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After many hiccups, everything should be entered. If there are data entry errors in your play/GM history here is the preferred way of handling it:

1. If the table session is entered into the system but the GM number/player number/character number is incorrect, then that can be edited by any Venture-Captain or above. Players, please remember that your hard copy chronicle sheet trumps anything viewed online, and a data entry error doesn't invalidate your chronicle.

2. If the table session is not entered into the system at all, then email genconleads AT Please include all of the table session information from your chronicle sheet and we can look through the paper copies. Priority will be given to GMs since table count affects stars and GM rewards.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hey All,

Quick update regarding GenCon reporting. We are awaiting the special and the latest season of ACG to get added to the system. Once they are, we can begin reporting those events. Everything else should have been reported on site.

My understanding is that there is also a known database error with the reporting system in general. If you do not have credit for a specific scenario in the system, my assumption is that it is from this database error. Please do not report this as an error until we know the database is fixed and can confirm that the reporting is actually missing. I'm sure there will be a further update when that is completed and then you can submit any reporting errors through the normal channels after that.


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I have completely reported events for GenCon 2016 with four exceptions. Two card games and two RPG sessions could not be reported due to lack on scenario information or GM information.

8/5/16 - The Wounded Wisp - no GM info
8/7/16 - Captives in Toil - Alan Mendoza - no GM number

No date or scenario information for two sessions.

Please utilize the online reporting tool for incorrect sessions as I do not regularly check my PMs.

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For those of you who may not know, I am the RVC for the Northwest region and I will be helping to run HQ at PaizoCon as I have in the years past. I wanted to also make myself available to anyone from the NW region who may want to chat about PFS in their locality, especially non-VOs who may not have access to me on the VO forums. I'll be at HQ during PFS time and will be either there or at the hotel bar during down time. I can be easily recognized by my ginger goatee and pleasant demeanor :)

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It is my pleasure to announce a new 5 Star GM in the Omaha, NE metro area. Nate Sheridan is a VL that I inherited from Mike Lindner back when I moved over to the area. He has been GMing for the past four years and has been an integral part of the local Lodge with his game days.

Congrats Nate, welcome to the ranks!

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It is my pleasure to welcome Rachel Hill to the ranks of the 5-Star GM corps. She has devoted a HUGE chunk of time to PFS, both in person and online and has always done an exemplary job. She also coordinates half of the Omaha game stores in addition to all the time she spends prepping games. Congratulations Rachel, you have most definitely earned it!

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Hello all!

I am happy to announce that there will be Pathfinder Society at NukeCon Oct 3-5 2014 in Omaha, NE. We will be offering the end of Season 5 scenarios, the beginning of Season 6, all three Bonekeeps, the Legacy of the Stonelords as well as the Paths We Choose.

More information regarding registration can be found here

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The last few sessions have been entered finally now that I have some free time on my hands. I still have the sheets for one slot on Sunday and one on Saturday if there are any discrepancies on those days. Any other discrepancies for other slots should be approached through normal channels.

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Venture-Lieutenant Nate Sheridan has created quite the list of scenarios, modules and even the first part of an Adventure Path at this year's PretzCon happening in Omaha, NE.

Cherry Hills Event Center
7050 N 102nd Ave
Omaha, NE

If you are in the area and want to come down for a day, we'll get you seated at a table. One day admission is only $15 and there will be boons and prize support available! I'm excited that this will be the first PretzCon I attend in my new role as VC of the area and I look forward to meeting a lot of the area's Pathfinders and introduce myself!

Dark Archive 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Midwest

Within the past year, Rachel Hill has quickly become a force within the Omaha community. She divides the area in terms of store coordination with my other Venture-Lieutenant, Nate Sheridan, organizing games at multiple locations. She has plans to bring back PFS to Bellevue, where PFS started out in the area. Personally, I appreciate her attitude, her love of the game and that she isn't afraid to give me constructive criticism of my methods (I also slightly fear her).

With all that in mind, it is my pleasure to add her to the officer corps.

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Is that a Breaking Bad quote? Methinks it is, in part :P

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I have been attending GenCon for 4 years each as a Tier 1 GM. Out of the 40 slots of games for those years, I believe I have done 36 of them (I could be wrong, my memory is a little shoddy atm...). Watching PFS grow over the course of these years, I am EXTREMELY happy to see how many female gamers and kids were at the event. I don't recall seeing this high a percentage of gamer girls/children in previous years.

