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Timespiraled wrote:
(Think of Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures)

Old Soeji "You listen to great grandfather! You use Dragon style to blow through all! And one more thing! Use Mantis style to take out their eyes!"

Character "B-but, I don't"

Old Soeji Hits the poor kid on the head with two fingers "You do not talk back to Grandpa!"

That sound about right?

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Break a leg everyone!

...Please not your own...

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Female Dúnedain Wanderer 1 | HP: 12/12 | AC 15 | Perception +3 | Initiative +3 | Insight +4 | Wis Save +2 | Con Save +4

When the elves met them upon the bank of the river, Morwen was glad to see this was almost over. When greeted she placed her hand over her heart nodding in thanks and speaking in Sindarin for their kind words. She always tried to speak to those in their own tongue if she knew it.

When they moved them up the stream Morwen grew more and more on edge when the sides grew high and cut off her view. However when the sounds of the court filled the air she relaxed more.

Insight: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
Tradition: 1d20 ⇒ 17

Morwen's demeanor changed when they entered the more courtly area. The tall woman held herself with a sense of regal air, and her stoic mask had shifted slightly to a calm and graceful look if still as unreadable. "I am Morwen of the Dúnedain and of House Isildur. This is Illyria Theodricsdottir of Rohan, Bergur son of Ragni of Dale, Harry Kettlegrass of Bree, and Ónar, son of Óin of Erebor." Morwen said, speaking in Sindarin with great ease. "The journey here was mostly calm however there might be something that interests you. We found Ónar surrounded by a pack of orcs. I haven't seen them this far south since the battle of the five armies. Though I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few pockets." Morwen told him with a small shrug.

If Harry rolls better use his! I just put this up to help move things along but Harry really does have the better Tradition score.

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Female Dúnedain Wanderer 1 | HP: 12/12 | AC 15 | Perception +3 | Initiative +3 | Insight +4 | Wis Save +2 | Con Save +4

Also I should correct myself, in the elven language you can use orc and goblins interchangeably because they have the same root word. But! Both goblins and orcs do come from a similar form. Goblins are the lesser form, orcs are the like... beefed up form. You can tell the difference. For example the Goblins in Goblin town vs the Orcs like Azog and his group are like. And the Uruk-hai where bred from Orcs but they're not full orc, they're half-breeds. But we don't have to worry about them for a long time! In fact most of you all would be dead before we see those. Only Morwen and Ónar would likely live to see them naturally. Or at least to live to the point to see them...Any ways! I'm off topic!

Goblins do bow down to Orc and this Orcs often use them. Moria, or Khazad-dûm if you're a dwarf, was taken by the Balrog. Also known as Durin's bane. When they awoke the ancient creature it went on a rampage and killed several of the Durin line even killing their current King Durin VI, hints the name, before the dwarves of Durin fled. But Sauron during the second age tried to push his orcs to take Khazad-dûm, because it was the dwarves from there that where turning the tide during battles. But they couldn't take it. The orcs found Khazad-dûm too deep and strong and filled with a people too numerous and valiant for Sauron to conquer from without. But when the Balrog pushed them out, after five centures, the orcs the Sauron had been trying to push in finally got to and some of the goblins that live within the blue mountains also moved in. They finished off any dwarf too foolish to remain, if any, and hints forth it was name Moria, meaning the Black Pit.

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Warden(Herald) 6| HP: 23/33 AC: 18 Spd: 30ft | Init: +3 Perc: +4 PP:14 | Great Bow: +4 (1d8), Longsword +3 (1d8) | Shadow: 0

Wulfgith saw Cereidh go down and the face her blade couldn't seem to push through this creature's thick skin, she turned her attention to Bron. The Rider stepped up to protect the fallen elven woman's body till Gylwinth could get to her.

Longsword attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
Danage: 1d8 ⇒ 8

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Female Dúnedain Wanderer 1 | HP: 12/12 | AC 15 | Perception +3 | Initiative +3 | Insight +4 | Wis Save +2 | Con Save +4

"Get a scarf they seem to really help when it comes to mists." Morwen said as she made her way to join the rest of the group. "And be careful were you walk. Black blood is a toxic thing." She stated on the end of Illyria's call of safety.

"No, not a fate to be wished." Morwen seemed to parrot before asking. "How did you pass the Lonely Mountain completely?" She asked the dwarf, obviously a bit weary of the newcomer. "You're so far on the other side you're almost to Mirkwood." She pointed out.

Seriously! XD Poor guy is waaay off!

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Warden(Herald) 6| HP: 23/33 AC: 18 Spd: 30ft | Init: +3 Perc: +4 PP:14 | Great Bow: +4 (1d8), Longsword +3 (1d8) | Shadow: 0

I had already done Wulfgith's thing, I just had it in the wrong box... look at me being all smert! XD

Again I'm sorry. After I posted it was cool when the GM said he couldn't get to it that day I never got another update on my side. I'll keep a closer eye on it from now on.

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Female Dúnedain Wanderer 1 | HP: 12/12 | AC 15 | Perception +3 | Initiative +3 | Insight +4 | Wis Save +2 | Con Save +4

Round 1

Great bow: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
Damage: 1d8 ⇒ 4

Taking aim at the orc higher up, Morwen let loose and arrow and quickly got another one.

pick an orc! Any orc! XD

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Female Dúnedain Wanderer 1 | HP: 12/12 | AC 15 | Perception +3 | Initiative +3 | Insight +4 | Wis Save +2 | Con Save +4

I no longer feel like I'm dying! ^_^

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Cleric(Mendevian Priest) 7/Holy Vindicator 5 | hp 145/145 | AC35 T17 FF 34 | CMD 26 | F +9 R +6 W +14 | Spd 40' | Init +5 | Perception +13

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

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What do people think of an Oracle Medium? Kinda really playing up the ghost of her ancestors and such.

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I work for a car rental company at the airport. So a large deal of it is just dealing with entitlement, because I work with the group of big wigs, which is... Annoying but not the worst. Really the hard part is just trying to get use to the time shift. I'd normally be in bed right now. The later it gets the more I just watch YouTube on my phone. Really wish I could bring my laptop up so that I could work on forum stuff, but that isn't allowed...

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Aaralyn Karstark

"Well, the idea is odd to me. I am a Northerner after all. We have no knights, only fighting men. Thus who they are loyal to is never in question. I only know of one knighted Northerner, and he was wounded badly protecting me." Aaralyn explained. "But when you become a knight, according to what you are charged with, you must protect the innocent. Yet, you serve Lords who so rarely care about such a thing. Thus I am trying to understand it since I will soon be married to a Riverland lord and thus dealing with knights more often. Yet I can't seem to wrap my head around the idea of them... Because either way you fail at an oath. If you keep the one to your lord, you could fail at the one your gods charge you with... yet if you follow the one your gods charge you with, you could fail at the one you've sworn to your lord." Aaralyn pointed out. "I would say that your answer tells me you care not for the charges the gods commanded of you... yet your actions often say the opposite. The way you handled the smallfolk of the kingswood, paying for what you and your men needed while there, when you had the right to take it without question. Then you even took it a step further and brought their grievances before our King. Yet according to your words you'd slaughter them all without blinking, every man, woman, and child if our King commanded it?" Aaralyn asked curiously as she gave a small scratch to the back of her head with her free hand. "Do I have that right?" She asked. "Maybe I shouldn't be asking such a thing... after all everyone, including yourself, stood by while the villages of Duskendale were burned. While children were murdered for the crimes of their parents... I mean Lord Denys Darklyn should have died for what he did, all we consider adults who took part should have. But the smallfolk do nothing with politics... nor do the children of nobles..." Aaralyn said as she leaned against the wall beside the door way beside Arthur Dayne. "If one disregards the charge of their gods so, can one truly call themselves a knight?"

