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So the dragon god Dahak actually scared Fafnheir (the strongest linnorm with stats right for battle) so much that he won't come out of his hideout? Imagine how frightening something needs to be to incite fear into an elder dragon from the First World...

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That's an awesome illustration, and also a nostalgic throwback to the Quadira Campaign Setting book, one of the most beautifully illustrated.

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So we are up against Mengkare indeed! That suspicious cousin of mine. It will be interesting to known more about his country - a dragon ruled utopia - Promise.

"Broken Premises", now I get it! =D

... Wait, a manifestation of a god?

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Steam Powered Clockwork Dragon *-*

So that's why they said I would love the steam-powered template.

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I have got an anime on my mind now... Does anyone remember the name pf a show were the MC could transform into a lion, a bear or an eagle all together?

The shifter iconic is amazing!

AND WHAT WITH THOSE CUTE INSECT LIKE ALIENS?! *-* I'm all hyped for Alien Archives now!

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The Three Headed Fiend is amazing! *-*

CR 25 horses for the Horsemen? =O

And... And that... That snakes nightmare thing... Terrifying.

I can cut the Kaiju from my previews wishlist.

Please... The Wild Hunt is the last one!

One of my greatest desires is to be able to use the many races released by Paizo in any campaign, and to save the time that I would lose designing NPC/Foes from all of these races, nothing better than a product from the Codex series.

Races Codex would be a wondrous book, with NPCs from the many different 0HD races in ARG, arranged just as the Monster Codex, with options, examples and encounters. Fortunately, there are indeed 20 races in the Advance Races Guide (core not included).

- Aasimar
- Catfolk
- Dhampir
- Fetchling
- Grippli
- Ifrit
- Kitsune
- Merfolk
- Nagaji
- Oread
- Samsaran
- Sylph
- Suli
- Svirfneblin
- Tengus
- Tiefling
- Undine
- Vanara
- Vishkanyas
- Wayangs

The book would be just as useful as the NPC and the Monster Codex, and I dare to say that I woul prefer it over the Villain Codex. ;)

What are your thoughts on a product like this? If it was ever released, what races would you like to see the most?

Cool! Looking forward for more about starfinder. I would love seeing a preview about weapons and gears.

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I just started reading this article and there's already a completely new information: new domains and subdomains are in this book, and they will be in the PRD as well!

This is going to be a delicious book.

Loved to see the Green Man as quasi-deities and also...



It Finally Happened! The Cover is AMAZING! Daemons, Demons and Devils, I have no words to describe how astonishing this cover is!

'It's Been 3000 Years...' but finally, it's preview time!

So that's how the Hooded looks. *O*

I'm so eager to see other Eldest! You sure are right, Sir. Finally getting to see the Eldest illustrated is truly awesome. Ng is the first one and I'm already confident that they will stand out. *-*

And the book's design seems to be amazing as well.

James L. Sutter wrote:
Each of the Eldest in the book gets their own spread—the left page a write-up about the god (like this one for Ng), and the right detailing that Eldest's seat of power—in Ng's case, the fabled Palace of Seasons. As with Inner Sea Faiths, all of the Eldest come with boons and obediences that work with both the prestige classes in that book and the new feysworn prestige class presented in this one.