Not only should Mike and John be given kudos to how well the games went (and they went well) or how many PFS tables were sat (holy crap there were a lot!) they should be given kudos for fostering a solid and safe community for gamers of all types. It was really awesome to see!

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The level of negativity on the boards since the new guide was released has me quite concerned.

I have seen posts where every little word is nitpicked to try and break the meaning of its common sense intent. I have seen posts complaining about the PP cost of general retraining, ignoring the fact that in 5 seasons it has never been allowed before. There are posts complaining about the new inventory sheet, which was added to help both players and GMs keep track of their stuff in a more organized way.

About a year ago when some new material came out and a certain archetype wasn't allowed, people became very passionate and negative about it until Mike finally just gave in and allowed it. He revealed at that time that he was planning on it being a chronicle sheet boon(and a VERY cool one, I might add).

People, the new rules haven't even had a chance to be USED! If you keep up with the nitpicking, negativity and asking for more more more, I can almost guarantee that this is the last set of 'new rules' that will ever be attempted.

I sorely miss the way the boards used to be back in Seasons 0-1. Back then people were a lot more positive and polite, digging through the rules together and being helpful. Now it seems every other post is written by an 'Internet Tough Guy' who has his opinion on the rules and won't brook any criticism (positive or negative) about it.

And what's almost worse is that I see this negativity growing from the Old Guard as well as the people who have joined the boards in the past few years.

Here is how the past few days should have gone:
Mike and John: Hey players, here is a new updated guide with completely new features we are going to be testing to see how they work in Organized Play.
Players: These look interesting. I don't necessarily agree with everything personally but let's give it a shot and see how it works out. I'm sure if some of them become more of a hindrance or overpowering you will look at them again, right?
Mike and John: Of course, we are always striving to make this the strongest Organized Play Campaign that we can.

Respect how busy the Paizo PFS worker bees are right now, a week out from GenCon. They are trying to create the same quality scenarios in a very short amount of time AND trying to get them out in time for GMs to be well prepared to run them. Criticizing the Guide right now takes their time away from this, and I know that if a rule is seriously broken, it will NOT ruin the Campaign between now and when GenCon is over.

When you post on a thread, pretend as if the person you are responding to is right there next to you, face-to-face with a squirt gun pointed at your face. That may engender more polite responses from everyone.

Finally, before you reply to break down what I said sentence by sentence to prove me wrong and how much smarter you are than I, know that you are part of the precipitate, not the solution.

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My 8596-4 Character is missing from my account. Is there any way to get it to show again?

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So in my home game, I am playing Way of the Wicked, which is an evil adventure path (of Paizo quality). The creators of WotW are doing a Kickstarter focusing on their Pathfinder monster art in the form of playing cards.

I plan on using them as props for games I am GMing and figured others may be interested in them as well. I'm getting enough decks that I may even give some out as con prizes, assuming it kicks off. Anyway, I'm plugging this out of pure selfishness :)

Creature Cards

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Announcing Gamicon Chi March 8-10

We will be offering 75+ tables of PFS over 6 slots of gaming. We will offer every scenario from Season 4 up through February as well as the last four scenarios from Season 3.

There will be an auction, there will be dealers, there will be a video game library, there will be a board game library, there will be a TON of PFS going on.

It is happening at the Iowa Memorial Union which has a hotel attached and is about a block from historic Iowa City downtown (read: lots of pubs and grub).

How can you register to attend this awesome event? Simple, follow this LINK to register to attend the convention.

To then register to save your spot at a PFS table go to this LINK .

We will be opening up registration of players in one month but you can register for the site now. Until then, if you want to GM, shoot me an email at

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It was a fine session last Sunday and your area is lucky to have you!

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I'll get the ball rolling:

I started playing Living Greyhawk in the last 3 years of the campaign and dabbled in some Living Arcanis. I organized and played Living Forgotten Realms for about 9 months when it first began before switching to Pathfinder Society Beta and now do PFS with some Legends of Arcanis thrown in.

How about the rest of you?

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I am going to be participating in an evil AP and I am rolling up a Human Necromancer of Asmodeus and wanted to bounce some ideas around:

Str - 8
Dex - 14
Con - 14
Int - 18
Wis - 10
Cha - 15

Traits: Sedition (Gives a bonus to Bluff and +1 to Leadership) and Sacred Conduit

Here is the feat progression I was thinking about:
1 - Improved Channel
1 - Improved Initiative
1 - Scribe Scroll
3 - Spell Focus (Necromancy)
5 - Spell Focus (Conjuration)
5 - Craft Wondrous Items
7 - Leadership
9 - Augment Summoning
10 - Craft Arms & Armor
11 - Skeletal Summoner
13 - ???
15 - Forge Ring
15 - Craft Staff
17 - ???
19 - ???
20 - ???

