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Don't know if anyone said it but.

Barbarian/Scarred Witch Doctor.

A full Caster with 1d12 hit dice that uses CON to cast and can boost Hex Strength with Rage.

Alright here are some idea and suggestions and facts. Not all of these require eachother. I've used these for older characters.

1:Assuming the 9 strength is a typo, you're fine. If not, swap charisma and strength. You may lose points on intimidate but doing damage matters more.
2:Half Orcs are a little better at intimidating due to their racial bonus and their favored class bonus, but Half Elves can grab exotic weapon proficiency easily. I would recommend a good holy weapon or a Fauchard, failing that get a Opalescent White Ioun stone at earliest opportunity to gain proficiency in a 18-20 weapon.
3:Get a bludgeoning weapon or get the Blade of Mercy feat for nonlethal shenanigans.
4:Get Enforcer feat or Torture domain for huge intimidate/nonlethal shenanigans.
5:Get CORNUGON SMASH which is a free intimidate every time you use power attack, requires 6 intimidate.
6:Hook up Dazzling Display and Shatter Defenses as soon as they're available.
7:Get the Blistering Invective Spell
8:Enchant your weapon with "Cruel" first, as it adds sickened on top of shaken.

Magi get a spell called Force Hook Change, which is pretty much how Thor Flies in the comics. I recently did a Dwarven Magus with the Black Blade Archetype that was reflavored to use hammers instead, with Force Hook change he basically WAS Thor, albeit shorter and smarter.

For a pure Thor build I'd do a Strength Based Black Blade Magus/Cabalist(for Cha use, probably with celestial, maestro, or Imperious Bloodlines) that uses a Warhammer or some other hammer variant. Obvious the Hammer use and Cabalsit is 3rd party, but the mechanics work without the two, the black hammer and cha based stuff is just for better flavor.

Force Hook change is basically spot on how Thor Flies and the best abilities Magi get are lightning based.

For the Mythical Thor, he'd probably either be the above magus build or an Inquistor/Paladin(Sacred Servant) with the Rage or a Weather based domain(etc) domain. Likely tossing in Eldrich Heritage for either Celestial or Elemental Bloodlines, or both.

It's always better to power up baddies than power down NPC's. I must admit that modern d20 players are a bit spoiled when it comes to stats, and it's always painful to stat a cleric or monk when you want to not be mentally disabled.

I recommend 25 point buy with no stat allowed to be below 10 before racial adjustment and no stat above 18 after racial adjustment for characters.

For baddies I recommend increasing the number of opponents and taking judicious use of flanking and making sure they block the "Boss" character.
Boss encounters never work like paizo thinks they do in AP's since it's often two martials flanking the one megabeast who can't get a full round attack off before it's dead. Caster bosses who have fly tend to do well against parties that are bad at tactics, but bosses should either be far, far above the strength of the party(ie a 16 HH mutated bear with double HP) if they don't have magic, or be heavily supported by allied mooks.

I remember something about how Zen Archer's can't flurry and rapid shot, but Sohei can. I think that also means that a normal Monk can Rapid Shot and Flurry with a Shuriken, which is actually pretty awesome and I think it outmodes the 1d2 damage.

Alright here's what you want to do.

Get the feats Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Precise Shot, Deadly Aim, Weapon Focus, Snap shot, Improved Snap Shot in that order. Get the feat Combat Reflexes from your Monk Bonus Feats, and try to get the Feat Distance Thrower and the Distance enchant on your Shuriken to get them to a distance of 30 feet, which is about where you want to be since it's in PBS' sweet spot. Take note that without a Blink-Back Belt, your Shiruken will be destroyed once they hit the target and their magic will go away. Once you get a Blink Back Belt you can(with negotiations with your DM because for some reason Shuriken are ammunition) have ONE shuriken that you enchant with everything you want, and thus its a must have.

For Stats, Emphasize them in this order. Strength/Dex>Wisdom>Constitution>Int>Cha. Strength is a bit higher here since you want to get the static damage of your thrown weapon as high as possible.

