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Ghost In The Shell/Alita style brain in a wholly artificial body.

How would you do it? Just rebuild the character from scratch as an SRO? Or something else?

axe8148 wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:

Here you go:

Technomorph 1st release draft
By chance have you completed or have an updated version of this build?

It should be usable as is. I'm currently running a game with one player playing a technomorph. It may see some changes later as we find things that need changing.

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Mechfinder! There's been some playtesting of it. Changes may come... eventually. When I have the energy to go through the feedback.

It would be better if it applied its bonus against the existing anti-cyborg abilities (which are all non-hacking so far).

Another recommendation for Ground Zero Games: You can get a LOT of ships relatively inexpensively.

The same thing has happened in 40k since the dawn of time.

1. Roll to hit.
2. Roll to wound.
3. Roll armour.

Why is armour rolled after wounds? We just don't know.

Thanks for the mention. If there's enough interest I might expand the library of mechs and mech equipment. :)

I once had a character make friends with a summoned Lillend and eventually used Planar Ally for a longer-term relationship.

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Dracomicron wrote:

Veskarium, for sure. I want a blow-by-blow (help-by-help?) rundown of vesk/skittermander relations.

Also, I want mechs. Basically starship combat on ground-level (with associated hex-based overland maps)... but, you know, actually fun. Limit the number of PCs per mech so that you have individual actions with more impact, and you can participate in more dynamic strategies. Like, a standard mech fight may have two/three PC mechs, each with up to two PCs, and have more dynamic abilities that can affect the battle (so they mystics and solarians can feel useful). Have magitech engines and/or guns that can be overcharged with a mysticism roll, or living biomechs that can be encouraged with Life Sciences or Medicine.

Inspiration: basically any anime ever.

I might have written an rulebook that may or may not be called Mechfinder. :3

I made a class that focuses on shapeshifting technology. Nothing in the existing stuff comes anywhere near it. If that's possible, then there is certainly room for classes that function sufficiently differently.

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They're usually not trying to be cruel to you. They just don't notice all the ants they are stepping on. Although if they DO notice, they become the kid with the magnifying glass.

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I had an expy of Labyrinth's Jareth (David Bowie) as an elf sorcerer merrily and flamboyantly leading a band of goblins on a quest to reawaken the superweapons of a fallen civilisation and take over the world.

The party frequently forgot that he was the bad guy. They rather liked him.

Have a look at the fun stuff you can get up to with a ninja/sorcerer. :3

Ryuu-Okami wrote:
Where can we find Mechafinder?


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RavenDarkStorm wrote:
I for one would really like to test out the rules if and when you make them available. Will they also include rules for constructing mechs?

The rules have been available for several months now. Construction rules are included.


No gods or kings.

Only Man.

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I want to make a high-Cha icon with a T-shirt that says 'SET TO STUN'. :P

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Oh hey, this thread is alive again. Mechfinder is finished, just needing testing and some filling out with pre-built mech profiles and stuff.

In other news, I'm working on the VOIDWITCH, a debuff-focused class that gathers power by manifesting 'motes' (minor debuff effects) and consumes all manifested motes to unleash a powerful final attack. It is more powerful the more motes it consumes in doing so. Watch out for a voidwitch filling the battlefield with these 'harmless' fragments of oblivion. :P

Philosophically, voidwitches are fundamentally opposed to solarians. While solarians believe in a cyclical cosmos, voidwitches draw their power from the dread inevitability of heat death. It'll be a long, long time before we see which school of thought is right, but in the meantime voidwitches make solarians deeply uncomfortable, often on a spiritual level.

Voidwitches are not always evil, despite their nihilistic power source. Some seek the powers of the void simply for their own gain, while others aim to do as much good as they can before the universe draws to a close.

I feel like I keep seeing new post indications, then I click on the thread and the last one is Sara Marie's post. What is going on in here?

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Don't let this topic be buried! Gay eternal, to the stars and beyond!

I made one.

Maybe the wizard that originally invented 'charm person' used arcane principles that tied it to their personal perception of what constitutes a 'humanoid'. Magic is as often based on perception, intent and identity as it is on physical properties.

PaladinDemo wrote:

With the exception of Gnolls, Monstrous Humanoids are suppose to be stronger and tougher than your average human/humanoid. Because of this divergence or mockery of life that your charm person theory has some credit, but if I may counter.

Charm person still affects Monstrous Humanoids. But the spell works easier on tradition humanoids because of brain development and chemistry. Certain Monstrous humanoids like gnolls would be more susceptible to the spell, while Ogres are more thick headed or their undeveloped brains isn't as susceptible.

Ogres are humanoid (giant), not monstrous humanoids.

I'm pretty sure we can have multiple deities of the same thing.

The Sharpwing has eyes everywhere and a psychic link to legged, many-eyed eggs. It's just an animal.

Animal, aberration or magical beast?

What's the difference?

The Crest-Eater could easily just be an animal, since animal can now include alien wildlife. The same is true of the Caypin.

I haven't done much work on it lately. While it should be fully usable, I want to tidy it up and expand the library of prebuilt mechs and support ships. I'm just so danged exhausted and depressed all the time.

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The simplest explanation for that would be a manifold (3 dimensions is enough) that resembles an infinitely long sock. The circumference is a finite 1000 km, but the surface area (and volume) are infinite.

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Mechfinder is my creation. Here it is: Mechfinder

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Think of the first world as an 'early access' game. A lot of things don't make sense, some of the mechanics are just broken and it's never going to be finished.

And the Eldest are the ones that never moved to the release version because they'd have to update all their zany mods and all their favourite exploits are gone.

