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Corrik wrote:

P1: Then I'll drink my Dragon's Breath Potion and show him what real morning's breath smells like!

P2: Don't be stupid, you only have 2 RP left. Complete waste of the potion and you'll be SOL if you get knocked out.

P1: Oh yeah, never mind I'll just full attack then.

Corrik, I completely agree. As this reads now, I will never invest in anything that is multiple uses a day and requires RP to activate each time. If anything, it seems this system has the potential to further enforce the "every character buys magic items X, Y, and Z and nothing else for flavor", since they are a waste of your limit resources.

I'm really hoping that upon reading the complete rules, I'm totally wrong about this and it works great. As it reads now, it seems like using a sword to remove a splinter, since it seems to be almost completely implemented to counteract the "healing stick" CLW wands at high levels.

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As an overweight father, I'm hurt that nobody is talking about the sexual appeal of Mavaro. Dad bods take a lot of work too, you know! It's just that the work to obtain them is a lot more fun. Plus, that playa's rocking those boots with the pointed toes and that long jacket...straight up sex appeal!

EDIT: I realized almost immediately that as a nearly-40-year-old man, I was incorrect in using the word "playa". I apologize.

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Maybe there will be a big event/threat in which the crazy goblins bring their gnashing teeth, dogslicers and FIRE to help save the day (maybe even unintentionally). The other races might not think of them as vermin at that point. Sure the gobbies might take advantage of that here and there for a while, but eventually they might start to integrate.

There are plenty of examples where you don't have to destroy the unhinged, just focus that craziness (the Incredible Hulk being a hero...not always, I know...is a perfect example).

As far as disruptive players ruining a game because *that's what my character would do*, does that mean we should eliminate Rogue as an option too? A-holes gonna a-hole, no matter how air tight you think the system is.

Frankly, if someone can't even imagine how a goblin could be part of an adventuring party; I'd say, try to stretch your roleplay muscles. There are ways and plenty of them. At the very worst, it's how serial killers function in society...they learn when and how they can break the rules and still survive. At the very best, a small group of goblins sees the atrocities of their kin-folk and want to offset that as much as possible by helping others and being contributing members of society.

Do we have all the answers yet? Of course not. Still, I think the points as to why they shouldn't be included have been stated (dozens of times in this thread alone), but I'm personally going to wait until August to see if there's some plan.

In case my post isn't insanely obvious at this point, I love pathfinder goblins, have played them in home games and am completely in favor of them being a core race.

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Erik Mona wrote:

Wrath sees significant development and a change of status in the Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain comic, specifically in scenes in #1 and #6, as Alaznist herself features in the framing sequence.

Probably my favorite of the comic series so far! (In fairness, I'm still waiting for Issue 2 of Worldscape to reach my FLCS, as the first delivery was mostly damaged) So, I hven't read that series yet.

If you want to see a beautiful personification of a near-TPK, played out (with my favorite casting of a CLW EVER by Oloch to wake up Valeros), check the Hollow Mountain series out!

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A board game Kickstarter from Medieval Interactions Gaming is now live here.

In this whimsical game for 2-4 people, players take the role of up-and-coming gnomish tinkerers, all vying for the coveted position of apprentice to the greatest tinkerer of all time, Mastermind.

You'll gather resources, build fighting bots, and defend your workshop. You'll act as Mastermind to attack other players. You'll battle your way toward the ultimate goal...an internship.

Think steampunk battle bots with quirky gnomes!

Check it out!

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Dotting for interest. I've been waffling a little on which race/class combo I wanted to submit, but I wanted to express interest and I'll get my final decision posted by Tuesday.

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Lord Snow mentioned the Portal Song, which made me think of Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathon Coulton

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"Possum Kingdom" by the Toadies
"Little Piece of Heaven" by Avenged Sevenfold (although this might be debatable as a love song)

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Thoradin's up again on roll20.

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I've posted initiative order on roll20...here it is for everyone

Thoradin - 19
Darkly-clad figure - 18
Jayriann - 17
Zombies - 11
Vandranell - 10
Charles - 1

Thoradin, You're up!

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After Jayriann bounces off the door with no visible effect to the wood, Thoradin lays a shoulder into it. The door gives, but doesn't break; that is until Charles comes flying out of nowhere into Thoradin's back, at which point the door gives way, the two of them stumbling forward into the room.

The scene before you is chaos. Metella stands, back to the wall, trying to defend herself from the approaching figure clad in dark colors. A throwing dart is already lodged deeply in her sternum.

