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@ Belafon

Well get to level 15

New Character Starting At Level 10
I had a character but had to drop out of the game for a while and lost my character Sheet.

Recommend feats Besides PBS/Precise Shot And Rapid Shot.

Also I am of course taking Rapid reload and Crossbow Mastery

But am wondering if there are any else worth it in place of critical focus

Got a a level 10 Soon to be level 11 Human Bolt Ace Gunslinger for a ongoing Campaign.

My Questions are Should I Dip or Multi class. Is there any that would give me enough of an advantage to warrant it

And I am thinking of using Critical Feats. I plan on taking Improve Crit for a heavy Crossbow At Level 8 and Critical Focus At Level 9

Is it worth it or should I try for something else

Dwarftr wrote:

Sooooooo....... Catfolk sounds right here. You can get claw attacks thru racial/feat then just build from there.

Who says your catfolk doesnt look like a lion?

That dose make since but I am looking for something with a Strength Bonus

@Phoebus Alexandros

Na 12 STR is what I got suck with my roll. I wish it was higher

I'm playing a 3RD party Class that has a Lot of Barbarian stuff.

So it's easier to just call it a Barbarian when asking for advice

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Is there any way to make it wisdom or INT.

It could be a Archetype

Or a feat from pazio 3.5 or 3pp

Taking Black Powder Inquisition

Besides the normal range Feats
I'd there anything in particular I should look out for

Need my first 7 levels
Of feats

Going Human BTW

@ VoodistMonk

Ok how would you recommend I play my first couple of turns

What spell would be best to cast to buff my allies ?

@ VoodistMonk

Ok 14,15,12,10,10,16 looks good. I think I'll stick the stat point at level 4 in to Dex to even up the stat points.

Couple questions

1 can I Aid others and use stuff like inspire courage at the same time ?

2 for when it matters
I have a question.

I see you recommend I use banner of ancient king but I recall seeing that I need to keep both hands on said banner (Spear) for it's benefits to apply. That means I can't cast or what?

Should I go with a banner of the scarlet rose instead?



I'm not sure if I should invest any in strength. At least make it 10??

I know I want at least 16 (18) in CHA.

@ VoodistMonk

Ok So


Any Racial trait you suggest I switch out or switch in?

So as you said for feats

3 Body Guard
5 ??? EXTRA performance
7 Master Performer
11 ???? Gain most likely won't get paid here.

Trait Helpful (Halfing)
Trait Reactionary or something boost a low save?

Actually is there a trait that boost aid another for stuff like attack or ac?

I assume I'll have wealth by level

@ VoodistMonk

That sounds good

What do you think my first 5 levels should look like for Feats

I'm likely to start around level 5
So idk when I can buy a banner of the ancient king.

Any one got an idea for Grey maiden
Support type That's use either a banner of the ancient kings or the banner of the scarlet rose?

I'd like to pay something wholly different from my main bag damage dealers

Having a little face skill power would be nice as well

Tim Emrick wrote:
I'm currently playing a halfling oracle with the lore mystery and community guardian archetype. She has the Sidestep Secret revelation to add Cha to AC instead of Dex, which (with decent armor for her level) gives her the highest AC in the party. Rayyana's built for healing, diplomacy, knowledge, and a few other skills, so mostly only carries a weapon so she can occasionally give her allies flanking. ;) Not a build for someone who likes to dish out damage or super-optimize, but I'm enjoying playing her.

Oh she sounds fun.

What is her current level.
We don't usually play past character level 10.

I am sadly am not good at diplomacy. Due to never knowing what to say.

FraVit wrote:

I second the Virtuous Bravo, a Paladin of Sarenrae with a Monk (Unchained) Scaled Fist dip.

Weapon Focus (scimitar), Dervish Dance and later Crusader's Flurry and Crane Style. If you need ranged options you can also get Quick Draw to throw Daggers wich would still get Precise Strike precision's damage.

I think The Bravo seems fun

But not sure if I want to Dip
I do know I'd get Cha To Ac if I did but not sure if thats what I want

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
Have you considered playing a paladin? Halflings actually make decent DEX based paladins. A virtuous bravo is surprisingly effective. Paladins can also make decent archers.

virtuous bravo sounds fun.

