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I am going to be participating in an evil AP and I am rolling up a Human Necromancer of Asmodeus and wanted to bounce some ideas around:

Str - 8
Dex - 14
Con - 14
Int - 18
Wis - 10
Cha - 15

Traits: Sedition (Gives a bonus to Bluff and +1 to Leadership) and Sacred Conduit

Here is the feat progression I was thinking about:
1 - Improved Channel
1 - Improved Initiative
1 - Scribe Scroll
3 - Spell Focus (Necromancy)
5 - Spell Focus (Conjuration)
5 - Craft Wondrous Items
7 - Leadership
9 - Augment Summoning
10 - Craft Arms & Armor
11 - Skeletal Summoner
13 - ???
15 - Forge Ring
15 - Craft Staff
17 - ???
19 - ???
20 - ???

The cleric in the party will probably take Brew Potion and Craft Wand so we're covered on that end, and from calculating the DC of some of the crafting checks, it may be better to craft stuff around mid-level.

With my Intelligence, I'm taking 4 craft skills as part of my back story (alchemy, armor, bows, weapons) and will acquire the knowledge skills over time.

What am I missing?

You should be a paladin instead! Oh, the pathos!

More on topic, Clerics are much better necromancers than Wizards. Partially due to channel energy, command undead, etc. But also because they get the spells earlier.

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I have always been partial to the arcane so I want to try the wizard specialist instead of a cleric. There is already an Anti-Paladin and a Cleric in the group so I'll probably be the sole arcane caster. I'll be doing both conjuration and necromantic control.

Ah ok. Have you seen this class by SGG? Might fit the arcane necro craving you've got going on.

If you plan on summoning often, I'd try to grab Augment summoning much earlier. Probably even skipping over Improved Channel. Although since you won't be pumping Cha, I can see why you took that.

How do you plan on healing your minions?

I think Asmodeus would definately approve of a Slaver of the Dead Especially if it involves raising shambling remnants of former worshipers of Mitra.

Might I suggest the Undead Lord archetype?

Not allowed if the PC worships Asmodeus. Pre-requisite for Undead Lord is must have access to the Death Domain (or Undeath Subdomain from APG) which is not one granted by Asmodeus.

In theory taking the Seperatist Archetype would open up the Death/Undeath Domain (albeit at reduced strength) and therefore the Undead Lord Archetype, but this would be somewhat sub-optimal.

By the way, I wasn't trying to naysay you Lass, personally I love the Undead Lord Archetype, and have one running in a Carrion Crown Campaign.

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