Moving along part

So the day was finally here, and Aaralyn was surprised that nothing had come from King's Landing. No threat, no word at all. She didn't know how to take that, but for now forced herself to believe no news was good new. Aaralyn found herself even more surprised at the fact none of their guests had yet to arrive. She thought at least one or two families that had been invited would have gotten there early... Would none come at all? Even her own kin? Maybe with the winter returning they couldn't make it down at all. Not the mention her dreams had been silent... nothing like the one she had cropped up again... maybe... it was really a dream after all?

While going through her day, Aaralyn found time to visit Lyanna, and the Prince. "No change still?" She asked, knowing the answer though.

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You all get a treat! I wrote this in first person which is a rarity for me!

Memories are fickle things. Some will rise from the depths for only a brief moment before they sink back under the waves of ones subconsciousness. I no longer have true memories of who I was before. At least none that tell me anything about myself. I remember that I liked strawberries in honey, and that the smell of dust made me cough and sneeze. But outside of that there is only one memory that I remember almost completely. That memory is the day that I died.
I don’t remember where I lived, and only that the place now it tainted by evil. Even if you give me a map I wouldn’t be able to point to place the place I lived was. But I can point to one thing, the place where I died. It begins the same way every time I think about it. I feel the earth shake and the sky darkens. Looking to the horizon it becomes flooded with creatures that can only be described as monstrous floods that land and sky, grabbing people we run. It was our only hope. It fades out from there only to pick up at the side of a lake.
People around me are running and screaming, scrabbling to get onto the boats, ships, and even rafts that can take them away from this place. I lead my people to the lake’s side to get onto a ship when a roar rings out over the crowd. There was a nine foot tall monstrous creature consisting of a six-armed woman with the lower half of a snake. Now I know this creature was a Merilith, a demon that is known to be a general of demonic hordes and if it was here it meant a horde was not far behind. But then all I knew was that if this thing got close, none would survive. Weighted spear in hand, and without a second thought, I made my way to the demon. Four died before I reached it, but my opening swing took an arm off. This act gave me a boost of courage, which would be my downfall. During the battle disarming one of the swords it carried was easy, the second not so much. In order to get it away I made the sacrifice that would claim my life. I allowed it to cut my spear in two. With the weighted side in hand I swung at it’s head only to be stopped in my tracks. The Merilith had caught the spear in one of her many hands and driven it right through my heart. My own weapon was my defeat. The demon hissed out a laugh and threw me back into the lake.
As the cold water pulled me down into the depths, the screams and cries from above grew muted and distant. I had no idea if my people made it to safety, if my death meant anything, or gave them the time they needed. I didn’t even have time to drown, my spear took my final breath long before then. The last thing I remember from that life was cold and darkness.
The first memory I have as the one I am now was waking upon the shore of the lake. I knew not my name and looking up before me stood a tall woman dressed for battle astride a mighty winged steed. ”Who are you” She said, a command not a question. Before I knew it I was answering ”Eir.” Though I knew not if that was my name before. ”A good name, welcome Eir, the mercy extended to friends and the mercy denied to foes.” She said. I looked down expecting to see a spear still through my chest, yet it was gone. ”It is a part of you now. You are like us. One who claims those of the dead who are worthy, you Eir are a Valkyrie. Call it to you. The weapon that killed you.” She instructed. I held out my hand like was going to grab something and before I knew it a weighted spear filled the space. The spear head and the bit of shaft that had been pushed through my body was completely black and where my blood had touched the wood further down as it flowed made strikes of black on the wood. The other side though looked normal, metal and wood in color. ”An ebony spear… has been a long time since I saw such a thing. Name it.” She commanded. ”It is as much a part of you as your own being is.” It only took a moment before I told her it was ”Ibenholt” A smile broke her lips only slightly before she nodded and extended a hand. ”I am Sigrun, your mentor Eir. Come, we leave this mortal plane. You and I must return home.” I took her hand and she pulled me onto the steed as I asked ”Home?” ”Valhalla Eir, we ride to Valhalla!”

Eir of the Ebony Spear

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Also for those who want a giggle, Maqan's family name Sárkány, means dragon in Hungarian! The whole family and business has a theme! XD

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Female Aasimar( Agathion-Blooded) Hunter 3 HP:28/28 F +6, R+5, W +3 | AC18 T12 FF16 | Initiative +2, Perception +7, Senses: Darkvision

Autumn's body language changed when Redach insulted her friend. Her demeanor became more like it had been when dealing with Sasha. "No they keep the ones they can ransom back if I'm right, it is only logical. Though I could be wrong, all I have to go on are stories after all." Autumn said bluntly. "You aren't one of those are you? The Stag Lord won't be paying anything to get you back. To him, you're a copper a dozen. But I leave it to you to speak about things with a proper soldier," Autumn said as she looked from Titian back to Redach "more of a soldier than you'll ever be." She finished before walking away, she was done with him. If he wanted to hang so badly, so be it.

Autumn made her way over to Torek and Herger. "That one is some how worse than this one." She told them as she pointed from Redash to Sasha. "He wants to claim that he is a soldier but won't say why or how. I've tried being nice and he softened a bit, but now he is just insulting our friends." She explained giving out a sigh. "Seems to really not like Titian because he sees him as a, stuffed shirt types, who, just knows how to strut about on a parade ground. So I'm done talking to him. Herger if you want to try go ahead." Autumn said, remembering it was him who tried the most with the bandits that had tried to run down Torek. "He might respond better to you. I don't think he respects me, and he obviously doesn't like Titian. So if we're going to get him to turn away from this life I think you would be our best bet."

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So the Drunken Dragon's gimmick is draconic things. Their lists of alcohol is all dragon base names I'll list the ones I've gotten in my head now and am open to others to add! Also yes the Dreaming Dragon Inn has the room names of Dragons.

Dragon's Drought (Common ale sweetened with honey)
Chromatic Concoction (Shot of Brandy, Rum, and Whiskey in a Bitter)
Metallic Mead
Silver Stout
Bronze Beer
White Whiskey
Green Grenache
Red Rum
Copper Cider
Black Brandy
Blue Bitter

I am trying to figure out a way to turn the drink Absinthe into a fairy dragon pun but I haven't gotten there yet sadly...

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I'd love to hop in as a player if you'd have me!

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So, she isn't done. I still need to do Mythic and edit some fluff. But the rest of the crunch is done. I was going to try and finish all of the crunch, mythic included, but it is getting really late on my side and I needs sleep.

Also I only have an alias for her because she is from a Wrath game that died in the first book.

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Female Human Fighter(Two-Weapon Warrior) 3/Brawler 4 AC 21, Touch 15, FF 17 | HP 53/53 | F +10, R +9, W +2 | Init +3 | Perc +11

"Once" Aoife echoed. "Once druids walked the lands and called this place home, once those here in this land traveled through to ours with ease, once everyday life was something as simple as cooking and cleaning." Aoife spoke as she looked at the food before her. "Once means nothing anymore... only what is."