Just as the door splinters to the floor alongside the broken chair that was barricading it, a loud shattering of glass reveals two zombies crashing into the room from the exterior windows.

Everyone can move to the roll20 site to roll init and we'll begin combat!

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Jayriann attempts to gingerly spring the trap and then leap out of the way, but the rigged tanglefoot bag seems to burst at the merest touch and coats his feet and the hallway in the sticky substance, blocking all passage. It only take around thirty seconds or so until he finally scrapes it off himself and the rest of you can pick your way through the mess, but it feels like an eternity with the urgency of the situation.

Barricaded Door

Batter it down = Strength Check
Take off the hinge = Knowledge [engineering] Check

Everyone make a decision and roll me a check (this is back to everyone contributing).

Liberty's Edge

This one is a bit different. Only one PC may attempt it, with no assistance.

What’s This Trap Doing Here?

Evade the trap = Reflex Save
Disarm the Threat = Disable Device Check

Please decide who will check and then make me a roll.

Liberty's Edge

Before anyone can even offer assistance, the paladin steps forward, Iomedae's blessing clearly on him. He twists and turns, a blinding flurry of steel. Before long, the piles of rotted flesh and black ichor are all that remain for the rest of you to easily step through.

The paladin confidently advances, before something out of place gives him pause. Something seems out of place here, and though he's not practiced on such things, he identifies a trap ahead.

Liberty's Edge


Cut them down = Attack Roll
Push through them = CMB check

Everyone please pick one and roll a check for me.

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As Thoradin charges headlong into the writhing mass of undead on the stairs, seemingly out of nowhere Jayriann dives headlong from the top balcony, laying his body out parallel to the descent of the staircase. One after another, the animated corpses reach out, grasping uselessly at the tiefling flying above them.

The shift of ther balance provides Thoradin with enough leverage to finish sending the rest of them cascading down the stairs into a piled, writhing mass of broken off limbs and caved-in skulls. As he steps over the last of them, he sees Jayriann standing up from the tucked roll into a crouch he executed nearly flawlessly; not a scratch on his person.

Liberty's Edge


Knock them aside = CMB check
We can jump it = Acrobatics check

Everyone please pick one and roll a check for me.

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Aaqir yells after you, "Don't split yourselves! Even able Pathfinders such as yourselves might be overrun. I'll not lose two guests and four agents this day!"

Thoradin, as you reach the stairs and cleave cleanly through the first undead abomination, it is clear to you that this tide of rot might only be overcome as a team.

{Essentially, this section works somewhat chase-like. There are obstacles with two possible checks. Everyone attempts one of the checks, then the highest roll is your group's check, with all other 10s or better acting as the Aid Another action for the highest result}

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Before Jakti can reply to Jayriann's series of inquiries, a series of loud crashes echoes through the house, followed by screaming.

The merchant’s eyes widen in alarm as he rushes to the temple’s doors. After the briefest of looks, he throws the doors wide open as he draws his scimitar and howls at the horde of undead, "Back to the ground, you damned abominations!"

He rushes forth, joining his guardsmen in attempting to fight back the animated dead.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the zombies are pouring into the chapel like a swarm.

Almost simultaneously, Aaqir al’Hakam emerges from one of the upstairs hallways and calls to you four.

“Protect the guests,” he beseeches, though he stresses the last word as if to imply one of the other critical guests.

The breaking of glass elsewhere in the manor suggests there are far more zombies than just those in the entry hall. Unfortunately, Temel’s and Metella’s animosity toward each other led them to take rooms at opposite ends of the manor’s ground floor, so a decision must be made...

Liberty's Edge

After careful contemplation, it seems to Vandranell that Jakti is completely sincere.

Liberty's Edge

When you return to the temple, Jakti and his two bodyguards are waiting for you. The servants have since cleaned up the worst of the mess from the earlier combat, and Jakti is now wearing a scimitar at his side. He regards the four of you with a smile and waves for his guards to stand outside the door to ensure a measure of privacy.

“I was uncertain if you were trustworthy enough to share this information with, but now I see that you are most competent individuals and I believe you can help.

“Some days ago I received information from...a trusted source...that someone has hired several assassins in Katheer for a job this very night. This manor has one of the greatest gatherings of powerful people in the entire city, so I can only conclude that these assassins are meant to strike here. With that knowledge, I hired a few bodyguards for myself, but it would allay my fears if I were to have your protection as well."