Can you give me advice on how to build it?

I kinda don't want to multi class.

Looking for Halfling character ideas
Been wanting to play a Non-human and have selective
Halfling as my The face id like to Try.

I am looking not to play a Bow/X-Bow user

I know I have a boost too cha so that could mean sorcerer the Dex Boost is not bad either for my range touch spells.

Though I'm kinda thinking off seeing if a martial artist off some sort would work.

Either a Brawler who uses Dex for Manuvers or maybe a ninja .I do like the idea of swift as Shadows alt race feature though Idk off how useful it is for a ninja who can just go invisible

Any one got some fun halfing character idea for a game that runs level 3-10?

@ VoodistMonk

It's ok. I should of put the the Order in the Title .

The sneak attack build looks fun.

Though could you give me advice on the build if I went order of the Hero .

I'll consider order of the blossom but would like to see how the order of the Hero would work with this .

With the Halfling Race being Small I'd figure I'd get the bonuses for the Disciple of the Pike abilities as long as taking the order of the Hero order.

My question is what's the best lay out for feats and Traits.

I want to be good at fighting large foes but don't want to over


Any Order for the rage Powers and feats?

Also I get Great Club Prof should I actually use one ?

Any one able to give build Advice on The Above mentioned Feral Gnasher.

Just Useful Feats / Rage Powers

I would like to play a foul mouth Goblin Character but am Torn Between two ideas

1ST is Goblin Alchemist Bomber. I know there is an Archetype option that gives me a Buzzard to Ride I think

2nd well I'm not sure class. I do know this would be a dirty trickser / dirty fighter type character

Any input on either of those would be very much appreciated.

I'm more looking for classes or more so archetype that grant bonuses or fun ability for using a Pole-arm and can use a shield

Such as Fighter Pole-arm master
Or Disciple of the Pike Cavalier

And also something that can get a good amount of AC (Not including Ac from magic)

I really want to play a Pole-arm and shield style character but am not sure besides fighter what all my options would be

I'd prefer a class with more to it than just hit thing till it dies even if it means having more than one way to to that


Looking for feat Advice for a Human Blood Arcanist who will specialize in
The battering blast spell

I know I need spell Focus, spell spec
, Magee tattoo but I'm not sure what else

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Can any one help me build this as a silver bullet mage Style character.
I'd never built such a character but want to.


Truth be told idk if this will be for my current game

My current game has us at at leve1
10 and most games has us start at level 4

Any one able to give me some help
With basic Advice.
I want to be a bat man style character who can be if use in just about any situation

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@ VoodistMonk

Can you explain how High Intelligence allows me to prepare with out the use of my Spell Book?

@ DeathlessOne
What school would you recommend.
I assume take spell Focus in that school

Also im completely clueless when it comes to discoverires

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I am working on a Exploiter Wizard and I am curious of what feats to take.

He'll be more of a generalist and so I'm sure I have my first two feats

LV1 Improved Initiative
LV1 (Human) Spell Mastery

But for the rest level 2-9 I am unsure cause I'd take spell Focus but since I'm not focusing on a school idk

And for metamagic idk what are over all good ones

I'm looking ideas for a flavorful
Dirty trick that is also very competitive at doing it's job

Once I get some
Ideas I'll chose one and start a build

Zepheri wrote:
first you need to define better what kind of brawler you want to be (grab, trip and throwing, fist and kick) so ppl can suggest the better feat too use

True lol

Well I doubt trip will do much vs dragons
Grab not sure how good
I'm thinking more maybe dirty trick

Building a 12Th level Lizardfolk Brawler and I could use Advice on
His feats.

I know the idea is to take feats for feats being grab with martial flex
But not sure what ones to grab

First off the idea of this character came from the gift my roommate gave me for the holidays. Some wicked looking Spiky metal dice

Id like to build a spiked grappler
But could use some advice choosing my feats and my race

I'd like to have armor spikes and to deal brutal damage by grappling my foes.