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Aaralyn Karstark

Aaralyn nodded and moved to sit. This was going to be a long talk. "We had just been sent word that your Grace would be coming early. I also got word from my father. So I returned to my room to write back... Next I knew I was walking through the halls with the letter in hand. I heard whispers from the servants of Darne's father have a bout of drunkenness, this I found odd as I hadn't left them too long ago. How could he have gotten so drunk so fast. I felt something was wrong. But I moved on to hand off the letter I had written to the Maester so that it could be sent out. The door to the Maester's room was half opened so I stepped in to leave the letter upon his desk, when I did I heard rustling. I thought someone might have gotten in so I moved to investigate. I found a crow that had gotten into the Maester's ink so I moved to collect it and clean it. Yet when I reached for it the creature withdrew and I saw that this crow had drew something upon the parchment... another crow with three eyes. In that moment I felt like I was falling, and the moment I landed I found myself into a grove of godswoods trees, each one bared the face of those I see as family... There were many paths but I chose to walk down the path flanked up the godswood that had my parent's faces. It was such a long walk your Grace... I felt like it went on forever. The winds of winter twisted around me, snow and ice was everywhere, and crows above be cried out a sound that I could almost believe was my name... Then, the ice melted and gave way to the Naelareon home. I found myself before two doors... one which I knew as the door that lead to the Lord and Lady's chambers. The other I did not know, but upon it was a stag locked in combat with a dragon. I wondered for several moments if I could go through both, but in the end I chose the door which had the stag and dragon upon it. I opened it but I did not step inside right away. It was so dark, and a wind the bit right through me blew from within. I though about slamming the door closed and running... till I heard sobbing... Lyanna's sobbing." Aaralyn paused there, it was obvious that she wasn't finished... but she needed to collect herself before continuing.

She picked up and cup, filled it half way with wine, and drank deeply before she continued. "I called to her... and I threw all caution to the wind and ran through the door. Lyanna was in trouble how could I not? I would swear that I ran for what had to be a year, the cold of winter seeping deeper into my body. When I finally stopped I found myself in a tunnel with statues all around me and a group of people moving around, children as if playing. I looked at the statues and... I saw they where that of Lord Rickard Stark, Brandon Stark, and.... Lyanna. Then I heard it again. Whispers from all around, a memory from long ago. Then the whispers grew louder till they became a roar!" Aaralyn places her hands over her ears, remember the sound "Lord Rickard bellowed with inhuman pain, Brandon screamed for his father only for it to be cut off by a sickening gurgle... then Lyanna..." at this point Aaralyn was in tears, "Lyanna screamed for you... As if you yourself was the only thing between her and the Stranger... then the roar of all of them became deafening till one of the children I saw before turned to me. His voice was louder than everything else... and I remember his words... You can't save them all..." Lowering her hands to her gown, Aaralyn gripped the fabric tightly. "I told him to watch me. Then a winter winds found me once more and... I woke up. I hadn't finished my letter... I thought it was just a dream... a terrible terrible dream... then... I got news of Darne's father... and went Lyanna got here I broke down, telling her everything. She agreed that this was was not normal dream. Not something this vivid... this real." Aaralyn looked a bit shaken, yet resolved. "I know how this must sound, but it is the truth. I always thought things such as this were just stories told by Nan to scare you... till I experienced it." She admitted. She case a worried look to Darne. He hadn't said a single word and she fear he would see has as a crazy person now... even believing their engagement could be in jeopardy.

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Half Elf Witch(Cartomancer) 3 | HP 21/21 | AC13(17 MA) T13 FF13 CMD 10 | F+2 R+3 W+2 | Init +3 | Perc+7 (Low-Light)

Congrats you all!
I can't wait to see what this group becomes!

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If everything goes as planned I'll have the acceptance roster up Friday! Two days! Ya got two day! XD

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Remember that wizards don't age like humans. 100 years old is like a late 70s to them. So following that a 77 would be like a 47 year old. Old for a first time parent but not impossible

Also Sapiens you are correct, I think I typed it in my notes wrong. That would make our year '82.

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Female Human (I believe) College student 4

So, as I am one to do I go around and look for pictures to use as a character picture. While looking for my own I came across some nice male pictures that where too good to pass up so I offer them to all who are playing male characters.

Male 1
Male 2
Male 3
Male 4
Male 5

Do enjoy!

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Half Elf Witch(Cartomancer) 3 | HP 21/21 | AC13(17 MA) T13 FF13 CMD 10 | F+2 R+3 W+2 | Init +3 | Perc+7 (Low-Light)

Zeldana, who had been going through a reading for the day finally sighed and snatched up her cards. "Fine fine... to the Cathedral I go " She kissed her mother and father goodbye as she headed out of the shop and up the street.

Many could hear Zeldana before they saw her, in true varisian fashion she wore most of her wealth upon her person in the form of bangles, necklaces, and earrings though she did keep a few coins on hand for simple things. Her kapiena, a long lovely blue and green scarf, wrapped around her waist hung lower on her right than her left, which also had a leather pouch that many locals knew held her cards, and popped beautifully against her red skirt which had a slit up the left side. Her violet top covered her front from neck to waist, saved for a small cut out in which hung a crystal crescent moon, yet the back had one three thin lines that tied the shirt together. The first around her neck, the second just below her shoulder blades, and the final one at her waist, obviously chosen to show off the tattoos upon her back. Her hair was something odd like always, the white side had been braided before being pulled back into a clasped bun while the front of the black side hung in her face as the rest was braided along with the rest of the white hair.

She stopped at the entrance to the area and looked down the path to the party and Father Zantus. "Huh.. is this was fate willed?" She muttered to herself with a slight grin.

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2714 XP

Or if you're a winter witch... because... *groans* I do this for a bet, The cold never bothered her any ways.

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Female Human Fighter(Two-Weapon Warrior) 3/Brawler 4 AC 21, Touch 15, FF 17 | HP 53/53 | F +10, R +9, W +2 | Init +3 | Perc +11

Attack 1: 1d20 + 6 - 2 ⇒ (13) + 6 - 2 = 17
Damage 1: 1d4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
Attack 2: 1d20 + 6 - 2 ⇒ (2) + 6 - 2 = 6
Damage 2: 1d4 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
*sigh* Attacking is also difficult with this one. You could say it's a... hit or miss...

"You want to know who I am?!" Aoife shouted as she pressed her attack even more. "I am Aoife FitzStephen! I am the bastard child of King Coffey McGovern and Hywela FitzStephen! I am a child ripped from her chance at heaven for simply being born! Who carries the curse of her birth!" Her anger seemed to rise as she spoke.

"You have attacked an innocent boy on the cusp of manhood for what?! Being sired from the wrong father?! Because he dares to what the birthright that is his?! In the end I don't care!!! YOUR BLOOD IS MINE SITRIC O’MAOLFABHAIL! EVEN IF I FALL HERE YOU AND YOUR CLAN WILL NEVER BE FREE OF ME! I WILL WAIL THOUGH YOUR HALLS FOR ALL TIME! YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN!!"

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Female Human Fighter(Two-Weapon Warrior) 3/Brawler 4 AC 21, Touch 15, FF 17 | HP 53/53 | F +10, R +9, W +2 | Init +3 | Perc +11

"I'm not an assassin Sitric." Aoife told him as a wolfish grin slowly crept over her lips. "But I very well might be your death!" The bastard said as she, unlike before, unleashed a furry of blows upon the man before her with her bare fists.

