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How manu gods are they planning to cover in this book, exactly?

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Wow! The Wardens look amazing!

I was mainly surprised, in a good way, by the fact that the Warden of Forests and Meadows

isn't the overused wood stag. A fox like Warden was a really intriguing choice.

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CastleDour wrote:
I am so excited about this article on Norgorber! We may finally learn about his background as a mortal. I can never get enough of him!!! Thank you Paizo.

There comes the reveal of the three evil halflings behind the curtains of Norgorber.

I really love those new dragons and all, that I can't deny... But two things have bothered me since 2E "straight up bestiaries" were settled in three volumes.

The first of them is "outer and esoteric dragons, all forgotten". Are there plans to bring them back? I'm not even talking about Planar Dragons, for they are relatively "new"... But I really miss the "alien" dragons and I was really hoping to see them in 2E (1E Bestiary 4 was my favorite bestiary after all).

The other thing that bothers me is the fact that there are so many dragons in pathfinder, yet there's no dragon ancestry in 2E, net even a versatile heritage. How come?

I dream of a dragon focused book just like Book of the Dead or Rage of Elements, that could bring the remaining 1E true dragons into the hardcovers of 2E, as well as an ancestry or a versatile heritage.

No new true dragons from the two new elemental planes? Really?

What a shame...

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Set wrote:
Cthulhusquatch wrote:
Set wrote:
Years ago I had expressed a desire for elemental planes of metal and wood, and elementals, mephits and perhaps even genies (and other creatures, such as dragons, with the plant or metal 'types') of those sorts, and I'm psyched that it might finally be happening.
There is no 'might'... though Mephits are now Elemental Scamps.


And now I'm all curious about whether elemental 'wood' type dragons could exist as a part of a current paradigm, or be their own 'five man band' with cruel shrike-like Thorn Dragons, symbiotic-swarm-controlling Acacia Dragons, sinuous aquatic Kelp Dragons and ginormous, but ponderous, Redwood Dragons...

So many options!

We were teased with the possibility of the five primal dragons getting two other members in their family. A metallic dragon, with a radiation breath weapon, as well as a wood dragon, with a breath weapon that can make plants grow. Those would surely be awesome, I suppose.

There's a feathered dragon species, the ones from Nirvana, the bliss dragons. They are among the planar dragons, who were confirmed to still be a thing in PF2.

Squeakmaan wrote:
Looks like something I'd fight in DOOM, by which I mean it looks metal as heck.

I was looking for a good word to describe them, and there it is: they indeed do look so METAL.

I'm curious to see the other ones. The one in the cover of GM Core seems to be so alien that I really thought it was an outer dragon, a time dragon to be more specific.

keftiu wrote:
As a big fan of void and vortex dragons, I can’t wait to see our Occult pair soon!

I suppose you meant outer dragons, if you're talking about the alien ones.

Zullock wrote:
zimmerwald1915 wrote:
If we have stats for him he ain't a deity. Nor was he ever one.

That is not exactly correct. The lore about this changed a bit in 2e, but in pathfinder there are 3 types of deities. Gods, Demigods and Quasi-Deities (now called Lesser Deity).

In 1e (info from Planar Adventures):

Gods never have stats and have 5 domains (e.g. Lamashtu).
Demigods are CR26-30 and have 4 domains (e.g. Demon Lords).
Quasi-deities are CR21-25 and have 1 to 4 domains (e.g. Nascent Demon Lords).

In 2e:

Gods never have stats and have 4 domains.
Demigods don't have stats yet (their avatars do and are LVL 21-25) and have 4 domains like normal gods.
Lesser Deity are LVL21-25 (we also have seen the avatar of one, and it was LVL 17) and have 4 domains like normal gods.

For lesser deities with stats, we have the Treerazer (who is a Nascent Demon Lord) and the Conqueror Worm, maybe some more I don't know about.

Also in 2e there are some previous demigods that are just called gods now, like Nivi Rhombodazzle.

Nivi Rhombodazzle was always a goddess, was she not? I remember she was even among the gods of Inner Sea Faiths.

I'm really happy to see more about the "gnome" goddess. I really like gnomes, but their faith is something that I do feel like it needs more attention in the lore.

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Am I the only one that really wants to known what will the book following this one cover? Another one of the inner sea regions? Another continent? Yet another faction? Or maybe something along the lines of Lost Omens Legends? I can't wait to see the announcements for the next half of this year.

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Evan Tarlton wrote:
keftiu wrote:
belgrath9344 wrote:
I just want stats for the elemental lords and detailed maps & locations for each plane
Given that they all already have deity statblocks in this edition, I’m skeptical you’ll get those statblocks.
We're not getting those stats until/unless we get Mythic. Honestly, that is as it should be.

The only demigod level creature we have seen so far are Mogaru and the High Priest of Kabriri, both of which received special statblocks, as if they were untouchable. Kortash statblock basically says "behave yourself or die", as he is a High Priest. Mogaru is represented by a collection of hazards caused by him being around, as he is beyond gargantuan in size.

