a PM or check out our Facebook page.

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