Attack 1: 1d20 + 6 - 2 ⇒ (11) + 6 - 2 = 15
Damage 1: 1d4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
Attack 2: 1d20 + 6 - 2 ⇒ (4) + 6 - 2 = 8
Damage 2: 1d4 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

"You know not what you've awoken Sitric O’Maolfabhail, for hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... and you've just attacked one I wish to protect as if he was my own. There is now nothing I won't do, to remove you as a threat." She went on to say. "Pray to God, Sitric. Though seeing as he granted Cobhalaith a meracle to bring Conchobar back from death's door I don't think he's going to give you any favors."

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Female Human Fighter(Two-Weapon Warrior) 3/Brawler 4 AC 21, Touch 15, FF 17 | HP 53/53 | F +10, R +9, W +2 | Init +3 | Perc +11

That my dear GM is what the overrun is for. Improved over run, get out of my way or get knocked over.

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Female Human Fighter(Two-Weapon Warrior) 3/Brawler 4 AC 21, Touch 15, FF 17 | HP 53/53 | F +10, R +9, W +2 | Init +3 | Perc +11

Intimidate: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

Aoife, though still quiet, glares at each warrior that feels they are bold enough to meet her eyes and even more harshly at those she catches glancing at Sister Cobhlaith. She may not be a fan of the faith but that was just wrong!

The aura around Aoife seemed to work with her as well. It was her first line of defense as she glared down those who looked to Cobhlaith, giving off the message 'Touch me, I dare you'.

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Female Human (I believe) College student 4

As I stated you do not have to do discord. It is not mandatory. Both Ptntm888 and PixelsAreGod are not on discord and I've made no push to get them onto it. I don't see why this would have mattered if it was in recruitment or not as it isn't a must have. It's just an optional extra.

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I'm thinking of making her Welsh!

Also @Phntm888 5 is Veela Hair. Or you can just roll with Augurey Feather if you really want it. Just thought I should tell you as you roll to begin with! XD

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I have been seeing a lot of people get rolls that are all midranged so I have come to a decision. Please continue rolling but know this, should you get all midranged or a large amount of worse rolls if you are chosen for the game we will adjust your rolls to help you fit better with your allies. This doesn't mean you get a full reroll but we will talk what is entails when we get there. Just know that your poor stats will not be what keeps you from getting a spot on this game.

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Fifteen years ago Uther Pendragon, King of Altaira, died. Leaving behind no heir of his own to take up the crown country he had spent his whole life building, the nobles he had brought together where unsure of how to move foreword. With rumors that Uther had a bastard heir somewhere in Altaira so well known, the nobility planned to wait at least a short time to see who may come foreword. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months finally into years. Though by then the nobility of the land was dealing with too many issues. Uther had left taxes at an all time high just before his passing, and without the power from the crown no noble could change that.

So the country struggled, several came foreword as supposed heir of Uther but with the help of Grand Cleric Emilia all where proven liars. Upset with the disruption these false heirs where causing, Grand Knight Commander Weinheidt and Grand Cleric Emilia took Uther Pendragon's sword and forced it into the base of the statue of Arturia before the Temple to Arkay. A spell was set upon sword and stone alike. Only when one of Uther's blood pulled upon the hilt would the statue release the sword. The sword stood within the stone for ten years before one day, during a tourney, a young squire pulled the sword from the stone in order to get his knight and foster brother Cei a sword to use. Once the nobles saw the young man with the sword, everything changed.

Three years have passed since that fateful day, and King Arthur Pendragon first of his name sits upon the throne. Taxes are at an all time low, the capitol is slowly being repaired, and finally for the first time in fifteen years the knighthood of Altaira has swelled.

Greetings all! This is a game based upon the legends of Arthur and his knights. In which you, the player, will be some of those knights! I am seeking 4-5 more players for this game as I have one player already.

Can I play a known knight? Like Lancelot or Trysten?:
Yes! Yes you can! You can play your own spin on their story or play them close to the tales. I will let you know that Gawain is already taken so... yeah don't try to make Gawain. Also you can't be Arthur or Merlin. Sorry guys.

Mainly I would like everyone to stick to humans. I know it's bland but there are reasons for it. I could also open this up to half elves but you're going to need a good story and there will be a bit of stuff we'll need to go over.

Two, you get two.

Ability score:
Roll 4d6. Yes you read that right. Roll all 4 of those d6s and keep it all!

Classes and starting level:
Beginning level is 4th and your class needs to be one from this list, or another full BAB or full martial weapon proficiency

Wait, what about magic?:
Magic is still there, both Arcane and Divine. But in their world Arcane magic is feared and thus as the laws put in place long ago, Arcane belongs to the Crown. All form of mages are brought to the capitol and taught by the Archmage to control their powers for the kingdom. This doesn't mean you can't take a class such as magus, it just means you and I are going to be working more closely together because you've got some more stuff that I need to fill you in about.

Special stuff:
As knights you have been taught some things, and this is an edited various of the background skills and some HP stuff.

Round up on HP if you'd have .5 that level

At first level you get one skill point in each of these and ever level there after you get two skill points in addition to the ones from your class to place into these skills.
Handle Animal
Knowledge: Engineering
Knowledge: Geography
Knowledge: History
Knowledge: Nobility
Knowledge: Religion
Perform: Dance

Free feat!:
As a squire you learn a great deal from the knight who taught you, and this is to give a bit of crunch to that fluff! So choose one feat from this list and you get it for FREE!!!

Forified Armor Training
Power Attack
Mounted Combat
Ride-By Attack
Improved Shield Bash
Step Up
Animal Affinity
Combat Expertise

NPC! These are the NPCs!

Baron Skavir:
Baron Skavir is one of the older nobles at court, for years he's been trying to climb up the ranks of nobility to no prevail. One of his courting attempts of Sir Lady Genivee earned him a black eye from her elder sister Sir Lady Titana. Which her sister apologized for, for while his advances where unwelcomed he did nothing to warrant physical force. Though it was fair to say he never attempted to court her again. Rumor has it that he no longer is trying to climb the ranks through marriage however, but no one seems to know how he plans to do it now.

Baroness Mira:
If information is what you want everyone knows to go ask Baroness Mira. She always seems to know what's going on, but her information has a price and hers can be high. She will most commonly trade information for more information but she doesn't turn down jewels or coin, or even a nice piece of art. Outside of information few go to see Mira, since she is nothing more then a Baroness most don't seek out her company. The few who do though find her a rather wonderful hostess, though warn you not to drink the tea.

Countess Claira:
Countess Claira is the new bride of Earl Greogor, his fourth wife, and sister to Duke Lukous. Many where worried she was accepting the Earl's request for marriage out of pity or duty but Claira tells each of them that she does love her husband. She must at least like him, for the Earl and her are expecting their first child together though Claira is only three months along.

Countess Isabella:
Countess Isabella is one of the newest additions to the court, only joining the court after marrying the late Earl Mavris. Just a year into their marriage Mavris fell ill and passed rather suddenly, leaving everything to his new young widow. The whisper around the court is that his new bride poisoned him, which has now earned her the title "Black Widow" though it is never said to her face. What ever the others call her behind her back she seems kind to deal with, if a bit over flirtatious.