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Vorsk, Follower or Erastil wrote:
keftiu wrote:
belgrath9344 wrote:
any chance the elemental lords get stats?
They’re proper divinities, well beyond what a level 20 PF2 party could handle.
We got stats for one of them in 1E so it's not impossible

PF2 has yet to stat anything above level 25. Even level 25 creatures are something rare in PF2, so much that the Lantern King's avatar is a level 24 foe. And we are talking about the avatar of an Eldest.

LOCK AT THAT AMAZING ART! Look at Yoon, fighting against all those high level foes with the help of her fearsome owlbear.

Ayrzul is second only to Kelizandri as my favorite elemental lords, so far. It would be great to see illustrations for the good elemental lords, I hope there are some inside.

In the meaty bestiary, I hope there was space for metal and wood themed primal dragons. And, if there was, I also hope that Miguel Regodón got the chance to illustrate them. He has done a great work with the previously depicted true dragons.

Aaron Shanks wrote:
I also wonder what the Elemental Plane of Metal will add?

Please, don't do this to us... I can't wait for Rage of Elements' product page to be up, with it's official product description.

I suppose you already have the product cover, although it's too soon to show it to us. I'm also eager to see it, specially for the grown up Yoon, that I'm certain will be featured on it.

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CorvusMask wrote:

I'm bit confused by conical helm since I recognize it from dwarf helmet relic in Kingmaker CRPG.

Like were conical dwarf helmets always a thing, something inspired by crpg or something Paizo came up with to Owlcat during advising the crpg?

The helmet isn't conical at all, it's just the angle of the illustration. Above the helmet is the mountain's peak, while the helmet itself has a frontal protuberance.

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Only one thing... At least a page for each of the eight elemental lords, with art for all of them. It was a shame for Planes of Power (the 1E book about the elemental planes) to not cover the Lords with more than some mentions, and with not art at all. I hope Paizo doesn't lose this opportunity again.

And of course, if there are new elemental planes, maybe there are new elemental lords. Although I'm imagining the two new planes as something minor, not as relevant as the main ones.

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Luis Loza wrote:
Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
Chapter 2 will have the information on the various gods and their followers that deal with Lastwall's knights?

Sure will! In the spirit of free samples, let's take a look at just who those featured gods are!

** spoiler omitted **

I'm surprised to see Lady of the Fangwood here, as well as a Vudrani goddess. Can't wait to see how they relate to the knights cause.

It would be awesome if we got an illustration for each of these divinities that never got one.

Xethik wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:
list of all undead in bestiary would be nice to see if interesting monsters are returning :D

Name - optional rarity - level - page:

** spoiler omitted **...

Are there any monsters with the unique rarity?

keftiu wrote:
The Gold Sovereign wrote:

I have a question for Aaron here.

Is this the final cover or something close to it?

That art is from 1e. Guarantee you it’s a placeholder.

Indeed, I was suspecting that I had seen that girtablilu design somewhere else before, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the reply.

I'm looking forward to see how the major nations in the Impossible Lands are going to be represented by the cover, or how else they will chose to represent this region.

I have a question for Aaron here.

Is this the final cover or something close to it?

pixierose wrote:
There is also Erastils and Jaidis daughter, though she is still just an empyreal lord and nor a full fledged diety, and while she is about agriculture her specific domain is way more niche as empyreal lords tend to be.

I didn't know Cernunnos had a sister.

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There's technically a new god among the divinities of the Inner Sea that ascended during our age, the Age of Lost Omens. The Iron Goddess, Casandalee. The adventurers of Numeria actually helped her ascend, right?

Yet I suppose she isn't one of the "Ascended", as she didn't went through the Test of the Star Stone... I'm to attached to her, as the Iron Gods AP is one of my favorites.

What happened to our friendly spiders, the Anadi? Has everyone forgotten about them?

Anadi Ancestry

1) Draconic ancestries, including a full dragon and a draconic heritage, akin to the planar scions or beastkin, but taking the true dragons as their origin.

2) Planar dragons.

3) Chronicles of the Righteous Hardcover

4) Concordance of Rivals Hardcover

5) Lost Omens Arcadia

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So the dragon god Dahak actually scared Fafnheir (the strongest linnorm with stats right for battle) so much that he won't come out of his hideout? Imagine how frightening something needs to be to incite fear into an elder dragon from the First World...

VivatGolarion wrote:
The Gold Sovereign wrote:

No words to describe how awesome the cover is!

Yet I'm surprised we didn't get a cover featuring Geb, the Whispering Tyrant or others of the most iconic undead NPCs.

...the guy on the cover is Geb, though. ^_^;

Indeed, he is. It's just that he is dressed up for the occasion, so I couldn't identify him at first.

You know, we can identify the Whispering Tyrant easily, but there were only two illustrations of Ged so far, and none are even close in appearance to this one. I only found out it was him when someone else confirmed it.

belgrath9344 wrote:
really the only 2 monsters I'm hyped for is the spawn of rovagug & fafnhier

Where was a Spawn of Rovagug ever mentioned? I would really appreciate an inclusion of a Spawn.

