Need advice on feat chain for Master of Many Styles Monk


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I really enjoy the flavor of this class and have identified the following styles as what I would like to use: Crane, Snake, Panther and Tiger. I think taking all three feats in Crane and Panther are a must and would probably only need 2 from Snake and Tiger. I'd also like to fit in Elemental fist. This build will only go until level 12 (PFS) so high level abilities won't be involved. My Human stats are going to be:
Str: 16
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 10

I'm struggling with the order of the feats to take. My first take would be:
1: Crane Style
1: Crane Wing
1: Panther Style
2: Crane Riposte
3: Panther Parry
5: Snake Style
6: Snake Fang
7: Panther Claw
9: Tiger Style
10: Tiger Claws
11: Elemental Fist

Only your bonus feats may ignore the pre-requisites so I don't think you can take those 3 feats at 1st level.

IF you want Crane and Panther early on then I'd suggest,Crane Style as your bonus feat, then take Combat Reflexes as your first level feat, which will let you take Panther Style as your human feat.

Crane Wing as your bonus second level feat.

Panther Claw as your 3rd level character feat.

Snake Style at 5th.

Snake Fang as your bonus at 6th.

Panther Parry or Crane Riposte as your Char feats at 7th and 9th. Either one first depending on which one you think you'll use more often.

Tiger Style at 10th.

Tiger Claw at 11th.

I don't think Elemental Fist is really going to help much.

I second Natan's advice.

Would you consider dropping Cha to 8 to bring Str to 17? Doesn't help you until level 4, but on the other hand you see an improvement at level 4 instead of waiting for 8.

I suggest dipping into unarmed fighterand going monk of many styles/sacred mountain

Feat tree
1- UF1: Panther Style; Combat Reflexes; Crane Style (Combat Reflexes because the UF feat is used for Crane Style, thus needing Combat Reflexes for Panther Style)
2- MoMS/SM1: Crane Riposte
3- MoMS/SM2: Crane Wing/Panther Claw
4- UF2: Panther Parry
5- MoMS/SM3: Snake Style
7- MoMS/SM5: Tiger Style
8- MoMS/SM6: Snake Fang
9- MoMS/SM7: Snake Sidewind
11- MoMS/SM9: Tiger Claws
12- MoMS/SM10: Tiger Pounce

EDITed after so many times, but I was able to get the whole Panther and Crane chains by CL4

As Featherbeak touched on, dipping one level into Unarmed Fighter will get you another prerequisite-free style feat early on. Also, if you really want to incorporate Elemental Fist, it would be better to rethink your entire style feat choices. Taking the Dragon style feats (Dragon Ferocity, specifically) will really help out Elemental Fist. Then it would behoove you to choose one of the genie styles, depending on which element you chose for Elemental Fist.

Or just ditch Elemental Fist and take the other people's suggestions. =)

Yes. Elemental fist would be gnarly if you chose the Boar/Dragon combination, tripled with one of the Genie feats. Or rather go MoMS2/UF10 for Boar, Dragon, and Elemental Fist, while using the rest for Eldritch Heritage (Orc) AND Elemental Fist.

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Great advice, thanks for the clarification! I will build up on Natan's advice, it's a sound build!

Yay! I'm helping! :D

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