What would be a good build for this?

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Race Boring old human


1 Precise Shot
1 Weapon Focus (Composite L-Bow)
3 Rapid Shot
3 Deadly Aim
5: Blessing of Erastil
6 Manyshot
6 Weapon Spec
7 Point Blank Master

Arrow Damage
1D8 Base Damage
+2 Weapon Spec
+1 Weapon Training (Taking Arsenal chaplin)
+6 Deadly Aim
+3 Divine Favor

Is that about right ? Or I. Missing something obvious to boost damage

Any other buff spells?

Ok I want to be a dwarf with land sharks (Sky sharks) too

My idea is a dwarf either a Druid
(unsure archetype) or a monster tactian inquisitor

Who has the alt race feature Stonesinger

And the Aerial / Chthonic versatile summons

I want to try something different
So going for a pack leader if multiple summons / animal companion ect

Can be magical or non magical

I want to be a good scout for one thing
With being useful in combat

What race in class would be good?

Kurald Galain wrote:

Draconic bloodline, blood havoc mutation, pick up the other two bloodline mutations later on, and spell specialization feat.

You haven't specified what level you'll be playing at? Unless it's very low level you don't particularly need a bonus feat, and other races may be a better pick. It's a pretty good deal to gnome for +1 caster level on fire spells, or elf for +2 on spell resistance checks.

I'm sure someone will suggest crossblooded (draconic+orc bloodline) but I don't like the loss in spell slots, and delaying all your higher-level spells by yet another level. HTH!

I'll be level 8

Gnome sounds Fun

Would going in to Meta-Magic master
/ The other one for empowering a fire ball be good ?

Looking at building a blood mutation Sorcerer and could use Advice on bloodline and feats

Thinking of going human for the extra feat

Want to make my blasting as effective as possible

Looking at building a blood mutation Sorcerer and could use Advice on bloodline and feats

Thinking of going human for the extra feat

Want to make my blasting as effective as possible

Ok so from on reading is either go all in on Ac or rely on positioning / cover and then like

I think I'll go with the former. Now that we actually use battle maps this'll be easier to accomplish.

Feats to consider

Improved Initiative
Persistent spell

What I currently have listed
1ST Spell Focus: enchantment
3RD Dodge
5TH Spell Penetration
(Bonus) Improved Initiative
7TH Persistent metamagic

Dodge a im a little iffy on
Well I've think some said I shouldn't have to take spell Penetration till my 9th level

Ryze Kuja @

Mention these feat. I'm not to sure what the empower spell is for...

Lvl1: Spell Focus (Enchantment)
lvl3: Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment)
lvl5: Reach Spell
lvl7: Empower Spell (lvl7 bonus feat: Improved Initiative)
Lvl9: Persistent Spell
lvl11: Spell Penetration

... Would not

Lvl1: Spell Focus (Enchantment)
lvl3: Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment)
lvl5: Reach Spell
lvl7: Persistent Spell (lvl7 bonus feat: Improved Initiative)
Lvl9: Spell Penetration.

As for spell I'm trying to figure out the best ones that meet what AVR said

"Basically make sure you have at least one spell which affects multiple targets or an area, one which disables a single target, one which affects creatures immune to enchantments, and all the defences you need."

I obviously want my highest level spell to be a compulsion enchantment
I know I want Mirror image.
Any other suggestions for spells known at my level ?

Ok if I don't want to completely invest in AC but want it to be about where should be for a character of my type at level 8

What would be consider an ok amount of Ac at my level.

Any meta-magic rods I can afford and if so any Worth it?

Ok so if I wanted to go in to a intimidate build as Fighter VMV Barb

I know I want these

Dazzling Intimidation = weapon mastery

Intimidating Prowess

Armored Confidence = Armor mastery

Want power Attack and dazzling display

Cruel great axe ( I want a great axe cause it fits in to my characters story I'm working on)

What would be a good feat set up to level 8 with this type build

I do still want armored juggernaut cause I want the idea of my foes having trouble damaging me be some to cause fear. Roleplay wise

@ Ryze Kuja

Ok with in reason I'll have wealth of a character starting at what ever level I start at

With in reason a +2 Cha boosting item will be a likely grab

Any particular other item for this enchanter that'll be useful?