Now if you're a Ninja this is a little different. Use your Rogue Talents to get as many combat feats as you can before you have to get ki talents(Forgotten Trick, Flurry of Stars, and Vanishing Tricks are great). Feat wise you do the same as before, except now you have to blow feats on Two Weapon Fighting(which stacks with Rapid Shot) as well as the ranged feats. You have a higher potential for damage than the monk, but you need more preparation. You won't be able to sneak attack by yourself until level 10 because its very hard to make people flatfooted against ranged attacks, so make sure someone in the party has Hold Person and similiar spells, otherwise you're a really crappy monk.

Stat Wise Emphasize Dex>Charisma/Strength>Wisdom>Intelligence. You want more dexterity than the monk since it's harder for you to hit than him, and you need less strength because of sneak attack.

Item wise you still want a Blink Back Belt, and now you need Sniper Goggles for both damage and the ability to sneak attack beyond 30 feet. At high levels consider taking the Celestial Obedience feat(and be Lawful Good) and worshipping Tanagaar, the Empyreal Lord of Watchfulness and Owls. At 20th level you get the Hunter's Edge ability which gives you 3 more sneak attack dice(13d6) and every sneak attack dice does +2 damage, which means with sniper goggles you'll be doing around 8 attacks that do 13d6+26 damage. Rather nice, albeit very late in the game.

Well if you get reincarnated you could come back as a bugbear and get some pretty awesome stat bonuses.

Yeah, first bet is get killed and get someone to cast Raise Dead on you. Second is to dip 3 levels into fighter. I'm not 100% sure, but shoulder greater remove curse help him out here too?

If it's kingmaker, couldn't the player who's character is the monarch simply levy a hefty tax on that player's business practices?

Could distribute the wealth more evenly then.

Hmm. I get the father's sword thing, but aren't masterwork weapons made masterwork via a "Masterwork Component" and thus you could add one two an existing item? If not, I'd see that as the problem.

Also that player is obviously a dickish idiot, too. Everyone knows that PC parties operate as communist units, we're all in it together and we share everything.


He's essentially not using his spells for the benefit of the party, which every other caster would do for him. Talk to the DM to make the player pay up, because that's just plain dumb.

You got that at the worst possible level for a gunslinger too.

Though I think if I drew that card as a caster I'd just kill myself and get resurrected.

How much money does Raise Dead cost? It might be worth it here.

EDIT:Okay dude, 5k and a scroll of restoration is a lot better than dealing with losing class levels, even for a martial.

That trench fighter archetype is also really stupid if the two things stack, so perhaps you could dick over your DM by doing it, but I wouldn't allow it myself.

Why bring it up with your GM? You're in the party, just benefit from it.

Amass a massive amount of money and get decked out in crazy armor.

Also if anything the problem here isn't blood money, it's spells like masterwork transformation and fabricate.

A lot of the breaker spells are fun, but one isn't.

Find the Path.

That spell is lame AND breaks the game

What about a Dwarf with a Boulder Helmet, Armor spikes, and a Dwarven Longhammer?

You can still have them have an evil culture without being inherently evil. I don't like the idea of something having free will but unable to be nice at all.

Well I didn't know there were smelling salts that, when used with a caster with a familiar, can basically be die-hard for free.

A level 16 Monk could pull it off with the Quicken Spell-Like Ability feat on his Dimension Door ability, thus granting him pounce. Though if I'm reading it correctly he'd need to take the feat at level 17 to make it work with dimension door unless he got a bonus feat at 16 or could retrain his 15th level feat.

Though the dimensional assault feat makes that largely irrelevant, but you could still get quicken spell-like for your qiggong abilities earlier.

I can bump here, right? Bump.

Hello there Paizo Boardians, I was hoping to get some information on various locations around there, Goka, Kaoling, Quain, and Lingshen especially.

Looking at this map http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/329/3/d/fan_made_golarion_map_by_cru nkrogers-d5l4hkt.jpg I see a few...interestingly named Locations, such as
"House of 1,000 Silks", "Cradle of Immortality, and "Emperor's Footprint"

I figure the Emperor's Footprint is some sort of crevass, the Cradle of Immortality a temple of some sort, and the House of 1,000 silks to be some sort of massive Brothel. I'm also hoping one of you has a more detailed and inclusive map of the area so I have a bit more to work with before I start brewing up my own locations.

