Goblin Character Advice


I would like to play a foul mouth Goblin Character but am Torn Between two ideas

1ST is Goblin Alchemist Bomber. I know there is an Archetype option that gives me a Buzzard to Ride I think

2nd well I'm not sure class. I do know this would be a dirty trickser / dirty fighter type character

Any input on either of those would be very much appreciated.

For option 2… the Feral Gnasher Barbarian can be a pretty nasty dirty fighter goblin….
https://aonprd.com/ArchetypeDisplay.aspx?FixedName=Barbarian%20Feral%20Gnas her

Another vote for Feral Gnasher.

Any one able to give build Advice on The Above mentioned Feral Gnasher.

Just Useful Feats / Rage Powers

Definitely take the hard head, big teeth alternative racial feature to increase the damage of your Feral Gnasher's bite attack.

Feral Gnasher Rage Powers:
Lesser Beast Totem
Raging Grappler
Beast Totem
Internal Fortitude
Greater Beast Totem
maybe the Hurling line of Rage Powers to go with your improvised weapon use?

Feral Gnasher feats:
Ankle Biter
Dirty Fighting
Grapple feats
Natural attack feats


Any Order for the rage Powers and feats?

Also I get Great Club Prof should I actually use one ?

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