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Obviously dark matter is too powerful for the current scope of Starfinder. We'll have to wait for Mythic Starfinder before we start dealing with it. :P

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Oh hey! I'm glad you like it. Thanks. :)

I've been trying to find an editor and publisher to help me bring it to completion and distribution; my fatigue and depression make it extremely hard for me to keep going and I need assistance to clean this up and make it presentable.

The x2 and 1/2 damage is awkward, but it's there to squeeze mechs in between personal and starship combat without having to give them two different sets of stats for either combat. It was originally x3 and 1/3 (so that the total difference between players -> mechs -> ships was x9, close to the existing players -> ships difference of x10) but I found that x2 produced mechs with abilities closer to their CR (tier + 5) and double/half is much easier mathematically.

I would appreciate any feedback from actual play. Nobody has reported anything back to me yet.

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Do you mean like this? (was posted on the Starfinder Discord)

Gobo Horde wrote:
Trish Megistos wrote:
Doomed Hero wrote:
Would bleeding summoned creatures work?

I would argue against it. Imagine the Hebrew God getting a summoned goat as a sacrifice. He'd probably be pissed.

Besides, wouldn't their blood, as the rest of them, disappear once the spell is over.

that makes little/no sense XD (no offense intended)

If the Hebrew God you are talking about is the real world religion, then one of his characteristics is that he created everything. By himself. Only one God means it can't be created by some other "god".
So he created all the goats, the real ones, the imaginary ones, and even the summoned ones, so regardless which one you sacrifice, you are giving back to him what was already his (as he desires).
A good example would be Abraham offering Isaac, where it was said "God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering".

However, with the Hebrew God, it would seem that intent and obedience does play a large part of it as well (for example, the story of Cain and Able), so how would that fit with offering summoned creatures instead of real ones and how would that play out in the Pathfinder Fantasy? I dunno :)

If you're able to summon a goat, then you must be a faithful cleric. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to summon the goat. Your faith is proven.

Travel inside the Golarion system is very fast and convenient. Settling somewhere outside of that would stifle their connection to the hub of interstellar culture.

I shapeshift into an anti-magic field.

I shapeshift into reality.

Bloodrealm wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
I've always felt that undead should keep constitution. Sure, they're immune to disease and stuff, but their body is still made of bones and maybe meat. Call it 'construction' if you like. It's how solidly they are put together. Same for constructs. Even more reason to call it 'construction'.

I believe the rationale is that they are unnaturally held together proportionately more with Negative Energy than living things with Positive Energy. That's why they don't just rot and why fleshless skeletons actually work.

That said, I'm guessing they'll either just make them humanoids with some resistances or handwave away the 'no Constitution' thing with "asymmetrical design" regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

Then they are 'constructed' by some quality of negative energy, representing how well it holds them together.

Ship Mass Recalculated

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Now have a romance between a human and a sentient mobile fortress.

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I've always felt that undead should keep constitution. Sure, they're immune to disease and stuff, but their body is still made of bones and maybe meat. Call it 'construction' if you like. It's how solidly they are put together. Same for constructs. Even more reason to call it 'construction'.

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Being undead is not as overpowering an advantage as it was in Pathfinder. Everyone can breathe underwater or in space and be immune to environmental toxins right from level 1. Undead can just do it without a suit.

The Diaspora used to be a planet before Eox blew it (and their own atmosphere) up.

It cannot be known.

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18. You find yourself attached to an unfamiliar body, one that has memories of killing you and harvesting you for parts...

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If the readied action is not a purely defensive action, such as shooting a foe if he shoots at you, it takes place immediately after the triggering event. - Starfinder CRB p.249

Seems like casters can cast the spell then get shot by the readied action.

Balancer wrote:
I want a mecha class! I need my gundams and not some lame power armor.

I have been building a mech rulebook. It's about 45 pages right now. It sits in a place kind of in between personal combat and starship combat.

Castilliano wrote:

I want to see a biology/mutation themed class.

General idea would be a 3/4 BAB class working similarly to the Exocortex Mechanic + Operative, (though as you mentioned wanting an alien pet, maybe there could be the "drone" option as well.)
The key ability would likely be Int, but maybe for diversity could be Con (though that might skew the toughness balance). Since some upgrades would work off of Con, it'd fit nicely, though h.p. may need to be 5 to compensate.

There would be two tracks (three w/ alien pet).
The first would be self-perfection, functioning much like a Monk with an Operative chassis. The PC would get boosts to damage on par with an Operative's Trick attack, but for unarmed or select weapons. Add in movement abilities, maybe even some mental abilities or resistances. There are many ideas that could be stolen from other classes, like for a standard action charge.

The second would be a mutation track, functioning similar to how an Exocortex boosts combat abilities, but with more of a melee focus, perhaps even with built-in weapons that progressed with level. I could see options for better grappling, poisoning, disease, maybe acid (perhaps using the same base damage as able). Senses too, of course. There could be some really alien options here making it quite unique.

As for their skills perks, maybe they could get bonuses to Medicine & Life Sciences w/ abilities based off of those (healing? short term buffs? grant saves/rerolls on diseases/poisons), or for communicating with aliens.

For both (or maybe another track altogether), I could see having a pool of points (based on credits) for getting Augmentations which they could switch every level or perhaps after a day of rest or self-surgery. So, for example, they could have a Dragon Gland one day, then Venom Spurs which they replace later, maybe adding an extra arm (as machinery, but with the 10% cost increase for being biological). Or maybe they could just get better value for when they swap them out?

Balance shouldn't be...

I made something like this as a technology-based class. The Technomorph. They can go T-1000 or Chaos Obliterator.

Hexagons are futuristic.

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You reach out to touch the Starstone and a computer voice says, "I'm sorry, all available divine power is currently in use. Please try again later."

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