The cleric in the party will probably take Brew Potion and Craft Wand so we're covered on that end, and from calculating the DC of some of the crafting checks, it may be better to craft stuff around mid-level.

With my Intelligence, I'm taking 4 craft skills as part of my back story (alchemy, armor, bows, weapons) and will acquire the knowledge skills over time.

What am I missing?

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I really enjoyed this book and I'm hoping for a sequel sooner rather than later, due to the ending (which I won't spoil). Definitely a good addition to the PTales bookshelf!

Dark Archive

It appears that my PFS numbers load sequentially when I register a new character. However, 8596-4 is missing from my list. Is there a way to create a placeholder character that I can edit or will the next registered character I do fill in 8596-4?

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I need some advice on a feat chain for a PFS Gunslinger that has the flavor of a charismatic pirate. I went with the Mysterious Stranger archetype would like to work with the Sword and Pistol feat from Ultimate Combat. He'll be wielding a Cutlass and a Pistol. Human for the race.

1 - Power Attack, Point Blank Shot
3 - Weapon Focus (pistol)
4 - Rapid Reload
5 - Rapid Shot
7 - Snap Shot
8 - Two Weapon Fighting
9 - Sword & Pistol
11 - Precise Shot
12 - Deadly Aim

I just am unclear on if you need to have the pre-reqs for the Bonus Feats or if they work like the Ranger Combat Style Feats.

Dark Archive

I really enjoy the flavor of this class and have identified the following styles as what I would like to use: Crane, Snake, Panther and Tiger. I think taking all three feats in Crane and Panther are a must and would probably only need 2 from Snake and Tiger. I'd also like to fit in Elemental fist. This build will only go until level 12 (PFS) so high level abilities won't be involved. My Human stats are going to be:
Str: 16
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 10

I'm struggling with the order of the feats to take. My first take would be:
1: Crane Style
1: Crane Wing
1: Panther Style
2: Crane Riposte
3: Panther Parry
5: Snake Style
6: Snake Fang
7: Panther Claw
9: Tiger Style
10: Tiger Claws
11: Elemental Fist

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One of the projects I am currently working on is an excel spreadsheet of the PFS GMs in the State of Iowa. I would also like to include the Omaha area as that is under my jurisdiction as well.

If you could shoot me an email with your name, years of PFS GM experience, city of residence and email address, I would appreciate it, thanks!

My email address is

Dark Archive 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Midwest

Gamicon is Iowa's longest-running gaming convention, now in its 21st year!

Gamicon Phi will take place Friday, February 10, through Sunday, February 12, 2012, at the Iowa Memorial Union on The University of Iowa campus in Iowa City, IA.

We plan on hosting 5 slots of Pathfinder Society, 10-12 tables each slot.

To register for the convention go here.

Once you have registered for the convention, you will be cleared to register on our Warhorn site here

We are definitely going to offer the GenCon 2011 Special as well as a mixture of all different level ranges of the newest scenarios. Boons will be available as well as Gamicon raffle prizes.

There will be lots of other games besides PFS as well as a Dealer's Area.

If you have interest in GMing for me, please email me at and I'll add you to our judge roster. Judge swag bags will be pretty awesome for those that donate all 5 slots to PFS. You also get to be heckled by yours truly at no extra charge! Judge spots are limited to a first come first serve basis, but fear not, if you do not get a judge slot, you can then PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!

Judge Prize Spoiler:

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Looking through a lot of the discussions on this board, I keep seeing the druid rules being mentioned in negative light. What do you as players think can be done to make PFS more druid-friendly?

My ideas are:
1) Allow them to train one trick per rank in handle animal
2) Allow a re-allocation of skill points for those druids affected by the rules changes

I personally don't think that the changes warrant an entire re-build and I feel like these ideas would go a long way to making druids more viable in PFS.

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As the new VC for this region, I wanted to post and let anyone know that I am here to help you get started with your PFS games in the region. Whether you are in Spencer, Council Bluffs/Omaha, Dubuque or Muscatine, let me know what you need and I will do my best to assist. Contact me off the boards at

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