Duchess Almaria Galmain:
While few hold so much power after ones spouse has passed and they have heirs, Almaria is one of those few. Almaria has five children of her from her late husband, including his heir, yet she still holds power over the duchy. Most believe that this is because her eldest daughter wishes to advocate and join the church but she has yet made up her mind. Thus Almaria acts as she always has and runs the duchy like she did along with her husband, Arkey rest his soul.
Duchess of the Mid-west, Almaria came from a craftsmen's family before marrying into nobility. Which means she isn't scared to get her hands dirty if needed

Duchess Emma Powell:
Duchess Powell came into her power soon after Uther died, the shift of power in the duchy as well as the kingdom, made things hard at first since it was her brother who would have been first choice to take over the duchy when their mother passed on, yet upon her death Emma was named heir, something her brother is still bitter about. She has done her best to help Duke Lukous with his stewardship and even tried to support him as their new king the last time the duchies met. Sadly this did not go over as she had hoped.
Duchess of the mid-east, may of her people are fishers, ranchers, or farmers. Though there are a few wealthy families that own mines.

Duchess Erika Scasar:
Kind Erika came to power only a year before Arthur himself did. Coming from a rather wealthy family Erika has used her family's wealth to keep their main lands from falling further into decay. She has even gifted Duke Lukous large sums of gold to help him set up places for the poor that have been steadily rising in the capital.
Duchess of the West, Erika's family has grown rich off of the port trade

Duke Arkin Icesworn:
Their are few nobles who can actually claim that they earned their place in court, however, Duke Arkin is one of those select few. Going on 27 years of age, he has been under the thumb of the court since he earned (took) his title. Although not the son of his predecessor Duke Alen, Arkin still lays claim to the title through blood as his cousin. Alen brought him from overseas and named him his sole heir.
When Alen passed from this world and Arkin took his place, the court grew heavy with malcontent/discontent at the sudden shift. The court had been hoping that Alen would die without naming an heir so that his lands could be distributed amongst themselves. The emergence of Arkin successfully thwarted their greedy plans for the time being. To this day there are still a few harboring spite for Arkin and attempt to undermine him at any cost.
Duke of the North, Arkin has gathered quiet a bit of wealth in the short time he has been in power. Learning new ways to run the mines

Duke Bastian Ablin:
A well known gentleman, Duke Bastian is rather liked. Even if it is well know that had can be rather stuck up about certain matters. When the duchies called a meeting to try and get a new royal family, Bastian was one of the main ones who held out. While he seems to get along with his peers, he did not see any of them worthy of ruling over him... some say this is why he is still unmarried.
Duke of the Mid-north, Bastain has a large amount of wealth at his disposal thanks to the mines in the area

Duke Ecrin de Moren:
Know as Ecrin 'the Sharp', Duke Ecrin studied in the kingdom to the south just past the Fey lands. Sent there by his mother, for she came from that kingdom, Ecrin spent most of his years there. He returned just two years ago when both of his parents died in an accident. He was greeted with open arms by Arthur, most found him strange and rather foreign, oddly enough making him and Arkin best of friends.
Duke of the Southern lands, Ecrin is normally in the fields dealing with fey. Both diplomatically and on the field of battle.

Duke Iven Vagrith:
One of the few Dukes left from when Urther ruled is an old man set in his ways. Fiercely loyal to his faith within Iven's duchy mass is held in the morning, at lunch, though only on Sun's day, and in the evening by law. Though he does not force all to go to it. He knows that not everyone can leave their duties to go to mass, but it is asked one says a small prayer when they hear the temple bells ring. He and Urther where good friends, and Iven knew about about Urther's bastard child, though when he died Iven had no idea where the child was.
The Duke of the mid-south, much of Iven's time is spent with Jonith and Marcia dealing with the breeding of the mounts used by knights and nobles.

Duke Ludwig Icheg:
One of the ones that came to power during the absence of a ruler, Ludwig reveled in the freedom of being one of the highest orders in the land. When Arthur came in and took the throne, Ludwig was livid! Not only did he now have someone he must answer to, but it was just a boy! Though in time he settled down, it was either that or lose his duchy after all.
Duke of the East, Ludwig only as a fair amount of coin because of the high taxes he imposes on his people. Who are mostly fishers, farmers, ranchers, leather workers, and things of that nature.

Duke Lukous Price:
Duke Lukous is just hitting middle aged and is still unmarried, after his first wife vanished. While most would find this weird it's because they often look over the fact that Lukous is the Duke that over sees the training and acceptance of knights. But what most worried some people, namely Claira his younger sister, was that Lukous was a good man with no family and thus no heir.

Earl Greogor:
The oldest noble at court, Earl Greogor is pushing 68-years-old and just resonantly just got re-married to Duke Lukous's sister, Claira, after his third wife died. Though many where unnerved when a 25-year-old married a 68-year-old. But Claira seems to be happy and are even expecting her first child, the Earl's eighth.

Lord Eric:
The youngest one at court, Lord Eric is only 16 years-old. After his mother passed giving birth to his younger brother and his father dying within the same year, no one thought a boy freshly turned man would take up the land and title of Lord and do as well as he has been. He has been seen openly courting the Magi Lilian, and the word around the court is they may be marrying soon.


Ser Bedivere Giant's Bane:
Ser Bedivere comes from a long line of knights and lords. It was only natural that he followed after his ancestors. Though he was a young knight, freshly knighted even, when Uther died. Now just shy of 30 years old, Bedivere serves Arthur now as one of his more trusted advisors.

Ser Drafen the Loyal:
Ser Drafen hails from a long line of knights that have made their home in the capital. When Uthar passed on with no heir, Drafen feared he would never get his chance to stand among his ancestors in the serves of a knight. He waited, finished with his training, for the day a new king would be crowned and he could be knighted. When Arthur became king, Drafen rejoiced and was quick to pledge himself to the crown.

Ser Jonith Beast Master:
Sir Jonith is widely known as the "Master of Horse", though the title should be more of "Master of Mounts". Along with Ser Lady Marcia, Jonith looks after the mounts as they come through the capital. He is a fun-loving man, if a bit loud and proud. Often prone to boasting about almost everything.

Ser Lady Aline the Frigid:
Ser lady Aline is the first daughter of Earl Greogor. A strong will and even a stronger since of honor, Aline joined the knighthood to better her realm and herself. She hates the fact that Calous is a womanizer and often is the first to lecture him even if he is older then her. While learning to be a knight Aline was hit by a powerful magic spell that froze her solid, and by the time her knight has chipped the ice from her the magic had seeped so deeply into her it turned her hair blue.

Ser Lady Amalda the Tact:
Little is known about Ser Lady Amalda, she doesn't speak much and is the newest knight so far. She is Page Wymer older sister and thus came here along with them. Though unlike her brother who enjoys fighting, Amalda takes no pleasure in it but she does seem cold to approach,

Ser Lady Genivee the Kind:
Ser Lady Genivee is not only a knight in the serves of Arthur, but is also one of the knights of Arkey. A kind-hearted woman, Genivee is the youngest child of the Ventus family. A very old noble family, the Ventus decided to make an alliance with another old noble family though way of an arranged marriage. Earl Greagor's eldest son and heir, Calous, is set to marry Lady Genivee though no date for this has been made public.

Ser Lady Marcia the Spirited:
Marcia is the second daughter of Duchess Almaria Galmain and third in line for the title of Duchess. Though she does not seem to care much, for she settled into the life of a knight rather well and takes care of the mounts in the capital alongside Jonith.

