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So now that it's out, who has had the opportunity to compare the systems?

Mechfinder reference

If one were to expand Mechfinder, what could you steal from Tech Revolution (or vice versa)?

Good to have some free Mechfinder stuff out there for Starfinder, Umbral Reaver, so's we could compares'it to Tech Revolution. ;)

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I really like the Mechfinder rules. A real Battletech feel to it. And I really like how it gives a lot more weight to the size of mechs — it seems like this should be a huge deal, power-level wise, but in the Tech Revolution rules buying a larger mech doesn’t change much. (In fact, it generally seems like a downgrade, power-level-wise.)

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Ah ye had been working on your own mech system pre tech revolution? :O Nice

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I like your mechfinders system better. Specifically, the way the tech revolution allows multiple pilots to absolutely shatter the action economy without any guidelines for how multiple pilots increases the cr of the encounter, seems... not well thought out. Your system still gives benefits for multiple pilots, but they are limited enough that just having more people in the cockpit doesn't guarantee a win. The only thing I would steel would be the different flavors of power core in tech revolution. The Azlanti power core that can be recharged via spell slots and the Eox power core powered by dying creatures are extremely flavorful and add some extra functionality.


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I haven't used the Mech rules in Starfinder yet but your system looks well thought out. I saw you have a section on sensors. For a mech piolet, having lidar would be an extremely useful option to add.

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I was just wondering about what happened to Mechfinder! It's glorious and very intuitive.

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