So is there anything I should know about this area? Books to read, important names to know, local monsters? Is The Iron Mountain an area for Dwarves? The Dragon Shrine a kobold or Dragon Disciple controlled area? What sorts of names do the Hobgoblins of Kaoling have, and how do they get along with their neighbors? I'm assuming "Mongol" and "Like Mongols" but...

I should be able to fill in the gaps myself but any help is appreciated.

I already love this guide but here's something to add the prestige classes section.

Magaambyan Arcanist to get a Good Aura(and some sweet druid spells like 4th level flame strike)

Then? Then? A few levels of Pathfinder Savant to get the Paladin Spell Litany of Righteousness.

Then Magaambyan Arcanist gives you an ability called "Lasting Goodness" which allows the effects of spells with the Good descriptor to last rounds/MA level. So say that's 4 rounds. Thats FOUR rounds of DOUBLE DAMAGE to all your blasts. All of them. And you can cast it on other members of your party, too.

All of that requires being Good aligned but still.

Bonus points is that Savant gives use magic device as a class still so.

Also don't forget a dazing snap dragon fireworks or a familiar with dazing burning gaze on them.

Nothing wrong with a DM being given some cigarettes or a pizza to make a game run smoother.

Or like "Oh s%+& I forgot my pen. First person who finds it gets 1k gold.

Would being able to spontaneously cast domain spells, cure/inflicts, or Summon Nature's Ally count for the requirements?

Eh, there are prestige classes that do that better.

Since you're doing a ninja you're already playing one of the weaker classes, so nobody should think you're OP.

I say you should be fine.

If you want to play a caster you could get the magical knack trait to take the hurt off of being a level behind

I take weapon focus because it's required for a lot of really really good feat chains.

Like the Dazzling Display chain.

There's a spell called Mending and a spell called Make Whole that fixes a lot of the destroyed gear problems go away.

I actually really like that idea, it makes Hellknights much more viable.

You get Scribe Scroll as a wizard, which is a crafting feat.

EDIT:Err read that wrong. I guess so, it would depend on the build.

In that case you may want to go in as a Forgemaster cleric.

Invisible Blade lets them do full attacks with Vanishing Trick though, It's greater invisiblity for 50+rounds aday.

Vanishing Trick, Invisible Blade, Forgotten Trick and a massive ki pool.

The ONLY reason to play a pure rogue is disabling magical traps, which several classes can do and do it much better.

Well assuming you COMBINE the above prestige classes, I'd recommend going dazing spell evoker, the main issue being that until level 5 all your feats are pre chosen, since you'd need 1)Spell Mastery 3)Scholar and 5)Magical Aptitude. 3 feats to became an insanely good mystic theurge I'd say is worth it, even if you take into consideration the wizard bonus feats you're losing at higher levels.

If you want evocation(since the admixture school doesn't need to scale with your PrC's unlike say, the void school) I'd grab dazing around level 9, intensify at level 11, and empower at level 13 so you qualify for Spell Perfection at level 15. Then of course grab maximize or quicken at level 17 and 19.

If you want conjuration you're of course going to want Spell Focus Conjuration, Augment Summons, and then Superior Summons.

Both ideas would warrant Spell Focus and Improved Familiar, though remember your feat requirements. Improved Familiar is just freaking amazing.

Now you can also go into Pathfinder Savant as a cleric or Oracle. It'd be the same feats but you grab different spells.

For Savant spells I recommend Gallant Inspiration from Bard, Litany of Righteousness from Paladin (if you go in as cleric or put at least one level into Magaambyan/Collegiate Arcanist), and Ill Omen(from the witch list...assuming you don't go in as a witch)

Another hit for Magaambyan/Collegiate Arcanist is this ability

SRD wrote:
Lasting Goodness (Su)At 3rd level, all of a Collegiate arcanist's spells with the good descriptor have their durations extended by a number of rounds equal to her class level. A spell with a duration of concentration, instantaneous, or permanent isn't affected by this ability.

Now combine that with Litany of Righteousness and put it on the party.