Ser Lady Napheen the Bold:
Born the middle child of seven, Napheen's family served the Icesworn family for genderation. So when Arkin was brought by his cousin to be the heir of the north her family followed to keep the young man safe. This became her new home and where she learned all of her combat skills. Training from her youngth made Napheen a deadly warrior and when she was ten she caught the eye of Duke Luke who requested the young girl travel to Camolt so that she could be trained as a proper knight. During her time there she was a dutiful student and it still shows in her fighting style today.

Ser Lady Tanith the Faithful:
Lady Tanith is a calm and thoughtful knight. Hailing from the mid-south Tanith is a fiercely loyal and devote Arkaian. The second daughter to a small barony, Tanith grew up among the court of Duke Iven and went into training as a knight when Iven put her foreword to Duke Lukous.

Ser Lady Titana the Vehement:
Sir Lady Titana is as fiery and passionate as her bright red hair. As the eldest of three children Titana has always been a protector, it was something born in her they say. As she grew it only seemed to run deeper, but so did her temper. Though for the latter there was an outlet, fighting. Titana joined the knighthood when was barely 7, and put all those who joined with her to shame! It seemed no one among her piers was a match for the red-headed axe wielder. But when Owen, a squire at the time, came around and gave her a sounder thrashing then anyone. Since none had been able to land a blow on the girl. From there on Titana trained harder and harder to beat the man who had beaten her. Though 18 years have passed since that day and a now 25 Titana still remembers the sound beating Owen gave her.

Ser Marrik the Tolerent:
One of the younger knights at the table, Marrik was a young lad that lived in Baron Skavir's court most of his life. During a visit to the capital with Baron Skavir's court Marrik met Duke Lukous, while they stayed there, Marrik stayed around Lukous. After a few play sparing matches with page Lukous spoke with Skavir and got him to agree to allow Marrik to remain and undergo knighthood training.

Ser Owen the Wise:
Wise beyond his years, Owen has always looked for the tactial way out. Hardly even has he had to resort to force. Only three times in his 28 years of life has he said that violance was the only way out. To many this comes off as him being far to laid back, and it doesn't help that his normal attiere seems more like a common hunter than a knight.

Ser Seth:
Ser Seth is the older brother of Landon, and heir to their county. While Seth loves his brother they are not as close as most would expect brothers to be. To the point that Seth doesn't even know his brother's age! Most believe it is because of the large age difference, Seth being 26 and Landon being 15, along with the fact that Seth has been at his father's side learning the trade.


Squire Elmina: Once a ward of the state, Elmina was one of the few who Duke Lukous found and put foreword to be a page. Skilled at riding and using the lance, Elmina shocked everyone when she showed her strength and it was far more then her stature showed. She hit the other rider with enough force to send him out of his seat, and he was twice her size.

Squire Nilson: The son of a northern Count, Nilson is a quiet boy but rather intelligent and wise for his age. However he is rather timid which makes his sword work not as strong as the other pages, though he is one of the more tactical and evasive fighters.

Squire Walden: Walden is the sixth child of Earl Greogor. A passionate glaive wielder, Walden takes after his eldest brother Calous a bit too much. He flirts when he sees the chance and has more arrogance then Mordred, which causes some problems between them, to the point they crossed swords at practice once or twice.

Squire Gareth: Gareth is the fifth son of King Lot and brother to Ser Gawain. He is a well rounded page, not overly standing out in physical capabilities or intelligence, but shining in his will power. Gareth is known for never giving up till he is able to do and understand what he was practicing.

Squire Galahad: Galahad is the young crown prince of the lands past the fey forest, sent here as an act of good faith to Arthur. Devout in his faith to Arkey, Galahad has spent more time among the priests and paladins then he has among the other knights. It even seem that Arkey has gifted the young lad with divine power, which he hopes to learn how to use better.

Squire Wymer: Wymer is a simple Lord's son who came across the eastern canal with the rest of his family with Duke Arkin. To bring some renown to his family in this new land Wymer used his newly awakened white dragon blood to get Duke Lukous's attention and be put foreword for training as a knight. Skilled with axes mostly, Wymer has been known to be rather merciless in battle, something people believe comes from his blood.

Squire Feylinn: Faylinn is the youngest child of Earl Ranve who's land backs up to the Fey lands, she herself is part fey. This caused some fuss when she asked to become a knight, with fey blood so potent in her they worried it would cause problems. In some ways it did, Faylinn is a bit of a trickster and slightly vain but out of all the pages she is unquestionably the fastest. Her speed is main point of strength and she knows how to use it.

Squire Mordred: Mordred is the youngest son of King Lot and followed after two of his four brothers, Gawain and Gareth. He is a faster learner then his brother and far better with a sword, but seems to be rather arrogant and tends to gloat.

Squire Landon: The middle child of an Earl, Landon wished to become a knight to make a name for himself and prove he was more then his family name. He is a strong fighter and rather skilled with a blade but has been known to have a bit of a temper even if it's a long fuse.

Squire Myla: Myla is the daughter of Baron to the west, close to the Kingdom of Taelen, and is the only child from that line. But like her father and grandmother, Myla has learned to harness a power that rest in her blood, dragon blood. This has turned many people's heads, many believe she will be a fierce and powerful fighter... if she can keep control.

Archmage Markous: (This is my Merlin, yes there is a reason there is nothing on him!)

Magi Arlen:
The younger brother to Calous, Arlen watches the way his brother acts and how often his sister gets on to him for it that he finds it a normallity. Because of this the young man keeps to himself much more than the other Magi and has found a place as the magical recquisition officer.

Magi Calous:
Calous is freshly 25 and Markous's prize student. He also happens to be one of the sons of Earl Greogor. A known lady's man, Calous was a little annoyed that his father took Claira as his bride, not because she was pretty though that didn't help, mostly because she was so close to his own age. Thus he refuses to call her mother, and just calls her Claira which saddens her. Lately Calous has been jumping from lady to lady when it comes to his normal flirting, but he has been seen with Countess Isabella, the two of them laughing and whisptering.

Magi Dason:
Dason is the third child of Earl Greogor but the second son. It was not a surprise when he followed Calous into the schooling of magic, for the two have always been at odds. Dason hates how his brother lives and is very jealous of the life Calous has planned out.

Magi Ewan:
Ewan is a young, joyful, hyper kid who just recently came to the court of the Magi. He was found on the streets running with a known thief. When the pair was caught Ewan showed a small level of arcane power and was sent to the Magi for learning. There he found a home, and has taken to the magi Rosa like a little brother does a sister.

Magi Lilian:
Sweet, shy Lilian was just a tailor's daughter when the spark of magic showed in her. She never thought, or even dreamed, of a life outside of her family's shop let a lone in the royal court. But she has adjusted well, even though speaking in front of a lot of people still makes her dizzy. Though one good thing has come of this, she met Lord Eric and the two of them have become fast friends and it became well known that he has been courting her, mainly from how red her face gets when he whispers something to her.

Magi Megra:
Ah, the lady known as the enchantress. Megra is almost the embodiment of the title. Her words are like honey to all but her lackey Michael, thought she does have a bit of a entitled side. She is an enchantress, in the magic since of the word, and her magic serves her well.

Magi Michael:
A clumsy shy man, Michael is often found keeping pace with Megra. Holding her books or carrying heavy magical items that the lovely female Magi has asked him to. Many wonder who the poor man allows Megra to boss him around and how he still has time to do so well at his own studies. While some question may never be answered one this is well know, Michael has vast potenial as a mage.