He pauses briefly before hurriedly adding, "Of course, you may seek to protect everyone in the manor, and I would applaud you for such commitment to righteousness! I will be satisfied if no harm comes to my person before this night is over, whatever the circumstances. Do this for me, and I would greatly consider dealing with such competent individuals in the near future."

Liberty's Edge

Here's the link to the second note:

Jakti's Note

Liberty's Edge

While you're huddled up discussing the not from Doritannia, a second servant delivers another note to you; this one from Jakti.

{Please see the letter from Jakti on the Roll 20 site}

Thoradin, if you could please link this note also, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll try to get it linked tonight.

Liberty's Edge

Aaqir al’Hakam requests the guests return to their rooms while the household staff cleans up the temple.

He pulls you four aside and quietly whispers, "Master Thoradin, thank you ever so much for your care and sympathy for my aunt and our family. Please, would you all assist me in checking the manor for any other suspicious activity."

He quickly works his way among the servants, whispering intently to each one.

Vandranell, you carefully pick your way through the chapel to no avail. As you begin moving your way throughout the estate, one of the servants hurriedly approaches you with a missive.

{Please see the letter from Doritannia on the Roll 20 site}

Liberty's Edge

Jay, no, it's got a range. You'll take Non-lethal damage: 1d4 ⇒ 3 and are now fatigued from the swirling desert winds that surround supernaturally surround the area around the mummy.

Thoradin, you are able to fend off the fatigue of the winds.

You may feel free to question guests/search about for information at this point.

Liberty's Edge

Sorry, I missed this until now. Thoradin and Jayriann, I need Fort saves from both of you as the undead creature crumbles into dust from Thoradin's mighty strike.

Aqir returns to the hall and as a token of thanks gives you a few scrolls. These include a scroll of cure moderate wounds, a scroll of endure elements, and a scroll of see invisibility.

The other guests begin slowly wandering back into the chapel, seemingly dumbfounded by the rising of Zarmina.

Liberty's Edge

As the arrow bounces hamrlessly off the corpse's sun-baked and tightly wrapped flesh, she slams forward once more at the holy warrior standing between her and the rest of the party...

Attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

...his armor once again protecting his body from harm.

Liberty's Edge

Zarmina rears back and slams forward at Thoradin once again,

Attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

this time slamming into his armor, but once again doing no real damage.

Liberty's Edge

The arrow whizzes past the shambling corpse, ricocheting off the funeral accoutrements and finally coming to rest on the floor.

Zarmina's corpse slowly makes it's way toward the party, stopping close enough to Thoradin for you to see the sun-baked flesh cracking and flaking from her face.

She lurches forward, slamming her arms toward the paladin.

Attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Thoradin throws his shield up in time, as the loud thud of the corpse's failed attack echoes throughout the chapel.

Jayriann, you're up again.

Liberty's Edge

Positive energy springs forth from Vandranell's hand, forming into a ray as it leaps toward Zarmina. The ray slams into her chest, throwing dust into the air, as her body violently recoils from the damage.

A raspy voice cries out from her gaping mouth, further proof of the positive energy's effect.

Charles, your turn!

Liberty's Edge

Yeah, that's a pretty ridiculous rule.

Vandranell, you're up!

Liberty's Edge

Initiative: 1d20 ⇒ 2

So initiative order is as follows:

Jayriann - 22
Thoradin - 21
Vandranell - 14
Charles - 8
Zarmina - 2

Jayriann's incantation is barely audible, mixed with the surrounding screams of fleeing mourners. As he finishes, the magic washes over Zarinna's head.

A fleeting glimpse is all it takes to realize the compulsion seems useless against the risen pathfinder, as you move away cautiously.

Thoradin, you're up.

Liberty's Edge

After the last toast is given, Jakti concludes the toasts by standing and stating, “And may our hosts carry on the legacy of the departed, may Sarenrae see her safely to Nirvana and its city of High Ninshabur.” As he says this, Zarmina’s body twitches to life.

The undead Zarmina tears herself out of the shroud with a pained moan. As she does so, she points toward the door—in the same direction as Jakti, Metella, Temel, and Aaqir—and rasps “You have failed me! Betrayer!” Most of those in attendance immediately flee, as Aaqir al’Hakam hurriedly signals for you to intervene while he tries to keep the crowd under control.

Everyone, please roll me initiative.

Liberty's Edge

Okay guys, between the three of you, you can get an accurate read on each of the speakers during their speeches.

Pellius' speech seems genuine and heartfelt.
Everyone else's speech seems polite, but not particularly heartfelt.