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The-Magic-Sword wrote:
The Gold Sovereign wrote:
Where can I see the final cover for this one?
Here's a Screenshot from Paizocon.

Thanks for sharing! That's an amazing cover.

vagrant-poet wrote:
It's definitely Geb.

Unless he's wearing some kind of mask, that's a completely different look from how he was depicted in Legends and on other products.

Where can I see the final cover for this one?

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No words to describe how awesome the cover is!

Yet I'm surprised we didn't get a cover featuring Geb, the Whispering Tyrant or others of the most iconic undead NPCs.

Could anyone give us more info about the Kaiju article?

-Religion (Multiple Gods with a full page layout and avatar form, and "other gods" with smaller entries in the back)

Could anyone elaborate on this section?

How many gods are there and what's their names and title? Which of them got a full page and avatar form?

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With the inclusion of Book of the Dead, I hope to see the Book of Dragons or Book of the Wild, and that they could add a brand new draconic ancestry or a draconic heritage, as well as a medium humanoid winged fey.

Anxiously waiting for the cover reveal.

The book following this one might be the next "bestiary" or a completely new one.

Yet, I can't stop imagining how many new stories we are going to be able to tell following the release of Guns & Gears.

I'm hoping for a thematic invested bestiary for the following book, so we can appreciate the content in G&G for a longer time.

Or maybe a book focused on martial classes.

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Fafnheir, the Father of All Linnorms!

I hope it has as much information as the Unleashed series from 1E (dragons unleashed, undead unleashed, etc).

I hope to see the Tarrasque or maybe a Kaiju...

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Player's Guide - TABLE 3: PERSONALITIES wrote:
"..supportive, even of your rivals, and always willing (sometimes to an aggravating degree) to offer advice or pointers for future fights."

Me: What are you going to do with those senzu beans Goku?

*Goku aproaches the nearly defeated enemy*

Also me: Wha- What the...? Why did you do that?!

CorvusMask wrote:

Still hoping that if big bad is some sort of fiend that its something new and exciting rather than another one of big three fiend types :O

Though for all I know its just another evil wizard

I suppose it's something out of the mortal realm, as the description says "otherworldly villain". Probably not an oni, but it could be, as it's a demiplane.

CorvusMask wrote:

Oh hey its hao jin

I do wonder if this ap will be finally one to switch out artists. Since all paizo artists will eventually switch out for other ones :O

(I still miss artist who did art for war for the crown, return of the runelords and tyrant's grasp x'D Those aps had my favorite art overall)

If you're talking about Ekaterina Burmak, she is the one doing the covers for the Lost Omens line. Could someone correct me if I'm wrong?

And also, of the three APs you mentioned, Ekaterina wasn't the artist responsible for War for the Crown's covers.

Well... I'm also here...

Although I'm just waiting for them to updated the book description and the art for the cover.

Jared Thaler - Personal Opinion wrote:

Am I the only one who is *very* uncomfortable with the racial and cultural stereotypes being depicted on the cover?

Particularly the gnome in the front and the orc (half orc?) in the rear left, but to a lesser extent the hairdresser and tailor are very stereotypical as well.

Not really...

As some have already shared above, I see those characteristics as cultural references, as well as a way to make it easier for newcomers to perceive the characters' roles/professions in a fantasy world, even if the baker is an orc or the hairdresser is an elf.

Yet, if you are feeling uncomfortable with their appearance, I'm sure the developers would be thankful for your contribution by sharing how you feel about it and how they could improve their approach.

Are the art of the imperial dragons from the same illustrator? (Aka Miguel Regodón Harkness)

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I'm happy to see that a lot of the playable races are going to be covered in bestiary 3. I'm also happy to see long favorites like clockworkks, imperial dragons, kami and the agathions. Even the Green Man is here.

A good surprise for me was the Siktempora, with a good number of emotions. I'm eager to see their artwork.

We are probably getting something along the lines of BotD or the Planar Adventures, books in which we got lore, rules and a bestiary section. Or perhaps something more akin to the Occult Bestiary or the Inner Sea Bestiary, in which all monsters are tied by their theme or the region from where they belong.

My only question is in which book are we finally getting the planar dragons or at least new true dragons... I would love to get them sooner. I was sad to know that they wouldn't be covering the imperial dragons in addition to the primal dragons in Bestiary 2... I suppose dragons aren't really a big thing in paizonians mind.

Playing as a Jistkan Automaton? That'll surely cool... BUT PLAYING AS AN AUTOMATON INVENTOR WILL BE AWESOME!

Gnoll and Grippli were two of my guesses for this book, and now they are out.

How will the announcement of the Mwangi setting book affect this product?

I would like to clarify something. Is the Mwangi Expanse completely different from North Garund? I mean, Geb, Next and Osirion are all outside of the Mwangi right? The Mwangi is actually in North Garund, IIRC.

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