@AVR is my math right for my spell DC

Level 4 Spell Confusion
DC = 25?

How do these look for feats

1ST Spell Focus: enchantment
3RD Dodge
5TH Spell Penetration
(Bonus) Improved Initiative
7TH Persistent metamagic
9Th level osyluth guile


1ST Spell Focus: enchantment
3RD Magic Tail
5TH Spell Penetration
(Bonus) Improved Initiative
7TH Magic Tail
9th Magic Tail

@ avr

What meta-magic feat would you recommend?

Also any particular traits or should I just go with reactionary and saving throw boost?

Also I have

5 1ST level spells known
3 2nd level spells known
2 3rd level spells known
1 4th level spell known

How many should I dedicate to enchantment spells
And what are some good ones I should grab?

avr wrote:

The first rule of staying alive as a sorcerer is to not be in the direct line of fire when possible. Fly out of reach, use allies or terrain as cover/concealment (especially for an enchantment specialist who doesn't care if he gets penalties for attacking the enemy), try to avoid being targetable when you can and when you just have to be in front of a melee enemy cast mirror image or similar (horrific doubles, shocking image, empowered mirror image... invisibility of some kind is also an option.)

If you throw everything at AC it can work. Putting the bare minimum in can also work if you rely on other defences. Putting some effort into AC but not a huge amount is wasted on a sorc; AC 21 won't help much at level 8, I've been there. Everything means filling out the big six with a belt of dex, amulet of natural armor and a ring of protection besides your mage armor and shield, then looking for more: haste, maybe a dusty rose prism ioun stone, maybe debuff enemies, get any buffs you can from allies. BTW: a sorcerer 8 will probably not run out of 1st level spell slots, you don't need a wand of mage armor.

How do these look for feats?

1ST Agile (Racial Feat)
1ST Spell Focus: enchantment
3RD Dodge
5TH Spell Penetration
(Bonus) Improved Initiative
7TH Greater Spell Focus Enchant...

Could use advice on keeping him alive.

It's 20 pointbuy so stats will look like

STR:8 DEX:16 CON:12
INT:13 WIS:10 CHA: 20

I need advice on how to keep him from dying on not to use on playing a character with S6 Hit dice or low AC
I mean I'm thinking of buying a wand of mage armor but I'd like 18 or higher ac at least

Could buy a +3 Mithral buckler. Maybe that would work

Any one got advice on how I should play him in combat ?

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I Really want to Build A Tactical / Buffer Style PC (See for years my Group was a theater of the mind Rp group and have only recently started using Minis and Map and I Feel like it be Fun To Use a Character where I can actually be able to use my golden lion abilities on a map. Being able to actually see the parties and adversary position on a map make it easier to me.

I would Ideally Like to Play a character who gives combat Advice / Buffs his allies.

Id be level 8 and would go with what ever is the most effective race.

VoodistMonk wrote:

You have Toughness twice. Maybe replace one with Raging Vitality, Extra Rage, or Iron Will.

I like Greater Weapon Focus, but doubt Weapon Specialization is necessary... maybe take Furious Focus instead of Weapon Specialization?

Do think VMC Barbarian is worth it or should I grab a 3rd & 7th level feat instead

FCB +1 HP per level
HP / DR (5/-)

STR 18
DEX 16
CON 14
WIS 14

AC 24 Flat 24 Touch 25

Normal Attack 16/11 (1D12+8)
Power Attack 13/8 (1D12+17)

Armor mastery Full Plate ACP -4
Armor mastery Full Plate MAX DEX 3
Weapon Mastery Axes +1 Hit & DMG

1 power Attack
1 Toughness
1 Weapon Focus (Great-Axe)
2 Cleave
3 Rage
4 Weapon Spec (Great-Axe)
5 Toughness
6 Great Cleave
7 Uncanny Dodge
8 Greater weapon Focus (Great-Axe)

Is what I got so far

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