Natural Pengu Mobile VTT Is Now FREE To Use!

Friday, February 9, 2024

Greetings, adventurers! We’re Natural Pengu, and we’re developing the Natural Pengu Mobile VTT. We want to bring Pathfinder to your phone and make it available for everyone, from beginners to veterans alike.

We’ve been listening, and your feedback has been very valuable. Today, we’re thrilled to share some significant changes to our platform.

Natural Pengu: Pathfinder Mobile VTT

1. The Core Platform: Free and Accessible to All

The core platform is now free for all users! Simply log in at, and you’ll have immediate access to Natural Pengu Mobile VTT and the Player Core Toolkit.

Remember, Natural Pengu Mobile VTT is still in Early Access, so there will be missing features and bugs.

2. GM Unlocks Rules for All

We want to make it easy for you to start a game. If you’re the GM of a room and you own Pathfinder Player Core on Natural Pengu Mobile VTT, your players can access those rules while playing in your room. It’s our way of lowering the threshold for your players to join your game.

3. Snack-Sized Adventures

To make it even easier and faster to start playing, we’ll regularly release Natural Pengu content packs. These include snack-sized mobile adventures with stories, maps, monsters, NPCs, and lore that you can access and play immediately on our VTT.

4. Help Us Keep the Dream Alive

Creating and maintaining a virtual tabletop needs funding, and we trust our community to support us in this endeavor. Simply put, we need to make money to survive. Here’s how you can contribute and support us if you like what we do.

  • Content Packs: Buy our content packs that give you snack-sized mobile adventures, stories, maps, monsters, NPCs, and lore. You can either access select packs through one-time purchases or subscribe and get every pack upon release. More information on content pack subscriptions coming soon.
  • Paizo PDFs & Integrations: Purchase Paizo PDFs and Natural Pengu Mobile VTT integrations from our marketplace.
  • Subscription Tiers: Consider subscribing to our Founder or Legend plans. Right now, only Legends can upload their own art and maps to their Natural Pengu Mobile VTT rooms.
  • Kickstarter Campaign: You can pledge to support our ongoing development with our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Your contribution will directly shape the future of our platform. Sign up for our mailing list to stay updated here:

Thank You for Your Support!

To our incredible community, thank you for your support and valuable feedback. We can’t wait to hear more about your adventures on Natural Pengu Mobile VTT!

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Looks nice :)

Liberty's Edge

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So many neat things I missed while on the road

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Looks slick. I'm glad that people looking for the right VTT solution for them are getting so many solid options these days.

Will check this out...

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