Magi Rosa:
The youngest daughter of Duchess Almaria, Rosa's magic came as a large surprise to her family as niether the Duke or Duchess had magic themselves. But the youngest took her awakening with joy and the following year was taken to the capitol to study under Markous and tame the magic in her blood.

Magi Soren:
One of the many youthes that dreamed of something more, Soren found his way to being a mage by sheer will. An orphan upon the streets it seemed like luck that Markous would be out and about in the same area where the young boy was begging. All knew the Archmage and many feared him but not Soren. Upon meeting the Archmage's eyes the orphan ran up and grabbed his sleeve begging him to teach him the arts of magic. Oddly enough, Markous agreed and took the young boy in as one of his students.

Faith and Clergy:

Arkay and Arturia:
Arkay, god of human life, death, and the passing of time. When the gods first turned their sights to making creation it was Arkay who made human kind. Though over the many years other gods began to twist Arkay's children to their own ends. As Arkay lost those he had made to the other gods he grew more and more depressed, to the point looking upon his creation cause him great sadness. Finally Arkay was ready to wash his hands of his creation, yet before he did he heard a prayer. When he looked down he saw a simple farm girl asking for him not to forsake them. Thus Arkay gave this children one last chance, before he turned away for good. After the girl stood to leave, Arkay appeared before her. First and foremost he thanked her. He thanked her for not turning her back on him, and then promised her that he would never turn his back on her and her people so long as she took up the sword in his name. The farm girl was shocked, she never thought her god would care so much about a simple farm girl's prayer. When he offered the arrangement she knew not what to say, how could she, a farm girl, take up a weapon in his name? Finally she asked how she could do this? She knew livestock and the harvest, not battle and leadership. Arkay just smiled at her before he told her the life she had lead up to that point, every detail. He told her she had greatness in her, and that he would be with her always. Lastly he held out his hand to her smiling softly, and when she took it he vanished, and in her hand was his weapon, a long sword.
This is the core of Altaira belief and many still follow this faith to day, though that also maybe because it is the only faith allowed in Altaira's boarders. As priests of all kinds from outside faiths are not permitted in Altaira.

Grand Cleric Emilia:
The head of the church of Arkay, Emilia leads the faithful of Altaira with a soft motherly voice. Very young in appearance though wise beyond her years, Emilia is a kind and soft spoken woman. Many believe her youth is due to her position as Grand Cleric, for many remember her taking up the title when Renalt was a man in his late 20's and almost 40 years has gone by since.

Angel Reyson:
One of Arkay's noble angels, Reyson was sent to the land of Altaira to declare the next Grand Cleric of the Church of Arkay. Most people believe Renalt was next in line to take up the mantle but the angel past right over him and chose the young Emilia, only an acolyte at the time, to be Grand Cleric. The two have been very close ever since, with Reyson rarely ever leaving the lady's side. Many whisper that Emilia and Reyson are lovers, for it is know that the two share a room... these people often forget that angels do not need sleep...

Grand Knight Commander Weinheidt:
Heading up the order of Arkay's paladins is Commander Weinheidt. A middle-aged half-elven man, Weinheidt was born from a dalliance between a Leanan Sidhe and human hunter. Though it wasn't long, Weinheidt did get to know his mother till he was a young man and moved with his father to the capital to take care of his father's mother's failing health. While there Weinheidt saw the suffering of those within the city walls and joined with the church in order to help them, and during his time there he master the long sword and was granted divine power by Arkay. As the capital became worse Grand Cleric Emilia personally asked the younger Weinheidt to take up the title and position of Grand Knight Commander, and lead Altaira's paladin order. Years later, Weinheidt still leads the paladin order and is still a pain in the ass to Grand Inquisitor Hendrickson. Who often brings up Weinheidt mixed blood when they fight about the boarder between Altaira and Avalon.

Grand Inquisitor Hendrickson:
One of the few left in charge from when Uther was king, Gand Inquisitor Hendrickson is a late middle-aged man of strong faith and even stronger opinion. He is good friends with Duke Iven Vagrith and Ser Lady Tanith. He respects Grand Cleric Emilia greatly and is always butting heads with Grand Knight Commander Weinheidt. Many people whisper about the grand inquisitor's deed behind closed doors, and call him a racist when ever he deals with those of the Fey realm or those he knows are of fey blood.

High Cleric Lalie:
High Cleric Lalie is the twin sister to Cleric Genalie, children of Earl Greogor and sisters to Aline and Calous. Lalie is the older of the two but most soft spoken, though both entered the church at the same time Lalie has risen though the church ranks faster then Genalie. Along with Draco, Lalie works at Emilia's side as one of her hands. Lalie sees to the daily running of the temple in the capital and Emilia's schedule.

High Cleric Draco:
High Cleric Draco is the younger brother of Iven, or well half-brother, after Iven's mother passed away his father remarried a very young woman and within their first two years together Draco was born with a 26 year difference between him and his half-brother Iven. When Draco was 15 he left their father's duchy, supposedly after a large fight with his brother, and went to the capital. Once there he joined the church and began to work his way up through the ranks. Finally he was well rewarded, when Emilia was chosen as Grand Cleric by Reyson it was Draco she chose to be her voice to the duchies and later the royal court.

High Cleric Renalt:
An elder man in his late 50's, Renalt has little time to give. As one of the High Clerics to the church of Arkay, Renalt leads the church in Duke Ivan's duchy and it is said that he and the duke get along rather well. His temple is also the temple of the main library, for it is he and Priest Cyas who keep and record most of the lore for their kingdom.

Cleric Ashton:
When Arthur needed a priest to be at court it was Ashton who he picked. A kindhearted cleric Ashton gives most of the money he earns from working for Arthur to the church, keeping very little for himself. He is quiet but is always ready to give a strong definitive answer to those whom as for his opinion.

Cleric Genalie:
Lalie's twin sister, Genalie joined at the same time as her sister, and rose through the ranks with her till she got to Cleric status. While Lalie gave up her rights to ever take over the county Genalie did not. Thus she can climb no higher in the ranks of the church.

Priest Cyas:
Cyas was a simple tavern keeper's son before he joined the church. A few years after the king died and the city began to fall into disrepair Cyas left his family and offered to join the church. He wished to learn how to truly help people and not just mask their pain with alcohol. He is a well spoken man for one who grew up a peasant and Renalt has even taken the man under his wing to teach him more on the scholarly side of the church.

Acolyte Rylond:
Rylond is the younger brother to Seth and Landon. At only 13 years of age Rylond has stated he wishes to become a full member of the church but since he is not of age he can not officially join the church, though Grand Cleric Emilia allowed him to begin the journey to become a priest.

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Also please feel free to ask questions! I love questions. You can either asked here or PM me. I'm open to both.

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Female Half-Elf Witch (Cartomancer)/2 HP 14/14 | AC 12 T 12 FF 10 | Fort +2 Ref +2 Will +1 | Per +4 | Init +3

As you all have now seen the shops, I would like to give you all at least a small idea of what it is like. I normally would do this IC but I can't really think of away to do it organicly. So, I'll do it this way!