You would guess this perhaps corresponds to your current influence with each of them.

Liberty's Edge

Jayriann, you can't quite get a good read on how sincere Metella is during her speech.

Anyone else want to give it a try?

Actually, for the sake of time, everyone can just give me 5 Sense Motives for each of the respective key merchants' toasts (although we already know the first one from Van's check).

Liberty's Edge

Vandranell, you can easily tell that Jakti's toast is polite, but not particularly heartfelt.

Next, Metella stands and offers her gratitude to Aaqir and Emir, as well as the Pathfinder Society as an organization.

You can give me Sense Motive checks for her toast as well.

Liberty's Edge

After a few minutes, Jakti al’Awar proposes everyone raise a glass and toast Aaqir al’Hakam and Emir Thalzar Gaatan.

Jakti begins the proceedings by raising his glass high and parising Aaqir and Emir's gracious invitation of everyone into the estate and the extreme care with which they've honored the deceased Pathfinder.

Everyone can give me a Sense Motive roll.

Liberty's Edge

LOL...I had already spoken with Jay about this, so I'll allow Charles' roll to stand as a stand alone roll.

As you give your speech and attempt to placate all three merchants, you realize Jakti is smiling broadly as you simply mention the other two merchants and don't overtly praise either of them to the crowd.

Liberty's Edge

Would anyone else like to give it a shot or aid Thoradin?

Liberty's Edge

The rest of the speeches (and even Temel's, just with the addition of the embarrasment) go as previously stated.

It is now your turn to speek and present the shield.

As, I previously mentioned, Jayriann and Thoradin relize that Metella, Temel, and Jakti all seem to be watching moreso to see whom you'll reference in your speech than to see what the actual gift is.

Liberty's Edge

Charles attempts to move in close to Temel for the pickpocket attempt and is dangerously close to being caught when, in a moment of inspiration, he plays another guest as a distraction. This gives him just enough time to remove the snuff, add the sneezing powder, and replace it on Temel completely unnoticed.

Later, as Temel makes his way forward near the coffin for tribute, he takes a small pinch from his snuff box. After wheeling uncomfortably and nearly tripping over the dais to avoid sneezing on the deceased pathfinder he proceeds to engage in an embarrasing fit of continuous sneezing for many uncomfortably awkward moments before finally calming.

One of the servants hastily rushes a cloth handkerchief to him, but the embarrasment is already settled over his face before he even begins his speech.

Metella nearly loses her cool, holding her hand over her mouth and trying not to openly chortle at her rival's misfortune. She discreetly shoots a quick wink toward you as she composes her trembling form.

Liberty's Edge

While they may have access to the room, you've been assured of the safety and security of your accomodations by Aqir and know that they will not unlock someone else's door for you.

Liberty's Edge

Vandranell, try as you might, you can't get the door unlocked. After a few minutes of trying, you notice the staff looking quizically in your direction.

Liberty's Edge

Vandranell, you'll need a disable device check to get the locked door open, followed by a stealth check (don't forget the guidance bonus on your first check).

Liberty's Edge

okay...Charles, I'll let you keep that die roll for your sleight of hand check (that's what it should have been). Just take the 19 and add your 3 from inspiration and 1 from guidance plus your bonus for sleight of hand.

Liberty's Edge

Yes, you'll be able to cast guidance on both of them without anyone paying any real attention.

Liberty's Edge

Okay guys, Vandranell shot me an email that he will attempt Metella's room, so he and Jayriann can work that out and let me know who will be making the checks.

Charles, did you want to attempt to slip the sneezing powder into Temel's snuff box he is carrying or try to find a backup in his room?

Liberty's Edge

Nobody has noticed her reading the note so far, but Temel was pretty sure it was on her or in her room.

Liberty's Edge

Metella's speech, but yeah, that's what he was after...just for you to steal it, not necessarily deliver it to him.

Liberty's Edge

One more thing...I forgot to give you guys this opportunity, so we'll time travel a bit for anything you want to do prior to the speeches.

Jayriann, Abir returns to you shortly before the speeches begin, letting you know that his staff have opened many of the windows to allow some air flow throughout the house.

Also, Metella hurries to you, quickly slipping a small vial of sneezing powder and whispering, "If you get the opportunity, this will definitely make for an embarrassing situation for Temel."

So guys, you can take a few minutes to quickly attepmt Metella and Temel's favors, if you wish. If you don't want to risk it, simply let me know.

Thanks, guys.

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