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Half Elf Witch(Cartomancer) 3 | HP 21/21 | AC13(17 MA) T13 FF13 CMD 10 | F+2 R+3 W+2 | Init +3 | Perc+7 (Low-Light)

About Zeldana Dardlara Amaria

Female Half-Elf Witch(Cartomancer) 3
CG Medium
Init +3; Senses Low-light 60ft; Perception +7
Stats and Abilities
STR: 14 / DEX: 16 / CON: 12
INT: 18 / WIS: 7 / CHA: 12
HP: 21
Move Rate: 30 ft
AC: 13 (Touch: 13 , Flat Footed: 10)
BAB: +1
CMB: +3
CMD: 15
Fort Save: +2
Reflex Save: +3
Will Save: +2
Conditional Modifiers: +2 vs enchantment spells and effects.
Patron: Portents
Racial traits: Keen Senses, Elven Blood, Low-light vision, Arcane Training
Hero Points: 3
DC: 15
Evil Eye
Quarterstaff +3 1d6+2
Acrobatics: +5
Appraise: +6
Diplomacy: +16
Knowledge(Arcana): +13
Knowledge(History): +13
Knowledge(Nature): +8
Knowledge(Planes): +8
Perception: +7
Perform(Dance): +5 (BGS)
Profession(Fortuneteller): +5 (BGS)
Profession(Shop Keeper): +2
Spellcraft: +11
Sleight of Hand: +5
Scholar of the Ancients
Harrow Born
Skill Focus: Diplomacy
Deadly Dealer
Accursed Hex

Spell Cards (AKA:Spell Book)
0-Level Spells
DC: 14
Arcane Mark
Dancing Lights
Daze (P)
Detect Magic (P)
Detect Poison
Putrefy Food and Drink
Read Magic (P)
Stabilize (P)
Touch of Fatigue

1-Level Spells
DC: 15
Burning Hands (P)
Charm Person
Enlarge Person
Mage Armor (P)
Frostbite (P)
Chill Touch
Discern Next of Kin

2-Level Spells
DC: 16
Cure Moderate Wounds (p)
Touch of Idiocy (p)

Witch's Kit: backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, candles (10), chalk (10), a flint and steel, ink, an inkpen, an iron pot, a mess kit, soap, a spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.
Harrow Deck
Entertainer's Outfit
Book of Poetry
GP: 140
Weight: 31
Carrying Capacity
Light: 58
Medium: 116
Heavy: 175


Zeldana Emraeal Luminita Dardlara Anca Nordlara Amaria was born to the Amaria caravan that traveled all of Varisan, Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and over the crown of the world. Her mother had joined the caravan as a guard and within her time among them fell in love with her employer's eldest son. They where married and she was welcomed into the caravan as a part of the family. The following year, while her father and grandfather where speaking with then Shriikirri-Quah about trading horses, Zeldana was born. Since the Amaria family had been trading for horses with the Shriikirri for generation, they welcomed the new born as much as the caravan did.
Though it seemed the one who welcomed the newborn most was Zeldana's grandmother. For within the newest member of the family she felt something that she herself had, magic. The next few years Zeldana spent most of her time with her grandmother, learning the way of the harrow cards, magic weaving, and even that of reading minds. She would sit for hours listening the to elder varisian woman's stories of magic, both old and new. Her favored stories where those of an old civilization build upon magic whose bones still litter Varisia. When the young half-elf turned ten, the elder varisian gave her a small stacks of books. Among which where historical books on Thassalion, the civilization she had heard so many stories about, but her favorite out of them all was a small blue book of poems with enough room for Zeldana to write a few of her own.

When she was thirteen though, her grandmother passed away and her father decided that it would be best to hand the caravan over to his younger brother and settled down in Sandpoint, opening a little shop that gets its goods from the family trade route. It took another two years to get everything taken care of and during that time Zeldana focused upon her magical arts as she worried that she'd have time for it once the shop opened.

In the beginning, learning to work a shop and bargain with people was enough for the young varisian. She learned from her father to think before she spoke, which benefited Zeldana greatly especially when reading ones future. It even allowed her to make an unexpected friend. A mage by the name of Octavian Harzhor, who had come in for a harrow reading. The young half-breed could tell Octavian had a rough life, just from the cards along, but she could see light upon the horizon. She offered some kind words, a job at her parent's shop, and even a friendship!

For the past seven years Zeldana, her father, and her mother, have been living in Sandpoint. Most can find the young woman doing Harrow readings, the same deck of cards that had once been her grandmother's, working in her parent's shop, or out and about with Octavian. But many say that her duel-colored eyes often have a far off look in them, as if she was remembering parts of the past to which she longs to return to.

Zeldana is a rather intelligent yet passion driven woman. Friendly, and rather fun to be around, Zeldana always tries to balance things out by seeing the good in the bad. She believes flaws are just unique parts of people that give them their shine, and those who have more... damaging flaws, she tries to help. To move them past and become something better.

Zeldana is varisian beauty with the slim elven form. Her whole body betrays her mixed blood, from her duel colored hair to her heterochromia eyes: One golden, the other an amethyst purple. Dressed in the typical Varisian style, Zeldana's most notable piece of clothing is the long extravagant silk scarf, known as a Kapenia, symbolizing her adulthood to all who know it's meaning. Out side of that Zeldana also has three varisian tattoos. One upon each arm just above the wrist, the left a crescent moon while the right a sun at dawn. The last upon her upper back, a set of wings the left a white dove wing while the right a black bat wing.