There are three shops here, The Butterfly's Silk, The Blooming Butterfly, and Fortune's Flower. Zel's parents bought two shops side by side then renovated them so that they are one whole building. The left side of the build is split into two parts and is The Butterfly's Silk. The front part is the shop with the counter and some of their goods out from for people to see and such, the back part is all storage with the entrance being an open door way behind the counter, only blocked by a cloth going half way to the ground. You go through that and the closet Zel spoke of is to your left against the wall. Also the counter opens so that some one can walk behind it on the left side.

The right side is The Blooming Butterfly the main layout is the same, it is split in half as well with the front part being the shop. The counter also opens on the left and runs all the way to the wall on the right side. Now the opening to the back part is actually on the left side when the counter opens. It leads into a hallway that take you to the back door which leads out into the garden. But also on this hallway are smaller open doorway, only big enough for one person at a time to pass through, on the left a right. The one on the left is only 5ft from the one leading out into the flower shop and connects to the stoage area for the other shop however the one 10ft from that leads into a small sitting area with some gardening tools and the stair that lead to the house above.

Now, Fortune's Flower actually exsists between the two shops. When they connected the stores the build a middle room, only about 15ft side at most, with the front and back coming to a point at the connecting doorway from shop to shop and back area to storage. The doorways to get in are in both shops on the angled walls, and those are covered by full length cloth that have depictions of stars, the moon, and flowers. The inside is sectioned off using curtains with a similar pattern but the stars form the shape of Harrow cards. So one set of stars forms The Juggler, while another forms The Owl. The front part has a few seats while behind the curtain is a table with only two chairs, one with its back to the curtain the other facing it. This place is decorated with bright colors however kept some what dark to add to the mystic feel.

Both the shops have their own entrance from the street, each having a bell to let people know that a customer walked in, but only the flower shop has the door to the back. There are large windows that mirror each other on the front of both shops, they actually would look like one massive window if it wasn't for the center wooden beam that hold the three signs. In order, a large purple butterfly half out of its cocoon as the parts of the cocoon turn into cloth, with yellow words under it saying The Butterfly's Silk. Under that is a butterfly with its wings open and each wing is a different flower petal, one rose petal, one lily petal, one tulip petal, and one foxglove petal. The words for it are in green take up the butterfly's body and read The Blooming Butterfly. Lastly below that is a blue rose in full bloom with the Harrow card the twins poking out of the center and the words on it to down one petal as Fortune's and up the petal right next to it as Flower in scarlet red letters, making it read as Fortune's Flower.

Comments? Concerns? Questions? Etc.

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CN Female Human (Varisian)

"You never need to ask leave from me, Captain." Esmarelda tried to smile. "You shall forever have my respect Captain Artevious." She told him.

Worthy of me?... Shouldn't I be the one trying to be worthy of him?

Esmarelda made her way back to the rest of the group after speaking with Artevious while Harmony was listing off names for the ship. "What about The Broken Shackles?" Esmarelda asked. "It would give a duel meaning even. Representing not only the shackles we've broken that once bound us, but also that all the Shackles will break in our wake."


"Land with no ghouls..." Esmarelda said with a long sigh and smile. "I have to say, it's a beautiful sight."

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You jinxed it...

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Nixis Dra'nor wrote:
Let's not forget that the deck of many things is an evil artifact, that if I had just drawn those cards you would have died three times over.

Hey! Some are really fun! Like the one that changes you Alignment instantly or the one that gives you a major magic weapon!

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OmniChaos wrote:

They had a node issue that mostly effected home computers and land lines trying to access the site. The site was accessible from your phone for example but not from your wifi. They corrected the issue with the internet company some hours ago so it's all good as far as I know.

This one was not paizo's fault. :)

Ah but from 6 to about 2 my time I couldn't connect to paizo and I was not connected to Wi-Fi. I was on via my phone at work.

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They do. It's called Bardic Knowledge. You even get half your bard level, min 1, to the roll.

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Game play! Noooooo!!!
My addiction, I mean pass time! Come back!

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Kale raised and eyebrow before letting out a sigh and leaning over to Haruf. "Does he lie thought everything?" She asked. "Wouldn't just telling them we're friends of Hunclay be enough?" She added.

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"Why do we keep finding all this? What ever happened to keeping your home life and work separate?" Kale groaned as they looked inside. "Going into some ones house should not be this dangerous!" She stated as she crossed her arms.

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Artemis... Needs to learn, not to talk s+%~! XD
She's not good at it...

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Fighter 2/Aristocrat 1 | hp 15/17 | AC18 T12 FF16 | CMD 18 | F +3 R +2 W +1 | Spd 20 | Init +2 | Perception +5

"Hold on a moment. First: do not call me a girl. I am an adult thus if you are going to call me something akin to my sex, use woman. Or better yet, use my name. Artemis. I gave it for a reason." She told the orc with the vials, giving him a slight glare. "Second: you said that is has killed among you. How long has this illness been? For the city it only started a week ago and none have died. A few have slipped into a coma but not yet passed. They also stated that it came in on a fog. If those among you have already died to this illness then it couldn't have come from the city, as they would have a higher death rate then yourselves. Orcs have the greatest endurance among the races that I am aware of, how long did your kin hold on?" She questioned. "Third: You used the term companion for this Famine, does this mean he is not an orc? If so, at what time did he come to you? Do you know what he works upon?" She question before her eyes narrowed "Are you so sure we are the ones who have been lied to? Do you have proof this doesn't come from you?"

Artemis shook her head before looking back to War. "I have seen the people, those ill and those whom have kin among them. I do not believe it came from any of them." She told him as she placed her hands upon her hips. "And from what you and yours have spoken here, I do not think it came from your either."

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"We need to report to the Mayor first." Artemis told her brothers as she made her way to the Town Hall. "If you all wish, go and get us rooms at one of the inns. I shall come looking after I let the Mayor know we are here." She informed them as she quickened her pace, the wind still biting at her as the rain came down.

When she got to the door she knocked loudly on the door. At least I'll be able to get a bit of warmth before heading back out into this storm.

I just noticed something... Artemis is in a team of all dudes! XD

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Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 18
She knows when to look strong, good. That will serve well... I should learn it too.

She turned the the group she had fought along side giving a nod to Posh. "You have my thanks Posh. I'm alive still thanks to you and Lienhol. I give credit where credit is due." She said respectfully. "You heard her. Tomorrow at dawn we are to report to the Headmaster." She told them. "I hope to see you all on time tomorrow." She said offering a reassuring smile, though it seemed to dampen a bit with Posh leaving.

... So much for a team...

As Alvin spoke the look on Artemis's face turn to one of anger. "If we being to turn out backs upon those we should trust, we're most likely to find ourselves facing the traders alone." She told him. "The headmaster's exit may have had something to do with this yes. Or he was lead away so that those here would be easier to kill. Because that seems to be exactly what happened." She said as she held her hand out to the dead that lay around them. "Could there be a mole in our ranks, possibly, but it is more then likely we have become complacent..." She removed one of the katanas from her hips and looked at the Juno family crest upon it. It seemed to gleam sadly in the light, but the sight of it filled Artemis with a since of purpose.

She gave a respectful nod to Tordrek when his words chimed in. "We are the next generation of the Order of the New Dawn. It is through our actions that the future will be written, and I will not see this Order fall apart because we're too scared to trust one another."

Sorry it was so much... you hit a nerve with AJ... >.<

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Dreadguard Lienhol wrote:
Who brings all their gear to a party?

No Juno goes anywhere without a katana! XD

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