In total, you can go Wizard then the Arcanist and Savant, or Cleric/Druid/Oracle/etc then into Savant. Only Wizards can go into Magaambyan Arcanist due to a poorly designed feat restriction for spell mastery.

Here's two classes I really like
Pathfinder Savant
http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/prestige-classes/other-paizo/a-b/pathfinder -savant You're going to want to go in with magical knack, but essentially every level you gain a spell from ANY spell list. Pay particular attention to the Bard, Ranger, and Paladin lists, but every list has something you'll want, especially(if you go in as a wizard) to grab Heal and Restoration

Collegiate Arcanist

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/prestige-classes/other-paizo/c-d/magaambyan -arcanist

You're a wizard who gains a druid spell a level and eventually gets the entire good domain on your spell list.

Combining the two would actually not be that bad of an idea, since Collegiate Arcanist gives the good descriptor and you can get Litany of Righteousness from the Savant

Have you considered Myrmidarch Magus?

Are you set on Mystic Theurge? A cleric or wizard can prestige into Pathfinder Savant that does much the same thing as the theurge in a much better way.

As a DM I'd allow someone to take, say, fast musket.

But RAW I don't think it works that way.

Ask your DM if you can repurpose catfolk claws for your purposes. Basically makes it an enchantable weapon with a built in +1 bonus to hit.

Ditch Shot on the run and dodge, get Many shot, Snap Shot, Combat Reflexes, and Improved Snap shot.

Though if you can only get shot on the run from your ranger thing, that's fine.

When you're doing a two handed character, especially a fighter, you're gonna want a tactical gimmick that's not just hitting things with your weapons. You already have the trip feats and a trip weapon, so that's one gimmick(and a great one). I suggest going one of two routes for your not hit things feats
1:Intimidate Build
Pump intimidate sky high and grab Weapon Focus, Dazzling Display, Cornugon Smash, and Shatter Defenses. Grab a +1 Cruel Weapon. Make -everyone- you fight shaken and sickened. Casters will love you. Eventually you'll be targeting flat footed opponents all the time(level 7 or 8).
2:In the Blood

For this one you're going to want a good CHA, say 14/16, eventually 17.
Grab the feats Skill Focus and Eldritch Heritage. For two feats you can get a Familiar that can help you flank and can use wands to buff you(pump up its UMD and you're set) Thematically the Orc Bloodline would work fantastically for you and be great for damage as well.

A feat to look out for this one(aside from all three levels of Eldritch Heritage and Skill Focus:Survival) is Quickened Spell-Like ability for Touch of Rage.

A good archetype for your guy would be Two Handed Fighter for Raw Damage and Lore Warden for the Tripping. Sadly they don't stack, but both work for your Scythe.

A sword Saint Samurai with a +1 Cruel Katana will do wonders with a -4 to nearly everyone's saving throws.
Give 'em cornugon smash and shatter defenses and you're set.

Being a gnome may not be wonders for your point buy, but their favored class bonus completely fixes the Archaelogist Bard's performance times/day

Try to get 13 strength eventually for power attack, but even then try to get a pair of guided brass knuckles or get weapon finesse.

Get the feats Crane style, Crane Wing, and Crane Riposte and pump up your AC as high as possible.


Actually the Inquisitor does get Invisibility and vanish.

I believe the abyssal bloodline has a very good summon ability as it's level 15 power.

Why Weapon Expertise?

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Get a wand of Mage Armor on the Monk at all times.

The trip does not do damage but Frostbite is a spell of yours that does nonlethal. Just channel that through the whip.

Non 18-20 weapons usually are bad for Magi, though if you want to be "roguey" and use a whip, go Kensai 20/20.

You look like a rogue and use a whip.

Barbarian/Scarred Witch Doctor. You use CON to cast, rage raises your Hex DC's, and you have a d12 hit die.

Gunslinger/Sohei Monk, Flurry of Bullets!


A wizard maxing out acrobatics is actually pretty damn amazing for casting spells when threatened.

The one thing you want as a duelist is martial weapons, esp a two hander.

3 is usually enough. It lets the 3/4 BaB classes get power attack and the like, and it avoids the constant TPK's from bad rolls level 1 has.

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