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Super Spy Hybrid Class (PFRPG) PDF

***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Become the "secret" spy that everyone knows.

Use that social status to your mission's advantage, and then employ your wide array of gadgets and outlandish Audacity to accomplish the impossible!

For Queen and Country!

The super spy is a complete 1-20 class based on the inquisitor and vigilante. Two new signature abilities, audacity and gadget expert, allow the super spy to perform eye-raising maneuvers in the face of danger.

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***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Agent Down

***( )( )

Hey, gonna review this as I read it.

First of all, no skill ranks are listed, not great. Skill list is expected, pretty standard here.

Good ref and will is nice, d8 hit die and 3/4ths bab are pretty standard.

Audacity is reflavored inspiraiton, works off charisma instead of intelligence.

The class table is missing sneak attack 1d6 at 1st level, jumps to 2d6 at 3rd and +1d6 every odd level. Gadget master's okay, not sure how often they're getting extracts or bombs, but the scroll use is pretty nice.

Oh...this isn't great...the spy talents are all basically just straight up reprinted investigator talents or social talents...that makes this class so much weaker than the vigilante, especially since their other class feature is sneak attack, and aside from inspiration, they have no innate attack boost.

Got to the end of the doc, and sneak attack isn't listed as an ability they get anywhere other than the table (which forgot to list it at 1st level).

Yep, you can't copy/paste or search with this doc. That's not good. That's not even a little good.

It's worse than a vigilante because it doesn't have vigilante talents (which are amazing), it's worse than an investigator because it doesn't have extracts (which are amazing), and more than that, most of the content in it is just redundant. The best thing about it is the artwork which is great, but everything else is just unnecessary, and doesn't add anything. The class could have probably cut down a lot if they'd just listed "you can take the following social talents and investigator talents as spy talents" and thrown in the few they made to this at the end.

Really, there's not much redeeming about this other than the art, as the mechanics are both lacking and at times not even included, making for a less than enjoyable hybrid class that misses the mark on what makes both of them work.

EDIT: With the update, some of this is cleared up, some new abilities added, cognatogen was a nice touch, it pushes it up to a solid 3 stars now, although archetypes, feats, and a sample character would have gotten it up to 4. Gift Certificates
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