PFS Gunslinger that acts like a pirate


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I need some advice on a feat chain for a PFS Gunslinger that has the flavor of a charismatic pirate. I went with the Mysterious Stranger archetype would like to work with the Sword and Pistol feat from Ultimate Combat. He'll be wielding a Cutlass and a Pistol. Human for the race.

1 - Power Attack, Point Blank Shot
3 - Weapon Focus (pistol)
4 - Rapid Reload
5 - Rapid Shot
7 - Snap Shot
8 - Two Weapon Fighting
9 - Sword & Pistol
11 - Precise Shot
12 - Deadly Aim

I just am unclear on if you need to have the pre-reqs for the Bonus Feats or if they work like the Ranger Combat Style Feats.

bonues feats are feats the class automatically get, so no you dont the need the pre-reqs unless stated otherwise

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so the fighter bonus feats can ignore per-requisites too?

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Sorry, I meant pre- not per

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I disagree with Kor - you need the prerequisites for any bonus feats you get unless the class description specifies that you don't. For example, the Monk bonus feats and Ranger combat style feats say that you may ignore any prerequisites; Fighter and Gunslinger bonus feats don't have this caveat, so you need any prerequisites that the feats would normally require.

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Okay, new progression:
1- Power Attack
1- Point Blank Shot
3- Two Weapon Fighting
4- Weapon Focus (Pistol)
5- Rapid Reload
7- Rapid Shot
8- Snap Shot
9- Sword & Pistol
11- Precise Shot
12- Deadly Aim

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